Mrs. Ebot, Cornelia Tikuenoh nee Tabi
  • 35 years old
  • Date of birth: Jun 28, 1978
  • Place of birth:
    Mamfe - Manyu Divivsion, South-West Region, Cameroon
  • Date of passing: Dec 10, 2013
  • Place of passing:
    Buea - Fako Division, South-West Region, Cameroon
Let the memory of CORNELIA be with us forever

This memorial site is dedicated in loving and everlasting memory of Mrs. Enow-Ebot, Cornelia Tikuenoh nee Tabi who transitioned to eternal glory on December 10, 2013. She leaves behind her two children, husband, parents, siblings, a large family, friends and colleagues to mourn her untimely departure. We will miss her kindly, gentle presence forever. There will surely be PEACE IN THE VALLEY FOR HER.

"For I am persuaded,  that  neither death, nor life, nor angel, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature shall separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord".  Romans 8:38-39    

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Bank Name: Bank of America
Account #: 004642813020
Routing #: 011000138
Wire Transfers #: 026009593

Mailing Address: 269 Oakland Avenue, Methuen, MA 01844

Wake/Memorial Service - Massachusetts 
Saturday, January 11th 2014
Venue: Eliot Presbyterian Church
Address:  273 Summer St, Lowell, MA 

Time: 4:00 pm – 6pm Est 
Rev. Skip

Reception - immediately following Memorial Service
Venue:  Hellenic Cultural Center, 
Adress:  41 Broadway St, Lowell, MA 
Time: 7:00pm – 1:00am

Funeral/Burial Program - Cameroon
Thursday, January 16th 2014
12:00pm – Removal of Corpse @ Buea Regional Hospital
12:40pm – Memorial Service – Presbyterian Church, Molyko, Buea

03:00pm – Viewing/Laying in state @ residence, directly across from PresHall, Malingo Street, Molyko, Buea
07:00pm – Wake/Vigil & Cultural Animation (@ family residence

04:00am – Departure with corpse to Besongabang, Manyu Division

 Friday, January 17th 2014

12:00am – Arrival with corpse/Laying in State @ husband’s family home, Tetokonock, Besongabang.

04:00pm – Procession to deceased family's home, Mkpot Quarters
08:00pm – Commencement of Church Services, Wake/Cultural Animation

Saturday, January 18th, 2014
10:00am – Funeral Service @ Presbyterian Church Besongabang 
01:00pm – Procession to Burial Grounds/Burial 
04:00pm – Reception @ Family Residence

06:00pm – Traditional/Funeral Rites by Elders
08:00pm – Departure of Friends & Sympathizers

Sunday, January 19th – Tuesday 21st, 2014
Continuation of Funeral Rites and Memorial Celebrations


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2. Manchester Regional Airport (MHT)

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Family Contacts
Pa Willy & Mrs. Becky Tabi - 978-208-0519
Stanley & Kareen Tabi - 617-388-1260/219-902-4809
Gerald & Magdalene Tabi - 617-276-7542/617276-7541
Ruphous & Benen Takang - 617-319-8444/508-510-3437
John & Maggie Ebai - 508-857-4177/508-857-4177
Elza Etchu - 857-615-5712/978-208-1855
Dr. Benjamin Ashu-Arrah - 603-785-8973
Simon Mbi  - 815-272-7864

Dr. Ebot, Enow-ebot - 237-777-620-53
Pa Ngasu Beteck  237-999-09-634
Lambert Tabi -  237-743-311-90
Germaine Tabi - 237-751-880-51
Noella Tabi - 237-791-11-900  
Joseph Tabi - 237-771-462-02


Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Ruphous Takang on 11th December 2014

"Mami, the first anniversary of your departure continue to remind us that our life on earth is a transition. You are still fresh in our memories and I still think of you daily and see your ordinary life and actions. Personally, I miss you dearly and I look forward on the day we'll be reunited again to share in our stories and laughter. Continue to rest in peace.

R. Takang"

This tribute was added by maggie ashu on 10th December 2014

"Cornelia may your soul continue to be in perfect peace. You have thought us a great lesson in life.  We need to appreciate our love one's everyday . Guys hold , kiss , love and create life time memories with your family.  The clock can never be turn back. Stay bless ."

This tribute was added by ELZA ETCHU on 17th January 2014

"Maami, as you take your last car drive to your ancestral home Besongabang, may you go in PEACE and know that we love you dearly. We shall so sorely miss you but very happy and confident that you will be lying in your Father's bosom in His Upper Room with no sadness, no sorrow, no pain, no trouble but PEACE. The love that He has for you overshadows ours. Fare Thee Well my Loving Niece and Colleague and just know that.............

"He will cover you with His feathers,
and under His wings you will find refuge;
His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart...... Psalm 91:4"

This tribute was added by Nkongho Valerine Etchu-Tanyi on 10th January 2014

"Mami  i usually call u, you were a mother to many. your death was a shock. what a world those who care for the welfare of others more than themselves will never live long to see the fruits of their labour.  you always advice me whereever seeing u in church on a sunday makes my day cuz i will not go without a piece of advice from u. big sis ma Doc RIP i lack words. we love u but our father inheaven loves u most. u will for ever stay in our hearts forever."

This tribute was added by Doreen Ebai on 10th January 2014

"The measure of a life is not in how much money one has or what possessions they have accumulated, but rather through the lives they touched and the sorrow they leave behind. Mami, the smile you put in everyone's face when you meet them, the soft spoken advise and all the good times you always give will forever be in our memories. When you invited us to your house in buea during our last visit to cameroon, we had so much fun, the eru was out of this world, very tasty, the small talk we had, mami l will never forget. We will miss you and rest asure that your family and friends will find peace and comfort in knowing that your passing is felf by all who knew and loved you so much. We love you babe. May your soul rest in perfect peace.
Samuel & Doreen Ebai."

This tribute was added by ELZA ETCHU on 9th January 2014

"Oh well, I'm tired and so weary
But I must go alone
Till the lord comes and calls, calls me away, oh yes
Well the morning's so bright
And the lamp is alight
And the night, night is as black as the sea, oh yes

There will be peace in the valley for me, some day
There will be peace in the valley for me, oh Lord I pray
There'll be no sadness, no sorrow
No trouble, trouble I see
There will be peace in the valley for me, for me

Well the bear will be gentle
And the wolves will be tame
And the lion shall lay down by the lamb, oh yes
And the beasts from the wild
Shall be lit by a child
And I'll be changed, changed from this creature that I am, oh yes

There will be peace in the valley for me, some day
There will be peace in the valley for me, oh Lord I pray
There'll be no sadness, no sorrow
No trouble, trouble I see
There will be peace in the valley for me, for me

My Darling Niece and Colleague, Rest In Perfect Peace for THERE IS INDEED PEACE IN THE VALLEY FOR YOU."

This tribute was added by Tany Lucy Arreyngang on 7th January 2014

""Above All"
Above all powers, above all kings
Above all nature and all created things
Above all wisdom and all the ways of man
You were here, before the world began

Above all kingdoms, above all thrones
Above all wonders the world has ever known
Above all wealth the treasures of the earth
There's no way to measure what you're worth

Crucified, laid behind a stone
you lived to die, rejected and alone
Like a rose, trampled on the ground
you took the fall and thought of me
Above all"

This tribute was added by Humphrey Enow on 2nd January 2014

"Dear Maami,

Our hearts are broken; our spirits are deflated.
We ask “WHY?”
Why now?
We take consolation in knowing that you are resting in the Lord.
Rest in Peace until me meet again.

PS: To Takang, mum, dad, Ayuk and the rest of the family, where do I start to console you guys? Angel and I share in your grieve and pain.

We pray the Good Lord give you guys the fortitude to bear such a huge loss.

Maami will want you guys to be strong!

God Bless you all.


This tribute was added by ELZA ETCHU on 28th December 2013

The Eternal Rock of ages created you in His own image, sent you to be with us as well as serve Him. You did all that was demanded of you in your typical "Speedy Gonzales" style, sometimes with untoward perfection. I more often than not perceived your ways, mannerisms and deeds as someone running a race with and against time. Your early and untimely demise just confirmed my fears... Oooohhhh! Maami, did I just say "untimely demise"? Who am I to make such utterance? The I AM concluded that your earthly services are excellent and enough in His eyes and thus beckoned you to the Upper Room. May you Rest in Perfect Peace, my darling Niece - the one I handed the baton of CPJA to and who defended the title with zeal and confidence. Nakupenda - Malaika, shout hallelujah to His Holiness and keep the radiant smile till eternity. Death is an undiscovered country, from whose bounds no traveler returns given the premise that no return ticket is issued at the gate. NEKOR NERE NERE. Sleep my little one, sleep in peace and rest. IT IS WELL."

This tribute was added by noella tabi on 27th December 2013

    my mother, my adviser, my strength,my mentor, my sister and my best friend, i am still struggling to accept the reality that you are no more and that i will have no one to share in my problems and successes. In fact, i  don't even know what to write because i don't know where to start.  What will happen to all our plans and to all my dreams? Do you remember the last time i asked how you were doing on that faithful day in the hospital and the last words were "Etchu, i di feel better". I did not know that will be the last thing i will ever hear from you. I am writing this tribute in tears because i am still wondering how i am going to continue in this life without you being there to give me courage and tell me not to boarder that things will be better. Mummy, will things ever be better without you. Right now, i am more confused than ever in this life but i pray that the Almighty God will grant me just a small quantity of the strength and power He gave you so that i will not fail you in taking care of Junior and Ma-Tabe and in handling the responsibilities you handed over to me while in the hospital. I hope you are fine with the angels in Heaven because even at your dying moments, you were still worshiping God. I know that you are in Heaven now so please, do make sure you watch over us. Be our guardian angel. Junior says you have been away for a long time and he has over missed you so you should try and come home fast because he has a new name to call you now, not mummy but Ma Tiks. Ma- Tabe is waiting for you to come and buy her a new dress. I have also missed you and will always miss my best friend. Rest in peace my beloved sister."

This tribute was added by ayuketah tabi on 26th December 2013

"mami, I am writing to you as if nothing has happened,this is because I cann,t believe that if someone should die,it should be you.I keep on pondering why you? why you mami?I write to you with a heavy heart especially when you recently asked me on facebook when I am coming home,does it mean I will come in  your absence?keep on smiling as you used to do until we meet again.Rest in perfect peace.Adieux"

This tribute was added by Cletus Obentabe Tabe on 25th December 2013

"those who die believing in the lord shall forever live. mami, find everlasting life in the lord's bosom. adieu."

This tribute was added by Martin Tiku on 25th December 2013

"Mami, we love you but God loves you more, when you sent Ebangha to call me form Limbe little did I know that you about to live us but as the saying goes God propose and Man disposes. You remain so special in me and praying that the allmightly to sent anothe angel like you who can delivere assistance in time of need. We are blessed to bless others I thank you for all the assistance offer me and my family. God will put his angels in charge of you to protect you wherever you go, PSALMS,91. Conellia, Googbye and Rest in Peace.
                   Your Uncle.
                    Martin Tiku"

This tribute was added by Benen Takang on 24th December 2013

"Madame Docteur,
Thank you for all you have done for my son Donald and us all. I do not know what to say for we are in so much pain. It is true that good people never last. No one will fill this vacuum and Donald will never have a second mother as you. Your work on earth will be paid by the Almighty in heaven. Safe journey mama, we pray God receives you in his arms and bless you with ever lasting life.
                          Minette, Donald and Ashu"

This tribute was added by Benen Takang on 24th December 2013

"Cornelia, thank you for your good heart and extra-ordinary kindness. 14 years ago you hosted me and my husband when we were in Yaounde for travel documents. When you visited us in Boston in 2010, you spent time with the kids and did their hair. We will never forget your wonderful heart. It was fulfilling for me to assist you get thorough medical checkup during your visit to us. Whatever has gone wrong between then and now, is beyond our comprehension. As we mourn, we will continue to remember you for God planned your path and your journey and you are just taking the steps. Peace be with you in life after death!!!!
                                 Benen Takang- Boston, MA"

This tribute was added by Ebot Oben on 24th December 2013

"To the family
It’s never easy saying goodbye to someone we love and care about. God shares in our suffering and grief in that the Lord knows the loss that we feel. Jesus Himself cried with Mary and Martha in the loss of their brother. But at the same time God gives a special hope in moments like these for God is our refuge and our strength, a very present help in time of trouble. Jesus also said, “let not your heart be troubled, for you believe in God, then believe also in me.”  

Maama, May your soul rest in the bosomed of the of the most high God, Grant Peace, Comfort, Hope and Unity to the entire family during this difficult time.

This tribute was added by Cynthia Eyong on 24th December 2013

"The good Lord is smiling with an Angel by his side. Rest in peace Mami!!!!"

This tribute was added by Cynthia Eyong on 24th December 2013

"Ebony beauty! Heart of gold. The good Lord has snatched one of life's treasures. Rest in peace my dearest little Sisi . We are all speechless but God knows best. You will forever be missed."

This tribute was added by Martin Takow on 24th December 2013

Death has snatched you from all of us who knew and loved you. My memories of you and your mother passing through our compound in Besongabang going to the market, are very vivid. I called you my wife and till date your mother calls me her in-law. I have not yet mustered the courage to call your mother. I know what it means to loose a love one. You were very close to your mom.  I pray God to comfort your entire family and all of us who mourn you. I also pray God grant you a peaceful rest till we meet again. Bye Mami."

This tribute was added by Stanley Tabi on 23rd December 2013

"Mami, we've lost you for only a few days, but have missed your kindly presence, reassuring voice for a long time. Your beliefs have become an enduring symbol for all of us. And now we are left with the joyful hope you shared. I look to that fine day when we will see and smile again, strong and sure, and the sorrow of your departure gone forever.

We are thankful to God for the small mercies shown to us at this dreadful time. We love you dearly, and will miss you!"

This tribute was added by obi michel on 21st December 2013

"Cornélia" MAMI " was the name that i usually use to call you, i remember i met you during my first holiday at Besongabang village in 1995 ,what i take from you Its your smile and your kidness.the god lord decided to remind you in him and only he knows the reason .we Never Forget you rest in peace"

This tribute was added by black man besongabang on 20th December 2013

"Cornelia, I thank God for ever bringing us together. Though from the same village, we first got close in PSS Besongabang, then GHS Mamfe and the University of Yaounde 1. I learned one important thing from you- that we need to smile at all times and never allow our problems and worries to take away our smiles. Because  we shared the same surname,  many thought i was your biological brother. Gods ways are different mami and difficult to understand. You left us so young and tender...we will forever miss have created a vacuum in our hearts. Death be not proud!.....Chama"

This tribute was added by Magdalene Tabi on 20th December 2013

""Ma Tiku"  it's an understatement to say your untimely death has left such a BIG shoe for this family to fill. You played both the role of a father/mother to your younger siblings in Cameroon. You welcomed me into your family and showed me kindness and love like none other. And for that I say thank you. You were one extraordinary woman. I never knew you were merely passing by and just came to show your face at our wedding two years ago. It's in our human nature to ask why? But we are also reminded that God knows best; and I thank him for your short stay here on earth with us. I know the gates of heaven are wide open and angels singing songs of praises welcoming you. May the Lord Almighty grant you eternal peace. You will be deeply missed by all who knew and loved you."

This tribute was added by MA B Enokpa on 19th December 2013

"Tiks as i use to call you, and miss B as you fondly called me.The long and short of it all is that we learned from each other, we taught each other but you never had the chance to teach me how to live without you.Although unheard I thank you for always being there .You meant so much to all of us you were special and that's no lie.Your memories will live on.I pray the Lord your soul to keep.RIP my dear."

This tribute was added by Ruphous Takang on 19th December 2013

"Lord, thank you for the beautiful gift of Cornelia a.k.a " Mami". She dedicated her life on earth to serve you and please us. As we cry in despair, we thank you for all her blessings. As we struggle with her passing, we pray you draw her soul to you to soothe our hearts. Knowing the " Mami" that I know; the humble, God-fearing servant whose faith was unshakable, I can hear her recite the words of Psalm 23:4 " Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me, your rod and your staff, they comfort me." Mami, your love never fails and mine for you will never fail. Your thoughts and foot prints will stay with me forever!!! I am proud and blessed to have had someone like you in my life and at the same time, I'm fulfilled for God has called you according to his purpose. RIP!!!!!
                                               Ruphous Takang"

This tribute was added by Gerald Tabi on 18th December 2013

"Madam Doc,
It feels like yesterday when we spent time together but its been two years. Yet, that is still too long. I still love you the same as if  you were still here with us, talking and laughing about anything no matter how trivial. As children, we were practically joined at the hip. But we grew up and grew apart as most siblings do. We each had our own set of friends and our own set of goals for our lives, but that still didn't change the fact that you were my sister. We were an undefeated team and we did things for each other. I wish you were still here with us to enjoy life. But I can understand why God would want such a beautiful angel on his side from now until eternity. Just know that I love and miss you and may you continue to shine in the bosom of the Lord as you did during your time with us. This is a tribute to you, my beloved sister.

Gerald A. Tabi"

This tribute was added by John Ebai on 18th December 2013

"Mami,Cornelia, Corne Why God?  Mami how do I start to mourn you.  God knows why and God knows best.  May your soul rest in perfect peace as we mourn you for eternity.  You will be missed forever by all. Psalms 119:114 You are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in your word. Forever missed.                             Kareen Tabi"

This tribute was added by maggie ashu on 17th December 2013

"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal. Love leaves a memory no one can steal. If tears could build a stairway, I will walk right into heaven and bring you back. But God knows the reason why he took you from us. Continue to pave a way for us, that you may be with us when we come to join you .  You will be truely missed by us all.
                                                                           Maggie Ashu"

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