Posted by Maggie Boo on March 12, 2021
It’s been almost a month without you. I miss your calls. I miss hearing you call me a slut lol. I miss hanging out driving around, chilling at the dam, or just sitting at your place watching movies. Your bad influence ass always trying to get me drunk lol. You was so excited to meet Aaliyah for the first time and you always asked about her every single time I came over. “You need to bring the baby over” is what I would always hear. And when I would Cortney would hold, take care, and show her love like she was her own. I never thought I would be saying goodbye so soon. I will carry you in my heart for as long as I live. I will see you again. Please look after me and your niece. We love you Cort. ❤️
Posted by Anita Richey on March 2, 2021
How Johnny and I are going to miss her. She was such a sweet, beautiful young woman who got taken away from all of us way to soon. She was a very good person, a awesome mother. I promise you sweet girl, I will help your mom anyway that I can with your precious little girl. Love and miss you. Our hearts are broken and I am still in shock. Tammy and Brandon we love ya'll. We has parents aren't supposed to bury our children, they are supposed to bury us.
Posted by Tiffany Brown on February 25, 2021
I havent known Courtney long but we hit it off from day 1 shewas my best friend if u seen her u seen me and the other way around... I'm gona miss her sooooo much but I promised her mama I'll help take care of karslynn.... I love and miss u cortney
Posted by Samantha Williamson on February 25, 2021
My Sissy, I will forever hold the many memories and good times and conversations we had, forever close to my heart. I hate that your gone and so young at that but I find peace in knowing your with God and reunited with your Daddy and grandparents as well as other loved ones. I love you so much Sissy. Watch down on us all until we meet again we know we have one heck of a beautiful Angel watching over us all.

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