Posted by Eric Olivieri on January 20, 2022
You're with us always pops. Your grandsons love you and we still talk about you all the time, and your memory and your love for us and our love for you will live on forever. Till we meet again some day.
Posted by Eric Olivieri on January 20, 2021
I can't believe it's been ten years since I got that phone call while I was at work and everything changed forever. I'm so thankful that you got to spend some time with your grandson Aaron, and so sad that you missed out on him growing up and that you never got to be with your grandson Evan. But you live on in videos and photos and stories, and the quiet birthday celebrations we have for you every year. I miss you pop. Rest in peace always and forever. I love you.
Posted by sarah deveaux on March 25, 2012
et bien sur de Vincent!
to Maureen and her kids, please do take care of Vincent, this little boy was so dear to him!! i
Posted by Maureen Olivieri on March 25, 2012
It's so very sad that I am visiting this page so soon. When we last spoke I really thought that you would win your battle, Jenn. We will all be sure to keep Vincent's Mommy and Daddy's memories alive for him.

Sarah, thank you for your very kind and thoughtful words. xoxo
Posted by sarah deveaux on March 24, 2012
my Cosmo, how i miss you... all the way from france, you are and always will be my professional guideline, you are the star... tu me manques beaucoup, Cosmo.. prends soin de toi et de Jen... ne t'inquiètes pas pour Maureen, nous prendrons soin, d'elle, comme tu l'aurais souhaité! mille bisous! sarah
Posted by Eric Olivieri on January 20, 2012
It's hard to believe that it was one year ago today that I got the heartbreaking news about your passing. So much has happened since then, some good, some not. I miss being able to turn to you for advice. Or talk about all the moves the Yankees made. I miss you pops. One year later, you are not forgotten. You'll live in my heart, and all our hearts, forever.
Posted by Michelle Olivieri on January 20, 2012
I can't believe it's been a year already. It still doesn't feel real to me. Although it's been a tough time for us all, I'm glad I have so many happy memories of our time together. Love you and miss you lots.
Posted by Michelle Olivieri on December 25, 2011
Merry Christmas, Dad. Thinking of you today.

Love always,
Posted by Eric Olivieri on December 24, 2011
Feast of the Seven Fishes! You're missing quite the meal tonight pop. I'm thinking of you...Merry Christmas!!!
Posted by Jennifer Olivieri on December 24, 2011
You are with us all tonight. Merry Christmas!
Love always,
Jenn and Vince
Posted by Ayesha Richards on November 17, 2011
We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.
Your laughter still lingers in our memories.
Hope to meet you someday. Miss you..
Ayesha & Navin
Posted by Eric Olivieri on October 16, 2011
Happy Birthday Pops. We went to Rainforest Cafe to celebrate your birthday, since we always seemed to end up there when you were in town. Had a Sam Adams in your honor. I'll see you again some day, I'll fill you in on what's happening with the Yankees. Love you pops.
Posted by Eric Olivieri on March 5, 2011
Love you pops. Miss you every day. Aaron says thank you for his Radio Flyer - it will remind him of you every time he plays in it. Wish you were here to see it.

- Eric, Amrita & Aaron

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