Let the memory of Coty be with us forever
  • 23 years old
  • Born on February 28, 1985 .
  • Passed away on October 11, 2008 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Coty Edwards 23 years old , born on February 28, 1985 and passed away on October 11, 2008. We will remember him forever.
Posted by TAMMIE EDWARDS on November 22, 2015
Well it's almost thanksgiving ....another holiday ....as the years go by it's always that the holiday's are good cause you see everyone and it's alot of love going around but at the same i know mom dad and sisters still have YOU on their minds ...something i see it in their eyes especially when they carrying on about miss destinee....she's so much like you honed and tiff too....i see the tears & hurt in their eyes ...i just want you to know i think about you every second especially on holidays and for some reason Christmas is always is the worst seems like i cry all day ...but just know i am always thinking of that EMPTY CHAIR all the time ....so glad i have my memories no one can take them away...love you son ...happy thanksgiving in heaven in heaven baby
Posted by TAMMIE EDWARDS on February 28, 2015
Just wanting to wish you the very best BIRTHDAY IN HEAVEN today. I love you and miss you so much !!!  Wish you could come back home just one day or i could come and visit you !!  But i will see you again one day soon !! Mommy Tammie loves and misses you so much!
Posted by TAMMIE EDWARDS on December 28, 2014
Today is Destinee's Birthday Coty one of the best days of your life. I know it's been awhile since I have wrote but it's one of the hardest things to do. I always tell God to tell you hello when I pray. I want you to know i love you and I miss you so much !!! I got all your signs you sent me letting me know every thing would be ok cause I know you knew I went into panic mode last weekend when I had not put flowers on the grave yet (which i did make it by Christmas) Thank you for still sending the signs i missed them for awhile their which let me know you wasn't too happy. Things have really changed and I can feel how happy you are now !! I'm hoping for the strength to make it through today just as i did Thanksgiving and Christmas. Destinee is so bright and smart and has so much of you and Tiff into her. It takes my breathe some times the things she says it's just like you told her to do it. Once when she hugged and kissed me it was just like you and your force was felt. I couldn't wait to get home to just cry !! I know you will be there in spirit today and your love will shine. I hope i can keep my composer and your family also it's so hard on daddy that's how much we loved you !!! But as the years have slowly creeped without you it's been hard. I ask God to make it about her today and not our loss without you,, Life has been HARD !!! You made such a IMPACT on all of us with that said Destinee carries your spirit just help God make today OK for every one !! I LOVE YOU !!
Posted by Jackie Parsons on October 13, 2014
Oh how things would be so different right now cody, if you were still here. I still catch myself asking God why? WHY? I can't grab a hold of nothing that makes any sense to me but I know God has a better plan. Lord knows cody how much i miss you man but god knows how much my precious neice , and your beautiful daughter misses you. My sister needs you more than ever n she turns in all the wrong places. I couldn't not imagine ever losing rachael cause know one can take the pain away from losing true love. I know you were her only true love cause at times she starts to open up to me n as the tears start to fall she locks up and closes the door. I know your watching over them today. You will always be close to my heart even if you never knew how much i cared. I always said when I found out you were a Dale Earnhardt fan I knew we would click just fine. RIP Cody
Posted by TAMMIE EDWARDS on October 12, 2014
It was that dreaded day yesterday and it's the first time i decided not to come visit where you rest !!!! But i decided last year i would not come again on 10~11 it's not because i don't love you it's because it's the very worst day of my life and i don't want to put balloons, flowers or let Destinee spread her rose petal on your grave yesterday was NOT a celebration I know i should look at it as a christian does and rejoice and know you have gone home and in a better I will sit here at home and have my memories and cry to myself all day I may be selfish but i didn't want you to go and miss you so much it hurts this day brings to much pain to everyone! I watch Dess and all she don't have none of us can give her and that's her daddy to catch her when she falls or teach her to play ball by pitching to her you not being at her activities at school or putting band aids on her boo boos just the thoughts that go thru her head .....i want you to know i hate that day and i can no longer come with her on this dreadful day. I love you and miss you ! But as i promised you one time if something happened to you NO ONE but NO ONE WILL TAKE YOUR PLACE AND YOUR CHILD WILL KNOW WHO YOU WERE AND YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN !!!
Posted by TAMMIE EDWARDS on March 17, 2014
I just want you to know I'm thinking of you like i do every second, moment, hour, day and night. I know some who struggle over your loss son your brother, sister, momma, and me but it really was hurting Destinee hopefully you talked to God about it and put that bug in his ear over her. I know your still around her cause she does so many things that are just like you but what gets to me is when she says things that i can see you saying or things like you use to say. I try to understand why the Lord took you from us and some days it's hard to keep my faith some of the days i guess you say the DEVIL is sitting on my shoulder making me doubt. But i tell him that MY GOD IS BIGGER THAN WHAT PROBLEM THE DEVIL WANTS TO PUT ON ME ! The one i know i have to be here for is your baby Destinee she does things that you use to do especially to me. Son one night when she gave me a kiss bye it was JUST LIKE YOU i felt as it was you it was so strange that i got scared but any ways i want you to know i will always love you and always always miss you till i see you again.
Posted by TAMMIE EDWARDS on March 8, 2014
Today I looked into the sky and it was beautiful. I then realized it's because you are there. I miss you...You just 29 in earth years i know your still your young self in heaven and that's what we remember. Destinee as you know has been having a hard time lately wanting you! Some thing she can't have that's one prayer that can't be answered so if you would put a whisper in God's ear like i have to help her hurt for you. I love you and miss you and Happy late birthday son !!
Posted by TAMMIE EDWARDS on October 11, 2013
Posted by TAMMIE EDWARDS on October 1, 2013
Hey Coty. The awful day I hate to see coming is fastly approaching. It's not like your birthday i have learned to celebrate your birthday on that day and the life we shared for 23 years. Oct 11 is the day I'm reminded that you was took from us. I don't know how to change it or think of it any different believe me i have tried. But I want to say I LOVE U & MISS YOU SO MUCH!!
Posted by TAMMIE EDWARDS on July 23, 2013
Hey baby momma Tammie just wanted to let you know every thing is good i think you would be proud of your momma and momma margaret is also doing good we so miss coty very much destinee says all the time she wishes you was out that grave cause she needs YOU !!! she has been taught by us tiff connie and jackie they all show her pictures and every thing but you probably know all ready! love u
Posted by TAMMIE EDWARDS on July 23, 2013
I had a great weekend Coty with family and my dest i so LOVE time with just me and her ! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU WITH ALL MY HEART !! I wish i could trade places with you son you didnt deserve to die in that car you had your whole life ahead of you! I know you wanted to see her go up but i think you watch all us and i appreciate it..please send me more signs to know u here, HELP ME COTY!!
Posted by Connie Parsons on March 2, 2013
I wrote yesterday but i dont know where it went, but it went like this...
celebrate your life is what we r going to do today you n tiffany gave us a precious gift. Destinee and we'll always remember your life thru her's.we will celebrate it at the grave with you. I wish you could hear how much she love's you. Happy Birthday We love you
Posted by TAMMIE EDWARDS on March 1, 2013
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2013! I LOVE YOU !! I'm a day late baby but had busy day Dad and I got you a new arrangement and stayed awhile while I scrubbed your stone clean. Then Dest, Connie,& babies came and released balloon and had a cupcake Then we come home done taco salad and more cupcakes Mom tried to celebrate your birth and the life we had together but momma T didn't do to good today! I love u
Posted by TAMMIE EDWARDS on March 1, 2013
I want you to know how much I love you !!!! I MISS YOU so bad it HURTS and baby as the years go by yes it heals some but it still hurts momma so much just cause your not here. Your my hero as your sister says cause you chased momma follow me and changed my life with Destinee you didn't have to say i love u !!! U showed me!! It hurts worse every year cause i keep thinking you will be back
Posted by TAMMIE EDWARDS on March 1, 2013
Coty Destinee is getting so big ! Connie has done such a good job with her yesterday she got out a blank for dest to be beside you. Dest said I'm gonna lay down beside my daddy and she just laid there then she raise up she said "God I want to be with my Daddy please I'm asking cause I'M HIS DAUGHTER!!" She just kiss kiss kiss your picture and told you she loved you !!! My heart was broke!!
Posted by Jennifer Madewell on February 28, 2013
Happy Birthday Coty. I didnt know you but I feel like I have known you my whole life. Your mom has shared so many memories with me I guess thats why I feel that way. You have alot of people thinking of you today you were very special to so many people. You have a beautiful smile and that is an amazing characterestic. God bless you and I am helping your family cope with your death.Love Jen
Posted by Jennifer Madewell on February 28, 2013
Also your daughter is so beautiful. I am glad u had a child, She loves you and admires you. Rest in Peace Coty. You have gone way to early we will all see you one day<3
Posted by Carolyn Davis on February 28, 2013
Love you Coty bug. I remember us sitting on the front porch and taking mokie break. You were about 2 or 3 looks like the picture of you in the green sleeveless shirt. I was putting together your birthday present all you wanted was Aunt Carolyn lets mokie. My dad ruined you to that.
Posted by TAMMIE EDWARDS on January 13, 2013
Every whisper of the breeze, every butterfly wing that touches my cheek, every kiss of the sun on my face reminds me that your not gone, just waiting.......Can't wait to see you again son when my time comes! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU DEARLY!!
Posted by TAMMIE EDWARDS on December 25, 2012
Merry Christmas Baby I miss you so much they say time heals all wounds well they lied cause it hasn't gotten no easier for me you being gone has changed us so much it's not the same any more. I know your having a wonderful time singing praises with jesus !!! I love you and tell everyone up there with you that i love and miss them to Merry Christmas!!!
Posted by TAMMIE EDWARDS on December 24, 2012
Hey Baby just wanted to tell you I had to bury Bo today so give him a (((big hug))) from me. Welcome him into Heaven. I also want to say planning your funeral was the most devastating thing i ever went though. But it was almost that bad. I just want ot say it's Christmas Eve and I wanted to wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU TERRIBLEY.!!
Posted by TAMMIE EDWARDS on October 12, 2012
Hey Coty well yesterday marked 4 years you have been gone it seems like forever I'm like Sherry I made it through yesterday without crying but because of awesome friends to keep me occupied I love you so much and miss you more and more as time goes! always remember mom loves you baby!
Posted by Sherry Knighten on October 11, 2012
Hey Coty. I made it through yesterday without crying whenever I saw the date. It was the first time. Thanks to your friends on Facebook I didn't make it through today. I think that's okay though. We all love you. Love and kisses baby brother!
Posted by TAMMIE EDWARDS on October 6, 2012
Well son I'm thinking of you like every minute of every day that time of year is coming up i truly hate this day the day we lost you I know your walking that golden road but i sure do miss you!! I'm sure you can tell how much I miss you!! Destinee is growing so much! Connie says she talks to you !! I truly miss your smiling face i love and miss you
Posted by TAMMIE EDWARDS on April 11, 2012
I just wanted to say I love you son & miss you with all my heart. I know you have been around today and going strong my front door has opened and closed by itself the phone has rang a few times and nothing on caller id and after saying hello twice it cuts off and this website popped up on my news feed when i sent it to a friend in personal message I think of you every min. of every day!
Posted by Sherry Knighten on February 28, 2012
Happy Birthday Baby Brother! I am sending this hug and kiss to heaven for you! I miss you
Posted by TAMMIE EDWARDS on January 2, 2012
Well son Christmas is now over but i know each one of miss you so much !!! Destinee got alot of stuff son! I'm so proud of her! She has become a awesome grandbaby!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH...AND MISS YOU DEARLY! No one but you could fill the whole in my heart I wish that you could come back one just for one day there's so much i want to say ....MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU !! I'M MISSING YOU!
Posted by TAMMIE EDWARDS on October 11, 2011
Well son today was 3 years since we lost you it seemed like that day 2 me. I went and got Candace & we got some balloons Destinee and Naudia sent one off to you in heaven. I love you son and miss you so so so much love mom.
Posted by Connie Parsons on October 11, 2011
Destinee said daddy is cheezing! I know he would b so proud of her she talked her heart out 2 him today. she told him she was getting big but not 2 big n she was gonna b 4 soon.destinee said she loves u Daddy
Posted by TAMMIE EDWARDS on September 12, 2011
Well son that time of year is coming up that we dreed so much the day you lost your life It will be 3 years this year Wish you were still here with us Dest is your lil twin!I love you and Miss you so much. Tears still flow. My life would be so much better if you was here I miss u
Posted by Sherry Knighten on March 1, 2011
One day I walked in the store with Coty who was about 4 or 5 and the guy behind the counter smiled big and said "Hey Coty!" and started talking with him. I am still amazed when we leave and I asked Coty how did he know that man. He said he knew lots of people. He wasn't kidding because that happened a lot. It seemed everyone knew Coty. You are missed very much I love you!
Posted by Candace Smart on February 28, 2011
Didn't think i could do this but for my brother Today i will...when someone says hero coty comes to my mind.. boy i miss you!!!!I have so many good memories of you even the accidents like shootin me with bb gun but id relive it all over again to see him!I look at ur cupcake and most time cant bare to look in her eyes 2 long without gettin teary cause she is a splitin image!I love you!miss ur smile
Posted by TAMMIE EDWARDS on February 28, 2011
Thank you all for the nice things said Coty was much loved by family and friends my newsfeed has been overwhelmed today by all the nice things said and all the people that remembered his birthday thank you again! Love and miss you!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY COTY !
Posted by Connie Parsons on February 28, 2011
missing coty today, im glad i got 2 know him n i know he cared about me n jackie he respected us. we grew 2 love him n looking at my grandaughter destinee will surely never let us forget him n what he ment to tiff,they shared a most precious gift from God.just remembering that day, i dont belive me or him could of been more happier about anything else,
memories r good for the soul hapy birtday
Posted by Jennifer Harville on February 24, 2011
I think this is great.. To Love and Miss someone is not a bad thing, its a time to share the wonderful memories we have. I just hope you know we love you and your family...
Posted by Annette Miller on February 22, 2011
to the family of cody he was a sweet young man and he`ll be deeply missed the miller family will be praying for the family god bless you all
Posted by Christy Van Hooser on February 22, 2011
Coty was a sweet young man. I remember Coty, and he would always make me laugh. You will never be forgotten Coty Edwards. RIP Coty and may God bless you all.
Posted by TAMMIE EDWARDS on February 21, 2011
This was so hard but as the words I chose for the car stickers *GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN* I had the pleasure to know and LOVED Coty!!!! I was so proud of the man he became. I love and miss you so much!!! Coty would of turned 26 Monday Feb. 28,2011. With this being a week a way I wanted to do some thing to keep his spirit alive.I miss you so much Son! I LOVE YOU !!

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