Let the memory of Coty be with us forever
  • 28 years old
  • Born on March 5, 1984 .
  • Passed away on November 12, 2012 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Coty Beavers, 28, born on March 5, 1984 and passed away on November 12, 2012. We will remember him forever.

Updates regarding the ongiong investigation will be posted to Coty Beavers Memorial on Facebook.

Posted by Joanne Speer on 14th November 2016
Love triumphs over hate. Jesus said, "Greater love hath no man, than he lay down his life for a friend... My peace I give to you, My peace I leave with you, not as the world gives...". Boundless love to the whole Beavers family and friends.
Posted by Lisa S on 12th November 2016
4 years since Coty was taken from his friends and loved ones. Forever thankful for the time he was in my life. My thoughts and prayers are with Coty's friends, wife, and family everyday.
Posted by Shirley McCormick on 12th November 2016
We think of Coty every day but especially today. It has been 4 years since he was taken from us. It is also Thanksgiving and I am thankful for each of the sons God blessed me with. I consider each of them to be special gifts. I thank God for giving me the honor and privilege of being their mother. I am amazed at their accomplishments but more importantly I am proud of the kind of men they became ... strong, intelligent men with kind hearts and love for others. It was a crazy ride and very hectic getting them all to adulthood and then living with them as adults. I rarely knew a quiet or peaceful day from the day they arrived in my life; but I would do it all again in a heartbeat if I were given the opportunity. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss my Coty. He was a rebel child with a very tender heart who was fiercely loyal to his family. It was impossible not to love him. Today I am remembering what a happy couple he and Nesreen were and how much in love they were. They were so excited to be together and would do anything to make the other one happy. One thing I remember was that when Nesreen first came to our house, she would get so excited about the ice cream truck coming down our street. She grew up outside of town so no trucks came down her street. When the ice cream truck passed our house, they would jump in the car and chase the truck through the neighborhood so she could buy ice cream. I told Coty he could buy it cheaper from the grocery store or even the convenience store; but he would just get that dreamy look on his face, shrug his shoulders and say “It makes her happy.” He loved to make her happy and to see her smile. Now, of course, when I hear an ice cream truck passing, I think of Coty and Nesreen. There is even a commercial on t.v. that has an ice cream truck on it and it always catches my attention. It is funny the little things that you remember. Like most mothers, I watched over all of my sons and worried about them all. I was so relieved to get them through childhood with no broken bones, major illnesses or stitches. All of them that is ... except Coty. He was the one who gave me the most concern. He had two surgeries before the age of 2. Then one night while he was still a baby crawling around on the floor by the rocking chair, I accidentally rocked on his tiny baby finger and he had to have stitches. I was so traumatized that a friend had to come over every day to change his bandages. He got a serious bump on his head when he was about 6 or 7 and ended up in the hospital. He and Cory were both mischievous and liked to play little tricks on each other; so when Cory came to visit him in the hospital, Coty pretended he was blind! Cory paid him back later by replacing Coty's cereal with dry cat food! There was another trip to the hospital and more stitches after Cory hooked Coty's finger with a fishing hook. Later there was the time he was riding his bike down the street with his eyes closed! No stitches that time but he did smash into a mailbox and limped home battered and bruised. He seemed to have a thing with mailboxes. As a teenager, he crashed into another mailbox ... this time in his car. He and a friend were trying to catch up to a car full of girls. Not long after that, he was a passenger in a car that hit a light pole and then a tree. He was unconscious and had to take a trip to the medical center in an ambulance. Miraculously, he (and I) survived all of that. Like most mothers, I was concerned about car accidents, illnesses and even war ... since all of my children were boys. I was very proud of my son Adam when he was in the Army and how he excelled but I was also praying every day because I knew he was jumping out of planes day and night! I tried not to think about that too much. After Derek sustained a traumatic brain injury in a horrible car accident, I was even more concerned when the others were out driving. I tried to convince myself that surely nothing else could happen; but sadly, I was wrong. I had heard about hate crimes. I had even seen a special report about a beautiful young Muslim girl whose own father ran over and killed her because she was too Americanized? Later I read about another Muslim father in Dallas who killed his two beautiful young daughters for the same reason. That concept was so foreign to me. It was not the kind of world my family knew or was familiar with. I never would have imagined that I would lose one of my precious sons because of that type of hatred. I could never have dreamed that Coty and Nesreen would be stalked by her family or that Coty would be gunned down in his own home simply because he was the wrong religion and race. It is impossible to imagine that kind of evil, hatred and senseless violence could happen here in America. I still struggle to comprehend how a father could consider murdering his own daughter or her young husband whose only crime was loving his wife or her friend whose only crime was being a friend! It is impossible to understand how that could restore his honor? From what we have since come to learn about Ali Irsan, he had no honor to begin with. He was nothing more than a criminal and a con man. He fraudulently obtained every kind of benefit he could that was provided by the American government, churches, charitable organizations and others through lies and deception. He was supposedly concerned about his honor but in America, we call people who do those things liars and thieves. We believe that honor is something that is earned by heroic or honorable deeds. When you stalk innocent, unarmed young people and gun them down, we don't call that "honor". In America, we call those people cowards. We choose not to focus on the evil people who took Coty's life and the life of Gelareh, a beautiful, passionate young woman who was also taken from a kind and loving family. We are thankful that they are behind bars where they are no longer a threat to others. It is our hope and prayer that they are found guilty and never get another chance to murder anyone else's son or daughter. We try to focus on the good in the world. We remind ourselves that even though Coty is no longer with us, we will see him again one day and then we will never be parted. There will be no more anxious rides to hospitals, no stitches, no head injuries, no police knocking on the door at midnight with news no parent wants to receive and no evil people consumed with hatred. Until that time, I will try to be the best mother that I can be to Derek, Adam and Cory. They are still the most precious things in my life. I will try to focus as much as possible on the good things and the good people God has put into our lives. We have all been so touched and amazed at the kindness, love and compassion shown to our family by so many different people in the last 4 years. It has restored our faith in the genuine goodness in most of humanity. We are also truly grateful for the amazing dedication and hard work of the law enforcement personnel and attorneys who have been so committed to seeing that there is justice for Gelareh and Coty. I thank God for His grace that has given me the strength to get through each day and to endure the most painful loss that a mother could endure. I am amazed and thankful for the good days when I have a song in my heart. I also want to thank each of you who have stood by our family during this difficult time and who have lifted us up in prayer. It is your support and prayers that have sustained us. I urge you to remember that life is short and unpredictable so please continue to count your blessings, forgive each other for the little things that don't really matter, cherish every moment with each one of your loved ones and make each day count. We never really know if we will have another day with them. My prayer is that you and your families be blessed and that you all live in safety, happiness and peace.
Posted by Tina Rushing on 12th November 2016
Today has been four years since you were Brutally taken from us. Hardly a day goes by that I don't think of you. You were a joy for anyone to be around. Always excited about new discoveries especially in the stars. On clear stary nights I look up and say, I bet Coty could name most of those stars. Dearly Love and Miss you Aunt Tina
Posted by Chip Rushing on 6th March 2016
Happy Birthday, We will have lots of Birthdays in Heaven together. Miss you. Uncle Chip
Posted by Lisa S on 5th March 2016
I was blessed to have you as a friend. Happy birthday!
Posted by Tina Rushing on 5th March 2016
Coty I'm Thinking of you on this day. I'll see you again one day, Forever young. Aunt Tina
Posted by Tina Rushing on 23rd December 2015
Thinking of you tonight.
Posted by Megan Suggs on 23rd December 2015
Coty you were the coolest most amazing awesome man I've ever been blessed to call a friend you know you were more than that. I love you dearly and I will never ever forget you. "Cause your so hiiiigh ey yi high above me you're so lovely....."
Posted by Chip Rushing on 30th November 2015
Miss you Coty, Uncle Chip
Posted by Lisa S on 12th November 2015
Thinking of you and your family. Forever loved and missed
Posted by Joanne Speer on 12th November 2015
Remembering you with love and prayers. Joanne
Posted by Tina Rushing on 12th November 2015
I miss you Coty 11/12/2015 Aunt Tina❤️
Posted by Chip Rushing on 22nd April 2015
Great new Today April 22, 2015 after nearly three years they have finally charged the guy for the murder of Cody, and his friend. They arrested the father in law, the mother in law and his brother in law for murder. As Cody's Uncle I am so glad to hear this news. Finally maybe there will be justice for him. And give some peace to his Wife and my Sister.
Posted by Joanne Speer on 5th March 2015
Thinking of you in thought and prayer. Love to your family.
Posted by Jeanne Angus on 8th March 2014
Missed you on your Birthday.
Posted by Joanne Speer on 5th March 2014
We'll never forget the love you showed. Happy Birthday love and prayers.
Posted by Tina Rushing on 5th March 2014
Happy Birthday.! LUV Aunt T.
Posted by Lisa S on 13th November 2013
Coty and his family are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Forever thankful...♥
Posted by Tina Rushing on 12th November 2013
Miss you Coty. Love you much, Aunt Tina
Posted by Justin C on 2nd November 2013
I can't believe it's almost been a year now. Anyway, I haven't forgot about you at all.
Posted by Justin C on 28th May 2013
Thinking of you. Love Justin.
Posted by Jeanne Angus on 26th April 2013
My heart goes out to your loved ones as you will surely be missed. Thank you for showing Nesreen how a woman should be loved and treated. You will always be in my heart!
Posted by Karen Cauthen on 26th March 2013
May God help your family , as law enforcement seeks justice for you here on Earth. I heard that you were a believer in Jesus Christ so you are in heaven and your loved ones will see you again one day.Evil will NOT prevail!! Easter is this Sunday and because HE lives, you live in heaven now.Praying for your whole family that those involved in this crime will be found soon.
Posted by Tina Rushing on 12th February 2013
Coty, I still cry when I think of you. We pray that you will receive justice for the cruel act that took your life. But knowing that I will see you again one day,does give me some comfort. Love you so very much. Aunt, Tina
Posted by Lauren B on 9th December 2012
It breaks my heart that this happened to such a caring person. I am thankful for having the opportunity to know you; to see you laugh and cry. I am grateful to know your sweet wife & continue to think of you all and pray for you all daily. Love you guys.
Posted by Jatten FFXI on 26th November 2012
It's been almost 7 years now since meeting you in FFXI and even though we met through online worlds, you were a good mate and it felt like I knew you like any other friend I've known for years. You were always cheerful and had plenty of things to say, loved your rants on politics and science! I know you are still with us, up there enjoying the stars. R.I.P man.
Posted by Amanda McDonald on 22nd November 2012
I did not know the honor of knowing you but I am a fan of your older brother and it is through his loyalty and love for you and his family and your dear wife that I can say with certainty that you were a great man. This is a testament to your mother and I pray one day she can take comfort in this. RIP.
Posted by Benjamin Bunyard on 21st November 2012
You were one of my most trusted friends in elementary. I kept in touch where I could and I was greatly dismayed to hear your life being cut short. I know this is difficult for Cory, Cory please contact me if your family needs any of my family's help whatsoever.
Posted by Carissa Lynn on 20th November 2012
Always Loved and Forever Remembered. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"~ always good to know especially in times such as this. Praying for everyone who knows and loves Coty.
Posted by Paula Marks on 20th November 2012
Savor the ways n which Coty still is, and will continue to be, a presence in your life. Honor the fact that we each grieve in our own way. All my love. Paula
Posted by Dennis Beavers on 20th November 2012
Posted by Lisa Surdukan on 19th November 2012
The angels looked down from heaven one night They searched for miles afar, And deep within the distance They could see a shining star. They knew that very instant That the star was theirs to gain, So they took you up to heaven Forever to remain. ~Anon~ You will forever be missed.
Posted by Stephanie Sciba on 19th November 2012
Our prayers are with you all. Shirley, boys and Nesreen will always be on my family's heart my friend. I pray God comfort you all during this difficult time. My girls and Eli send their love and prayers as well.
Posted by Aimee Trochio on 19th November 2012
Sending love and hopes for healing to the whole family. -- Aimee
Posted by Sam Knight on 19th November 2012
No words will make your loss easier, yet know you are being lifted up in prayer to God by many who care deeply. God knows the depth of your pain and will sustain you during your darkest hour.
Posted by Lori Bain on 19th November 2012
My thoughts and heart are with all of you. Coty lives on in the stories we tell, the love we hold for him in our hearts, and the laughter we share when remembering the many funny things he did and said. The circle will not be broken.
Posted by Stacey Like on 19th November 2012
Words can not express the sorrow I feel for your loved ones who held you so close. You will be missed by everyone whose lives you have touched. May the angels watch over you now.
Posted by Joanne Speer on 18th November 2012
Merciful, kind and giving, Coty. I will never forget you.
Posted by Justin Surdukan on 18th November 2012
Will always miss your rants about the government and aliens. Keep an eye on Alex for me. Love you man.
Posted by Christa Talbert on 18th November 2012
forever missed
Posted by Susan Bryant on 17th November 2012
The sadness that has overtaken my heart at the thought of this terrible tragedy. Only God can comfort our sorrow. You will be terribly missed by all who knew you. With all my love, Susan Watts Bryant

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