Let the memory of Cpl. Todd Godwin be with us forever
  • 21 years old
  • Born on March 4, 1983 in Zanesville, Ohio, United States.
  • Passed away on July 20, 2004 in Iraq.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Cpl. Todd Godwin, 21, born on March 4, 1983 and was killed in Iraq by a roadside bomb on July 20, 2004. He will always be a hero in our eyes for his courageous and selfless service. He leaves behind his parents, a brother, two sisters, a fiancee, brother and sister-in-laws, relatives, many friends, and 4 nephews whom he never got to meet. We will love and remember him forever.

It has been said that as time passes, memories of our departed loved ones begins to fade - but the way they made us feel never leaves us. Some memories of Todd, like brief moments in time, are still quite vivid. Sadly, as the years go by, some precious memories are beginning to fade. However, I am thankful that how Todd made me feel will always be with me.

Todd had a unique way of making me feel like smiling, and oftentimes, like laughing. His presence often seemed to convey happiness and fun. Some people have said they never saw him when he wasn't smiling. As one Marine exclaimed, "He was awesome!" It was stated that he had a way of endearing himself to others.

Although he had a great sense of humor, he also took the time to show he cared. His good natured and light-hearted ways could make it seem like whatever the problem was, things would eventually be ok. Even if he frustrated someone, he had a way of diffusing that. He also had a serious and determined side which helped him accomplish much in his short life. He worked hard to earn two black belts in Martial Arts before graduating from high school. He also earned a spot on the 1/8 Marines Scout Sniper Platoon. His Captain shared how proud Todd looked going out on a mission that last day. However, he never boasted. He once said that he didn't want any of the Marines to know he was a black belt because everyone would then want to fight him. Even though he had the ability to be lethal, he was gentle and kind with others. However, he was definitely not a pushover and would stand up for what he believed was right.

We are thankful for those who took time to share their memories of him. Many said he was just great fun to be around. He also took time to show compassion for the underdog and reflected a caring heart. He was the kind of guy that would carry the umbrella for the girls so their hair wouldn't get wet. One friend of his recalled that Todd was the kind of friend who would stay up all night in pouring rain to listen to your problems. Another friend shared that when he later joined the Marines and was struggling in boot camp, that Todd took the time to write and encourage him to hang in there and pay his dues like all Marines must. One Marine mentioned that when times were really tough, Todd would lighten the mood by smiling, saying that at least they were miserable together. Others shared stories that always seemed to make them laugh. Some said he took time to care, showing little ways to make life more comfortable while in Iraq. Another recalled long talks on the deck of the ship after dinner while on float. He later stated that Todd was the reason he quit smoking. Another has said he believes he is more understanding and has a kinder heart because of knowing him. 

One thing I will always remember about Todd is the last time I saw him. He had come home one last time before deployment. He spent the whole week with us and didn't see everyone else like he often did when he was home. He spent the final morning going through his things, as if looking back on his life. Feeling very uneasy about his upcoming time in Iraq, I did not think I could bare to watch him leave. I stayed in the house and let his dad walk him to his car alone. Suddenly, I got a panicked feeling that I might never see him again and ran to the window for one last glimpse. After he said goodbye to loved ones and the safety of home, I watched him drive away. He had a firm, resolved look of determination on his face as he backed out of the driveway. That was the last time I saw him. I later learned that he had told one of the "Marine Moms" who visited Camp LeJeune frequently, that he did not have a good feeling about this deployment. He then asked her to look out for his family if something were to happen to him.

Todd also made me feel cared about, as though he would always be there for me. He was filled with life, love, and happiness that was shared with those he loved. I look forward to the day when I will see his smile and hear his laugh again. There will be no more separation. He will no longer be missed because 1st Thessalonians chapter 4, assures us that for those who believe that Jesus, God's only begotten Son, died and rose again will be together forever with the Lord. We that remain here can comfort one another with these words. The pain and separation we experience here is but for a short time. As II Corinthians 4:11 reminds us, "the things which are seen now are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal." We have a promise from God in His Word, that it is possible to not only be with the Lord forever in a place which is wonderful beyond our imagination, but also to be with other loved ones forever. I believe I will see Todd again. Although he was a happy person while he was here, his happiness is now complete because it is not marred by the sadness or pain that is in this world.
 Whether we live to be 1, 21, or 101, it is all but a fleeting moment in time, compared to eternity. Although fun loving, Todd had a serious impact on many that knew him. According to his military chaplain, Todd's faith in God was apparent to the Marines who served with him. He went to war armed with faith in God and trust in God's promises. He believed I Corinthians 2:9 "Eye has not seen nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love him." He left some wondering about their eternal destiny. Please know that Romans 6:23 says "For the wages of sin is death (spiritual death and eternal separation from God); BUT the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord."  IJohn 5:13 says  "These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that you may know that you have eternal life, and that you may believe on the name of the Son of God." We can have a truly wonderful future and a blessed and sure hope.

Todd loved his family and his country. His service to his country was honorable and noble. His sacrifice was tremendous. However, I believe his desire would be for this to be his legacy - that he wanted others to know about the one true and living God who is found in His book, the Bible. If you care to share a memory or thoughts about him, please do so below. His family would love to hear from you.  I hope that if you did not know him here on this earth, you will have the opportunity to meet him in Heaven.



Posted by Adam Riggle on 5th March 2018
Happy belated birthday brother! It’s been a while! You are still missed and not forgotten ! Until next time man!
Posted by Carol Addis on 20th July 2017
Todd was the love of my daughter Andreas life and a big brother to Caleb. He impacted them both on different levels. Caleb even today has Todds memorabilia on top of his dresser. I to remember his last day here he stopped to say goodbye, gave him a big hug and remember watching him drive away and a very unsettling feeling came over me and Caleb started to cry as he left, he had never done that. He will always be loved and forever missed.
Posted by DICK BOWERS on 20th July 2016
Todd, I have thought about you many times as I still help with the Marine Recruiters and the Poolies, of which you were one. Your name will continue to live on as long as I am around. You were one of the most squard away Marines that I have had the pleasure of knowing. You set the bar high for others to follow. I know that you were a Christian and had a strong faith and there is no doubt as to where you are. You are probably quarding the Gates of Heaven. I miss you Corporal Godwin. "Semper Fidelis". MSgt. Dick Bowers, USMC, Ret'd.
Posted by Adam Riggle on 20th July 2016
Rest easy brother! Gone but never forgotten! The best friend I could have ever asked for! Until next time bro!
Posted by Mike Ergo on 20th July 2016
Thank you for being such a great friend and believing in me more than I believed in myself. It was an honor to serve with you and I'll be thinking of you as I race this week, dedicating to you. Semper Fi, T-O-Double!
Posted by Beth Houck on 20th July 2016
Todd, although we've never met, I have come to know you through your mom. What a blessing to know that, since you received Jesus as Savior and Lord, you are with Him now. Some day we'll met at the Reunion above. Jesus rose from the dead to prove the Resurrection is true! For now, I can share your story with the Marines left behind so they can know Jesus, too.
Posted by Andrew Morris on 17th July 2016
I never had a lot of time to know Todd but I do remember when I was in 1/8 Scout Sniper Ptl I was a senior Marine and I remember the utmost respect and that joy and happiness to serve authority and to respect that I can't recollect equally in all my time in he Corps!! What a Marine what an example of a child a son of the Most High God!! Rest in Peace Brother will see u soon!!
Posted by Rachel Spohn on 4th March 2016
I miss you Todd. Happy birthday my dear friend. I love you! ~Ray
Posted by DICK BOWERS on 4th March 2016
Posted by Beth Houck on 20th July 2015
To the Godwin family....Yes, Todd is forever missed, and we thank the Lord that you continue to keep his memory alive. What a blessed day will be that Great Reunion for those of us who have received Jesus as Lord and Savior. Jesus arose from the grave to conquer death. Even so, come Lord Jesus!
Posted by DICK BOWERS on 20th July 2015
Cpl. Godwin, "Semper Fi" I know you are with our Lord Guarding heavens streets. You are missed Marine and you will always be missed.
Posted by Dick Bowers on 14th July 2015
Posted by Dick Bowers on 4th March 2015
Cpl. Godwin will always be in my memory. He made such an impression on me as a Young Hard Charger. As I have said before the Corps lost one terrific Marine in July of 2004. I am sure that he is with our Lord and Savior and probably on Guard Duty on the streets of heaven. I miss you Corporal Godwin!!. Top Bowers
Posted by DICK BOWERS on 20th January 2015
Corporal Godwin was with out a doubt the most motivated Poolie that the Zanesville Recruiting office has ever had. He was so mature for his age. I used to refer to him as a Lance Colonel. I enjoyed meeting with him when he was on leave. The Corps lost an Outstanding Marine, who would have been a Sergeant Major when he retired.
Posted by Christina Gavriel on 2nd November 2014
for those who lost a son, brother, husband, father, uncle...time becomes irrelevant. it doesnt matter if it happened yesterday or 10 years ago, it hurts just as much and it will never "get better". time doesnt heal, it erases. the only good thing time does is show you who was genuine when they said they'd "be there", and who wasnt. the people that are still in your life, after 10 years of "one day at a time", out-of-no-where emotional breakdowns, collapsing in tears at the slightest sight, sound, smell that you recognize from the "before"...they're the ones who GET IT. losing my brother divided my life into the "before" and the "after". life in the "after" will always carry a palpable feeling of absence. because that one person who was so many things to so many people, is just gone. unless youve gone through your own personal hell in the aftermath of losing someone like this...accept it as beyond your control. we're not "on the clock". theres no timecard to punch when youre done grieving. i grieve for my brother every day. its not any easier now than it was 10 years ago. i want to say thank you for posting this about Todd. The most comfort ive ever felt was from knowing that too many other families also share this terrible common thread. they could put all of us in one room and nothing would ever need to be said. we live it every day. i wish i were one of those people who truly feel that the death of a loved one should be more of a celebration of their life than anything debilitating, but im not. i never will be. i feel like people are waiting for me to "get back to normal"....failing to realize "normal" has ceased to exist. there are so many reasons i take comfort in reading things like this and am so grateful in knowing im not alone, and that those who know what ive gone and continue going through know its not because im "crazy"...because they're there too. God Bless Our Fallen, Christina Gavriel
Posted by Beth Houck on 27th July 2014
Kathy, what a fitting tribute to Todd and, if he were able to read this, I'm sure he'd agree with your words of giving hope to others by sharing the good new of the gospel here on these pages. Thank you for allowing me to get to know Todd better because of this tribute. Jesus has gifted you as a writer and, as Todd would say, "You have more work to do in my stead. You go, Mom!" Do stay in touch! mama-hawk@att.net
Posted by Matthew Mensik on 22nd July 2014
Semper Fi. I was there the day that you passed over. You will never be forgotten.
Posted by Michael Pretus on 5th October 2012
Semper Fi, Brother! Think of you everyday! Your Platoon Commander, Brother, and Friend, Mike
Posted by DagmarTony Silva on 5th October 2012
You made the ultimate sacrifice for us all, you will not be forgotten. Thank you for protecting us and keeping us safe on American soil and elsewhere in the world.
Posted by Kari Schultz on 1st August 2012
Our family never had the honor to meet you Todd, but we have NEVER forgotten you and never will. Our son Kevin served with you, he was Bravo 1/8 and has spoken of you with fond regards over the years and keeps your memory alive!
Posted by John DePrimo on 25th July 2012
Semper Fi Marine. Thank you for your service.
Posted by Amanda Page on 28th March 2012
God bless Todd and his family. I don't know him but he was a true hero!
Posted by Kathy Godwin on 24th March 2012
Todd, you were such a blessing in life. I love and miss you more than words can say. I look forward to the day we meet again.
Posted by Christie Lamb on 23rd March 2012
God bless your family. May you rest in peace and THANK YOU so much for sacrificing your life for us and your country.

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