Shared by Kathy Coffey on 11th November 2018

I cannot even put into words how you forever changed my life in so many ways. You were so very sweet when we were young and we had our own love for each other .. I really thought you werethe most amazing man back then. I always thought of you in a special way because of those moments so long ago.

Although life happened and we did not have contact for years I am so grateful that we were able to see how our lives Had turned out through Facebook and became friends again. 

I am always going to remember you in the best way possible and wish your family peace.  I feel for your parents and your sister as well knowing the pain of a siblings loss all too well. Maybe you and Karen can watch over us and laugh at the old times.  The times we had when we were all friends and more.  You were my first love and are in my heart and thoughts forever. 

Thank you for all you have given me and taught me until we meet again❤️

My Brother

Shared by Sheilena Payne on 11th November 2018

i can not put into words everything you have meant to me and the world. The things you taught me were the most important things in life like "It is going to be okay". I remember us sitting on the back porch of the white house in Lodi and you were hugging me and saying that as I cried. I remember you said it while holding my hand when the bamboo flute got stuck down my throat until the firemen got there. You said it to me and convinced me when I was giving birth to junior. 

In times when I needed you, you were there. I will forever mourn the times I have not felt I was there for you. 

Your life of teachings through conversations and your journalism has touched us all. We traveled with you, heard the voices and saw the faces from parts of the world we may never know. 

You could not be easily convinced and your inquisitive mind never seemed to be satisfied. I will miss every hug, I love you and angry argument we would have had. 

I can not relieve the pain and sorrow of Mom or Dad from your loss. I have no idea how to make it okay for Mom. I wish I could bring you back... 

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