So close no matter how far
Couldn’t be much more from the heart
Forever trusting who we are
And nothing else matters
  • 45 years old
  • Born on March 26, 1974 in Dayton, Ohio, United States.
  • Passed away on August 22, 2019 in Roseville, California, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Craig Baddley 45 years old , born on March 26, 1974 and passed away on August 22, 2019. We will remember him forever.

A memorial service will be held on Friday, September 6, 2019 at Mount Vernon Memorial Park in the Chapel (8201 Greenback Lane, Fair Oaks, CA 95628) from 10am to 12pm.

Following the service will be a gathering at Casey and Leslie Baddley's home (224 County Down Court, Rosevillle, CA 95678)

A burial service will take place 9am on Saturday, September 7 at Roseville Cemetery (421 Berry Street, Roseville, CA 95678)
Craig's family would love if you would leave a tribute, post a picture, tell a story-something to cherish during this difficult time. Below is a link to help support Karen, Ty and Miranda:
Posted by Chris Smith on September 10, 2019
Craig and I lived across the street from each other from 4th grade through high school. I considered Craig my best friend from the age of 10 to 16 years old. We took the bus/rode our bikes/skateboards/walked to and from school together during those years. After school we would play football/basketball and many other active things together. On the weekend nights we would put our ninja suits on and go around door bell ditching TP'ing and basically running around acting like kids having a blast throughout our neighborhood. We would constantly spend the night at each others houses and I remember Casey making fun of us saying" you guys live across the street from each other why don't you just hang out until you get tired then go home and go to bed":) We did not care we wanted to have sleep overs. Those were great years of my life and I will always remember Craig as my best friend when I was a kid and things were fun and innocent. Craig and I faded apart through high school mainly because of the path I chose to go down. The path Craig went down was a much better choice. Craig and I still ran into each other through the years and no matter what either of us was up to we always had love and respect for each other. We were always excited and happy to see each other and find out what the other was up to. I am so sorry Casey and Mike and all the Badleys including those I have never met. I will never forget Craig and the fun we had together!!!! LOVE!!
Posted by Meg Lynch on September 5, 2019
I’m sure what I am about to write many feel the same and share similar experiences about our dear friend Craig. It’s a testimony to Craig’s character of who he is and what he is teaching all of us.

Craig can easily be described as a gent that genuinely has his family’s interest at heart as well as yours. Often times you will find him telling funny jokes and offering sarcastic remarks which makes everyone smile. He beams with delight over his wife, Karen, and his kids, Ty and Miranda. You could see it in his face and hear it with his praise for them.

We met the Baddley’s when Ty entered the soccer scene (u6) on a boy/ girl team called the Comets and have been friends ever since. He would joke about one day our younger kiddos getting married and that one day we would be in laws. Wouldn’t that be great. He even had a connection with our oldest son reminiscing those teenage Jeep days. And let’s not forget the doggie play dates and walks.

Craig was a true friend who had his friend’s wellbeing at heart. He was a “doer” always willing to lend a hand. From a designated driver to providing contractor recommendation to searching Craigslist to help. Doesn’t this sound like the great guy you knew. His positivity rubbed off on all those around him and made you giggle at the same time.

The loving family Craig and Karen built is a testament to the love and support they both display and well seen in the character of their wonderful kids.

A forever friend will be missed.
Posted by Dorinda Baddley on September 3, 2019
I remember when we first met almost 22 years ago. The Baddley boys set up to meet for a family dinner so they could meet the woman their father Gary, was dating. I was nervous as I could be, but the dinner went well and they all made it so easy. Craig was instrumental for their Mother Joan and I to meet, we did, and became wonderful friends, I miss her dearly. Over the years when Gary and I went to family dinners I got to know their personalities and with Craig, it was his sense of humor, to me, he was so funny, and such a great son, husband and father, all the Baddley men were the greatest to me. I will miss him, his Mother Joan, a wonderful mom, and of course my husband Gary, who I miss every minute.
Posted by Heidi Shinaut on September 2, 2019
I had the great pleasure of getting to know Craig through his wonderful wife Karen and their beautiful children. When I first met Craig years ago, my first impression was that he was quiet and soft spoken. That viewpoint quickly changed when his witty remarks and sarcasm became apparent. A quality that quickly attracts my attention, I knew our family could hang with this guy for years to come. Always interested in others, Craig asked questions about how your life was going, job and kids, and was always there to help with lending a car or truck. I had the opportunity to play some tennis with Craig one day while our girls were playing soccer, and realized then how much he loved his kids and Karen, as he spoke with great pride and joy of them and their accomplishments. Thank you for always playing with Ryder, at tournaments and New years Eve and Super Bowl gatherings. Thank you for selling Daniel his midlife crisis sports car, because I really enjoy driving it too! Thanks for supporting and providing for my amazing friend Karen, and raising some awesome children. To the only person I knew that still loved Mountain Dew, tonight we raise a toast of Mountain Dew in your honor. You will be forever missed. 
Posted by Robyn Barrick on August 31, 2019
Craig and I were childhood friends since elementary school. We hung together in the neighborhood through school. Craig was my best friend through my difficult times back then and was always there in support of me. I’m sad to say we grew apart at graduation but we did reconnect briefly years later. I’m reminded of the song Stairway to Heaven which he held close during the passing of one of his close family friends years ago and it is this song that I will remember him by today. Godspeed my friend - you were loved by so many and will truly be missed!
Posted by Lea Leonard on August 30, 2019
Dear Craig,
Thank you for raising two kids who are wonderful friends to mine. Thank you for providing a home my kids love to visit and where they are happy and safe. I have always trusted you completely.
Thank you for loving my dear friend Karen, and for being so supportive of her going on girls nights and girls trips. Thank you for bringing home fun convertible cars for us to take.
Thank you for being so thoughtful and helpful. You made it so easy to sell our cars, bringing all the paperwork to our house and picking up the cars. When we moved, you were eager to help, and you’ve helped a million other friends with moving and cars and house projects.
Thank you for making me laugh, especially that time you sent me an xray image of a hip replacement. It took me a minute to notice the certain male body part in the image, but I found it hilarious. Thank you for knowing I would.
Thank you for being genuine and generous and humble and true to yourself.
Thank you for always thinking of others. I will miss your Happy Mother’s Day texts. I will miss our Fourth of Julys, Halloweens, and New Year’s Eves.
I will miss you.
Posted by Mary Ann Dean on August 29, 2019
We have watched Craig grow up, (we always called him Craigy, not sure he was crazy about that, but never said otherwise). He was extended family to us and we are all heartbroken he’s been taken away so soon.  We are so proud of the man he became, so successful with his career and his family. We said it before, he was the one “Wind Beneath My Wings” was written for (even though we should be citing Metallica!)  He was always quiet and always there (with a quip sometimes). He was just plain good! Joanie and Gary did a great job with their boys. His legacy will live on, we know we will never forget him and we love him eternally.
Posted by Leslie Baddley on August 29, 2019
Craig was definitely the silent but strong type. He was the guy who you could ALWAYS count on. He had an extremely quick humor and was always cracking the dumbest jokes. When I met Craig, he was a student and I admired how much he cared for his mom Joan. He's been my brother-in-law for 20 years and I can't imagine our family dinners and birthdays without him (and not just because he was the dish washer). It was obvious how much he loved Karen and the kids and took such great care of them. We will miss him very much.
Posted by Jill Willard on August 28, 2019
Craig was a dear dear, loyal friend after meeting he in early middle school. He would call most nights to check in and we would talk much about music, being kind and people’s intent. He would watch over in high school when I would get under water or not want to face things. By the end of high school he knew (& would try) to get under my skin, and of course succeeded. I am incredibly grateful for where he made me face my self. He taught I (& feel many) a lot about communication, being present with lyrics in heart, and showing up. I watched he and his family take great care of others in loss, as well as show up in body with a quick smart comment & smile. Sending deep condolence and peace to his beloved family. Craig, you were such a gift to many. Love and God speed xx
Posted by Susie Slader on August 26, 2019
No good deed goes unpunished was a favorite Craig saying, ironic for someone who did so many good deeds. I have known "Craigy" since before I can remember and his soul was good, pure and honest. He had a RAD race-car bed and we bonded over our dislike of CCD and who could roll their eyes the best; he was like a brother. I will miss him, his smart ass comments and his gentle heart so very much; Gods speed my friend. xoxox

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