Shared by Rob Matson on March 21, 2021
I was saddened to hear of the passing of my old friend Craig Buckham, and have been flooded with memories of good times we shared as classmates in elementary school and junior high.  I remember Craig as an intelligent, respectful person with a great sense of humor and an inquisitive nature.  And I'm gratified (but not surprised) to know that he had a positive impact on so many people over the coarse of his professional and personal life.
One of my fondest memories is of hearing the Beatles' "Abbey Road" record for the first time on his father's new state-of-the-art headphones in the family room of their home.  It was definitely a revelation to me.
We were also bandmates in the newest musical sensation of 1968 on the Idaho Falls music scene:  "The Chestnuts" (photo attached - Craig on the far left).  We figured we were destined for stardom....
Craig and I had reconnected in recent years via Facebook.  I was always happy to see his wonderful photographs of the birds he loved watching so much.  My heartfelt condolences to all of Craig's family and friends.  Rest in peace, my friend.

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