Shared by Mrs. Shannon on November 3, 2021
We lost a good one, fellas. He wasn't in PDG or on Facebook, but Dr. Craig Shannon was an incredible neurosurgeon. Another one taken from us too soon by cancer. When my wife was diagnosed with a large metastatic tumor on her vertebrae on a Friday night back in 2019, it was the darkest hour of our lives. A nurse had called her on the phone to tell her she had a tumor and direct her to go to the ED immediately (she nearly crashed her car when she received that call). The covering oncologist couldn't be bothered to spend more than a minute with us in the ED. We barely slept the entire night, worrying about her prognosis and terrified about potential outcomes. The next morning, in walks this towering neurosurgeon who didn't look a day over 35. I had already dreaded how the conversation might go, my bias against surgeons clearly entering the fold. Instead, this man was a ray of light in a time of sheer darkness. Through his hopeful eyes, optimistic smile, and warm demeanor, he pulled us out of our hope and despair. He eventually removed the tumor during the course of a 6-hour complex procedure, the specifics of which still amaze me to this day. I vividly remember him coming to speak with me after surgery and I could tell how genuinely happy he was that the procedure went so well. He continued to see her for periodic follow-up over the past 2 years, each time providing us with a level of caring, compassion, and empathy which we should all strive to achieve. We are so saddened by his passing. I wanted to post this not only in memory of him but to also tell you guys to remember why we are here. Patients often turn to us in their darkest hour. Remember to be present, be compassionate, be empathetic. At the end of the day, it will often be those things that leave the biggest and most lasting impact on patients and their families. Rest easy, Dr. Shannon. Thanks for being an angel when we needed one the most. (Copied from Facebook group)

Dear Craig

Shared by Susan Flynn on November 3, 2021
Dearest Craig, I just really wanted to become a better friend mother in law. The times we had together were so fun. I appreciate and Thank you for your great loving ways. I will always remember the drive in New York we shared a nice time. You swerved to miss the deer. I’m so sorry for Craig’s wife and family.  

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