Her Life

crystals life story


Amazing child of mine, so full of life, passion, dreams, hopes, she was the life of a party,her sweet personalty, she will always be missed very much by all her family and friends. she made her dreams come true, college, until she got to sick again, she rescued sea animals up and down ventura county coast line, it was her way to escape her illnesses, by helping sea lions, dolphins and other sea animal's. she had a very big heart for all the children at children's hospital of Laos Angles California.even sang with Randy Travis, Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton.  She traveled across many states, in her short life, she amazed doctors trough out her life, she was loved by many.we will always miss our angel,crystal

















A young girl diagnosed at a very young age, with 4 different kinds of illnesses, with friends and family by her side, she learned how to cope with her illnesses and enjoyed life to the fullest even on bad days she had throughout her 23 years of life.

About The Author

I'm here to tell the story about my life, so I can help people understand when you have chronic illness, there is still hope in life: and you don’t have to give up on your dreams. No matter what obstacles brings in your life: learn to take one day at a time, smile, laugh, love one another.