make a wish made my daughters dream come true

Shared by charlotte utley on February 2, 2011

Leaving for Hawaii Friday July 3rd, 1998 dreams to come true:
July 4th, 1998 had a wonderful forth of July with family never forget?
July 5th, went snorkeling with family had a wonderful time took my sickness away for
the day;July 6th, free day with my family shopped in lahaina st in Maui Hawaii, got lots of
July 7th, went to a luau, at the old lahaina, in Maui, my sister Joanna and I had lots
of fun, and my brother’s and parents too.
July 8th 1998, we flew back home from Hawaii, getting ready for the bog transplant
day, star free press, flowed me thru out this time, to make a story about everything,
I got real close to Liz Neely the staff writer and Erin the photographer. We had lots
of fun,
During this time I still had to have dialysis at the clinic until the transplant, the
want was worth it too, and then on august 10th 1998, was a very big day for me, the
last day of dialysis, the clinic had me a happy transplant day party,, I was sad because
I got to know a lot of nurse and stuff, ill miss them, but I was very happy because I
can move on with my life and do things that I haven’t been able to do,

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