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Have you used the cup menstruelle? Do you want to use such product? If yes then this is certainly the best decision taken by to have comfortable period. Tampons and pads are not as effective as coupe menstruelle économique. Some of the reasons for which people consider using menstrual cup are like it is safe to use, least risk of TSS, no moisture absorption, no chemicals, safe for environment etc. These are known to be the important reason why most of the women are shifting towards using these cups during their menstruation cycle.


How do the coupe menstruelle work?


This cup is made from silicone. Menstrual fluid gets collected and does not get absorbed.

Before your menstrual cycle begins, fold the cup and then insert it just as you do with a tampon without the applicator. When it is used and inserted correctly, you would not feel like you have inserted something. Just like you put birth control ring in the correct place, similarly you need to put it at right place. There are a few hacks that you need to know about having a happy period with wearing a cup.:


1] It engages the kegel muscles:


String is found in plastic applicator for tampon that is used to remove the tampon when required and you might be used to such activity. When compared to this, inserting and then removing the cups might require you to out in some effort and have patience. At the time you are inserting the cup into your vagina, it might not get the right place during the first few times. Engaging your kegel muscles like you hold your pee would make the task simple for you.


2] Second tip; boil it once in every month


It is very important tip that you need to follow. Wash it properly after your menstrual cycle is over so that you can use it properly next month. Once the water gets boiled you can add cup into it and place it for around ten minutes in the boiling water. Boiling water is essential in order to remove the odour and discoloration problem.


3] Begin with cold water


First it is advisable to wash the cup using cold water and then you can make use of warm water. Cold water wash can prevent cup from discoloration. Dark tints won't remain in your cup, further.


4] Rinsing coupe menstruelle pas cher with vinegar


Now there is no need for you to buy particular cleaner to clean the cup. Using vinegar is the best option. Say no to bad odour and discoloration by using vinegar. This is possible as vinegar is a sanitizing agent and you can find it very easily at the grocery store. All you need to do is rinse the coupe menstruelle pas cher with this solution and that it. Read more about menstrual cups and menstruation.


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