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Until we meet again

September 15, 2020

You and I had a one of a kind relationship we experienced many ups and downs in the little time we actually spent together. And I have a memory from almost every minute. Just like it was yesterday. You were my light after losing it and spiraling down a dark tunnel. There you were bringing me to understand why things happen helping me make amends with the lord and helping me cherish what I do have. I could go on and on and I wonder sometimes what if things had went differently. Curtis thank you so very much for giving my son his “best friend” you put the biggest smile on his face that I have yet seen. You would have been an amazing dad I’m sure you were to your lil munchkins that you so gracefully were raising as your own the most genuine man I know rough around the edges but very sentimental. Well Curtis...Curtis Peters (lol) until we meet again please watch over our loved ones and please help those closest to us and you know who I mean lol but please help them find peace and the most happiness. We both know she deserves the best and we want our Ree Ree to make do many more memories because just as you she is a beautiful soul. I love you Curt!!!

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