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Oct 11 2012

October 11, 2012
My husband father grandfather you are so miss by us not a day goes by that not one of us don't think of you we cry we laugh and talk a lot of things we done in our life when you were here and what we know you would enjoy if we still had you with us.Sadie Rae i know you would enjoy her as you did Madison but not only that you and Madison would be having a blast because she has grown so much Sadie is the age Madison was when we lost you Maddy knows her Grandpa Curtis in the picture we have .Sadie may not of got to know you but she will always know with picture that you are her grandpa she's head over hills with Brian Maddy to.Alex has grown to a fine looking lady it just hard to believe two years seems like these children just grew up .I love you and will always keep you in my heart .

My Husband

March 9, 2011

I had met my husband in 1979 we fell in love and married in 1980 we were very young when married our parents had doudts we would last in our marriage .My husband and i were married 30yrs this past Augest of 2010 we have 2 wonderful children and 2 grandchildren by our Daughter that we love very much .March 10th our 3rd one will be born and we will give her my husband middle name .I miss my husband very very much and i want to tell everyone out there in the world to always tell your love ones how much you enjoy them because there always a chance it will be the last time i know this . A accident took him but i am so glad that the morning of we always kiss and said we love eachother and see them after our jobs .These were our last words we ever spoke again ..Curtis you are in heaven and i miss you so much the pain will never go away but your laughter always is in my heart Thank You for picken me to be your wife i enjoyed the good and bad with you and you were a wonderful father .I will see you again someday my love.Your wife

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