his Life

Curtis Von Durham

Curtis Durham was born on September 29, 1966 in Lexington North Carolina to Curtis Frances Durham and his wife Pauline durham.  He was their only son & had four sisters.  His Mother only had girl baby clothes when he was born, so he wore a dress for the first few weeks of life.  Curtis liked to pretend he was a super hero when he was a boy and ran around with a cape on until he grew out of it.  He followed his mother everywhere when he was little.  When she took him to kindergarden on the first day when he was five years old he thought she had forgotten him.  So he ran home as fast as he could and was there on the porch waiting for her when she pulled up.  She had to take him back to school and tell him he had to stay there.  Curtis was VERY smart.  When they tested him in school he scored so high they thought he must have cheated?  They had to repeat the tests because they couldn't believe someone so young could score so high!  Curtis had a GREAT sense of humor.  He was always ready for a joke or prank on someone.  He was a strong man with a great body and very outspoken.  He wasn't shy to express his opinions.  He was a man all the way to end and no one could break him.  He was stubborn when he made his mind up to do something and would always come to get you if you were in trouble or needed him.  He once walked out of work in Kansas with $20 in his pocket and figured out a way to come all the way to California to pick me up and take me home with him.  We had big plans to create a life together that died along with him on December 21, 2018.  My life is forever changed without him.