As Cyndyn's Only Daughter

Shared by Devon Coquillard Bridge on June 28, 2021
I have the distinct honor of being Cyndyn's only Daughter. Technically I am her daughter-in-law, but the "in-law" part never actually mattered to her. The daughter part was what she cared about. 
It was a little daunting to come into the Bridge family, a family that I could tell was close from the onset. But, more than that, it was palpable how fiercely she loved her boys. Her world revolved around her family, but she was generous with her love, and I, too, was enveloped into her family sphere. 
Some people may not know this, but I also worked for her when I first moved out to Colorado in addition to being her Daughter. For a year, I spent nearly every waking hour with her. I spent the day as her employee as she taught me how to stage a house and manage a business. The nights being a family, watching movies, making dinner, and showing me around Denver. 
And you get to love and know someone pretty well when you spend all your time with them. I learned about her childhood and the years she and Randy spent in both Bosie and Seattle. Stories about the business and many, many stories about Max & Julian. But the biggest thing I learned was how deeply she loved her family. 
That is also the thing I  admired most in Cyndyn, her priorities because there was never any question about what came first—her family. So for me, it was really an easy decision when Max proposed and asked for forever. I knew he meant it because I knew, first-hand, the example that had been set by his parents' marriage and the priorities they lived out—it would always be family first. 
Like I said, Cyndyn was generous. Generous with herself and her time. She always picked up the phone when I called. Though I know sometimes I called in the middle of something, she never had to go. She'd spend hours on the phone, helping me with this and that. Listening or reading my cover letter for the 12th time (or spend years looking at wedding venues and dresses). 
No matter how long I needed, she had that time. We spent countless hours together in her kitchen, me sitting at the island pouring out my soul while she cooked. We spent many more countless hours shopping together. She helped me find the perfect blazer for every job interview I'll ever have. My first winter coat, my first pair of hiking boots and pants. She also helped me buy my first car. She quite literally test drove every midsize SUV this city [Denver] had to offer with me. 
In addition to our love of Max, Cyndyn and I share a love of clothes. And to some of you, shopping may seem like a silly hobby. But for Cyndyn and It was our time together. And it was really less about the stuff than the in-between moments. The stories she'd tell, the life and laughs we'd share. It was about the car ride there, the lattes and the lunch we'd have together more than the prizes, though we found a lot of prizes. Because she was the most stylish person I have ever met, I tried to emulate her. I copied her, right down to her socks.
There are a lot of tropes about Mothers-in-Law. Though those stereotypes that inform pop culture couldn't be further from the truth of my experience. Cyndyn took me in as her own, she loved me. Over the last nine years, she's become an everyday part of my life, a cornerstone in my foundation. She was my confidant, my cheerleader, and my Second Mom. She gave me advice and pep talks; she quieted my tears. She helped make me who I am. She welcomed me and made me a Bridge long before I actually was one. 
Her love language was quality time, and she loved hard that way. Cyndyn didn't just make me feel special—to her, I was. I'm sure many of you felt that too. She was genuine and cared deeply about those around her.
She taught me about style, confidence, and grace in the face of insurmountable odds. She taught me to be more Polly Anna and that everything you need to know will be on the Sunday Morning Show. She shared with me her life and taught me about loyalty and love. I look back, remembering who I was and who she has helped me become. There is a Cyndyn sized hole in my life as I look forward, and I'll miss her every day. But I will raise my own family, following her as my guide, as her Daughter.

Summers in Yellowstone

Shared by Julian Bridge on May 26, 2021
Yellowstone was huge part of my family’s life. Every summer on our way to visit my grandparents in idaho we would go through Yellowstone. When we were younger we would camp. As we all got older we would stay in the various lodges around the park. Such a beautiful place and one that will hold part of my moms spirit forever. I will write more on Yellowstone in the coming days.

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