Happy birthday

Shared by Karen Pearson on April 13, 2019

happy birthday, dear friend.  I still can't believe you are gone. I look every day for your posts about who to pray for, who to help, what pets need homes or that you have found homes for.  I look for your funny memes and your Green Bay packer posts.  All only to be met with heart wrenching silence.  I planned to send you some of my candied pecans that you love.  I procrastinated until it was too late so I hope they have them in heaven.  I miss you! 


Shared by Eric Adams on April 11, 2019

Was always a big holiday for us,as a kid mom would dress me up the best costumes she’d design her self from stuff from thrift stores. Main one sticks in my Head was when I was real young , dressed as a pirate! Check photos! My mom would always dress up in cool costumes as well, and since she was such an amazing artist, paint her face super cool/Scary

Rocky Rococos Pizza

Shared by Eric Adams on April 11, 2019

As a young kid on Valentines Day, going to have a heart shaped pizza with my mom, sister, and my moms good friend Karen Lanners

Shared by Karen Pearson on April 11, 2019

I have so many great memories of you Cyndy.  My earliest memory is when I was about 6 and you came over to play with us and push us on our swing set even though you didn't have to.

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