Her Life
Cynthia C. Hansen(Boone) aka Cindy, was born in San Bernardino, California  on April 9th 1964 to the proud parents of David Boone and Nedra Boone (Patterson). Cindy had 3 siblings Danny Boone, Sheryl Hysell and Devin Boone. In 1982 Cindy married her first love Christopher Kelly and had 6 strong children starting in 1983 Heather Ruh who now resides in Newark, Ohio with her husband Charles Ruh  and 2 children. Brandelynn Luedtke who now resides in San Francisco, California with her husband Tim Luedtke and 4 children. Christopher Kelly how resides Tacoma, Washington with his wife Roxanne Kelly and 3 children. Sabrina Latham resides in Chandler, Arizona with her wife Tylynn Latham and their 4 children. Belinda Majeski resides in Puyallup, Washington with her Husband Nick Majeski and their 4 children. Jessikah Marshall resides in Puyallup, Washington with her fiancé William Howell and their 4 children. In 1994 Chris and Cindy decided to follow a different journey in life. On January 31st 2021 Cindy gained her angel wings and she will be sadly missed  by this big family, but she will never be forgotten. Our stories will not end here to say the least, she will always be in our thoughts. She wasn’t only our mom, she was also our best friend at