All three of her great-grandchildren have been born since her passing, Lily, Hayden and Brandon Jr. and soon-to-be-born Austin, will grow up to know how much of a wonderful and loving woman their great-grandmother was!


Cindy had 8 grandchildren, 3 grandsons, Christopher, Jonathan and Anthony, and 5 Granddaughters, Dawn, Krystal, Samantha, Karissa and Audrey.


Cindy gave birth to her first child a son, Ron Jr. on March 24, 1969

She had her daughter Jeanne on May 29, 1970

Her third child, a second son, Charlie was born May 13, 1972

and her last child, a third son, Todd was born March 28, 1975


Cindy was married to her high school sweetheart on May 18, 1968

Ron and Cindy had known each other since Cindy was 13 and Ron 16. They were married just shy of 38 years when Cindy passed.