Shared by Sarah Bailey on March 19, 2014

mom i know you know this already but grandpa is dieing. We have gotten so close sence i found him and we have spent alot of time together. I know you will be there with open arms waiting for him. And i know he will be so happy to see you he has missed you just like i have. It is really hard on me but i know you are going to help me through this and i have dad and my husband with me also. I love you and i miss you so much we plan on coming to your grave soon it has just been so cold. We are going to bring flowers out to. I love you and miss you mom.

My grandfather and me (moms dad)

Shared by Sarah Bailey on February 15, 2012

love that old man so much and we have gotten so much closer mom would be very happy.

my wedding

Shared by Sarah Bailey on February 15, 2012

people say i look just like her i think i do and we were both very beautifull. She was not there in person at my wedding but i know she was there with me in spirt.

moms wedding day

Shared by Sarah Bailey on February 15, 2012

i miss her soo much but i know she is looking down on me from heaven. She was taken from me to soon.I love you mom cindy

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