Posted by Victoria EGBE on August 31, 2016
Posted by Nonnie Onwudiwe on August 16, 2016
Grandpa's Gone To Heaven.

Gone but not forgotten. July 10th will remain a recurring date in my mind.Will you still be here if my mum and I visited earlier that Sunday and prayed? I wish we came over more often, made you smile unknowingly, prayed for you more.

We will miss your presence in Festac but we know without a doubt that you are in a better place. You exhibited all the characteristics of a good man, husband and father. We've all admired and hoped for you and Grandma's relationship. Till death we saw the unconditional/unending love between you two.

She misses you. We pray for Her. We pray for You.

As we celebrate your life on earth today we hope you are here with us in spirit.

May your gentle soul rest in peace.
Posted by Tochukwu Ihemadu on July 28, 2016
His soft and consistent counselling filled with affection has touched us all deeply; molding and shaping the developmental years of our lives without curbing our inherent positive inclinations.

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