This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Cyril Djebah, 47 years old, born on March 1, 1974, and passed away on March 24, 2021. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Adebisi rokeeb on April 15, 2021
Sir cy this is unbelievable, it is very painful when i heard abt it, bt God knows the best, Rest,i promise to be the best you want me to be.....
Rest in peace sir
Posted by Sandra Ejikonye on April 8, 2021
Cy, it is with deep hurt and pain that I pencil this tribute to your memory. I met you for the first time in Nana primary school and at that tender age it was clear that you were a very charismatic leader and serviceable individual. You were always there to cheer anyone who was feeling low. You are indeed a candle in the wind, gone too soon.
Rest peacefully Brother. Your memory lives on forever in our hearts.
Posted by Oghomwen Black on April 4, 2021
The news of your demise came as a rude shock! I still remember how you used to call my first name and try to make it sound funny.

You are in a place now, where you won't feel pain anymore. Continue to rest in peace!!

Posted by Okiemute Ovien on April 3, 2021
Bros Cy, I'm lost of words to say, the news of your death came to me as a shock. It's so painful we won't see you again. The fond moments you bring at meetings just come to play as I write this tribute. I know you are resting in the bosom of our saviour Jesus Christ. Continue to rest Bros Cy.
Posted by Daniel Evbota on April 2, 2021
Ohwoefe. Your passing came to me as a great shock. You are one of the most humble and hospitable person I ever knew. I refer to you in present tense because I know you are still with us in spirit and in our hearts.

You are dearly missed and we shall meet again. Stay safe my brother as you move on to better and brighter things on the other side
Posted by Igho Sanomi on April 2, 2021
Dear CY,

The everlasting memories we created in the greatest and most amazing period of our lives, (FGC Warri) will forever be cherished.

My Brother CY, you will be missed so dearly, May your Gentle Soul Rest In Peace Amen.

Igho Sanomi
Posted by Abiodun Olabiyi on April 2, 2021
owhoefe the olorogun 1.u will forever be missed.ur call outta d blues wd be missed.ur impart on our life can't be underestimated. remembering when my marriage clocked 10 n u called my wife n she asked me who is cy n i responded that he is my brother.u were a friend turned brother who wd be forever missed.
Posted by Ehi Aguele on April 2, 2021
Dear CY,

I may not have had the pleasure of been around you or be close to you since we became men, but the time we all shared as boys growing up and the closeness we have all collectively shared make it seem it was just yesterday we were all together. I read about all the positive impact you made in many lives, the joy and smiles you brought on the faces of many and it all gladdens my heart that everyone has so much love for you. Indeed you body may be gone out of this world, but you will live on in the hearts of many so much so for those of us who had little interactions with you.

Adieu brother, may your star continue to shine in the lives of those you left behind till we all meet again.
Posted by Osaigbovo Uzamere on April 2, 2021
My dear Cyril, I am glad i got to see you a week before your departure as I witnessed your determination to stay alive even though you finally didn't make it. I am glad to have known you as a friend and brother. You were a lover of all men and never discriminated against anyone. You were an angel amongst our midst and I am confident you are among the league of angels in heaven. Rest in Peace my dear friend and brother as you have let a legacy that would be forever indelible.
Posted by Eunice Adetola on April 2, 2021
Cy this is so unbelievable yet in all we are glad we knew you! Thanks for being a friend and a brother to us. God keep your family! You showed us it is not in the years or length of time because you packed so much into your 47 years sojourn. You lived Cy for that we are grateful rest in Gods bosom till resurrection morning!
Posted by Chiedu Kanu on April 1, 2021
CY! Wow! Just seeing your obituary this morning! Cricket man. The man who loves telling jokes and putting a smile on people's faces. The man who loves God. My FGC Warri go to person. Remembering our discussions, this is tough. What can I say, God knows best. CY rest in peace. Lucy, hang in there, God will grant you and the kids, the grace needed at this time to bear the loss. It is well. From Chiedu Isichei Kanu
Posted by Peter Uduophori on March 31, 2021
Uncle Cyril, the news of your death really hit hard. You were always cheerful and had this positive energy that I admired so much. You are gone but you'll never be forgotten. May God grant your soul eternal rest. Amen
Posted by Clive Ogbimi on March 31, 2021
Gone too soon..
Champion of cricket development..
Fantastic personality..
Too heavy to bear..
May the merciful Lord help us to cope..
Thanks for coming ..
Sleep well Bro..
Posted by Chioma Onyekwuru on March 31, 2021
I find it hard to believe you are gone, I have opened this page severally and closed it, Bros, you tried your best but God knows why. We won't question God. I have opened the Chat I had with you in December 2020, I have read it over and over again, May eternal light shine on you, may your soul Bros CY and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Goodnight Bros
Posted by Othegbudu Patience on March 30, 2021
You are dead,, yes but your good works and deeds lives on. Sleep soldier of Christ till we meet again on the last day. Good night sir
Posted by Ikemefuna Anthony on March 30, 2021
CY, good night as you take your last flight home after scoring forty something runs in the innings, it is well, we cannot question your creator, rather we take solace from the fact that he gives and takes as he likes and our ways are not his. I pray that he receives you in his bosom, grant you peaceful and eternal rest until that resurection day when all of us shall meet to part no more, adieu. from Asika Ikemefuna in Awka, Anambra State.
Posted by Miller Kio Eepho on March 30, 2021
We quarrel,I leave d field but in all he was a gud man,father,i will say friend because he helped me get use to correction. Rest on sir, we love u but God loves u more...
Posted by Blessed Pius on March 30, 2021
Bros CY, It is still difficult for me to come to terms that you are no more with us. You were a jolly good fellow and there was never a dull moment when you were around. Continue to rest with the Lord.
Posted by Joy Babasola on March 30, 2021
Uncle CY as I fondly called you. You were an amazing person. Always cheerful. Always smiling. Always have a listening ear. Ever ready to proffer solutions. Heaven has gained an angel. Rest on Uncle CY
Posted by Bagaranji Samuel on March 30, 2021
I came to know you for a short time and you are one amazing man I know .lively and heart warming pained my heart to know you are gone but I believe God knows best .May you keep resting in the boss on of God till we meet to part no more.yoi will be missed sir
Posted by Ighotemu Okoli on March 30, 2021
Cy, the guy that always has a smile on his face.. Your passing was unexpected, we prayed to have you here with us a little while longer but God wants you with him.. You lived a life worth celebrating. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace . Amen
Posted by OMO-ODUDU Ufuoma on March 30, 2021
Words alone can't express my shock of the news of your demise, even as far as to the fact that you have been battling with such an ailment.
God has a reason, man can't question HIM.
Eternal Rest grant your soul, till we meet to depart no more.
R.I.P. Bros CY.
Posted by fufeyin webster on March 30, 2021
Mr Cyril was a real father figure to many. The few moments I came in contact with him during our monthly meetings in THSOSA Ph , he was always cheerful with his contributions and all. He'll greatly be missed..

May his soul Rest in peace.
Posted by Nathanael Orhotohwo on March 30, 2021
The news of your demise was a hard one to take. God knows best.
You would always be remembered for warming up the meetings whenever you walk in.
May God grant you eternal rest. Rest on Sir
Posted by Nora Odozi on March 30, 2021
Bros CY, as I fondly called you. I still can't come to terms with the fact that you are no more. I still wake up each morning waiting for you to send me devotionals but then it hits me hard to realise my wait is just in vain.

I try to play my usual WhatsApp games and my heart breaks when I realise you would not be there to participate.

The only member of thsosa Phc who won't end his introduction without mentioning he was a bonafied member of Blue House.

Oh! Bros had a large heart and was nice so everyone. I miss you so much but God knows best.

Rest well Bros till we meet to part no more..
Posted by Benjamin C. Nwankwo on March 30, 2021
Baba CY,

Coming across your good path was Cricket that brought such to pass that was 2014 during the 2014 Port Harcourt Cricket League. Ever since then I observed lots of things like your friendliness, fatherly nature, your hunger to grow anyone around you, always impacting moral values both in the pitch of Cricket and outside the pitch. All this and more makes me to admire and respect you so much.
Your death is the least expected thing, that I can't fathom being a reality because I don't want it to hoping that the news of your death can be reversed as a rumour.

In all this God knows why you were bold out at this time, knowing well that you played your innings very well but to me you are not out. You still play in our heart with your great works.
God in his Mercy will accept your soul and you will find a good rest in Him sir.

Keep Resting Well Baba Cy!!!
Posted by Akanimo Kufre on March 30, 2021
I was shaken by the news of your sudden departure, your voice in our last transaction keep saying it's not true. But I know the truth- Cy fought well and is victorious. A good friend with BIG heart to millions and a great name alive in many hearts. It's upon us to emulate you in respect. Adieu Cy Djbah
Posted by henry jaja on March 30, 2021
Thought of your departure still leave me perplex. We love you but God loves you more! Rest on sir!
Posted by Richson Tetteh on March 30, 2021
Thank you for living a purposeful life and impacting in everyone that came across you.

Your death teared me apart as you left a day to my birthday and it left me teary.

You were a Father to me teaching and mentoring me from my teenage age. Took me into your home and showed me the right path to succeed.

I know you are resting where you are as it pleases God to take you home.

Keep Resting Dad till we meet again at Jesus’s Feet. I will always love you and will keep being the good boy that you desired me to be

Adieu Dad
Posted by Kodjo Timinadi on March 30, 2021
I can't still believe you are no more.
Everything happened to fast
I will miss you and your words of yes encouragement

Goodbye SIR CY
Posted by Zeal Ibe on March 30, 2021
Baba Cy ,
It a sad one knowing fully that i wont be able to share the story of how you have impacted my life , each time you view my status, you will always drop a word, i was so cracked in one of our conversations which i felt i will share the story with you in the future, but i wont get that chance...
Baba Cy even though there was a big gap created by distance but you were still closer than imagined, willing to reach out, a lover of the game , a preacher of peace, Baby Cy even outside cricket you touched lives thanks for all you did you will be greatly missed, if only i knew this is how things would play would have extended a longer birthday wish to you... .
Thank you for the time you spent with us and all you did.

Continue to rest in Gods glory.

Your memory lives on.
Posted by ELEKIMA ABIYE-SUKU on March 30, 2021
Baba Cy, I saw your passing on the Port Harcourt Cricket League Platform with inexpressible shock.

I still find it difficult putting words to paper.

A giver, an empathizer, a father to the young cricketers, a father to your office staff, a friend of the neighborhood.

Your inning though short was very eventful. Your inning is done, but you are 'not out'.

I simply console myself that you are in a better place.

Rest on Baba Cy.
Posted by Omerusure Umukoro on March 30, 2021
Uncle Cy,

You thought me how to bowl (spin) during my early days in playing cricket.

Those lectures on the pitch are lessons I will never forget as I still continue to remember the ways you used to scold me, smile, when I was not getting it right.

You are a lover of cricket, a good teacher....

You will forever be missed Sir.

Thank you Sir for impacting a knowledge of cricket into my life Sir.

Rest on Sir.

Posted by Tonye Timinadi on March 30, 2021
Baba CY as we fondly call you in Port Harcourt Cricket League. We will forever miss your Fighting Spirit on the field of play & we were hoping to kick-start this season's league but hence you were on sickbed we decided to hold on till you come back on the field because you were the Major Sponsor last season league before we suspended hostilities due to Covid-19 pandemic. I even spoke to you on Video call 2 days before your demise when your wife held the phone for you & we talked about Cricket Equipment that Ebonyi state Cricket Team needed... We were hoping to see you soon when you gave the approval to get the kits from your office. The Great Panther has retired from the crease...

May you sleep on in God's Bosom... 
Posted by Douglas Onyemah on March 30, 2021
''The true test of friendship is sacrifice''
To me,the name Cyril Djebah means Friendship
Cyril Djebah means Sacrifice.
I wont mourn you but I will celebrate you.
You lived a life of fulfilment.
Rest with the angels Bro!!!

Posted by Victor Ehimuan on March 30, 2021
My heart is heavy as everyday it's sinking in that you are gone and I have to live that day all over again.
You taught me a few things in your life time, but in your death I have learnt a lot more
I wish I could have a bit more time with you my brother Cyril. To appreciate your love, selflessness and commitment.
You were truly a better person than I and your strides I cannot take.
With all my heart and love, I say goodbye and may your soul rest in peace.
Posted by Victor Onwubuke on March 30, 2021
Your gentle presence was a soothing and calm elixir for my deeply personal tragedy.
You offered kind words and advice which have remained with me until this day. You showed a great degree of empathy and I now recognise that you saw my pain through yours.
You were generous and helpful beyond measure.
Cyril went out his way to help so many people and I happen to be one of them.
I am glad to have known you and you will live on forever in my heart. Adieu.
Posted by Eldad Onojetah on March 30, 2021
Your heart, your home, your wallet was open to all.
Your time, your attention, your words were available to all.
Your love, your friendship, your presence was felt by all.
Your liveliness will forever be missed.
Your impact will forever be discussed.
Your memories will forever live on.
Cyril Ohwoefe "CY" Djebah rest in peace, bro; rest in peace.
CY, rest with the Lord.
Posted by Ushi Solabi on March 29, 2021
Uncle CY you brought joy, happiness and laughter to all who you met. You were a kind soul full of wisdom. May your gentle soul rest in peace.

Adieu Uncle CY you would be missed.
Posted by Marian Eigbokhan on March 29, 2021
CY as u were fondly called, I really wish I could see you one more time but God knows best why he had to call you home at this time but we are convinced you are resting in a place where you will feel no more pain. Adieu brosie, your smiles will not be easily forgotten.
Posted by Voke Atumu on March 29, 2021
God blessed us with you... You made the world a special place with your act, never a dull moment with you . God blessed us with you
Posted by Othuke Okah on March 28, 2021
CY it’ was with shock and utmost disbelief I received the news of your passing. In life we are all on a journey and you have traveled well with grace, love and understanding. Alas you must take a different turn. Rest well and in the Lord’ bosom my friend
Posted by Abisoye Ajiboluwa on March 28, 2021
We were not close but the little time we had together was memorable, you were accomodating and ready to give your all. You will be missed Cyril. But I believe you are in a better place for your deeds will keep you there. Good bye Cyril
Posted by Ese Emo-Agege on March 27, 2021
Uncle CY as you were fondly called. I remember vividly when you joined our THS set of 94. Though you were older than us, you related to us as equals making an effort to get to know everyone in the class. Though I didn't get to see you again after we left school, you were the first to reach out when we reconnected virtually. You were so full of life and laughter even with the battles you were fighting. You were kind and considerate organising financial support for our classmates in need at the height of the pandemic. You left your footprints on the sand of time and you will forever be remembered. Rest in peace Uncle Cy in the bosom of our Lord. May your family be comforted with the wonderful memories of you.
Posted by edirin oghenekaro on March 27, 2021
Senior Cyril rest in peace, you were an amazing brother and friend to everyone that crossed your path, and you would greatly missed by the THSOSA PH family.
Posted by Runor Bekibele on March 27, 2021
It's very sad to hear of your demise. I remember how you changed the entire atmosphere at THS boarding. You were full of life, full of jokes and many beautiful stories of your exploits at FGC Warri. May the Lord comfort the family you've left behind. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord our beloved Senior CY.
Posted by Hamza Momodu on March 27, 2021
I am still shell shocked about your exit. It hurts me to this very day. You were more than a father figure to not just me but to all who came in contact with you. You were one of the few humans I knew who easily made friends with just about everyone you came in contact with. You brought life to every dull atmosphere, always ready to help and support. Only God knows best why. May your kind gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace. You will forever be in our hearts. Adieu bros Cy.
Posted by Adesua Eboigbe on March 27, 2021
Its indeed sad...A jolly good fellow,A friend to was never a dull moment around you..Ever smiling..Death you have taken a friend from us..With tears in our eyes we wish things to have happened differently.As Christains we have a hope that we will meet again for that reason we are wiping our tears...Rest on till we meet again
Posted by Peter O on March 27, 2021
You were down to earth with a generous heart. Your humor and laughter will not be forgotten. You lived a good life and you fought a good fight. Farewell sir.
Posted by Roli Ukuetsite on March 27, 2021
Never will there be words enough to say how much you impacted all around you,including the THSOSA community.
You're indeed heavens gain.
You fought a good fight.
Rest on rugged soldier .....
Rest on dear brother......
Rest on CY

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Posted by Adebisi rokeeb on April 15, 2021
Sir cy this is unbelievable, it is very painful when i heard abt it, bt God knows the best, Rest,i promise to be the best you want me to be.....
Rest in peace sir
Posted by Sandra Ejikonye on April 8, 2021
Cy, it is with deep hurt and pain that I pencil this tribute to your memory. I met you for the first time in Nana primary school and at that tender age it was clear that you were a very charismatic leader and serviceable individual. You were always there to cheer anyone who was feeling low. You are indeed a candle in the wind, gone too soon.
Rest peacefully Brother. Your memory lives on forever in our hearts.
Posted by Oghomwen Black on April 4, 2021
The news of your demise came as a rude shock! I still remember how you used to call my first name and try to make it sound funny.

You are in a place now, where you won't feel pain anymore. Continue to rest in peace!!

his Life


                                                   A Rare Gem
Cyril Owhoefe Djebah was born into the family of Chief Philip Bivese Djebah of Imigbu quarters and Chief Mrs. Martha Sanaye Djebah of Akpo quarters both of Okwagbe town on 1st March 1974 at Warri. His entrance as the ninth of the ten who eventually grew to adulthood brought unfathomable joy.He was named Ohwoefe meaning “the human person is wealth”. At baptism, he received the name Cyril.

He had a very jolly and jovial personality which was never dimmed even by sickness. He nicknamed himself adjalakpo (tiger) which was an echo of childhood memories as he had a t-shirt which he was very proud of with the picture of tiger on it.

CY, for short, as he was fondly called back in kindergarten days at Model Nursery school, Ajamimogha. In 1980, he was enrolled in Nana Primary School Warri. His performance throughout was outstanding. He loved the sports especially football but was performed the drama as well and his dramatic skills was captivating. His academic performance was also with distinction.

CY sojourned in the prestigious Federal government College Warri form September 1986 to 1992. Unfortunately, with the entire school result withheld that year, it opened a new window for him as he was re-enrolled at the industrious Delta Steel Company Technical High School which he completed in 1994. The same year he was admitted into the University of Lagos (UNILAG) where he studied Mathematics and Statistics and graduated in 1999. His National Youth Service was in Lagos State in 2000. After Service, he enrolled for a Post Graduate Diploma in 2001 in the University of Lagos as well.

Cy was highly enterprising. In 2001, he began a thriving business of recharge card sales and telephones and registered a business name DJECOMS LIMITED. After Service, he was employed as a full staff of P. B. Djebah & Company Ltd. Lagos branch as Logistics Manager.As logistics Manager, he ensured transportation of goods from the Port was done.Cy was later transferred to P. B. Djebah & Co. Ltd. Port Harcourt where he served till his demise.

Cy expressed a vibrant orthodox Catholic Spirituality from childhood.After his First Holy Communion in 1984 he showed interest in church as followed his mother to the St. John Urhobo Bible Society at the Cathedral, Warri in 1985 and 1986 every Mondays and Saturdays while still in primary school. Members took interest in him as he could read the Urhobo Bible during such gatherings.In secondary school, he became a dedicated member of the choir and grew to the post of Choirmaster. He could not resist choir activities wherever he found himself. In Port Harcourt, he was a member of St. Cecilia Choir at St. Francis Port Harcourt and the Parish choir of Our Lady of Victory Parish, Rumuodumaya, Port Harcourt. He was also a member of the Legion of Mary.

Cy had battled with health challenges at different stages in life. He was diagnosed of Discoid Lupus Erthematossus (DLE) in 1989, then Systemic Lupus Erthematossus (SLE) in 2001; a disease that has no known medical cure worldwide and continues to defile scientific and medical research.The deteriorating state of the lupus affected his kidney.In all his battles he bore his pains with a smiling and cheerful face.

Cy was a loving sport personality. He loved athletics, table tennis and football in his school days but later got even more entangled with the Cricket. His passion for the game was overwhelming. As reported by the Cricket federation, “He played, he coached and sponsored.”He was an eloquent cricket commentator on Radio Nigeria Info (92.3FM), Port Harcourt, Rivers State. He was willing to promote the game at the grass root. He sponsored a trainer to recruit interested and talented students in his alma mater Federal Government College Warri amongst others.He brought the equipment from India.

At Delta Steel Company (DSC), Technical High School, Ovwian-Aladja, he was fondly called Uncle Cy by the junior students and in no time became of renown. He was very active in the Federal Govt. College Old Students Association (FEDGOCOWOSA) and DSC Technical High Old Students Association (THSOSA) as well. At the University of Lagos, he was a proud member of the National Union of Urhobo Students. For him, his culture was his pride.

Cyril got married to Former Miss Lucy Ngozi Olisa on 12th August 2006 and they were blessed with three children.Her loving personality is overwhelming. Despite his health challenges, she was of immense support.

Cy has a horrific experience of been kidnapped in 2014 on his way from Port Harcourt where he spent 3 days in the hands of kidnappers till he was rescued unhurt by of the Nigerian Police Force.

Cy started dialysis towards the end of January 2021 in Port Harcourt with the hope of a possible transplant surgery. He was transferred to Lagos on 17th February (Ash Wednesday).This last phase of his life was a moment of faith and trial. In Lagos, he would struggle to attend Stations of the Cross and receive the sacrament. His last two weeks were spent at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja. He remained cheerful and with hope of improvement. On 23rd March, he was administered Holy communion by his younger brother Fr. Nicholas who spent the last hours with him. At about 3:00 AM of Wednesday 24th March, 2021, he transited to eternity. May God grant him a place of light and peace in his kingdom.

We are grateful to all who gave their support; medical personnel, family and friends for their support.

He is survived by:

Mrs. Lucy NgoziDjebah – Wife
Miss Rita Erukakpo Djebah – Daughter
Master Philip Omoyoshovwi Djebah – Son
Miss Francisca Amrevwogha Djebah – Daughter
Mother, brothers, sisters, relations, in-laws.

Recent stories

Lost for Words... mmmmhhh

Shared by Tuoyo and Ndubisi Ogbodo on March 30, 2021
My greatest fedgocolian, 
From the write ups I read, I can truly say that you finished your race and left good footprints  on the sands of time. 
We celebrate your life dearest CY. Rest In Peace bro

Shocking & Unbelievable Exit

Shared by Marcel Anyanwu on March 25, 2021
CY My Neighbourly Neighbor as I fondly called you,
The news of your death came to me and my family as a great shock few hours ago. You were all cheerful and jovial when we met last year August when you drove into the compound to say Hello to everyone. Such was the depth of your love and appreciation of everyone you came in contact with.

My hands are shaking as I write this tribute to you. I am also totally lost for words. We will forever miss your warmth and charm.

May the mercy of God encompass you on this journey Amen  
May the Angels of the Most High God usher your gentle soul into paradise Amen  
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace IJMN Amen

Adieu my good Friend and Neighbourly Neighbor !!!


Shared by Ojonnah Feludu on March 25, 2021
Like I always call u cy..u were always advising I will not forget that night u said I should let go" .. brother rest on and live on brother.