Posted by Candace Green on July 20, 2012
Da'Sean...I know I haven't been on here in awhile to express things to you openly but you know I know think about you every single day. You turned two years old this year and of course that took a toll on me. There are days it almost feels like you are here with us and its still so hard to believe that you left my world physically so fast...Your sisters and brother misses you so much:)
Posted by Candace Green on December 7, 2011
Christmas is almost here again and this will be the 2nd Christmas you have not been physically with us :( There is so much I wish I could have had the chance to show you..To do with you..While watching your life slowly slipping away my heart was slowly breaking and being torn away from me..I wish I could have had the chance to physically have you in my life forever..I love you!!!!
Posted by Candace Green on November 25, 2011
Da'Sean Antonio...Words can not described my feelings of lost without you..You were given to me then taken away only moments later without such a notice..Not having you physically here with me has caused my heart so much pain that only tears can describe..You wont ever be forgotten and you will live in my heart and life forever..Mommy loves you Da'Sean Antonio Green Forever and Always!!!!!

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