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Shared by Chwinui Mbeinkong on June 18, 2021
Daddy you have gone to be with the Father and to enjoy eternity, though we cry and mourn that we miss you, we are consoled in that you finished your race and are in a better place. 
I remember one of the very first holidays I had as a child. That was about the very first time I had to go for holidays without my siblings. I remember crying, and crying saying I wanted to go home. Daddy was there doing all he could to comfort me, tried taking me out, doing everything to make me happy. I  was a child but can't forget.  We ll move around the compound to the trees. I don't remember the exact discussions but I remember feeling loved.  I remember Daddy teaching us the word of God during morning devotions.  Daddy had a special way of greeting us as children and whenever I knew we will meet him, I ll be looking forward to that. It was fun trying to grab his hand as he will change its position whenever we tried. It was so fun being around daddy. 
Thank you Daddy for all the love you and mummy continued to show me and my husband. All the words of advice and the very warm visits. We love you and will miss you dearly.  Good bye Daddy till we meet again in Glory. 
Mama, Edwin and kids

A tribute to a wonderful Father; Daddy E.M.T Awa.

Shared by Mofor Mba on June 18, 2021
Daddy, I just want to tell you that I love you so much and I will miss you dearly. You are one of my greatest role models. Daddy was a very simple man, kind hearted, gentle, smart, hard working, funny, full of humility, knowledgeable , perfectionist and above all, he was a very God fearing man. Daddy showed me so much love while growing up. When ever I visited Daddy, I always meet him busy doing something or reading his bible. He was very knowledgeable in the scriptures. I enjoyed listening to daddy in Church at the pulpit  delivering a sermon or at home or at family gatherings. Daddy was so quite, I never ever heard him raise his voice .I remember during my adventurous adolescent years, daddy will call me, put me down and advice me. Daddy contributed greatly to make me the responsible man I am today. I am grateful for having such a wonderful father in my life. I am going to miss you so much daddy .
I remember eating the very healthy and delicious guavas, mangos he grafted at the research institutes where he worked. As a curious naïve child, I thought grafting was just to put two plants together an tie them up. I tried doing that. I took a young mango shoot and a pear, tied them together, put it at he back of the house for over two weeks and nothing happened. It dried up. How funny was that. I was just a naïve curious kid trying to emulate a dad but have little or no idea. I later told daddy when he visited and he laughed. He made me to understand that ,that is not how its done. He told me how it was done but at that age, I could not comprehend. later in my carrier, I was able to cultivate Irish potatoes by grafting the stems. I could then understand all what daddy said. Everyone in the Awa and Halle family can testify that they have eaten some of the delicious mango, guava or pear that was grafted in daddy's research institute. I have a lot to talk about you daddy but I will leave it like this for now. I just want to say you had a great impact in my life and that you are great father.
Daddy E.M.T Awa, I just want to let you know that, though you have gone to be with the lord, I will never forget you. I love you so much and I will hold high the very strong attributes you instill in my life like; love, kindness, compassion, honesty, truth, humility  and above all, faith in God. We will continue to make you proud and we will continue to carry your legacy forward.
Adieu Daddy, Adieu Daddy.
Will always love you Daddy. Bye Bye.
                    MOFOR MBA
Shared by Azu'u Fonkam on June 18, 2021
The famous initials, EMT, the ever easy and friendly demeanor, the ready jokes that came from as clean a heart as any human being can have!Always quick on the rebound as someone used to thinking out of the box:this was the Ndhey Nkemghe l knew and who will be sorely missed.
 I visited him when he was stationed at IRAD Ekona, a once world famous research centre.He took me for a drink and a bite at the Senior Service Club and l naively asked him why the clubs were stratified!Speaking in Pinyin he calmly explained that if that wasn't the case, the very junior staff will each time they receive their pay, drink, get drunk, pee all over the place and insult their bosses and say how they could kill someone and pay!
Later in life l reflected on this and couldn't have agreed more with the analysis!ln fact there is nothing like a classless society as George Orwell's allegory of 'Animal Farm' teaches us!
I equally remember Ndhey Nkemghe calling 'Delegate', 'Delicate' and so many other Ndhey Nkemghe special 'speak' à la George Orwell's Animal Farm!
 Sacré Ndhey Nkemghe as the French will say!

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