In Celebration of Dale Lynn

Please join us November 9th at 1:00 at Destiny Church, 2322 11th Ave SE, Ruskin.
No dark colors please

Accommodations Little Harbor Resort
611 Destiny Drive, Ruskin, Florida
(813) 645-3291
  • 68 years old
  • Born on August 24, 1945 in Chicago, Illinois, United States.
  • Passed away on September 18, 2013 in St. Petersburg, Florida, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of my beloved mother, Dale Smith, 68, born on August 24, 1945 and passed away on September 18, 2013. We miss your warmth and love that you gave to everyone so freely.

Posted by Irma Cavazos on 18th September 2018
Another year has come and gone without here , I sure do miss our talks and our fun memories going on the trails, going on fun outings and listening to music <3 Julie and I think of you every time we see the color purple,fancy shades ,and purses <3.We miss and Love you so much!
Posted by Trina Mullennax on 26th August 2018
Happy Birthday sweet lady. I think of you all the time but especially when I see something sparkly. I'll cherish every memory we made together. I love and miss you so much. Trina
Posted by Adam Zemans on 26th August 2018
I have not said much about her passing in the 5 years since my mom’s death. And the time has flown by. I will just say that I miss her a lot. I am grateful she was in my life and that there are others in my life who remind me of her in important ways. Special thanks to Peter Aiello, who was and is a great friend to her and her family.
Posted by Peter Aiello on 25th August 2018
Hi Dale. Signing in on your birthday to let everyone know that you have not been forgotten. Your Friend while you were here on Earth & in the After Life after God calls me home. Peter Aiello
Posted by Peter Aiello on 19th September 2017
Dear Dale, Another year has passed, and just like the past 3 years since your passing, I continue to recall memories of the moments we shared while you where here in this dimension. Although your light has faded, my memories of you never will. I remember each of them as if they were just the other day. I know that you are in a better place free from any unhappiness, tears pains or suffering. I hope to see you in this other dimension called Heaven some day. Till then, enjoy your new home my dear friend.
Posted by Ann Goesel on 18th September 2016
Dear Lolly. You have not been forgotten. I look back at the happy times we had together. I know you have joined your Mom and Bayo and are free of pain and are at peace.
Posted by Creed Macmartin on 18th September 2016
I can't believe it's been 3 years since you left us. I feel you with me at times, and I know it's you. Our relationship was a fragmented but love always brought us back together. Love is a very powerful thing and you showed the world that. It's not fair death is what it took to take your suffering but I find peace in reading everyone's comments on what a wonderful spirit you were through it all. I miss you and wish we had had more time together to fill in each other's holes in our hearts from being torn apart. Love you always....
Posted by Trina Mullennax on 25th August 2016
Happy Birthday my dear friend. Oh how much I miss you and wish you were here to celebrate your special day. I loved you and your beautiful smile so much. I miss seeing you get all dolled up and going out to dinner with me. I miss your precious laugh. I think about you all the time. Everytime I see something pretty, purple or with sparkling glitter. Brandi and Tyler miss you too. Thank God we took lots of pictures because those are my precious memories to remind me how much fun we had. I love and miss you so much Dale. Lol. I can only wait until the time comes when we reunite. I love you pretty lady
Posted by Ann Goesel on 24th August 2016
On this day, I remember the birthday parties we had. Lolly your birthday was the day before mine and a week after Uhuru's. We use to have a great time celebrating all three together. I miss those happy times we had together.
Posted by Peter Aiello on 24th August 2016
I want to say hello to my friend Dale and also to her family members and friends thru this online memorial. As it is written in The Bible, our lives or but vapors: we are here one moment and gone the next. Our dear friend Dale's life ended too soon, but it is not ourselves, but our Lord who determines the length of our years. As I get older, I see how fleeting time is: the hours, days, weeks, months and years of our life seem to pass by so rapidly. It won't be long before we enter into the next dimension. This is why I hope that all those who read my tribute to Dale know the importance of accepting Jesus as your savior, truly repenting for your sins and submitting your lives to our Father in Heaven who has created all of us and brought us all together in this particular point in time. I know Dale was saved, so I am happy to say that I can confidently say that I know that she is now in Heaven with our Father in a joyful state which is beyond our earthly comprehension. I know Dale would want me to share this message with all of you, for, as myself, she knew the importance of not only knowing the truth and good news which our dear & loving Father gave up His son, Jesus' so that, we can escape the death of sin and have everlasting life, but Dale also Knew the importance of sharing this this truth and message of hope with others, who have not been saved yet and are lost, which is the duty of all Christians who have chosen eternal Life thru Jesus and to have their names written in God's Book of Life. If you want to join our dear friend Dale in Heaven after you leave this dimension, please do not delay another moment accepting Jesus as your savior, asking Him to come into your heart, repenting for all of your past, present and future sins and doing your best to live a life that is pleasing to our Father & which does not grieve Him in any way for none of us is guaranteed tomorrow let alone our next breath. My friend, do not delay, for once you enter into the next dimension, you will no longer be able to accept Jesus as your savior as the Holy Bible warns. If this happens, you will not only not be able to see our dear friend Dale again, but you will be condemned to an eternity of unfathomable pain and suffering in Hell. Do not worry if the size of your faith in The Trinity (God, His son Jesus and the Holy Spirit) is comparable to that of a mustard seed, for it is written in The Bible, (God's inspired Words, given by God Himself thru the writings of man) that our merciful, loving and all forgiving father will accept whatever size faith you come to Him with, so long as you just come to Him and tell him that you accept Him as your savior while you are still alive my friend. May God guide all who read my tribute to Dale back home to Our Father in Heaven in Jesus name I pray. Amen
Posted by Grete Zemans on 24th August 2016
Thinking of Dale and sending my love to her three children.
Posted by Irma Cavazos on 19th September 2014
Its hard to believe that you left us to be with the Lord 1 yr ago..I miss you and think of you all the time..i remember all our fun times we had together and we shared alot of memories..until we meet again my dear friend!! XXOO
Posted by Trina Mullennax on 18th September 2014
My Dale, It's been a year since you left us but feels like the other day. I'm so glad I met you and shared some wonderful times with you! I miss that big beautiful smile and your bubbly spirit! I'm sure your having a great time in heaven and I know we will eventually reunite. I'm sure you were happy to reunite with your mom and live on happily ever after! I love you so much. kiss kiss <3
Posted by Betsy Kraft on 10th November 2013
I remember Dale from Adam's graduation from Oberlin. It was raining cats and dogs so Dale and the rest of us wrapped up in giant plastic garbage bags to protect us from the deluge. She was cheerful and strong, as it seems she was much of her life. Uhuru, you embraced her so beautifully in her last years. She loved both of you very much
Posted by Patricia Spillman on 7th November 2013
Knowledge of one's spirit may be as binding as fellowship with the person. I feel as though I "know" her because of some of the good that God placed in her will be found in you, through the work of your hands. May her spirit soar !
Posted by Irma Cavazos on 7th November 2013
I will always remember all of our fun times we had together,having our drinks, munching and dancing to the music we both enjoyed.we became real close and had alot in common.we joked and laughed and always made sure you had your make up and perfume on and always had that big beautiful smile that would brighten up the knew how to carry a conversation and make friends quickly.miss u
Posted by Brandi Mullennax on 31st October 2013
I will never forget that beautiful smile of yours. You were very much like family to me. I love how much we had in common. Both passionate about music and art. And of course everyone knows about how much you loved getting dolled up. I will forever admire your strength. You have taught me so much over the time I've spent with you. I love and miss you! <3
Posted by Grete Zemans on 28th October 2013
When Dale became engaged to my brother, I got to know her mostly through 1960's long distance methods. I learned that many folks called her Lolly. As we got to love each other, I came to call her Lollipop. They honeymooned in California where I was then living and the next year we traveled in Europe together and had many delightful adventures. I cherish my closeness to her children.
Posted by Margaret Goldberg on 27th October 2013
Lolly and I were good friends our first year of high school. I remember her striking beauty, fine intelligence, but most of all, her kindness. We lost touch when we were about 21. I always wondered what had happened to such a great person. I am comforted to know she was surrounded by loving family. Peggy Richek Goldberg
Posted by Tracy Smith on 27th October 2013
It is beautiful to see so many loved ones sharing memories of their time spent with Dale. Definitely a loving woman with great strength; who always smiled so brightly when I called her "Rogue," a nickname I gave her for being mischievous. I have to also be thankful to you Dale for giving birth to my best friend, wife and, soulmate Uhuru. You will be missed Dale Smith, until we meet again.
Posted by Sylvia Kravitz on 27th October 2013
It's hard to find the words to express over 30 years of memories i have of the friendship and love Dale and I shared. Our lives were interwined in many ways. I feel blessed that she was a part of my life and now is part of memories.
Posted by Sylvia Kravitz on 27th October 2013
I can't find the words to express over 30 years of memories that have bcome a part of my life. For many years we talked everyday, I remember when the days were dark for me, how she called everyday to see if I was alright. I remember how she shared her love for Adam and Uhuru with me and kept me informed of the various events in her children's lives. Dale's life was a blessing I enjoyed
Posted by Peter Aiello on 27th October 2013
My dear sweet friend Dale. Your cross was big, but your heart and courage was bigger. Although it would have been much easier, & certainly understandable for you to have just given up and become very bitter about the hard circumstances which life dealt you, your spirit was too strong & your nature too selfless for that. I'm both honored and grateful to have known you & been your friend.
Posted by Jon Zemans on 26th October 2013
So many remember Dale's smile, I will send a picture of the smile I remember.
Posted by Dr. Uhuru Smith on 26th October 2013
God looked around His garden, and He found an empty place. And then He look down upon the earth, and saw your tired face. He put His arms around you, and lifted you to rest. God's garden must be beautiful, He always takes the best. (author unknown)
Posted by Theresa Farling on 26th October 2013
Dale's ability to make me smile and charm those around her will stay with me. Her warmth and creative energy changed the world she lived in. It made it Technicolor. Thank you for sharing this with me, Uhuru.
Posted by Barbara Samans on 23rd October 2013
I happened upon Lolly's memorial quite by chance. We had not seen one another since high school days but I remember her vibrance , energy, and her smile as if it was yesterday. I only knew her for a brief whisper time . She was quite a memorable person. It sounds like her heart touched many and she will be missed greatly. My thoughts are with you all in your time of loss.
Posted by Ann Goesel on 16th October 2013
I remember the first time I met Dale (Lolly). She was a new 9th grader in my math class. Her bright eyes and radiant smile were matched by top notch behavior and performance--always prepared to answer questions. Through Lolly I met and became friends with her Mom, Gram, and stepdad, a lasting friendship. Lolly and I enjoyed good times and stayed friends during the rough ones. Peace!
Posted by Danielle Davis on 12th October 2013
"Dale was a vibrant and loving person. My earliest memories of her were in kindergarten. She had a convertible car and I remember how exciting it was when she put me and Uhuru in the back seat and drove us home from school with the top down. When I think back on it I see images of sunshine, wind in our hair, and Dale smiling from ear to ear. She always had the biggest smile."
Posted by Adam Zemans on 11th October 2013
Hi everybody. Thank you all for visiting this site. I am very sorry but almost all my photos of my mom are in Bolivia, where they were left during the emergency medical evacuation of her grandson, Isaiah, to Miami Children's Hospital. Isaiah has his grandma to thank for his life. It was in large part her sacrifice that allowed him to live. Mom loved her children and grandchildren so much!
Posted by Bev & Vance Jones on 9th October 2013
What a sweet, caring and precious soul. So many memories of the good times with Uhuru and Danielle growing up. We are so grateful that God brought our families together. You have touched the lives of many people with a special warmth. We'll never forget your laugh, your sense of humor, and your love of music. Peace, until we're all together again.
Posted by Trina Mullennax on 3rd October 2013
What an amazing person. I will never forget the first day I met you. I walked in your room and was welcomed by your beautiful smile! I gave you a hug and knew right then there will be a connection forever. You were such a loving and caring person. I will never forget all the good times we shared. I will always remember what a strong, poised and glamor girl you were! I love and miss you!
Posted by Dr. Uhuru Smith on 3rd October 2013
Every day we miss your vibrant energy and your beautiful smile

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