We will soar

Shared by Tanner Sisson on May 28, 2014

I recall many times Dale and I would be riding around listening to a metal band and he would stop and restart a single part of a song just to hear the awesomeness of that moment. Like the drum intro in The Eleventh Hour by August Burns Red. Or the breakdown of Counselor by In Fear and Faith. But one stood out to me the most of all time, so much that I got it tattooed to my chest. The breakdown of On Wings Of Integrity by My Children My bride. We would wait after those words "STAND AS ONE!"... the slight pause and then "WE WILL SOAR!" and the breakdown where Dale and I would wave or arms like a goofy looking bird flying away. This is also the song Dale and I said would be our cool slow motion walk up song, we litteraly tried it one day at PJC but its not near as cool when you have to turn around and go turn your truck off. 

the ride to paris

Shared by Heather Patterson on March 28, 2011

i will never forget the time where i had to take tanner and dale back to paris from sulphur springs when dale's tire had a huge hole in it. i remember tanner tellin dale to chew up some gum and put super glue on it to fix the hole. being the nice person i was i took dale and tanner to the dorms and broke my cerfew by 2 hours. we got all the way to the 4 way junction right out of sulphur springs and dale was like "heather turn around i forgot my keys in my car!" i was so mad at him but what can ya do? he needed his keys. so we finally got his keys and on our way down 19 then he turned to me and was like "heather, i need a torch. . ." cassidy being the smart one like she is popped off "dale we are not turning around again!" and then he smarted off "cassidy shut up you are a child so therefore your opinion does not matter!" while poking her in the eye. i was laughing so hard at the both of them that night.

dale i miss the way that you could turn my bad day around with just riding around listening to loud music and shooting pool. the rail isnt the same without you there. alley, john, and amy miss you coming up there. i cant wait to see you agian dale. save me a spot in heaven with some taco bell. 27's, and a set of drumsticks. make sure you go see mama, she really needs to hear from you again. its hard seeing her like this dale but just know that we all still love you with all our hearts. btw dont tear up the nice things that we gave you out there, i had to pick up the heart that mama gave you for valentines day. i know its not pink but still dale come on lol :) miss and love you daleskie!!!

Play that again!!

Shared by Cassidy Williams on February 25, 2011

Haha, Dale .. i remember being in Heather's car and listening to paramore with yall and you were headbanging so hard that it was a blurr... it freaked me out but finally you stopped and got her drumsticks out of her back seat and started drumming on the airbag part of the car... you were all over the place... lol.. there was always that one part that you could not get down... almost at the ending of the song.. and everytime you would mess up you'd say... start that s*** over. and of course... we do what Dale tells us to... I was so mad.. i swear we played that song from greenville to paris.. Finally i said... Dale ... We are NOT playing this again ... and of course.. you turned around and poked me in the eyes.. (laughingly) and then said quit crying... after about 10 minutes of more paramore.. i finally said... Dale.. my eyes hurt... and i got the .. i dont give a whoohaw tuesday line. its was hilarious. I miss you and your creativity to do anything.. If you put your mind to it... you did it...... no matter what , love you . (:

"Little Girl"

Shared by Cassidy Williams on January 31, 2011

Dale, haha... its cassidy, i remember riding around in greenville, and you thinking you could be so awesome to run out in front of a dodge ram... and not get hit .. in a little buick.. well , we didnt get hit.. but i just remeber your words of ... "that car came out of nowhere", then you saying, cassidy stop yelling , your a ittle girl, you dont matter . ha. then you would say nahh im joking, it just plays back in forth in my mind, all the time, there is so much stories i could tell, but im at school and i have to go to lunch now. love you dale(:

having surgery

Shared by Preston Wrisner on January 28, 2011

I had to have surgery so Dale came and got me from school to have my surgery.  On the way to the doctor's office he would say,"it's gonna hurt'' .I would say Dale hush. When we got there I was hoping they would sign it for another day  , but they didn't.He watched the whole thing i watched some of it but not all of it after we got done with the surgery we went to Mcdonald's  it was cheap so thats what he wanted to eat,but i'm surprised it wasn't taco bell since it was across the road. While we started eating my foot started to hurt. I'm like Dale my foot hurts, he laughed ''of course", but i loved him and i will always love him. I was lucky to have him as my big brother and i will never forget that so i love you and don't forget that.                                                                         sincerly,

                                                                                    Preston Wrisner                                                                                                                                

Chain Hang Low

Shared by Elizabeth Chandler on January 23, 2011

 Dale, I remember going over to Mesquite stadium and watching u in the band and ya'll played chain hang low and it was awesome and we had a really good time watching u and ur brother there and n commerce i will alway hold that song for u and u will always be in my heart .I love and miss u .


Shared by Wayne Blackshear on January 23, 2011

one thing i always remember is the way you wore your hair, thought it was kinda goofy, but hey i'm old what do i the thing is when you graduated i will always remember when we got there you had cut it...and you looked like a real gentleman, someone that realized appearance can influence the way people perceive you, right or wrong, you understood that people were going to judge you on appearance and made a conscious decision not to let it hold you back, a grown up decision, you were ready to and had become a man, i admired you then and will always remember that night. just know we all miss you but you did us proud......and no one can ever take that away.

   love you always,



Shared by Justin Sills on November 26, 2010

I can remember this like it happened yesterday, but whenever Dale stayed the night at my house we did some fun cazy things like ding dong ditchin, and this one house we did this lady caught us and told my mom and had us pray but me and him couldnt keep from laughin. Another night when Dale stayed over it was cold and it iced over so about 3 in the morning we snuck out and went to the square freezing and looking for some fun to do so we found this one spot that was covered in ice and we decided "hey what the heck, lets do this." so after 30 minutes to an hour we got tired and almost froze to death so we decided to slide on the ice one last time and then head back home before my mom got up and figured out we werent there. Man how the memories will live on inside of us forever, I will never forget the best friend I have ever had, I Love You Dale :)

I smell ya!!

Shared by Shalina Vaughn on November 20, 2010

I took Dale to the casino on a Friday and I gave him 40.00 and he and I were having a good time. He started out playing the quarter games next to me and he was so excited when he won a few dollars then I decided to move over to the dollar machines and he sits next to me and started to play and ever time he would win he would yell I smell ya and his machine started to free spin and he won 500.00 and he really yelled I smell ya. You would have thought he hit the jackpot! He and I would always go together and that was our time. He would always buy me lunch or dinner. We had a blast and he always drove my car and as soon as we crossed the red river he would start saying choctaw!!!!!!

A True Friend.

Shared by Tommy Boyd on November 12, 2010

 I remember back when I lived on Travis Circle there in Cooper, it was right after me and dale started really hanging out a lot. We would hang out down at the cilo by the truck stop by lucky's across from those big tin buildings. We'd ride my bikes or our skate boards all over that area and we tried to ride the skate boards at the truck stop because they had some pretty good inclines to ride down, but we found out that rocks and skate boards do not mix at all. Shortly after that I got grounded for some reason, and I was out of cigarettes, so he jacked a pack out of his moms carton and snuck them over to me. We were always taking care of each other. I can't think of a better friend I ever had. I'm gonna miss him.


Shared by Britney Land on November 10, 2010

Oh lord all the times in mrs. falls , From the time when we were sitting to class to the time we were on field trip with her. " Gosh but i do have to say the funniest time was when you kept on asking her for a cig. Dale-" Mrs. Falls give me a cig!"Mrs, Falls-" i aint got any" Dale- "come on mrs. falls i will not tell just give me one and we will all share" Mrs falls-" Even if i did have any i aint sharing with you " lol  to‎"Punch the gas before i punch you mrs falls!"- !!!!And then the one time  She was staring at you and you asked her what she was looking at and she said you little beautiful and all we could do was laugh. And from her gettin mad at you for asking her to dance in class !  I could just keep going with all the stories .Gosh dale how im going to miss you! I remember the last time i seen you was at the barn and the last word you said to ayden was i love my little shit! And when you started to drum ayden would go to sleep but when you stopped he would wake up! You were his laullby dale!

Can't catch me

Shared by Wayne Blackshear on November 7, 2010

When Dale and Adrian were little they thought Nana(Kathy) couldn't catch them, as i recall Dale said catch me if you can old woman(laughingly) and took of running, well, it took Nana about 10 seconds to catch the little "runt", he never said that 

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