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Shared by Jaden Forsythe on January 14, 2012
You are the best girl in the world
Shared by Jaden Forsythe on January 14, 2012
Dallas you did not know me but my mom and you are friends you did not deserv to die you deserv the best

My Dallas

Shared by Claire Hundley on December 6, 2011

Oh Dallas! I have known you since you were 5 years old, and even then we connected, you loved my shoes! You were such an amazing person. So funny and charasmatic. When we lived in Colorado, I helped you with your algebra. I subbed at your high school for a week and I thought it was so cute how you would come visit me at lunch. There's my beautiful High Schooler hanging out with the Teacher. Your sense of humor was amazing! We meshed so well together. The last message you sent to me said "text me your number ho!" Dallas my little ho bag! I love you. Some people just get eacher, and that was us! We had so much fun Dilly, I will miss you for the rest of my life. It still all seems so unreal. I'm so glad we came in October and we were able to laugh one last time together. I miss you bitch!

Love forever,



Shared by Marisela Lopez on December 5, 2011
Dallas was the kind of person that didnt even have to try to make ppl laugh. the crazy things she did and said was enough to keep u laughing like crazy. I remember I cheerleaded with dallas our freshman year, we also had a class or two together so we got to know eachother pretty good... We were cheering at a football game one night and there was one cheer that said "we're here, we cheer, we have no fear, the spartans are here" dallas was one of our loudest cheerleaders so as we were doing this cheer I could hear her. omg hahaha I guess she was distracted? I have no idea but all I heard was "WE'RE HERE, WE FEAR,WE HAVE NO CHEER THE SPARTANS ARE HERE" I cant tell you how hard it was to keep myself from falling over laughing! I really dont think she needed a squad with her dallas could entertain everyone on her own she was amazing in every way

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