Her Life

Dallas Jade Rivett

Dallas was born on 12/12/1994, she touched so many people's lives and still does. She enjoyed life so much, She enjoyed riding her 4 wheeler , her bicyle and fishing and swimming with her parents and her brother Sean, and did I mention she loved going out on the river with her pawpaw John and mawmaw Carolyn. There wasnt a day that passed that she didnt say, i love you soooo much , she was a little girl trapped in a grown up body. She had to grow up fast, since she was diagnosed with cancer when she was just 3 yrs old. The doctors told us then that they would only give us 1 yr with her. God allowed us to have her 8 yrs instead, but when he was ready for her, he called her home. She told me a few days before she passed away that she was ready to go! She knew it was her time. We werent ready, but she was. She was a very smart little girl who knew what she wanted out of life, just wish she could have lived long enough to get it. Im very proud of my little angel. God knew what he had in her, but i will see her one day when God calls me home too! I know she will be waiting at those gates for me with open arms. I LOVE YOU BABY, AND I MISS YOU SOOOO MUCH! maw maw Carolyn