This memorial website was created in memory of our wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, colleague and friend:
Dr Damaris Onwuka 
(Nee Abraham-Igwe) 
Ada Nwere Ugwu I
1956-2019 {63 years}
Funeral rites are over (29.06.2019) but you're forever in our hearts.
As we live, we'll continue to remember our wonderful moments with you. Keep resting peacefully in the Bosom of Our Lord.

Posted by Esther Chinwe Umezuruike on June 7, 2020
Sweet mother,pride of Onwuka family. We miss you,your good deeds will never be forgotten in a hurry. 365 days gone, but you still leave in our hearts.
Posted by Olabode Iluromi on May 27, 2020
So, it's a year ago now. Time; flying so fast, looking like few days ago, and that is God for us all. Deeply, you are missed, not even lengthy words alone can express enough, and so it is our late Dr Mrs. Damaris Onwuka our sister, friend and mother. May the Lord God Almighty continue to remain and comfort your family and other loved ones in Jesus name. Amen.
Posted by Praise Onyema on January 1, 2020
So sad to hear of your departure to glory.
I have been asking about your whereabout and no body could tell me till I found myself here. Gone before us you had. "Feed my flock if you love me....." is still a message for us all you left in this side of heaven. RIP my beloved sister.
Posted by Ogwa Alieze on July 7, 2019
The first time I met you, I told Daisy about how much I loved your first name. You were one hospitable host, happy woman. I admired the relationship you always had with my friend/your daughter.
Strong woman, we know those who love us never really leave us. Only their bodies go back.
Thank you for the love and positivity you radiated. Continue to live the higher life ma.
Posted by Jay Buggie on June 29, 2019
Thanks for all the love you brought to our lives. It is sad that you have left but God knows best. Rest in his bossom. Your works will speak for generations yet unborn..

Posted by Nnamdi Amadikwa on June 29, 2019
I was deeply shocked to hear of your departure. I grew up to be inspired by your golden voice and your dedication to God's work. It is with a heavy heart that I say may the Lord comfort us all in these trying times.
My heartfelt condolences to you the Onwukas'.
Farewell Dr. Mrs Damaris Onwuka
Posted by Ezinwanne Raymond on June 27, 2019
This is truly a great loss. We miss your blessed and inspiring voice! May God keep your family strong in Jesus name.
Posted by Odirichi Raymond on June 26, 2019
It is with a heavy heart that I write about Dr Damaris Onwuka.
I have always admired you since my childhood. I can't forget how I was inspired by your rare golden voice severally as you ministered in Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA). I admired you secretly! Your smiles give strength and your humility is striking.
Needless to say that your beauty is heavenly.
During this period, I looked up to the time you would walk up strong for your family and us all. Alas! I was disappointed. Death took you away...
Mummy, I miss you so much! Rest on till we meet to part no more!
Posted by Kash Mani on June 26, 2019
RIP Mama
Posted by Kubura Daradara on June 24, 2019
We will miss your himility and smiles. The Lord knows best wyy he called you at this time. Rest in peace Ameen.
Posted by Kubura Daradara on June 23, 2019
Dr Onwuka we will miss your humility and smiling face. rest in peace in the bossom of the Lord.
Posted by Christopher Ogbuagu on June 23, 2019
I struggled to come to terms with the whole events. It was a long journey. You walked the road with joy and exited in peace. I see the daughter you raised and I am confident heaven has ticked a large box. I hear of your prayerful knees and wonderful family, It takes grace and a good heart to make that happen.
Daisy, I can't express my emotions enough. I will do what I try to do: pray for you and your family, that you find Strength and hope as you mourn. I know she is with grandma, watching over you until the end of time.
Rest well Mama
Posted by Chinkere Uko on June 23, 2019
Growing up, I adored everything about this great woman of God. It amazed my infant mind that her education, beauty and talent did not deter her from serving her maker. I later realized as an adult that, that is the way to go. You did well and played your roles admirably ma. Heaven has gain a beautiful soul. May God accept your soul and give you eternal rest. All you left behind will be fine by God's grace.
Posted by Azubuike Onyebuchi on June 21, 2019
Rest in Peace the mother of my colleague and friend.You left legacies worthy of Emulation both at your workplace and community at large.Ada,death is inevitable and we shall answer the call one day.Bear this in mind as u mourn your dear mother
Posted by Kelechi on June 20, 2019
Death, inevitable, an end that awaits us all.
How beautiful it is that one is remembered with fond memories.
I join in remembering Dr. Damaris Onwuka as a Mother and a mentor.
Always with a smile beaming on her face even in the face of ill health.
Your legacy lives on in your Children and all that you mentored.
Adieu Ma.
Posted by Ifeoma Egwu on June 20, 2019
My first meeting with you was at the hospital. You fought so hard and well and you won ma. Thanks for your impact in the lives of people- I have read from the tributes. May the Lord grant your family the fortitude to bear this great loss.Rest in peace ma.
Posted by Chris Onwuka on June 20, 2019
A tribute to my Aunty and a mother too.
Back then in 1997 when I first met you when I came for my father's burial I saw a Mother, Music Minister, Home builder, Disciplinarian, caring and so loving person. I was little then butthead memories still there like it was yesterday.
I came again several times and still met all those things I saw.
You showed love to everyone around you and you helped in all ramifications.
Your "good name" & "good works" will forever be in our hearts.
I love you forever.
Posted by Ihuoma Ndimele on June 20, 2019
So shocked! You were a true Christian. You lived a good life and I know you will rest in peace. Adieu my beloved sister. Heaven has gained a saint. Prof Ugoeze Roseline Ndimele
Posted by Chisom Obi-Jeff on June 20, 2019
I am saddened by your loss Ma, however, we celebrate the life you lived and the impact you made. We know you are watching down from Heaven as you rest with the Lord.
Posted by Tobechukwu Chukwudozie on June 19, 2019
As a single man in the early 2000 i admired Doc & her hubby, their display of true love and friendship was out of this world. they were role models, every couples dream. Rest in perfect peace ma. God bless the loved ones she left behind.
Posted by Akalonu Ogechi on June 19, 2019
Hmmmmmm! Uwanka sef, the reason for my delay in writing this, is because I still cannot believe that my mentor, big sister, a friend and my former Director NPHCDA is gone.
It was with deep sadness, disheartening and shocking that I received the news on that fateful day that Ada Nwere Ugwu I had died. Death is the universal characteristic of all mortals, the incontrovertible property of every organism which science has tried in vain to overwhelm.
As articulated by William Shakespeare in several of his works,’’ life is nothing but a moving shadow…,’’…a stage where everyone plays his part…’’ where and when one exits from the stage is not as important as playing the role well. Dr. Mrs. Damaris Ogechi Onwuka, you have played your part well. You have run your race in the sight of God. Your crown of glory is waiting for you.
I have lost a great icon, I miss her painfully.
May God grant eternal rest unto her and let perpetual light shine on her Amen. At the resurrection morning, when the trumpet sounds, we shall meet to part no more.
Goodnight Ezinwanyi!
Dr Ogechi Akalonu.
Posted by Nnenna Nwaogwugwu-Ibiama on June 19, 2019
Aunty Damaris was like a mother to me. I am still shocked and pained. I remember when I stayed at her place while my mum travelled to Lagos to see my dad who was serving in Lagos then. She took care of me like her daughter..... A God fearing woman with an angelic voice. Our loss, heaven's gain. I know you are singing with the angels..... Rest on ma'am. You are forever missed. My love to Uncle Eugene, Ada, Emmanuel and KC.
Posted by Dubem Ogwueleka on June 19, 2019
The light of the righteous still shines through even when they are gone. Their effects are forever present.
I met Dr. Damaris Onwuka some years ago at Aba (with her precious daughter) and i was immediately awed by her awesome smile;an endearing personality with a certain humility and candour. She was an amazon but clouded her mien in simplicity.
The legacies you left will be forever etched in the minds of those you left behind.
You will be greatly missed mum,till we meet to part no more.
Daisy,your lovely daughter is gutted and misses you terribly.
I pray God to grant the family the fortitude to bear the loss.
May her gentle soul rest in peace. Amen.
Posted by on June 19, 2019
I must be dreaming. What will Eugene do now? Damaris had a very angelic voice. May God accept her soul. Dr Eugene Ndimele HRH.
Posted by Ibewuike Precious on June 19, 2019
You touched every life you met positively,your light radiated every neighborhood and community, mumsy,you were truely a prizeless jewel to the onwuka's. Rest in peace our beloved mother and wife.
Posted by Chichi Abraham-Igwe on June 19, 2019
My dearest Aunty Damaris,
I've struggled to put to words the pain and void that I have felt since you passed away.  What can I say......
From the first time that Chukwuma introduced me to you, you took me in as your own daughter. I will always remember the laughter and jokes that we shared every time that we have been together, both in UK and Nigeria.  Your words of advice continue to ring in my ears. The support that you provided to me during the times that I visited Nigeria when my dad was unwell, and when he passed away, will always be appreciated! Your home became a place of solace for me during those trips.
Aunty, I can't believe you are gone! I was looking forward to seeing you again this summer. Well, I will have to wait until me meet to part no more.
Adeiu dear Aunty! Rest in peace. You are in a better place.
Posted by Eduzor Onyechi on June 18, 2019
I didn't get the opportunity to meet you, but heard a lot about how your kindness knows no bounds from Daizy who is a very good friend. I pray that God consoles those you left behind and grant you eternal rest in his bosom. Rest in peace ma.
Posted by Glory Urom on June 17, 2019
I first met Chief Dr Mrs Damaris Onwuka or Mumsy as Adaeze and I fondly call her in
our clinical days in the medical school.
I had a closer experience when I was opportune to share some special moments (Birthdays,
Outreach programme, home visits) with her later on.
I was awed at the cheer simplicity of her being, she was outrightly down to earth, accommodating, Selfless, philanthropic, a woman with a good heart and most importantly a lover of God.
She will be greatly missed, it is not about how long but how well and she led a good life.
I pray she finds rest and may the loved ones she left behind find the strength to bear this irreplaceable loss.
Sleep on Ma.
Posted by Ujo N on June 17, 2019
Yours was one very painful death.
I never met you but I could feel your essence just by knowing your daughter. You were a wonderful mother because Ada never stopped talking about you.
The comments here say same.
We are glad you lived an impactful life.
May your soul rest peacefully, Ma.
Posted by Patience Mordi on June 17, 2019
Dam, my beloved wife (as I always called her), is passed on to glory. I praise God for your beautiful life. You were God's gift to my beloved cousin, Eugene, at the completion of his housemanship and his sojourn at Eku Baptist Hospital. Apparently, God brought you there for your housemanship at that time. Dam, you were loving, kind, soft spoken, gentle and respectful. You were a great Gospel singer with an angelic voice. How can I forget the night you electrified the crowd with your renditions "Ihe Geme Ta" during my grandmother's wake keep at Azuiyi. Your voice still resonates in my heart. Thank God for the special Grace He bestowed on you through out your active life. You held onto that grace till the end. You lived a victorious and fruitful Christian life. Your legacies will linger on. Surely God will grant your beloved husband, Eugene and the children the grace to bear the pain of your exit to His glory. Dam, my wife, I can never forget you. Rest on in the bosom of the Lord till we meet in glory.
Posted by Orji Nathaniel on June 17, 2019
My boss you will forever remain my boss it was like bomb when I received the news of your demise,it was so sudden to me where will I start you pampered me as your son since 2002 I joined NPI it was you that took me from Aba to Abuja then to Enugu till 2012 when you went back to Abuja till this bad news we where still in touch you did your part God knows it all I miss you and your advice you took me round this country for the love you have for Nigerian children to make them healthy Ma wherever you're now God will keep blessing you May his grace and love extend to the love ones you left behind May your soul continuously rest in the bosom of the Lord adieu my boss goodnight.
Posted by Maureen Nsikak on June 17, 2019
"Death be not proud though some have called thee mighty and dreadful for thou art not so,one short sleep past wee wake eternally;And death shall be no more,death thou shall die..."
      John Donne-Dean St Paul's Catherol
There is nothing good about dying it is sad beyond belief but it is a part of life and there is no escaping....The Bible
In Ecclesiastics 3 confirms this by saying "To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.....(and so on and so forth).Every life is on loan and must return to the lender when it pleases. Who are we to question his decision?
Mummy Ada,you have finished this earthly race,but your memory will forever live in our heart.
Sleep on woman of God in the bosom of Abraham.
Posted by Chi Otobo on June 17, 2019
I still can't believe it!
Although we met in London not long ago. But the face I remember of you, Dama, is still the young, pretty, smiley, kind face when we were together on holiday at your brother's house at Nsukka learning to play guitar. I can still see us seriously practicing the initial chords.
I am still in shock! I've had earthquakes of death in my life, I still can't get used to it.
Please, Dama, rest in peace till we see again!
Posted by O. Michael Obiekwe on June 17, 2019
It was about 1980/81 when Damaris’s elder brother Tim Igwe who was a personal friend, and had played a great role in supporting our wedding as the then Registrar of Enugu Campus of University of Nigeria, told me that Damaris was looking for a place to do her housemanship. She was rapping up her medical school at the time. I recommended Eku Baptist hospital as a great hospital, having completed mine from the same place. I discussed with her and asked her to look for one Eugene Onwuka a great friend and a colleague who was about to complete his housemanship from same hospital. I also knew that Eugene was looking and I felt both will be a very good match. So it was. I had of the great work she was doing all over christiandom and in the secular world. Her voice, love for God, tender and warm spirit were consuming. Damaris, may your soul continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord as the Holy Spirit the greatest comforter comforts Eugene and the rest of the family.
Posted by Eric Nwaze on June 17, 2019
O Damaris. Your death was a huge shock to me. You were like a mother. I can't forget that it was you who called me to join NPI back in 2005 when you were SE Coordinator. Since then you guided me in the organisation. I ll NEVER forget the impressions you created in my life. Space does not allow me to say it all but I just want to thank you as you journey on. Good tidings. Rest peacefully in the Lord until we meet again. Adieu my Director. Adieu the woman of noble character. I ll endure. Indeed forever missed.
Posted by Ikedichi Okpani on June 17, 2019
My the soul of our dear director rest in perfect peace. May her family find comfort in the peace that only God can provide. Peace be still!
Posted by Daniel Asonye on June 17, 2019
I will never forget what this your hit track - 'Feed My Flock' did to me and my yielding to the call of God on my life. I will miss you, ma. Aunty Damaris, Good night. We see in glory when Jesus returns.
Posted by Olabode Iluromi on June 16, 2019
Our late sister and friend, Dr. Mrs. Damaris Onwuka gone to be seen no more as human. What a reality: life is but a shadow!!! One could easily remember your beautiful smiles, radiating with joy and love. A visit to your office, while still in service, was with a hug and special introduction to your brother-in-law who was with you then. Your gifts of Compact Discs of your released songs will always be appreciated. May the Lord give special comfort to the family and church in Jesus name. Amen. From Engr. & Mrs. H. O. Iluromi.
Posted by Timothy Anyanwu on June 16, 2019
Dr. Damaris was a special in all her ways. She was a woman who loves God. She is caring, loving, wise woman. The News of her death came as a shock to us all. We pray that Her gentle soul find perfect peace with the Lord and may the Lord grant us the fortitude to bear this great lost. Amen
Posted by Chiedozie Nkume on June 16, 2019
Tribute to an amiable wife and sister.
Even as sad as this is, we find solace knowing that you are in a better place. You will be missed for everything you’ve been and all you lived for. May your gentle soul find rest in the bosom of the Lord,
Posted by Ugonma Ubah on June 16, 2019
I am listening to this song and I am so teary. I never met you Ma but FEED MY FLOCK, was a hit in my house as a child, my mum loved the song. Several years later I heard Ada play this song in our flat and I screamed "A-D-A you know this song!" and she replied, "my mum sang it!" . I couldn't hold my excitement, I immediately called my mum to tell her I was friend to one of her Icons. Ma you have ran this race, you have gotten to the finish line and you have received your crown of glory! Though we all miss you, but heaven has gained an angel.
Posted by Sarah Uko on June 16, 2019
Da , may your gentle soul rest in peace , the shot period we met was great and would alway be remembered.
Posted by Eunice Damisa on June 16, 2019
Ma, as my very senior colleague & boss at NPHCDA, I was always pleseantly amazed by your humble disposition even in the face of trial. Since you retired after a glorious service I've kept procrastinating that I'll call to wish you well. Never knew you were battling with ill health. I'll have to live with the regret of not calling you! I am however consoled that you have been promoted to the highest realm where there's no pain or ganishing of teeth.
May God give your beautiful family especially your husband the fortitude to bear this great & irreparable loss.
Rest in the bossom of the Good Lord forever in Jesus Mighty Name.
Posted by Ikenna Onyenorah on June 16, 2019
Sister D, it is so hard to believe that it is true, but I know you are in a better place and so I am consoled. The last time I saw you is very vivid in my heart and it helps me to accept this news. You are resting after all.
I remember us in Aba, how hard you worked with Bro Eugene to introduce me to Christ somehow; following me to the house when I come to pull my wife from FGBMFI meetings at Binez Motel. I remember also your songs and those programs you organized. You always made God happy in all things at all times.
Finally, I remember when you walked into FGBMFI, Enugu Executive Chapter meeting with Bro. Eugene and saw me on the podium preaching the Word of God. I thank you so much for your contribution to making that happen. I remember the rest of your stay in Enugu and I am comforted, knowing that you are resting now in a better place. Rest on Sister!

I pray that the Almighty God will comfort your family and all that you left behind and give us the fortitude to bear your permanent absence in our lives.
Posted by Uchechi Nzerem on June 16, 2019
I received the news of your demise with so much sadness. My family and I prayed hard for your recovery. One thing is sure: you fought your hardest and you are in a better place, free from any pain or suffering. I only met you a couple of times but I felt like I knew you from the excellent young lady you raised. To Ada you were like a sister, friend and mother all rolled into one, a unique relationship I greatly admired. May God fill the void your passing has left in her life, and that of d entire family you left behind. Rest on ma'am. You will live forever in the hearts of those who knew and love you.
Posted by Blessing Chimela on June 16, 2019
....Sighs! It's still like a shock to me Aunty, I remember few days to that fateful day I spent time praying for you and trusting God for His restoration and wholeness in you, but never knew that such sad news would come. My Joy again is that you lived a righteous life, stood for what is right, touched lives around you, my prayer is that God comforts us all because we know that this is heaven 's gain and we don't weep and loose hope like the unbelivers , we know you are in a more better place Aunty❤.Rest on.. I love you ma
Posted by Blessing Chimela on June 16, 2019
Tribute To Dr Mrs   Damaris Onwuka.
The news of your departure really shocked me , it was not easy for me to control myself, but I know you were a great woman of faith, rare gem, a virtuous woman, kind hearted , wise and a great leader.
You cared for people and needy around you, very intelligent and understanding. You have fought as human, but your creator decided that you should come home... sighs it's well. It dawned on me that I will be missing your physical presence.Goodnight and rest in his bossom.
Peace Chimela Onwuka.
Posted by Emmanuel Ehiem on June 16, 2019
You were a big sister with a golden heart. Your love for humanity and for Umugolo people in particular was great. The news of your death saddened my heart because we still have a lot to learn from your experience and your humanitarian lifestyle. We miss you dearly. Rest in peace, woman of God.
Posted by Andrew Etsano on June 16, 2019
She was a senior colleague at NPHCDA. A leader, peacemaker, motherly, and team builder . She will greatly be remembered for her honesty, humility, empathy and passion in what she does. she has indeed left her foot print in the sand of times. May you rest in the bosom of the Lord. Amen
Posted by Anyanwu Chinonso on June 16, 2019
I can't believe you have gone aunty Damaris.
Your angelic voice makes me love songs especially when you sing at your home church (TAC Umunakanu).
Your soft voice gives audience when you come around
Keep singing with the angels
Till will meet to part no more a kind hearted woman
Rest on ma
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Posted by Esther Chinwe Umezuruike on June 7, 2020
Sweet mother,pride of Onwuka family. We miss you,your good deeds will never be forgotten in a hurry. 365 days gone, but you still leave in our hearts.
Posted by Olabode Iluromi on May 27, 2020
So, it's a year ago now. Time; flying so fast, looking like few days ago, and that is God for us all. Deeply, you are missed, not even lengthy words alone can express enough, and so it is our late Dr Mrs. Damaris Onwuka our sister, friend and mother. May the Lord God Almighty continue to remain and comfort your family and other loved ones in Jesus name. Amen.
Posted by Praise Onyema on January 1, 2020
So sad to hear of your departure to glory.
I have been asking about your whereabout and no body could tell me till I found myself here. Gone before us you had. "Feed my flock if you love me....." is still a message for us all you left in this side of heaven. RIP my beloved sister.
her Life



(Nee Abraham-Igwe)

Ada Nwere Ugwu I


Damaris Ogechi Onwuka (Nee Abraham-Igwe), Adanwereugwu I of Umunakanu, Owerre was born to the family of Late Elder Abraham Igwe and Late Deaconess Abigail Igwe on 5th June 1956 into the Umuebezala kindred of Umugolo Umunakanu, Ehime Mbano L.G.A. of Imo state. She was the last of her siblings and had lost her father when she was very young and tender. She, thus became the first daughter of Apostle Dr. T. I. Igwe her eldest brother who ensured she was nurtured and brought up in the fear of our Lord.

She attended Umugolo Community School and The Apostolic Church School, Amumara in Ezinihitte LGA of Imo state for her primary education. She attended Federal Government College, Sokoto and Federal Government College, Enugu for her secondary education from where she was admitted into the University of Nigeria (UNN) to study medicine obtaining an MBBS degree in 1982. She did her house job in Eku Baptist Hospital (now in Delta state) and served in the National Youth Service scheme in St. Camillus Hospital, Uromi and the Military Hospital in Benin City, in the then Bendel state (now Edo state).

Dr. Damaris worked in the Ibeku Central Hospital, Umuahia from where she got employed into Imo State Ministry of Health and worked as a medical officer in the then Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Umuahia. After her marriage she was transferred to Aba General Hospital where she worked as a senior medical officer until the hospital was converted to Abia State University Teaching hospital.

In addition, she obtained a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from the College of Medicine, University of Lagos in 1998. Dr. Damaris also got into the National Postgraduate Medical College residency programme while in Abia State University Teaching Hospital Aba, passed her part 1 final in Public Health and became an Associate Fellow of the National Post graduate Medical College of Nigeria in 2000.

Further studies took her out of the shores of the country to Thailand where she earned a post graduate diploma in Health Care financing from the Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, Thailand in 2010 in a World Bank assisted project. Furthermore, she did a postgraduate diploma in Management in UNN (Enugu Campus) and also a postgraduate diploma in Health Systems Management from Galilee International Management Institute, Nahalal, Israel in 2011.

Dr. Damaris worked as a Senior Registrar in Abia State University Teaching Hospital from 1998 to 2000. Her passion in caring for children and women propelled her career and earning her employment in the Federal Civil Service as Deputy Director, Technical in then National Programme on Immunization (NPI) Abuja in 2001. She was deployed to Enugu as South East Zonal Coordinator in 2003 and remained so until the merger with National Primary Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) in 2007 when she was appointed CMO/Zonal Coordinator SEZ. She continued there until 2013 when she was transferred back to Headquarters in Abuja as CMO/Head Disease Control/Surveillance in the Department of Disease Control & Immunization. She worked and retired as Director Disease Control & Immunization in 2016.


Dr. Damaris was not just work and career. She got married to Dr. Eugene Onwuka on 5th October 1985 and they were blessed with three children: Adaeze, Kelechi and Emmanuel. The family lived in Aba and Enugu where the children grew up. She was not just a wife and mother but a mentor and support to other family members outside her nuclear family. She took interest in the career and wellbeing of her husband’s kit and kin. Her impact within family is just indescribable and brought value into the Onwuka family. Of particular note was the rapport she built with the women in her husband’s family home in Umuogele Umuakwu from the onset of her marriage.

On getting home from the city she would visit every household, laughed and joked with each one and would demand for ‘ukazi soup with achara and mgbam’ from our uncles’ wives. She had a great blend with her mother in-law and both would team up to decide issues which the men had no choice but to abide with. She took great care of her parents’ in-law and would sit most times and chat with her father in-law who would tell her a lot of family stories.

Dr. Damaris was an active member in the ECWA churches in Aba – ECWA 1, ECWA, Abayi and ECWA English Church where she worshipped with her family. When she moved over to Enugu, the ECWA Church 1 in Enugu equally felt her presence in its full ramifications. In all these churches she was an active member in the ECWA women fellowship.


From her younger days in Umugolo Damaris started singing in the choir and rendering special numbers in the church. This she carried on into secondary schools in FGC, Sokoto and Enugu where she was active in the FCS and CU respectively. She sang inspiring songs that touched hearts, endeared her to her listeners, ministered the gospel and gave praise to our God. In the university, she not only sang special numbers with friends and colleagues in the Campus Evangels but was an active member of the drama wing. These groups would go out on crusades to the rural area and other towns.

During her life in both secondary schools and the university, she left indelible impact in the lives of colleagues and friends that she came across. The stories are endless and we remain grateful to God. By the time of her marriage to Eugene she released her debut album ‘Feed My Flock’ on her wedding day. She has since launched other viz.: ‘The Lion of Judah’, ‘Echoes of Love’ and ‘Riwo Otito’. Dr. Damaris also ministered extensively in the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International meetings in Owerri, Umuahia, Aba, Enugu and Abuja as well as at regional and national conventions. Specifically, the Umuahia chapter started their early meetings in her sitting room in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital while she was a medical officer.


Dr. Damaris was a strong, bold and courageous character, a virtuous woman that represented all that was expressed in the famous biblical passage of Proverbs chapter 31. And behind that character was a kind hearted and tender woman who loved not just her own children but children generally. She feared none but spoke out the truth to all and sundry. Her home was open for relations, friends and strangers. She hated injustice and oppression in the workplace and at home. She believed in hard work and would not tolerate laziness or indolence. She was down to earth and despite her status or level had a motherly touch with a difference at home. Her close attachment to her mother-in-law from whom she learned a lot about her husband’s family endeared her to the entire family.

Her dedication to work and passion for children started manifesting in Eku Baptist Hospital where she did her house job and did not go unnoticed in the Okpara Ward (children’s ward) in Queen Elizabeth Hospital where she would go out of her way to make sure that the children lived. While in NPI and the NPHCDA, she crisscrossed the length and breadth of this country ensuring that children were fully immunized according to schedule and worked with the team that saw to NPHCDA providing the enabling environment for vaccine production in the country. Despite facing armed bandits across the borders in the Taraba/Adamawa axis, irate mobs in the Jos Plateau region and car snatching syndicates in the middle-belt region, she was unrelenting in the dedication and pursuit of duty to ensure children were protected from childhood killer diseases.

And from the toils of duty, Dr. Damaris was instrumental in getting her people to build a Primary Healthcare Centre in Umugolo and ensured nurses were deployed to work in the centre. As part of her contribution in giving back to society, she initiated and facilitated the provision of free medical services to Umuakwu and Umugolo communities in Abia and Imo states respectively; and giving out food stuff and clothing to the needy in both communities. In 2014, she registered the Damaris Care Network (DCN) which has been used to continue these services until illness took its toll on her health. It was in recognition of her contribution to her community that she was conferred with the title of Adanwereugwu I of Umunakanu Owerre by H.R.H. Eze Udo I, B.A. Onuoha and the Umugolo community.

Taking a break from these activities once yearly, Dr. Damaris would call out Christians, asking them to stop and take stock, count their blessing and give thanks to God in the annual ‘Glorious Evening of Praise’ which she organized in Aba and Enugu. She has been described as “an amazing amazon, a pearl of distinct value, a vessel and seed of encouragement, a silent motivator, enterprising doctor, sister of great zeal and courage in her practical love for others”. We will definitely miss this lady of songs.

But who are we to question the almighty God who had chosen to call her home at this time? Nkem, we love you, but God loves you most.

Rest in Peace, in the Bosom of our Lord till we meet to part no more.

Dr. Eugene Onwuka




Dr (Mrs.) Damaris Ogechi Onwuka (Nee Abraham Igwe) ADANWEREUGWU 1

Damaris Ogechi, the sixth and last child of Elder Abraham and Deaconess Abigail Igwe of Umugolo Umunakanu Owerri, Ehime Mbano LGA Imo State was born on June 5, 1956. She studied Medicine and Surgery and obtained MBBS from the University of Nigeria Nsukka. She did her House Job and NYSC at Eku Baptist Hospital and Military Hospital Benin respectively. Young Dr Damaris worked as Medical Officer at Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Abia State Teaching Hospital Aba, Abia State. She got married to Dr Eugene Onwuka, another medical Doctor from Umuogele Umuakwu Isiala Ngwa North and they have three children – a daughter who is also a medical doctor and two sons. Dr Damaris had a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University of Calabar and University of Lagos and Post Graduate Diploma in Organizational Management of the University of Ibadan.

In 2001, Damaris moved to the Federal Ministry of Health and was posted to the National Programme on Immunization, Abuja. In 2007, she was reposted to National Primary Healthcare Development Agency as Director and Zonal Coordinator. Her service to Nigeria is predicated on reduction of maternal and child mortality rate throughout the length and breadth of Nigeria. It is in recognition of this that a Traditional Ruler conferred on Dr (Mrs.) D.O. Onwuka, the chieftaincy title “ADANWEREUGWU 1” on December 27, 2010.

Dr (Mrs.) Onwuka was a great singer with ALBUMS in circulation countrywide. She was a practicing Christian reaching people with the love of God. She travelled to United Kingdom, Israel, Egypt, Thailand, Canada, South Africa, Korea, Dubai, Mauritius, United States of America, and France.

Her death was received by the Igwe Family, the village and the Ehime Mbano L.G.A with great grief. Her service as a Medical Doctor till her death was sincere, selfless and total. Dr (Mrs.) D.O. Onwuka died a Christian and she is not dead, she is translated. Her soul and spirit live on and on till the resurrection morning. She will come up clothed with immortality and we shall see her again face to face in the congregation of the Church Triumphant. 

The Abraham Igwe Family commensurate with her husband and children and all.

Apostle T.I. Igwe PhD

For the Abraham Igwe Family

My Bestie

My bestie, if only tears could bring you back, then you would have been here with us. Where you are, you would want us to be happy. Though you might be physically gone, your thoughts and memories shall never depart from our minds neither will your place in our hearts be replaced. 

Rest on Dr (Mrs) Damaris Onwuka 
(Nee Abraham-Igwe)
Ada nwere ugwu 1.

Barr. Casmir Igwe

Recent stories

Thank you ❤️

Shared by Chioma Enyi on June 29, 2019

You’ll always be in our hearts and the hearts of everyone you touched through yourwork, the church and every aspect of your beautiful life.

Thank you for all that you did ❤️


Shared by Daisy Onwuka on June 25, 2019

I write this tribute with great sadness and heaviness of heart.

You fought a brave and strong battle for life.You took each day in stride never really complaining.Always hoping that the treatment would finally end so you could get on with life.This was my hope too. Although your leaving causes pain and grief, your going has eased your hurt and you have gone to rest and to receive your crown of glory.

Death is not the greatest loss in life, so death be not proud because you death thou shall also die.

You were beautiful inside and out and a wonderful person with a gentle and caring nature.One of your beliefs in life was the importance of authentic humanity.You never judged or forced your opinion on anyone but offered valuable and truthful advice that I will surely miss.You kept your sense of humour up to the last time we spoke.

Rest in perfect peace.Requiem eternae.


​Tribute to Mummy Damaris.

Shared by Daisy Onwuka on June 25, 2019

I miss u every passing second. I miss the Queenoline u call me, I miss your laughter. I miss your commanding voice that makes me organize, supervise and execute activities in the house. You were a woman who derives joy in feeding the flock, making sure that visitors are well entertained. A great woman, very disciplined and loved God, open and kind-hearted, always remembering and asking about people from your side and husband's side. Mummy I admire u a lot and I know you have gone to be with Mama Jenny in heaven till we meet to part no more. Can’t believe am saying goodnight so soon Much love from me,

Your Queenoline.