Thank you ❤️

Shared by Chioma Enyi on June 29, 2019

You’ll always be in our hearts and the hearts of everyone you touched through yourwork, the church and every aspect of your beautiful life.

Thank you for all that you did ❤️


Shared by Daisy Onwuka on June 25, 2019

I write this tribute with great sadness and heaviness of heart.

You fought a brave and strong battle for life.You took each day in stride never really complaining.Always hoping that the treatment would finally end so you could get on with life.This was my hope too. Although your leaving causes pain and grief, your going has eased your hurt and you have gone to rest and to receive your crown of glory.

Death is not the greatest loss in life, so death be not proud because you death thou shall also die.

You were beautiful inside and out and a wonderful person with a gentle and caring nature.One of your beliefs in life was the importance of authentic humanity.You never judged or forced your opinion on anyone but offered valuable and truthful advice that I will surely miss.You kept your sense of humour up to the last time we spoke.

Rest in perfect peace.Requiem eternae.


​Tribute to Mummy Damaris.

Shared by Daisy Onwuka on June 25, 2019

I miss u every passing second. I miss the Queenoline u call me, I miss your laughter. I miss your commanding voice that makes me organize, supervise and execute activities in the house. You were a woman who derives joy in feeding the flock, making sure that visitors are well entertained. A great woman, very disciplined and loved God, open and kind-hearted, always remembering and asking about people from your side and husband's side. Mummy I admire u a lot and I know you have gone to be with Mama Jenny in heaven till we meet to part no more. Can’t believe am saying goodnight so soon Much love from me,

Your Queenoline.

​A short poem for an aunty dearly missed

Shared by Daisy Onwuka on June 25, 2019

A great woman here lies at rest. The daughter, the wife, the mother, the sister, the aunt, the friend, the singer, the doctor. Few hearts like hers, with virtue warm'd. Few heads with knowledge so inform'd. If there's a heaven like I hope; she doth indeed lives in bliss. Here on earth, she will indeed be missed. To her, with the prettiest name.

Adanna Emelogu 


Shared by Daisy Onwuka on June 25, 2019

Aunty Damaris, where are you? Why did you leave your flock? From the very first day you set your eyes on me on your wedding day you refused to let me go until 23rd May 2019.You reassured me you were going to recover. Oh! How are the mighty fallen! What a loss! You were indeed a warrior and fought gallantly till the end. A woman with impeccable personality, disciplined, amiable, mannered, articulate, resilient, industrious, intelligent and sensible. An epitome of strength, humility and dexterity you were. You impacted on the lives of everyone that came across you. You touched the lives of your people in Mbano and Umuakwu by offering free medical programmes on several occasions for them which I was a part of. You carved a niche for yourself in the hearts of many. I am seriously devastated just as the way you were when you escorted me to Enugu to identify Ihuoma’s corpse. You were a disciplinarian and a no-nonsense person. I became very close to you because I understood your person and fitted very well into your disciplinary plans without complaining. You scolded me when necessary and praised me appropriately, calling me “nwoko asaa”. You were my gist partner and my senior friend, there was nothing that you hid from me. I will miss those nuggets of wisdom you used to drop into my mind, your company, our lengthy talks, your sumptuous meals, golden voice, those rides and programmes we enjoyed together including the picnics. You were a woman with a heart for God whom you sincerely served including humanity. You dedicated your medical services mainly to children and the indigent. I remember your days at the NBSCU and Paediatric ward, saving children from kernicterus with your special skill on EBT. Mum has been requesting to speak with you. How do I tell her you are no more? It is very hard because there was a strong bond between you two and my entire family. Aunty, I am sorry I couldn’t help you out of that menace. The righteous only removes the mortal shelter for the immortal where sickness and death will never invade. I would have felt better eulogizing you on your birthday rather than your funeral.

Adieu Ada Nwere Ugwu I, Adieu the singing bride, Adieu the EBT expert,

Adieu my best wife, Adieu Dr. Damaris, Adieu my personal person.

Thanks for crossing my part.

Adaku Emelogu

Tribute to Dr Mrs. Damaris Onwuka.

Shared by Daisy Onwuka on June 25, 2019

The news of your departure really shocked me, it was not easy for me to control myself, but I know you were a great woman of faith, rare gem, a virtuous woman, kind hearted, wise and a great leader. 

You cared for people and needy around you, very intelligent and understanding. You have fought as human, but your creator decided that you should come home... sighs it's well. It dawned on me that I will be missing your physical presence.

Goodnight and rest in his bosom.

Peace Chimela Onwuka.

​Victory Over Death

Shared by Daisy Onwuka on June 25, 2019

I thought WHAT NEXT? I taught of what might just happen in the next minute if the world comes to an end all of a sudden, then the thought of what happens if we have to die that minute and what will become of those that I will leave behind.

My dearest aunty Damaris I remember very well when I was still in secondary school, you always asked for me to come and spend any of my holidays with the family, and I’ll always say I will come and still won’t show up, you called me a politician (meaning I promise and don’t keep to my promise), I finally saw you again during the festive season of 2014 when I came home for holiday. Since then I loved spending my holidays in your house, I miss the way you yabb me, or even call my name, and your sweet melodious voice during the evening devotion. The Sunday to the week of that faithful day of your demise I was so disturbed in my spirit, that I had to call my mum asking her that we (my family) should fast and pray for you that week, not knowing that God decided to call you back to himself, and join the choir of heaven a sing to him with your sweet and angelic voice. You helped everyone that came your way. Mother Theresa of our time, God sent, indeed a blessing to all. Words are not enough to write down how am going to miss you, I know you are resting now in the bosom of God. Mummy sleep on till we meet again.

Your boy Israel Umezuruike Bobby 


Shared by Daisy Onwuka on June 25, 2019

Mummy, I am still in shock about your demise. I prayed for you every day and second for you to get better not knowing God had a plan of taking you to rest. I’m still looking for words to say because we never expected this, I had already prepared to thank God for your healing... I am doing this amidst tears and asking God series of questions, why he had to take you... listening to your song now... I will miss you. Thank you for everything you did for me, I will not forget the role you played in my life.

Keep resting.

Esther Umezuruike.

A Tribute to Mummy

Shared by Daisy Onwuka on June 25, 2019

Hmmm, so I don't know where to start. Is it from the first day De Eugene introduced you to the family, I will say that's where the love started. I enjoyed every moment spent with you, you loved everyone that came along. You had a golden heart. I still don't have words to say because this came rather too early sister. I can't imagine I won't see you again. I really don't know what to say, but my condolence is that you are in a better place resting. Your love with your smile is contagious. Thank you for everything.


Nkasi Umezuruike (Nk Girl)

Sis Damaris, God knows the best. I pray we will continue the work you have started.

John Umezuruike

​Tribute to my Awesome Auntie Damaris

Shared by Daisy Onwuka on June 25, 2019

Auntie, your smile was made of sunshine and your heart with solid gold, we will miss you deeply. I could remember the 2-hour advise of encouragement you gave me, not knowing it would be the last. The day you left and gained your wings my heart broke into pieces. I wish you could have stayed with us, but Heaven needed you, though you left us with amazing memories! Auntie, you were a very special person, some will say this, some will say that, but on these things, we will have to agree that our Auntie Nnenne Damaris was godly, wise, and fun, the best sister, Auntie, homemaker and friend. You will remain special in our hearts from now to the end. Goodnight Auntie Damaris may our Lord Jesus grant you eternal rest until we meet again in Heaven, were we shall part no more. We love you!

Mrs Chinasa Nwaukwa&Family

My Beloved friend and Sister Damaris

Shared by Ola Mbagwu- Chijioke on June 22, 2019

  It's really hard for me to put into words what I feel right now concerning the departure of my Dearest friend and Sister.  A woman of substance,  talent and faith. Through our days and years together, Nne  you touched my life in ways unimaginable. You were a source of inspiration to me and to many around you. 

 A brilliant and very talented minister of the Gospel, and one who brought joy and hope to many. Even when faced with such extreme challenges, your faith remained strong and unwavering. Our love and friendship endured through decades and you remained very true and faithful to what we shared. My heart aches at this time and I remember you now with tears in my eyes, but I know that a day cometh when we can no longer part in this manner. 

 Nne,  you will never leave my heart even though you have left in the body, you will still live on in my heart. 

My prayers go up on behalf of your beloved husband and children,  family and friends.  The Lord is our strength and comforter.

Good night my Beloved. 

Your friend, Sister, & Maid of Honor

Ola Chijioke 


Shared by Esther Chinwe Umezuruike on June 20, 2019

I still dont know how to take the news. Israel called two days before you left earth that we should go on a fast for you unknown to us that God had a plan in mind. I also prayed that morning for you. I started recalling all the things you did for me. You loved all. Your dedication to your family can not be over emphasized. My first visit to Enugu was worthwhile. Thank you for making me the woman I am today. With you I learned to fight and become a better me, no relenting. The annual gather you host on your birthday was an avenue to reach the unsaved souls. We won't stop because you are no more. We will continue the job you started. I will miss you.


Shared by Chris Onwuka on June 20, 2019

What a day...! 

Back then in 1997 when I first met you when I came for my father's burial I saw a Mother, Music Minister, Home builder, Disciplinarian, caring and so loving person. I was little then butthead memories still there like it was yesterday. 
I came again several times and still met all those things I saw. 
You showed love to everyone around you and you helped in all ramifications. 
Your "good name" & "good works" will forever be in our hearts. 

Good night aunty. 

We  will see in the morning of Joy where we shall gather in glory. 

 I love you forever.


Shared by Daisy Onwuka on June 18, 2019

Where do I begin…..? 

I’ve spent weeks trying to put together a tribute but, it just isn’t coming out. Not sure where they want me to start from or what they really want to hear.
You helped me see the world from a different lens as I grew up, allowing me unique insight. Your strength, singleness of mind, focus and love for Jesus, and God’s children made me reach for more. A vibrant woman with unparalleled dedication to her family, relations, and friends is in every way the aunty I knew. There’s none like you. A daughter of the King. Steward in the household of faith. A devoted wife, and mother, a giver, an avid soul winner, a lover of God’s people, a hard and relentless worker, (there’s really not enough superlatives to describe her); my big aunt was a disciple par excellence. She had that smile that made you feel the dew from heaven just fell on you. In an epoch where loyalty is rare currency, aunt, Dr Damaris was an epitome of virtue. What a blessing she was! She, alongside her husband, have been a special blessing to us through the years. What blessedness! I know you’re in a better place now, and from there you cheer us on.  Good night dearest big aunty. We’ll meet in the morning.
Chimela Darlington,

Forever in our hearts

Shared by Lordnel Akadinma on June 14, 2019

You were like a second mum to me while growing up, you always made sure you check on your friend my mum whenever you returned from work. You were adorable and very dear to us. You were a role model to so many, a joy during gloominess, and always cheerful. A lot knew you as Mrs Damaris but we fondly call you Mama Adaeze because you always bring joy to us, we were always proud to see you on TV and never failed to let people know how generous, amiable and awesome your personality was. Words aren’t enough to describe all I know about you, our hearts were broken when we heard of your demise but we are hopeful that on that great day We shall smile again with you in Heaven. Rest in the bosom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Mama Adaeze, The Family of Dickson’s loves you greatly

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