Posted by Dave Gorse on November 10, 2016
Hey Buddy Been thinking about you quite a bit lately.Cant believe you're 15.I Bet you would have turned into a very handsome young man Just like your brothers are We Love you lots and miss you very much.Hope to see you again.Love Mom and Dad
Posted by Dave Gorse on October 25, 2015
Hey Young Man, Cant believe you're 14 now. Wow time sure has flown by . Miss you lots and hope to see you again. Love Mommy and Daddy
Posted by Dave Gorse on July 13, 2014
Was thinking about you today while watching your brothers ride their bikes.wish you could have been here as well,but I know you were watching from above.Both mommy an I miss you be much.We think about you quite often. :-) We love you and miss you! Until we meet again:-)
Posted by Dave Gorse on October 20, 2012
Thinking about you today Damien We love and miss you!! <3
Posted by Dave Gorse on October 20, 2011
Happy birthday Little Man.Hard to believe its been 10 years.We Think of you every day and hope to one day meet again
Posted by Dave Gorse on September 19, 2011
Although you were in our lives a very short time,you left a huge emptiness which never can be replaced.

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