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A special tradition

Shared by Keith Thompson on July 4, 2020
I woke up this morning, on the 4th of July, thinking of Dan and the Bennett Family.  For the past 30 years or so, my 4th of July has been spent in Midas, NV.  I remember the first being an "honorary" carrying of the 4th of July Banner with my new girlfriend, Sheri...I remember the countless horseshoe tournaments between the NOBs and the SOBs...I remember the kids games....the homemade parade floats....the flag waving spectators...the many dances after the day was done...the many BBQs taking in the beautiful weather...but most of all, I remember Dan leading the charge to get as many of the family & friends he could each year to join Joan and him for a celebration on the deck.  You see, 4th of July isn't just fireworks, BBQs, and flag waving. It is the gathering of family & friends year after year on a special day to celebrate.  Thank you, Dan, for sharing your special tradition.  Forever grateful.
Shared by Lynn Grabill on June 3, 2020
Our Grand Island Nebraska Senior Quartet, 1958.  Left to right, Dan, bob Thomazin, Dean Wiegert , me
Shared by Pat Pearson Shafto on June 3, 2020
One of my favorite memories of. City cousin Danny was he visited the farm and wanted to see a chicken lay an egg.  So Patsy and Danny got two sticks and went to the chicken house.  We tried to hold the hen up and wait for the egg to fall.    But to no egg fell.  I am sure the hen  was thinking what is going on...Only one of many adventures.  I got to visit Danny and we would go to the movies.  Lots of fun for country cousin Patsy.  My heart hurts for your family.  Such a full life Dan had.  A real tribute to him.

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