Posted by Elizabeth Neuens on June 21, 2020
Happy Father’s Day Uncle Dan. I know you are making heaven a more creative and colorful place and making the angels laugh! What an amazing and wonderful life you had on earth and I was so blessed by you, my Auntie Joan and my wonderful and FUN cousins. I have such great memories of Midas, Dog Valley, arrowhead hunting, Christmas Tree cutting and Christmas Eve at your house. You made it all so special. I still talk about the PeePee-TeePee when I take my grandsons camping! Haha they get a big kick out of that story!
Until we meet again,
Your loving (and sometimes bratty) niece,
Posted by Jaye Smith on June 8, 2020
Dan's passion for preservation is a stirring tribute and will remain as a lasting memorial for all to learn from. Our love to Sheri and Keith and the entire family - embrace the memories.
Posted by Eric Wegren on June 8, 2020
Papa always said that if you take care of your body, it will last you a lifetime. He was quick with a joke and exceptionally witty. His humor and stories will be deeply missed. One summer in Midas, Papa and I dug holes near "The Green House", and erected rows of his signature old wooden posts. We then planted grape seeds in hopes that the area would turn into a beautiful vineyard. I will never forget the tales he told me that summer of his Kearney adventures, Midas shenanigans, and of course when he and his brothers were flocked by bats whilst exploring caves near Pyramid Lake. Papa, you will be in our hearts forever. I know that the next time I am in Midas, you will be looking down on me with Lena and Smoky. Love you Papa!
Posted by Danny Bennett on June 7, 2020
I met Danny Dale Bennett at my eye specialist's office in Tucson. We were both waiting for our appointments when the receptionist called for Mr. Bennett. We both stood up. She then said Danny Bennett and we both stayed standing. Needless to say we were both stunned at first and then burst into laughter as the entire office did. What were the chances of having the same first and last name at the same time in such a small office. I chatted briefly with Danny and found that he lived in the same town in Nebraska as my best friend. Needless to say, that meeting another Danny Bennett made my day. I found him and his wife to be kind and pleasant. I have told this story many times to friends and family members with a chuckle and a great memory. I was saddened to hear from my friend in Nebraska that Danny Dale Bennett had passed away. I feel honored to have met him.
Posted by Kaycee Thompson on June 6, 2020
To narrow down the memories of my Papa seems impossible. Between santa hat shopping, skipping through the mall, using our nicknames while we played pretend, milkshakes at Austin's, adventures in Midas, playing tennis at the center, and knowing I would always see his face at every piano recital or softball game, I just can't seem to pick the perfect story to share. Papa always knew how to bring a smile to my face and make me laugh. I will miss him so dearly and will always treasure all of the sweet, musical, and some hysterical memories I hold of him. Love you always, Papa. -Kaycee Dan
Posted by Ron Hansen on June 6, 2020
So sorry about the loss of Dan. Will so miss the chats when you were back for class reunions. Dan was a truly unique friend that I would have liked to have more time to spend with. Guess too much distance between.
Take care.

Ron Hansen and Elsie
Posted by Jim Gulka on June 2, 2020
Dan, I will miss you and our middle of the street discussions. 
Posted by Lynn Grabill on June 2, 2020
I am so sorry to learn of Dan's passing. I have many good memories of Dan during our high school, years. We were in the Senior Boys Quartet, along with Dean Wiegert and Bob thomazen. My Condolences to Joan and their family.

Lynn Grabill
Posted by Carol Jackson on June 1, 2020
I first met Dan one morning when I was walking up the canyon in Midas . He was doing yard work at their home in Midas. He asked me if I had ever seen baby rattlers as he had some in a burlap covered box on the back of a trailer. I was curious as to what kind of crazy person would keep baby rattlers so I had to look. Inside were babies baby rattles. He got the biggest kick out of fooling me. Well, a few years later my son married his wonderful daughter and I got to know him well. What a wonderful, talented, amazing , kind , fun, gentle soul he was. A truly remarkable man that will be soooo missed. My heart and prayers are with all of his wonderful family. So glad I had the chance to know him. Rest well Dan. I`m sure we will still see a few of your tricks in Midas.
Posted by Janet MALONEY on June 1, 2020
We would meet Dan often on our morning walks and he always gave us a chuckle. He would tease me on my pronunciation of Nevaahda, the British pronunciation. He is missed, our walks are a little more lonely now, Joan we wish you peace,
Dave and Janet Maloney.

Posted by Paula and Tony Scheuller on May 29, 2020
Oh, Dannyboy! You will be so missed. Thank God that we were able, over 50+ years, to be part of your “doozies”. The world is a better place, as are our lives and our family, for having such a gift in it. We had such fun and special memories! Love you, Joan, all the kids, (yes, the dogs, too), and God Bless, Tony and Paula Scheuller

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