Daniel Bush
  • 64 years old
  • Date of birth: Aug 27, 1949
  • Place of birth:
    Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
  • Date of passing: Jun 1, 2014
  • Place of passing:
    Jacksonville, Florida, United States
May the memory of Dan be with us forever. Everyone dies but not everyone really lives. Dan truly lived his life to the fullest. Thank you all for being a part of his life.

June 1, 2017 -  On this 3 year anniversary of Dan’s passing I wanted to primarily express my gratitude to all who contributed to this site.  It was obviously a difficult time when I created it, but I had no idea how important it would continue to be for me.  There truly are no rules for Grief and I still visit it often.  I still laugh, I still cry but mostly I feel great pride knowing how positively he impacted so many lives. Your comments and stories have brought me huge comfort during some dark days.  Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences.   

Unfortunately, we’ve lost some others along the way . . . his dear sister Janice, neighbor Dave Rosenbauer and two of the “Texas Boys”, Bob Bernoski and Randy Stansbury.  These are only a few that I know of . . . I’m sure many of you have had your own personal struggles or losses so hope you have had the love and support required to get you through.  Sure don’t know what I would have done without all of mine.  To all of the family, friends and business associates that literally had my back . . . thank you and please know how much I love and appreciate you.   Dan was my rock and he would be so very proud for all of you taking such good care of me ❤️.

August 27, 2016 - This would have been Dan's 67th birthday so trying to focus on remembering all of the "Happy Birthdays" and honor the good times.  So many great memories of family and friends (both his and mine) that we  spent time with along the way.  We had the privilege of living in some amazing places between Florida, Arizona and California so very grateful for all that those expeiences brought to our lives.  He had a tremendous appreciation and zest for life.  As a dear friend said afer his passing, "Dan wasn't just the life of the party, he was the party".  Can't tell you how much I miss the party in my life. Happy Birthday Dan . . . hope you always know how much we love and miss you.

June 1, 2016 - Two years and the void has only deepened.  Life has gone on for most but it will NEVER, EVER be the same.

August 27, 2015. -  Missing your smile, your voice, your charm, your wit, your sense of humor . . . Your way of ALWAYS making everything better.  Losing you wasn't the hardest part . . . It has been learning to live without you.  Happy Birthday Sweetheart ❤️ 

June 1, 2015 - "How Powerful a Presence is his Absence".   Grief is the price you pay for having loved . . . . missing you more than ever Dan. 

Please remember to view the Gallery (videos) and Stories tabs of this site.  I've added  some videos from his incredibly beautiful Celebration of Life . . . it was just as he would have wanted.  Thanks to all who attended.


  September 9, 2014 -  The "Celebration of Life" for Dan is set for this Saturday (13th) at 6:00 PM at Bush Pointe.  The tee times for the golfers have been set starting at 9AM at The Champions Club at Julington Creek.  Looking forward to a day of stories, memories, love and laughter. 

August 27, 2014 -  Today would have been Dan's 65th birthday.  Happy Birthday Sweetheart.  We miss you and love you more than anyone will ever, ever know. 

July 22, 2014 - First of all want to thank all of you for the cards, flowers, emails and beautiful tributes and stories.  They have brought Dan's family and I a great deal of comfort knowing how he has touched so many lives.  Hearing from you all has made us miss him that much more . . . every single day.  Also, sincere thanks for all of the contributions to The American Cancer Society in his memory.  He would be deeply honored.

We have planned the "Celebration of Life" for Saturday, Sept. 13, 2014 at Bush Pointe in Jacksonville, FL.  We are still putting together details but are planning a golf outing on Saturday morning and the "Celebration of Life" later that day.  If anyone is interested in golf please let me know ASAP as tee times need to be scheduled.  Please contact me directly at marciam55@msn.com if you would like more details.  I will continue to update the site with more information as we finalize.  Also, please continue to share any comments or stories.  Thanks again for all of your love and support.


 Just wanted to share a newsletter that was sent yesterday by IBWA that included a note about Dan.  He loved the industry and was proud to be one of it's Board Members . . . I am so very proud of him.


This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Dan Bush.  He had family, friends, and business colleagues from all parts of the country (here and abroad) so, therefore, wanted to create a place where everyone could share their condolences and fond memories.  It has been a heartbreaking experience and if Dan touched your life in any way we would love for you to share your thoughts.  We know there will be tears but want to hear about the joy and laughter he may have added to your life as well.  Dan truly had a passion for everything he did...he worked hard and he played hard and he put genuine effort into maintaining all of his relationships whether it was through work, family or friendships.  He was truly blessed with the best family and friends anyone could ask for.  Please know how much you all meant to him.   It has been difficult to find the time to put this together so I will be updating the site as I can so please check back.  I at least wanted to get as much information to everyone as quickly as possible.  Dan never liked funerals.  We were hoping to have a "Celebration of Life" while he was still with us but God had other plans.  For those of you that may just be learning of his illness, we apologize, but he was the eternal optimist and fought hard every step of the way.

We have already received an outpouring of texts and messages but would appreciate it if you can resend to this site so the rest of our family and friends can enjoy.  They bring huge comfort and we will need all of the love and support we can get during the difficult days ahead.  Also, please feel free to forward to anyone that may want this information.  Here is a copy of the obituary:


August 27, 1949 – June 1, 2014

 Daniel L. Bush passed away peacefully on June 1, 2014 in Jacksonville, FL surrounded by his loving family.  He was born in Indianapolis, IN on August 27, 1949 to James and Elizabeth Bush.   He graduated from the University of Indiana and then moved to Jacksonville where he began his career in sales.  Dan was a true sales professional and moved to Texas to work for McCulloch, a division of Black & Decker, where he rose to the position of National Sales Manager.   The entrepreneur in him took over and in 1982 he started the first of several business ventures which led him to live in several parts of the country.  His most recent business success was with his international corporation, IGO DIRECT, where he served as President and CEO. 

Dan was a loyal friend to many and genuinely loved by all who knew him.   He will be remembered for his sharp wit and amazing sense of humor.  He was truly one of those people who would light up whatever room he walked into.  Dan was a passionate golfer whose favorite times were on the course with his many friends from all across the country.   He is survived by his love of 33 years, Marcia, brothers Paul (Scyles), Gary (Kelly), Tom (Cathy), sisters Janice and Elise (Vicki), and many nieces and nephews.  He is preceded in death by his parents and brother James.  His passing will leave a deep void in the lives of his family, Marcia’s family, and friends and colleagues from all across the country.  A “Celebration of His Life” will be held at a later date.  In lieu of flowers Dan would have preferred a donation to The American Cancer Society or to a reputable cancer charity of your choice in his loving memory.


Also, if anyone would prefer to contact me directly my email is: marciam55@msn.com and address is:

4124 Sunset Lane N.

Jacksonville, FL   32257        

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Dave Wedow on 1st June 2017

"Miss you Dano
hope your have a heck of a great time in heaven with all of the other angels up there"

This tribute was added by Jim Mathena on 1st June 2017

"It's hard to believe it's been two years.  It's heartbreaking to think that such a wonderful person had his life cut short like this.  Dan truly was one of the 'good guys' and he will be FOREVER MISSED."

This tribute was added by Debbie Barrett on 1st June 2017

"Keep lighting the way for all of us especially Marcia...love and miss you!"

This tribute was added by marty conte on 1st June 2017

"Miss you Dan..."

This tribute was added by Dorothy Vinti on 27th August 2016

"Happy Birthday Dan. Always in our hearts. You will never be forgotten.
We love you."

This tribute was added by marty conte on 27th August 2016

"Happy Birthday Dan...we miss you."

This tribute was added by Carol Barrett on 1st June 2016

"So many things in life remind me of our Cousin Danny. Just today mention was made of someone who needed to cut down a billboard and I of course remembered your adventure of being smashed under that darn billboard you and friends cut down one fun evening in Bloomington. Always missed...never forgotten. Much love, Carol and Billy"

This tribute was added by Robert Bernoski on 1st June 2016

"Miss you every day.  Maybe you should ask God  about Trump. I'm having a beer in your memory ."

This tribute was added by Darla Deats on 1st June 2016

"Ahhh, Danny Boy, you are still missed and always will be.  We've had some wonderful laughs together. Bet you're still chuckling about some of them.
You are loved always in all ways.  Let's drink to that.  Love you."

This tribute was added by Andrew How on 19th January 2016

"Last night I told the story of Uncle Dan to my children before they go to the bed... We missed you so much, Dan!"

This tribute was added by Debbie Barrett on 5th June 2015

"Miss you so much!  All my love!"

This tribute was added by Nora Clouse on 1st June 2015

"It's hard to believe a year has passed.  And, there is no doubt Dan will never be forgotten.  His footprint was just so big.  Love to all who loved him."

This tribute was added by Carol Barrett on 1st June 2015

"Danny is still making memories even though he's gone from us. As Bill and I were walking into the Indianapolis 500, we had to walk around a car which had backed up over the sidewalk. As we approached, Bill laughed and said "Now if Danny was here, I would open the car door and Danny would walk through to the other side". I don't think I will ever see a car parked in that manner that I won't laugh and think of Danny.

Dad Barrett also mentioned after the race that he had once retrieved Billy and Danny from the "Snake Pit" at the race. Seems at the young age of 10 or 11, the two mentioned they were going for a walk during the race. Dad Barrett knew after they had not returned in a short time, where he would find them. He quickly escorted their curious selfs out of the Snake Pit.
We will always remember him and love you all!
Carol and BIll Barrett"

This tribute was added by Scyles Bush on 1st June 2015

"Can't believe it's been a year since we lost you Danny Boy.  Paul and I  talk about you, think about you and miss you every single day!  I know your spirit is with us and we feel your love."

This tribute was added by Dave Wedow on 12th September 2014

"Dan-O,  so hard to put all my feelings for DLB into words.  He was my first boss Mac, a great mentor, teacher and great friend. He taught me how to believe in myself and to not be afraid to fall down. He loved selling and people with all he had in his heart & soul. Fun, hilarious fun was always on the menu wherever, whenever he was involved.  We all shared in his love of life. Road trips to St. A, Conch House antics,  ABC liquor drive bys,  HOOSIER basketball and pick up B-ball games in JAX, Ragtime celebrations of anything just to gather and have some cold beers.  I can't believe the good Lord took Dan so early, I guess it was too quiet in Heaven and the Lord wanted someone to liven the place up !!   We will miss his presence but never his memory !!   God Bless you Dan-O."

This tribute was added by Mike Marszalec on 3rd September 2014

"In China and getting ready to leave.  Brings back many memories.  The day we go home was always the best.  He hated coming here, and  we spent many hours at the "corner office".

Dan and Greg were horrible influences....

Dan started early, and ended early, Greg started late and ended late.  Somehow I always got caught in the middle.  Starting early and ending late..."

This tribute was added by marty conte on 28th August 2014

"Happy Birthday buddy. Sorry I'm a day late and a dollar short but you know how that goes. I'm sure they're throwing you one hell of a party up there. We miss you.

This tribute was added by DeeDee Burgess on 27th August 2014

"Happy Birthday, Dan ~ We are thinking about you on your special day.  We feel very fortunate that our paths crossed and we were able get to know you and what a great guy you were.  Always enjoying, not just life, but each and every moment. It was always You and Eddy that we could count on, to be the only guys wearing shorts at the Christmas gatherings at Bush pointe.  Some of us think it really does get cold in Florida.  Your smiling face and twinkle in your eyes will always be missed by those who knew you. I'm gonna miss my back up guy.
Cheers & Love to you Dan, We will never forget you. DeeDee & Eddy"

This tribute was added by vicki d devaney on 27th August 2014

"Happy Birthday Dan, I miss your smile. I know you are up there swapping stories with God ....wish you could have had more time down here with us. xoxo Vik"

This tribute was added by Kelly Bush on 27th August 2014

"Thinking of you on what would have been your 65th Birthday, we miss you so much!  Gary & Kelly"

This tribute was added by coleman spacht on 9th July 2014

"Dan there are never enough words to express the love and fun you brought to every one that knew you. You will be greatly missed and never forgotten. We will all look back on the great memories we had together and bring a smile to our face with great love to Dan Bush."

This tribute was added by Marcia Miller on 3rd July 2014

"Dear Marcia,

My most sincere sympathies go out to you and also to Dan's family.As you know Dan and I met in the early to mid 90's in Milan , Italy and from that time forward it seemed as though we had known each other all our lives. After reading through this site I can see that he touched everyone that he met in a similar way . I can understand the pride you feel for Dan not only in business , but in all the lives he has touched by gracing them with his friendship .

God bless all,Dan "Love Ya Man,

Bob Speer
Robert Speer,
Lecanto, Florida"

This tribute was added by Terrance Keaveny on 30th June 2014

"I want to thank God for the for bringing  Dan into our families lives. Thank you Bush family for sharing him with us. I am Marcia's cousin. Dan is an amazing person and the smile he put on Marcia's face shows how much they truly loved each other. Though only seeing Dan from time to time he has left an imprint on my heart.love and miss you Dan the man. I truly pray,that we all don't take time for granted. To truly live is knowing that our eternal destination Is secure. I believe Dan is soaring with the Eagles. Marcie I love you cousin more than life. May God bless us all. Love y'all"

This tribute was added by rita miller on 25th June 2014

"Marcia, Earl and I are so sorry to hear do Dan' s death.  You are in our thoughts and prayers as you transition to life without him.  We are so thankful that we got to be with him in Ok when we were all there, as well as with your precious Mom.  He was a special person....it  didn't take long to realize that.  Thank God for the many lives he touched, as these tributes show.....May your sweet memories sustain you ....please know we love you and are praying for peace that passes all understanding."

This tribute was added by Amy Stevens on 22nd June 2014

""The life given us by nature is short, but the memory of a life well spent is eternal"-Cicero

As everyone knows, Dan certainly spent his life well...always living life to its fullest. He never met a stranger and always brought the life to the party wherever he went. I'll never forget how excited my girls would get each year to see what prank he brought for them to play on the adults at Thanksgiving... Whoopi cushions, fake roaches, and their all time favorite, the remote controlled fart machine! He always made sure to tell them which adults would 'fall for it' and how to set it up properly!! Dan always knew how to have a great time for sure.

We share comfort in knowing that Dan is no longer suffering. Our thoughts and prayers for peace and courage are with you Marcia to face the days ahead. May the loving memories of Dan's life well spent bring you comfort.
Love, Amy and Allen"

This tribute was added by Scyles Bush on 16th June 2014

"While reading these wonderful tributes to Dan from friends and family, I find several characteristics are mentioned again and again.  The twinkle in his eye, his contagious laugh, what a great friend, how he brought the party with him wherever he went, his work ethics and play ethics, his love for Marcia…    
All of these and more were so true.

I’ve loved reading the memories of all the boys for although Dan never fathered a son of his own he obviously had a major impact on the sons of his friends and family, our own boys included.  The life lessons he’s taught these young men will remain with them forever and make them better husbands, fathers and friends.  I’m sure they will pass them down to their own children and his legacy will live on in all of them.  He will truly never be forgotten.

Marcia I hope you can find some comfort in all of these heartfelt messages and stories of how much Dan was loved and respected by everyone he met.  He was truly one of the best people I have ever known and our lives will never be the same.
Scyles and Paul"

This tribute was added by Albert Jona on 15th June 2014

"Oh my God, this cannot be truth, I have been trying to reach him with no result, oh its Sad to have heard his gone so soon, may his soul rest in peace with the Lord, I will miss you the most Mr. Daniel Bush, I will always remember you and keep our promises. I have been blessed over the years with many wonderful people in my life, but yours is different,  This is my tribute to a man who, from the moment I met him, had a positive and beautiful impact on my life, I will keep promise I repeat. Good Bye"

This tribute was added by Marta Kimber on 13th June 2014

"Good ole Dan, where do I start?  So many good times that I will remember for as long as I live.  The Conch House in St. Augustine (we managed to get tossed more than once), Amelia Island ("I wonder what the poor people are doing today"?).  Many trips to Laughlin to visit the Millers (and casinos).  Dan loved to find dive bars to look for barflys, and in Tampa we literally had flys hovering around us, so bad in fact we left without finishing our drinks.  Hard to believe.  When I moved to Florida in 1983 (9 month trial) I met Marcia & Dan in Miami.  Hitched to the chevy station wagon was a big BBQ he had to deliver to Clearwater.  When I mentioned how many old people Marcia & I had seen wondering around the city, Dan quickly says "if you think they're old, wait until we get to Clearwater, you'll see their grandparents"!  Welcome to the Sunshine State.  I will never meet anyone with such a quick wit.  When he got started the humor was infectious.  I will miss that.  I lost a piece of my heart but I'll never, ever lose my wonderful memories of Dan. He was truly "One of a Kind".  My love and thoughts for my dear friend Marcia and the entire Bush clan (my Florida family).  I love you all.
Marta Jo"

This tribute was added by Mike Bernoski on 12th June 2014

"Dan Bush was my dad's best friend for as long as I have been alive. Two memories I will share as sometimes people don't realize the effect they have on the people around them and I hope his family will have a smile:

When I was young (18ish) I finished playing golf with Dan and my dad and Dan said "Mike I am going to teach you the best gambling game ever invented: Rinky Tink." The game required only a few quarters and money in your pocket. The game is simple in that you pick any amount between zero and the amount of money in the pot, bet that amount on the next quarter in the stack being heads or tails. 50/50 odds. No way to cheat. The only variable is how aggressive you are in choosing the amount to bet. As I watched Dan bet the pot time after time and the amounts grow into the obscene he looked at me with a smile and said "how you bet in Rinky Tink is how you live life. You are either "all in", or "just dipping your toe"".  He was an "all in" kind of guy and my Dad loved him for it.

My second memory is pretty personal but hopefully it will give those very close to Dan a smile. My Dad had our "sex talk" when I was maybe 11-12 years old and he was telling me how special girls were and the idea wasn't just to get them in bed but to love and respect them. He cited Dan as an example and said "My friend Dan has a woman way above what his looks would ever earn him, why do you think that is? Because he listens and figures out what she needs and then works hard to give it to her, he is unselfish in love." Danny Bush probably never knew his example became the basis of how I tried to treat all the women I met in my life. He was unselfish in love. Thanks Dan!"

This tribute was added by Scott Keller on 11th June 2014

"Dan, you have now joined the ranks of those that guide the rest of us. No words can describe the respect I have for you as a colleague and a friend.  As in life and now in death you will not be forgotten."

This tribute was added by Linda Ford on 11th June 2014

"Dan and I have known each other for nearly 35 years and we share countless, precious memories... Oh Dan...where do I begin.

We worked together for many years at McCulloch Corporation and then Dan became my boss when he was promoted to National Sales Manager.  Those were the best days of my life.  I looked forward to going to the office because each day with Dan was filled with crazy fun, lots of laughter and maybe, sometimes, a little bit of work.  Our friendship continued over the years even after he moved on to start his own company.  And what a great surprise when we learned that Marcia (my special pal) was moving on with him.  At one point I lived with Marcia in Campbell, Ca. and Dan would be there, too, nearly every weekend.  He would shop for us, cook for us, and take care of us.  We would do laundry together each week and I would look forward to it because Dan made it fun.  We would laugh so hard we would cry.  Others in the laundry room thought we were crazy because nobody has that much fun doing laundry.  We did.  And, soon enough Dan would have them laughing too.  Life was always fun when Dan was there.  We spent many weekends on day trips looking for new dive bars.  We'd drink, laugh, have fun, hug new friends goodbye and move on to the next bar for more laughs and more new friends.  New friends because of Dan.  He just had that way about him.  Oh, Dan, how I miss those days.

I feel lucky to have shared so many good times with Dan and Marcia.  Times I will hold in my heart and remember always.  I truly believe that I'm a better person because of Dan - he just had that way of making you feel good about yourself.  Like my son, Michael, said a few days ago, "Dan wasn't the life of the party.....he was the party".

I feel blessed to have you in my life, Dan, and I'll miss you terribly.


This tribute was added by Robert Bernoski on 11th June 2014

"I had the privilege of meeting Dan over 35 years ago in Texas. He has been my best friend ever since. The mould for the "Best of the Best" has a place in heaven now. Man, we all miss you."

This tribute was added by Howard Fisher on 10th June 2014

"Dear Bush Family,

I was deeply saddened to hear of Dan's passing. We go way back to my earliest days as a new solo rep firm setting up my second career after working for others. Dan was a breath of fresh air in a sea of salesmen. We always enjoyed our time working together, and we always visited and talked longer than we expected--and we both laughed about that alot. It is always engaging when someone is passionate about what they do, and Dan was definitely that. A true professional--hardworking, respectful and knowledgeable. The companies he worked for always had that go-to guy to get things done.  He loved his family and thought Marcia walked on water. I will really miss talking to him. I am truly grieving your loss,  and my loss of a close personal friend.


This tribute was added by Kyle Leavell on 9th June 2014

"The Great Dan Bush had such an impact on my family that it is impossible to describe.  He brought so much fun and laughter to our lives that I will forever be thankful.  My thoughts are with Marcia and the entire Bush family in this difficult time.  Uncle Dan will be deeply missed, but always joyfully remembered."

This tribute was added by Chris Leavell on 9th June 2014

"Uncle Dan is not my uncle by blood but I have always considered him a part of my family.  I will always remember him with his huge smile and coke bottle glasses dancing with a beer in hand.  
I learned so much from him... Never fall for the finger on the shirt trick, the Sinatra music can never be too loud, etc...  I will be sure to pass these lessons along to my future family.  He is truly a legendary person who lived a legendary life and I will never forget him and the memories he has given me.  Love you Uncle Dan, I will miss you so much."

This tribute was added by Stewart Spacht on 9th June 2014

"Even though we have lost a dear friend, Heaven has more smiles than ever. I have never met someone that was able to light up an entire room with laughter, and make everyone feel included in the fun like Danny did. It was an honor to know him and call him a friend, he will be missed dearly. My thoughts and prayers go out to you Marcia and the entire Bush family."

This tribute was added by Carol Barrett on 9th June 2014

"I met Danny for the first time when I was six months old (at least according to those family pictures) . My first memorable impression was that he was a big cry baby (which means I probably got in trouble for hitting him). As luck would have it, we were destined to share years of adventures and be best friends forever. Well forever isn’t here yet, so I guess we are still best friends. I miss you Dan.
Cousin Billy Barrett"

This tribute was added by Carol Barrett on 9th June 2014

"Cousin Danny always brought the spark to our family gatherings with his funny stories, his contagious laugh and that ever-present twinkle in his eyes. I didn’t know him well when he joined our wedding party back in 1975 as Billy’s best man, but when I saw them pose by the bedpan on the fence, I knew this man was truly a partner in crime with Billy. They shared their stories with me of a lifetime of adventures – and never ran out of stories. Danny truly lived life to its fullest and took us all along with him – whether in person or through his recollections.  He brought abundant joy and love to our world and will be forever missed.
Carol Barrett"

This tribute was added by Marcia Miller on 9th June 2014

"Dear Marcia and family, I'm so sorry to hear about Dan.  He was so funny and such a sensitive guy. We have great memories of Dan one in particular when my son passed away,  He lifted my heart with the wonderful things he had to say about him. I will always remember Dans kindness. I'm sure Dan and Eric are looking down on us all. Marcia stay strong you will be together again. Love Mary & Rico
TAMPA, Florida

Dan was such a kind and gentle soul. He saw the good in everyone and brought out the best in all of us. I have great memories of my friend and will cherish them forever. Until we meet again... "What we have once enjoyed, we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes part of us."
Rita Jansky,
Clearwater, Florida

This is such sad news.  I so enjoyed interacting with Dan at the IBWA meetings.  He always had a smile for me, and his gentle manner and the mischievous happy twinkle in his eye, always brought a smile to my face.I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Michele Campbell

Hi Marcia,

Greg Leavell emailed me about Dan’s passing and I wanted to send an email offering my condolences to you.Gosh, there are so many great memories of Dan that I couldn’t even type them all up because I’d go on and on and on….  Dan was a wonderful man and probably the funniest person I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.  His quick sense of humor and wit will forever be embedded in my mind.  One of my best and funniest memories is when Dan bought thousands of Styrofoam airplanes and we sold them on the side of the road.  Dan sat there with a beer and I threw planes in the air to show passing cars how well they could fly.  He didn’t make much money that day but we certainly had a lot of fun!   I sincerely hope that you’re doing well, and that you and the entire Bush family will find comfort knowing how much Dan meant to so many people.  Take care, Marcia.

Marcia Astorino Velette"

This tribute was added by COREY LEAVELL on 8th June 2014

"My father wasn't as lucky as my brothers and I, and being an only child, I know he looked to Dan in the in the way we do each other.  The impact he had on our lives is tremendous.  I believe a great deal of my sense of adventure and thinking outside the box was certainly inspired by him.  He was a man that was never out of place, never said the wrong thing, and made all of us happier and better people.  Thank you for everything Dan."

This tribute was added by Charlie Chadbourne on 8th June 2014

"I have so many great memories of golf and the gatherings afterward.  It was always great fun and he had the best sense of humor.    It was a  honor to be a friend of a great man and a class act."

This tribute was added by Terry Havener on 7th June 2014

"Simple words cannot tell the story of Dan and what he meant to me. He was a business partner, mentor, and most of all a friend. While Dan never hit the jackpot he wanted, he was rich with friends, family and associates. He had a wealth of experiences that most would envy. He set life examples that few of us will be able to emulate. He was always ready with a warm welcome and a quick smile. I will remember Dan fondly every day for the rest of my life. God Bless you Dan."

This tribute was added by Andrew Lee on 7th June 2014

"I have no words to express how deeply sorry I am to hear about this news. My memory of spent the Thanksgiving with Dan, Marcia and his family years ago treated me like part of the family. I will never forget that. His professionalism is what I respect since the day 1 we do business together. Rest in peace and we love you!"

This tribute was added by Lyle Myers on 7th June 2014

"I was very saddened to hear of Dan’s passing…Dan was a friend magnet, if you met him, you had a friend.  
We worked closely for several years and Dan was a steadfast friend and colleague through all of business ups and downs.
He left a positive impression on everyone he met, and oh that smile of his will last forever in our hearts and minds.
My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and especially to Marcia, the love of his life.  Dan will be greatly missed!!

Lyle Myers-"

This tribute was added by Marcia Miller on 7th June 2014

"There is a Guestbook also on Legacy.com so wanted to share:

Friday, June 06, 2014
There are no words to describe the sadness in my heart. My life changed forever when I met Dan Bush. Now my life is forever changed because he is gone. A greater friend I will never have. The tears may stop but the memory of our friendship will last until my final breath on this earth. May God hold him in the palm of hand. God bless Danny Bush.

Dan Spacht,

Tampa, Florida

Friday, June 06, 2014
Marcia, I will miss Dan so much as I know you and the family will. Fortunately we will have our memories of him to help us through this. To quote him "If you play good you win, if you play bad you lose." Well he must have always played good because he was a true winner. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Greg Leavell,

Tampa, Florida

Friday, June 06, 2014
Dan Bush...one of the kindest people I know...he always made you feel special and even though we did not see each other often in recent years, that did not matter, it was if no time had passed. Always a wonderful, special friend to all. He will be missed so much. The ultimate party and golf guy. You leave us with lots of great memories from the many years at The Village. Love you, Dan. Thoughts and prayers for comfort for Marcia and the family.

Gayla Lees,

Tampa, Florida

Friday, June 06, 2014
You are truly to much for mere words. The memories will help us make it through. Good bye my friend. You will be missed by many.

john varnado,

tampa, Florida

Friday, June 06, 2014
Marcia, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Dan was loved by so many people, including me. He was the life of any party, cared deeply for his friends and family and was a loyal and dear friend. My heart hurts that he has left us, I pray that he is at peace and out of pain. Love you Dan!

Traci Chadbourne,

Tampa, Florida

Thursday, June 05, 2014
What I remember about Dan. He enjoyed life, never quit, hard worker, great organizer, positive attitude, careful not to hurt others feeling, and he kept the golf group together.

I have only told one man in my life that I loved them and that was Dan.

The many stories require many adult beverages with old golf buddies.

Mike Davis,

San Antonio, Texas

Thursday, June 05, 2014
It was an honor to be known as a friend of Dan's. Rest in peace my friend.

Lowell Price,

Arlington, Texas

Thursday, June 05, 2014
Danny boy... one of the best... a man among men and one who will be dearly missed! See you in heaven!

David Vilmure,

Tampa, Florida

Thursday, June 05, 2014

So many fun memories of Dan! I have no idea where to begin. Let me just say that he brought huge amounts of joy to everyone that he associated with. Dan will certainly be missed, however, impossible to forget. What a fun friend.

Steven Reddy,

League City, Texas

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Steven & Cindy Reddy,

League City, Texas

Marcia, I will miss Dan so much as I know you and the family will. Fortunately we will have our memories of him to help us through this. To quote him "If you play good you win, if you play bad you lose." Well he must have always played good because he was a true winner. My thoughts and prayers are with you."

This tribute was added by Randy Stansbury on 7th June 2014

"Dan, I'll always treasure our friendship. We had some really good times on and off the golf course. The thought of you brings a smile and gut busting laugh. Dan you would be happy to know, when you look up fun in the dictionary " Your picture is still there ".


This tribute was added by David Muscato on 7th June 2014

"I can not say enough kind words about Dan. I met him as a supplier who became a partner who became a friend, a very good friend. He was a true gentleman. Kind, caring and respectful. Not sure how many people in our industry realized how hard Dan worked for his customers, his employees and most of all his family. He leaves a legacy in the industry and when you look at a bottle water cooler in your office or home know that there are good odds it is one of Dan's. I spent many weeks with Dan in China/Malaysia and at IBWA meetings all over the US. During work and off work I always found him to be the same - a man of high values and integrity. And while Marcia you and I never spent a lot of time together I feel I know from you from all the conversations with Dan. He spoke lovingly of you and I can tell you had a very special relationship. Cancer and life can be unfair but Dan Bush was fair to all he met and I will miss him. On behalf of all at Nestle Waters that were fortunate enough to work with and get to know Dan our heartfelt condolences."

This tribute was added by Rick England on 6th June 2014

"What a surprise it was to see Dan's passing. He was someone I looked up too and thought of him and his laughter. I did not talk to him over the last few years but more than one thought I should call and did not. Guess now I will need to wait tell I see him in heaven with all our friends."

This tribute was added by Gillian Bush Turner on 6th June 2014

Dear Marcia, I just got home late Tuesday night.  Ian forwarded me your email from yesterday, and had also emailed me on Monday, while I was still in the UK, giving me the sad news.

I told him that I knew - that I had had a feeling and had expressed such to my friend and her husband several times during the trip.   After I heard the news, I went for a walk on the beach by their house on the English Channel and found some solace when I picked up some pebbles on the beach, one of which was almost heart-shaped - most fitting, I thought.  I brought it home with me!

No words can really convey my feelings, especially for what Dan obviously went through, but you and the family too.  I know Dan fought for his life, and now those of us left must fight for some sanity and comfort in all this craziness and unfairness.  He was so young - far too young to pass, but as we all know Dan lived life to the fullest and didn't miss much in that respect!  Some live to be old men, but don't live at all, and then there are others like Dan!

Thank you for sharing the site with me -

I will see you soon - in the meantime, my thoughts and love are with you, Marcia.

Love Gill

This tribute was added by Anthony Amorelli on 6th June 2014

"In a time when we all hide behind the texts and the emails and  Facebook  there was nothing better than actually talking to Dan. When you talked to Dan there was never a bad day, things were always good and always getting better. He was genuine and one of the really good people on the planet . He will be missed but not forgotten. We all need to remember how he treated people and pay it forward every day.  My best to you Marcia, I will miss you buddy."

This tribute was added by Phil Lerch on 6th June 2014

"Remember all the fun times & McCulloch.  Dan will be missed.  Thoughts & prayers to Marcia and family.  God Bless!"

This tribute was added by Mary Albano on 5th June 2014

"Sad, sad, sad...Dan was one of a kind!  Mike & I had a lot of laughs with that guy...and a lot of drinking....and a lot of just partying!  He was always looking for that big jackpot or exacta and Mike was right there with him.  We will miss him big time!  All our love and sympathy to you Marcia and the whole Bush family in Florida...
Mike & Mary"

This tribute was added by Merle Segura on 5th June 2014

"Dear Marcia and the Bush Family,

With his humor and fun-loving spirit, Dan always enlivened our trips to Saratoga!  He never failed to remind Terry that he was not related to the Texas Bush's.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you,
Merle & Terry"

This tribute was added by vicki d devaney on 5th June 2014

"Dan was a kind and generous man. We will miss that incredible, quick witted, sense of humor. Feel privileged to have shared so many laughs over the years. Our thoughts are with Marcia and the entire Bush family. With lots of love..Vik and Dee"

This tribute was added by Alicia Morin on 5th June 2014

"How fortunate we all are to have shared some of our lives with such a generous, loving and witty man as Dan. The world is a better place because of him. We are all better people because of him. I'm certain when Dan arrives at the 19th hole, his brother-in-law Gary will be the bartender. Marcia, sadly I know you're pain. Sweetie, look for your hummingbird or maybe it'll be a flying golf ball...you'll know it when you see it. Love you more!"

This tribute was added by Darla Deats on 5th June 2014

"My precious Marcia,  How true (What Mother Teresa said about not meaning anythin to anyone!  Dan certainly meant a lot to everyone. He is a most unique man and I fell very blessed that I had the chance to know  him.  We sure had a lot of laughs together.  And we'll all keep thinking of those times. He will be in our heart forever.
The "Over the Rainbow" song by Izzy was part of my late granddaughters tribute -- now it is doubly special to me. This is a wonderful tribute you have written.  God bless you.  Love you. And remember, I'm looking forward to putting my arms around you for a big ole hug.  Love always, Darla"

This tribute was added by Lucy Crosslin on 5th June 2014

"I will always remember Dan's amazing sense of humor and quick wit.  He was someone you just loved to be around.  He was genuine, funny and truly a wonderful man.  He will be missed by all who knew him.  My thoughts and prayers go out to you, Marcia and the entire Bush family."

This tribute was added by Jim Walker on 5th June 2014

"Dan was always a pleasure to spend time with whether it be on the golf course or sharing a beverage and stories.  There was a certain quality in Dan's personality that we can all relate.  I will certainly remember my time spent in his presence.  May he rest in Peace.  Our hearts and prayers go out to Marcie and the family, Jimmy & Benita"

This tribute was added by Michelle Miller on 5th June 2014

"I will always remember how welcomed Dan made me feel....especially the first time I met him playing golf and then lying in the driveway at Paul's house after a few drinks...always quick with a smile and such a genuine person. Nora and I will miss him and much love to Marcia, Elise and the rest of the family."

This tribute was added by Colton Bush on 5th June 2014

"Mother Teresa said “One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody”…Dan was the opposite, he was somebody to everybody.  Like multiple generations of Bush boys, I was also fortunate enough to learn the art of introduction (always look someone in the eye when you shake their hand, you can learn a lot about them), the art of the joke (martinis are like breasts, one’s not enough and three’s too many…or one that helped me get an “A” in the operating room…what’s black, 12 inches long, and dangles in front of an asshole?...a stethoscope), but most importantly, Dan taught me the art of living with a passion that is inextinguishable.  Thank you for your impact on my life!  I know you are on the big golf course upstairs and, right now, you’ve probably got St. Peter saying “I can’t believe I took that bet.”  I imagine that golf course is never-ending…but I’m sure I’ll find you still on the 19th hole when I get up there…I love you, miss you, and look forward to seeing you in eternity!  John 13:34"

This tribute was added by grace wu on 4th June 2014

"I was deeply saddened to learn of Dan's death and on behalf of IGO Malaysia, I would like to express our sincere sympathy to you (Marcia) and Dan's family.
Dan was a respected and trusted business partner.
Please accep our deepest sympathies at this sorrowful time.
with sadness ------ IGO Malaysia"

This tribute was added by Josh and Lesa Ferris on 4th June 2014

"We are so terribly sad to hear of Dan's passing.
We have so many fun memories with Dan and Marcia. So many laughs and story telling. I remember our VIP room dinner at Los Dos here in Phoenix with a few too many Margaritas (I thought they were going to ask us to leave actually) and relaxing dinners and pool time at the house. I also fondly remember Dan giving our 3 year old daughter Bailey the book "The Audacity of Hope" for her birthday ...that was awesome!!
Dan was also Josh's first employer when we moved to Arizona from California. Dan was such an amazing person and we will miss him very much. Our thoughts are with you Marcia and also with the rest of Dan's family. Sincerely Josh , Lesa and Bailey Ferris"

This tribute was added by Julie Frey on 4th June 2014

"Family & Friends:  we too are mourning the loss of a great man and dear friend ~ with an incomparable sense of humor.  Love that guy and have so many fond memories that will remain with us always!  Our love and sincere condolences to you, Marcia, and the entire Bush Clan.  He lived and laughed and loved and left.  And the world will never be the same.   Jules & Gary"

This tribute was added by Dwayne Ferrell on 4th June 2014

"Dear Marcia
No words can express the sadness that i feel for your loss and mine of a beloved friend.  We started together in the cooler venture together when Dan wanted to start a new project that has grown through the years which is now IGO Direct.  I will miss his visits to Dallas when we would go to lunch or dinner for drinks and many times to Dunston's Steakhouse that i believe became one of his favorites when he came to Dallas if it was for a couple of days, or just a lay over as he came through DFW on his many trips. I learned a lot about running a business from Dan through the years and very grateful for all he taught me.  I will miss him very much.  We talked through my hard times in life as well as his.

This tribute was added by David Morin on 4th June 2014

"Being Marcia's cousin, I only saw Dan a few times over the years. Then, we moved next door to Marse's Mom and Dad in the Colorado desert area of AZ. So, the last 5 years or so I have had the pleasure of getting
to know Dan much better. In the last 3-4 years Dan was Marse's rock as she watched both her Mom and brother lose their own battles with cancer. Through all these times, both the good and the bad, Dan was
there cheerful, strong, outgoing and always engaging. I always looked
forward to Dan's visits (you too Marse) so we could talk sports, politics,
business... or just talk.. he was always interesting. I will miss his visits and his conversation. His voice may be silent... but, his memory and
spirit will stay strong in all of us who were lucky enough to know him. My deepest sympathy to Marse, the whole Bush family, and to all of Dan's many friends."

This tribute was added by Tanya Bush on 4th June 2014

"Uncle Dan taught us all something. He taught my boys to shake hands and introduce themselves. He taught my husband Liars Poker and various other gambling strategies;) He taught Marcia about his never-ending love. He taught us all strength and determination. He will never be forgotten!"

This tribute was added by Wendy Hausler on 4th June 2014

"Dan... What an amazing man!  No matter what mood we were in, Dan's presence always made for a better day.  Even now, in great sadness, thinking of Dan brings a smile to our faces, even a chuckle!  Whenever we spent time with Dan, there was always at least one bout of crazy laughter.  We will miss Dan greatly!  Love to Marcia and the entire extended Bush family!!  Wendy and Julie"

This tribute was added by Nora Clouse on 4th June 2014

"I have decades of memories of Dan because of my friendship with Elise.  Every one of them include a lot of laughter, genuine kindness and generosity....Marcia's red convertible was a lot of fun.  The metal toothbrushes with metal bristles were not.  The divot I took out of a wall inside their house with an iron was simply due to an over swing and Dan understood.  When Michelle's stepfather met us at the dance club after the annual bike ride and Dan thought he was a regular.  Later in the evening when he saw her father and step-father dancing Dan took it all in stride.  We played one round of golf and he was impressed enough with Michelle's swing that he made a point to tell me she was a keeper.  The paella after party when we shared the story about picking up Vicki's flan.  Dan's interest in betting on almost anything.  And, our last visit to the beach.  Super meal with great friends to include a call to the west coast and a "final-final".  Dan had a kind heart and will never be forgotten.  Lots of love, Elise, Marcia and entire Bush family."

This tribute was added by Becky Tran on 4th June 2014

"Dear Marcia, Dan was good, kind and honest man that we (WSS) been doing business with.  Dan will be missed by all of us.  God Bless you!
please take care yourself."

This tribute was added by Thomas Howe on 4th June 2014

"Dan loved people and people loved Dan. He had a twinkle in his eye and abundant humor in his heart. He will be so missed, but so remembered as someone who enjoyed those around him, just as much as we enjoyed being around him. His memory will always bring a smile to my face. My thoughts and prayers are with Marcia, Paul and Scyles, and the entire Bush family. Rest in Peace, we will all catch up with you at some point."

This tribute was added by DICK DEMPSTER on 4th June 2014

"I remember Dan Bush as a real professional, and as a man who was easy to like, and to admire.
The fact that Marcia Miller loved him for so  many years says it all for me. He was indeed a very special man, who left us far too early."

This tribute was added by Diana Hay on 4th June 2014

We are all going to miss Dan. He was such a wonderful guy. My heart aches for you, Marcia. Cling to all the happy memories you and Dan shared in your 33 years together. God bless you always.

And to all my cousins, I morn for Dan as you do, too. We have another angel in heaven now. He is celebrating with your parents and brother. They are all in our hearts always.

I love you and miss you, Dan."

This tribute was added by Vicki Gafford on 4th June 2014

"What a loss, someone I loved and admired, laughed with and learned from. He genuinely loved and appreciated those around him and had the gift of knowing how to show it. He truly will be forever missed."

This tribute was added by Victor Theado on 4th June 2014

"We lost a great friend and associate in the Water Cooler Business.  Even earlier in my career when I was representing Dan's competition he always went out of his way to say hello and ask how I was doing!  I enjoyed Dan's company during the few times that I was fortunate enough to have dinner and drinks with him.  He always put a smile on my face.  He was a true professional.      
Cancer shows no mercy so let's hope someday there is a cure for this horrible disease that took Dan from us.  Peace to his family and friends."

This tribute was added by Jim Mathena on 4th June 2014

"I've never met anyone with more integrity coupled with a great sense of humor, an appreciation for life and love of his friends.  I was honored to work with Dan.  He will be missed by all that knew him."

This tribute was added by Lynette MacFee on 4th June 2014

"Dan had the amazing ability to always bring laughter to any situation. I am honored to have been his business associate and friend. He will be missed on the golf course, at the trade shows, and within the industry as a whole but mostly for me, sharing an afternoon cocktail. Missed always and never forgotten.
Sending love and light to his family and friends during this difficult time. Please know that he touched many and will always be a shining light.  
Rest in Peace my friend."

This tribute was added by Robert Smith on 4th June 2014

"I only knew Dan a short few years but he was a true professional and always a pleasure to be around and work with. I will miss his smiling face at our functions. Dan will be missed by all."

This tribute was added by Kelly Bush on 4th June 2014

"Danny Boy always knew how to have fun and share his joy.  He will sincerely be missed by all of us but now there is a golf foursome in heaven that got their team mate.  We hope you found your loafers "Danny   L. Loaferless".   We love you, Gary & Kelly"

This tribute was added by marty conte on 4th June 2014

"Dan was a kind and generous man. I am grateful that I was able to share in his life. A good man gone too soon. He will be missed by many.

This tribute was added by Julie McCarthy on 4th June 2014

"Dearest Marcia, Paul, Scyles and Bush Family,  No words can express the saddess we feel for your loss.  Dan B. was a great man! Funny, witty, energetic, and always ready for a good time surrounded by his family and friends. Now and always you will have the strength of faith, family and friends to see you through this sorrow. Memories will sustain you all.  Please feel our love, our thoughts, our prayers.  Dan and Julie"

This tribute was added by Ian Bush on 4th June 2014

"Uncle Dan.......I miss you so much and you will never be forgotten. You brought so much joy to our lives and always brightened a room up! Rest in Peace buddy! I love you!"

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