Daniel Giguere
  • Date of passing: Feb 8, 2013
  • Place of passing:
    Sarasota, Florida, United States
Thank you for helping build a strong memorial to our Father, Friend, Husband, Coach, Confidant, and Teacher. Let his passion not be forgotten.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Coach Dan.  Please help build a rich memorial for his family, friends, children, and students by adding your stories, pictures, and videos of Dan. We will remember him forever. 

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Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Jaimee Miller on 8th February 2017

"To Alexandra and Dan's entire family - I would like for you to know that Dan's memory and the stories I have been told about him have stayed with me, and I feel blessed to know of him- if only through your memories shared. 4 years later- and I still hear "make it happen!" when I need it most ;) <3 Blessings to you all."

This tribute was added by George Konstantopoulos on 14th October 2015

"well coach, its almost been three years. the class of 2012 is now the class of 2016. not a day goes by that you don't cross my mind. I know that you are watching over all of us, and that you are there with me whenever i need someone to be there for me. I wish i could have had the opportunity to explain the impact you had on me, and how much i admired you as a man. I will always take you with me where ever i may go in life. I know ill see you again, may be not here, but hopefully up there, until then, I love you coach, rest easy D$."

This tribute was added by ian castor on 13th February 2015

"I remember the last text I sent you.. you had asked me if I was doing well and mentally I mumbled "yes" because I was struggling and I think you knew that you because you sent a text reassuring me that I'v got it then you said keep it up. about a month later you were gone,I lost all every bit of sanity in my body because i felt like i let you down and lied to you. after that day my life slowly spiraled into a mess. I started to hang with the wrong people I started getting into fights and doing drugs. I was lost, feeling guilty because I wasn't honest I told myself that  I lied to the one person that was a father figure that taught me things nobody else could but a month after you had passed I lay in my tub water surrounding me, my mind altered by a prescription in and out of consciousness I cried at that moment I realized I never failed you when   I told you I was ok I was failing you at this moment and I made sure I would do what I could to become as good of a man as you were to everyone. after that I got my life together to make you proud. I know your somewhere right now watching me and I'm doing my best to make you proud. I love you,you will always be with me,and i aspire to be as great as you. R.I.P"

This tribute was added by gabrielle beer on 8th February 2015

We will always carry you in our hearts.
Remembering you today as well as  everyday.

Gabrielle and Chase"

This tribute was added by victoria pochopien on 18th October 2013

"Candle lit by Victoria Pochopien on 9th February  2013

" Coach Dan you were an amazing teacher and you were more than my teacher you were like my friend and you felt like another dad to me and I just wanted to say that I will always miss you and I can't believe you died but it was an accident and I will always remember you ."

This tribute was added by Anthony Pizza on 2nd October 2013

"Happy Birthday coach thank you for inspiring me to do what I love most........skateboarding R.I.P D$"

This tribute was added by Nicolette Huit on 2nd October 2013

"Happy Birthday Coach! We miss you so very much! We Love you #12 <3"

This tribute was added by Audry Federsel on 21st September 2013

""I am a former student of D$ and he was the greatest coach on the planet. He made me believe in myself and now I SK8 he was a true inspiration to everyone he talked to. He was truly a HERO to me and all former students.

-Audry Federsel""

This tribute was added by Taryn Granger on 8th July 2013

"well coach I have choose your class for the year of 2013-2014 and its not gonna be the same without u you got in the accident when I was taking your class for 3rd quarter and I didn't really know you very well but you will always be im my heart when I am in your classroom everyday. :)"

This tribute was added by Ryan Herbert on 30th June 2013

"So Dan it's been almost five months and I think about you from time to time. Heard your service back in Windham was awesome. Wish I could have been there for that. It is still hard to believe you are gone. I have known you forever! Rest in Peace my Friend!! Until we meet again.Forever missed, never forgotten!Thanks for the memories"

This tribute was added by Hannah Ivings on 15th May 2013

"I miss you so much coach... I will miss you forever and always. you are a great person. I know you are watching over SSA+S and your friends and family. we all miss you but your in a better place now. I remember the first time I met you... you were so nice and caring. and the first time you taught me how to drop in... you helped me through it when I was so scared. I love you. R.I.P Coach <3"

This tribute was added by Kendra Gilliam on 9th May 2013

"Hey Coach.. Yesterday was 3 months since your accident.. That day many people cried.. but most of them were celebrating the wonderful life you lived. It wasn't long enough but you made the best of it. We all miss you. Everyday. All day. Not a second goes by that your warm inviting smile doesn't drift through my mind. I miss that. I miss you. See you up there Coach. Until then, Skate on<3(:"

This tribute was added by Dalton Judge on 9th May 2013

"Coach Dan, it is hard to believed how long it has been. We all still miss you like crazy and wish you were here to come make us all laugh again. ❤"

This tribute was added by Olivia Kracht on 8th May 2013

"Its been 3 months to this day. RIP Coach Dan. #12."

This tribute was added by gaby fleischmannn on 25th April 2013

"I can honestly say that to this day,I've been thinking about you on a daily basis. Every time I drive my truck, I stare at you "D$" sticker, I received on 2.16.13.  I miss you so much, its crazy.You have one of the strongest families, and so many people have became successful because of you.You're the reason the sun shines,why it rains, and why sk8ing is so fun! Show them agels whos bos!<3"

This tribute was added by Miranda Worcester on 21st March 2013

"Heyy coach!
How yah doin up their?
I miss you and I just wanted to let you know that I've taken your advice and when people try to put me down I keep standing because I know thats what you would do! Thanks so much coach for the great advice! I love you<3"

This tribute was added by Paula Giguere on 15th March 2013

"Five weeks Dan.  I feel your presence, I feel that you are guiding me to a better place.  Thank you!  I have been connecting with some of your students.  They are so special.  One of them asked me if I am anything like you, silly, smiling, upbeat......I am and so proud to say so.  Next time I am in FL I will visit SSAS.  Apparently, I need to bust some moves like you :-).  xo love you son."

This tribute was added by Blake Middleton on 10th March 2013

"I think about you constantly and look up to the sky to just say I love you. I practice basketball to get better for you and because I knw if you were here I would be making you proud. Already a month without you, wow time flies. Just wanted to stop by and say I love you. I miss you."

This tribute was added by Paula Giguere on 8th March 2013

"Dan, you are loved, respected, missed and mourned more than you could ever imagine.  Today is one month (Dad's birthday).  It still doesn't feel like you are gone.  My tears would probably argue that.  We all want to honor your memory.  I am starting a FB page so your students can learn more about their beloved Coach.  They need it and so do I.  They are a special group!  Love you Son, Mom"

This tribute was added by Miranda Worcester on 8th March 2013

"You're Standing in the hall of fame, and the worlds gonna know your name because you burn with the brightest flame! We love you

2/8/13 <3"

This tribute was added by Miranda Worcester on 8th March 2013

"It's been a month! Coach how yah doing up their. You teaching all those angels how to properly play basketball and skateboard because you're the expert! I miss you so much Coach. Things have been different for me since you've been gone gosh I wish you were here. You were the best and I really wish you were here. Well Just to let you know I'm still thinking about you and remembering you. <3"

This tribute was added by Lillianna Chapman on 21st February 2013

"Hi Coach whats up?"

This tribute was added by Adriana Ortiz on 20th February 2013

"I still find it hard to believe you're gone Coach Dan. I miss you so much Coach. <3"

This tribute was added by Lillianna Chapman on 19th February 2013

"Hey, Coach how was a hard day of sk8ing up there? I could tell you are trying to make us happy, i felt the warmth on my face today, like you friend told us at you memorial! Also the breeze of you sk8ing by me at the soccer game today! We are dedicating this season to you, we won our first game today, thanks to you! See you tomorrow! You are the best coach! We will all miss you! Coach M too"

This tribute was added by Gaby Fleischmann on 18th February 2013

"D$.  I know you're looking down on us and love all of us. Everytime i see the sun, it's you. Smiling. When I see rain, I know its going to be you. Saying you are watching us, and saying how you love us. When the wind blows. It's you saying hello, and giving us the kiss for the day!  I love you. You're a perfect Angel. I cant wait to see you& laugh at austin's jokes with you again. FLY HIGH"

This tribute was added by Kaitlyn Ganner on 18th February 2013

"Coach Dan, You were an amazing person and such an inspiration. You were so kind. I can't even begin to explain how much you will be missed. We will never forget you Coach Dan. Heaven couldn't have gained a more perfect angel. Keep skating the golden streets. We love you.♡"

This tribute was added by Isabelle Griffiths on 17th February 2013

"I love you coach. You were such an inspiration to all of us. A friend, a rolemodel, teacher, mentor, even a father figure to many. We will all miss you so much and will never forget the person you were. You were always willling to help others before yourself and helped so many people. We will miss you Coach. Keep skating on the golden streets of heaven. Love you Coach!!! From, Squints"

This tribute was added by Blake Middleton on 17th February 2013

"The memorial lastnight really made is real for me. That you really are now looking down on us. You are an angel and I am going to do everything I can to help the family. I love you and thank you for giving me an opportunity to play for you and thanks for believing in me. I miss you and just want to give you a hug and hold on to it forever. I miss you buddy."

This tribute was added by Michelle (Blanchard) Blomquist on 17th February 2013

"Wow Dan I can't believe what an inspiration you were to so many children and adults in Florida!!It's amazing to read all about Coach Dan and how you changed so many lives!I grew up with Dan since 2nd grade in Windham,and he was always a great guy then so I'm not surprised he was a great father,husband,friend,teacher,and Coach! I still can't believe you're gone!A True Legend!RIP Dan Giguere"

This tribute was added by Gail Conetta on 16th February 2013

"Just returned from the memorial for Coach Dan at First Baptist and at Payne Park.  What I would like to say is "Thank you Alex and family for sharing such a phenomenal man with our children at SSAS.  He has influenced more young lives than anyone could possibly know.  He was loved by the children, but also the parents who saw the strength Coach instilled in them every day.""

This tribute was added by Ben Hoermann on 16th February 2013

""Thanks for all that you did for me at summer camp and helping me skate cause if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be skating now.  I will always remember you and what you did . Thanks again... I will miss you sooo much .I have a picture in my room to remember you and it will remind me to do my best at everything. Skate on those golden rails and ramps."

This tribute was added by stacey brebaugh on 16th February 2013

"As I tried to teach this week, my behavior objective on the board was...Make an Effort and Honor Coach Dan.  When I think about the kind of teacher he was...I think he would be saying to me, "whatever gets them motivated to learn... use it."  We used sports and skateboarding as incentives to encourage kids to get back on track academically.  Thank you for the pleasure of being  Mama B."

This tribute was added by Cristina Santiago<3 on 15th February 2013

"You died to fast ur always brought the sunshine beacause u always were and still are love u"

This tribute was added by Miranda Worcester on 15th February 2013

"Keep watching over us coach dan and always rember you will NEVER be forgotten. <3
Do it for Dan!
R.I.P D$
Sk8 for Coach Dan
Born a hero died a legond<3
Always in our prayers<3 LOVE YOU COACH DAN!<3"

This tribute was added by Miranda Worcester on 15th February 2013

"Keep Sk8tin those golden roads and keep ballin! You will never be forgotten. Even though you arn't standing by our side you will ALWAYS be in our hearts. Thanks for always helping me threw the stuff that i needed. No one could replace you. You were the best coach for all the boys and were the best teacher for al of us! You were born a hero and died a legond. Were doing it for you dan! D$"

This tribute was added by Miranda Worcester on 15th February 2013

"Coach Dan,
You have inspired me so much. You always told me to keep my head high and not to worry about what people say. I always went to you for support and I appreciate all of the help you have given me in the 5 years I've known you. You were the best coach ever! School isn't the same without you! I miss you so much and love you<3 R.I.P D$ <3"

This tribute was added by Bette Reilly on 15th February 2013

"The memories of when we were all so young play repeatedly these days. It was an honor knowing such an amazing man and although we hadn't seen one another for many years now, your presence will be forever missed by so many. From reading all that has been written in your Honor Dan, it is clear what an incredible impact you have had on so many lives. You are truly an inspiration for so many."

This tribute was added by Sophia Weller on 14th February 2013

"We all miss you so much coach dan </3 you inspired me to never give up and keep trying i never really got to meet you or take your class but now you inspired to me to learn how to skateboard and im getting b etter everyday you were the greatest coach ever i will never forget you and youll always be in my heart. Keep on Sk8ing in heaven and teach all the little angels to skate , <3 you D$"

This tribute was added by jenna johnson on 14th February 2013

"miss yeah i love you i miss seeing you at school! p.s jacob riffe says hi"

This tribute was added by Samantha Fonder on 13th February 2013

"Coach Dan, where do I begin.... You where a role model for everyone who knew you, you could cheer anyone up if they where having a bad day , every time I would pass you in the halls you would have a giant smile on your face..... We will miss you coach Dan. D$ forever"

This tribute was added by Shannon Salvaggio on 13th February 2013

"Dan, what a legacy you have left behind - It is so amazing to see all the lives you have touched.  You have a beautiful family and I know you will be watching over them.  Many memories were shared, from being babysat together at Debbie Hall's, through sports and through fun times with our friends! You will be deeply missed."

This tribute was added by Natasha Nieckoski on 12th February 2013

"As I was saying, you are going to be remembered forever. For all the spontaneous things you've done for the 35 years that you've been on this Earth. Your life was cut short by this tragic accident, but your a legend now and you will live in everybody's hearts. You were loved and looked upon as a mentor/ hero by many people. R.I.P Coach Dan (D$) Skate the streets of heaven ;)"

This tribute was added by Natasha Nieckoski on 12th February 2013

"Hey Coach Dan!
You are the most inspirational person i've ever met.You've done so many things that benefited everybody around you. You always knew how to brighten up anybody's day and put a smile on their face. You were the most determined, generous, dedicated, kind-hearted person I've ever met! I could go on and on but ive reached my max characters"

This tribute was added by Nick Mast on 12th February 2013

""Coach Dan, you were by far the coolest and most understadning teacher at SSA+S u inspired me to start skateboarding. You will never be forgotten and i know your looking over all of us right this second.
We love you! ~""

This tribute was added by Dalton Judge on 12th February 2013

"you raise me up so I can stand on mountains miss you coach :*"

This tribute was added by Dalton Judge on 12th February 2013

"coach D$ was one of the most inspirational people that you can ever meet. the one thing that he loved more than sk8ing is his family. and he still loves them and is watching over them. when you would ask he would tell the most wonderful stories about them. this can only make them stronger I miss him so much. <3"

This tribute was added by sean carroll on 12th February 2013

"when you gave us a lesson about stress and showed the effects of cyber bullying there was a man named gary trashing you 24/7. I wonder how he feels now"

This tribute was added by sean carroll on 12th February 2013

"coach dan you were the best yeacher ever and you told me to never give up you will never be forgotten ever."

This tribute was added by Johnny Mucci on 12th February 2013

"R.I.P. D$, Sk8 high in the clouds. legends never die."

This tribute was added by Johnny Mucci on 12th February 2013

"Coach Dan you were one of the most loved and respected teachers at SSA+S. There was not one person that didn't like you or your class D$ was always teaching all of the new kids how to Sk8 like my brother and made it one of the things that they now love to do and every time they fell you told them to get back on that board and continue on. You will be dearly missed and never forgotten..."

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