Let the memory of Dan be with us forever
  • 83 years old
  • Born on March 11, 1930 .
  • Passed away on June 22, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Dan Nernberg 83 years old , born on March 11, 1930 and passed away on June 22, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Patti Nernberg on 11th March 2018
Happy 88th birthday Daddy-O. I can’t belive it’s been 5 years since you passed away, since we spoke, since I hugged or kissed you. There’s tears of sadness as I write this note to you. Today is your birthday and to celebrate you I’m going to either go for a swim, bike ride or hit the gym. Yup, that’s what we would do together. I love and miss you and mom. Give my love to all who are with you in heaven. Keep smiling and looking after me and my siblings. ❤️ Patti #4
Posted by Patti Nernberg on 11th March 2017
Happy 87th birthday pops!! You're in my thoughts, close to my heart and I miss you dearly! Keep smiling with your pearly whites and continue to guide me... love you, Patti # 4
Posted by Joe Nernberg on 11th March 2016
Lots of feelings today. Sad, happy, grateful, nostalgic. I wish we had a few more years together. Gone too soon.
Posted by Scott Gill on 11th March 2016
Paul and I still laugh about some of the fun times we had with Danny in Alaska and down in Cabo. Although he is gone...it just feels like we haven't talked in a while :) I still keep his "Business card" pinned to the wall in my office. Hola Senior Danny :)
Posted by Patti Nernberg on 11th March 2016
Good morning papa! Happy birthday, Dad!! I miss your humor, great smile and long talks Love you to heaven and back. #4
Posted by Patti Nernberg on 25th June 2015
It's hard to believe it's been two years since you passed away. So much has happen. Danny got married to Bel, Joe had a catastrophic health issue March 2014 and survived a aorta tear. Then June 2014 he had a spinal stroke from the stent they did three weeks prior which paralyzed joe from the waist down. Joes has been working hard in therapy to become stronger and to regain strength. He has changed me along way in one year, he now drives himself with hand controls. He is happy and grateful to have the love of life, Tina. I'm very proud of him. Joanne and Dennis are doing well. Joanne bought her dream horse and doing great in competing in horse shows. She's a real natural. As for me dad.. I'm trying to live the dream.. Less stress, more play, but still keeping busy with the window biz. While, managing your buildings with Danny. I love you very much and miss you more than anything Patti
Posted by Patti Nernberg on 13th March 2015
Happy 85th birthday pops! You would be so proud of Damny & I. We fixed up both of the buildings and are 100% occupied. Your tenants are really happy coming to work in the new, clean & fresh looking building. Today I'm heading to Ixtapa,Mexico. I brought some of your fishing gear to share with the locals. I plan to fish on your behalf. Dad, I miss and love you SO much! #4
Posted by Dudley Welsh on 11th March 2015
Been thinking of Danny and his fun sense of humor, generosity, love of helping people, and the fun times we had here in Cabo! Miss him...
Posted by David Guerra on 23rd July 2014
My old landlord, my old friend. I'll never forget you. You will be missed. David Guerra
Posted by Scott Gill on 14th July 2014
One of the photos on the site, is me, Paul and Danny at my wedding in Lake Tahoe on July 13th, 2002. Yesterday my wife Anne and I reminisced about that great weekend we shared with a small group of friends and family. I realized on that weekend that Danny was more than a casual friend...he was my true friend :) and I miss him so very much. Love to all, Scott & Anne
Posted by Leslie Lieberman on 10th July 2014
I will always remember the time I went with Patti and you to Banff Canada. And we stayed in the Baniff Springs Hotel. I walked into our room and there you were being goofy as ever on the floor with a MOOSE hat on pretending to be a moose. We all laughed so hard! You are dearly missed and so loved!
Posted by Bonnie Alpert on 24th June 2014
Dear Uncle Dan It was nice to finally get to know you during the thanksgiving holiday. I use the yellow towels that you stole from your gym every day. Rest in Peace
Posted by Betty Tung on 24th June 2014
Dan, Remembering the days we laughed together. You were a man of humor and energy. Most of all, I had pleasure of having your capable daughter working for us for a few years. We have similar family values. For that you should feel very proud of your children. They are not only capable but so close to you just like I was towards my father. May you rest in peace. Your smiles are in my fond memory.
Posted by Paul Morina on 23rd June 2014
We just arrived in Sitka for the summer. After walking around town and visiting Crescent Harbor to watch the charter boats come in with their daily catch, we noticed a couple of people taking pictures of a big halibut laid out on the dock. At almost the same time we both looked at each other and said, "Remember when Danny would put a rope around a big fish and pretend it weighed over 1,000 pounds?" We both laughed and couldn't help feeling that Danny was here with us. You are never far away Señor Danny. We love you! Paul and Cherie
Posted by Patti Nernberg on 23rd June 2014
Dad- great day of fishing yesterday. Once again you never get skunked! Came home with 7 fish. The boat ran fantastic Love and miss you dearly Patti
Posted by Danny Nernberg on 27th July 2013
Yes the apple does fall close to the tree. Proudly I'm a lot like my dad, yet have some of my moms qualities too. My dad set examples for me that I try to pass down to my own children. Usually when I've had difficult decisions to make, I step back for a moment & wonder what my dad would do. More often than not, I'm correctly guided by his own life experiences. What a life tool. Thx daddy!
Posted by Myra Aichlmayr on 10th July 2013
I had the honor of meeting Alan's uncle Hy when he stopped off in Oregon before heading to Alaska for fishing. We had such a wonderful day picking blackberries and fishing in the local pond. His zest for life was contagious. He was so funny... I remember my cheeks hurting from laughing so much. May God bless and keep you Hy.
Posted by Deborah Alpert on 27th June 2013
Hy, was the first person who taught me how to hold a fishing pole/look for the fish/watch the water/keep your eye on it or you ll miss your opportunity to catch it. DA
Posted by Joanne Nernberg-Durand on 26th June 2013
Wow..where do I start...I guess what stands out is that he always believe in putting food on the table and having a roof over ones head as the number one priority and being healthy. He loved the simple things in life and lived simple. He would always tell me if you take care of your things, they would always take care of you. He was a people person and never shy. I miss you Dad.
Posted by Fred Apple on 26th June 2013
Uncle Hy was a special person; always welcoming and fun to share a story with. On his visits to MN he loved to play tennis. The Apples will forever be wearing his UCLA hat gifts in his memory. His walking and talking Hippo gift to the girls always makes us laugh. He is and will be missed.
Posted by Paul Morina on 25th June 2013
We met Danny for the first time when he came to Sitka and chose to stay at our little motel and go fishing. We thought, what a character, he never tired and went out fishing for 5 straight days! Danny had amazing business instincts but his real gift was knowing how to enjoy the simple things in life. The good times we shared together will remain in our hearts forever. We love you Danny.
Posted by Scott Gill on 24th June 2013
Paul and I met Danny in Sitka Alaska about 20 years ago, we instantly became friends. We fished Alaska and Cabo, biked Venice beach and San Diego. I will miss our phone calls and the "sharpie" faxes from Cabo :) you are already greatly missed my friend.
Posted by Lex Nerenberg on 24th June 2013
1) Long bike rides to Excelsior--he never got tired (he was over 70); 2) A bizarre journey to the far reaches of St Paul, looking for Grandma Mary's Cemetary--it was like a scene from "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly"; 3) "This soup tastes horrible, but at these prices I'm eating the whole thing" (it was soy sauce)
Posted by Jill Korsh on 24th June 2013
So many fun memories of Uncle Hy! He always came bearing gifts, ready to share fishing stories, and loaded with corny jokes. We had good times when visiting him in sunny CA, skiing or when he made a trip to MN. He lived life to the fullest and enjoyed every day.
Posted by Jan Apple on 24th June 2013
Many happy memories of my Uncle Hy. My dad (his bro) told me stories about what it was like when they grew up. They used to attend "Sophie Worth" welfare camp. It was there that they had their first tast of lettuce. My Dad and Uncle Hy and Uncle Leo used to sing the camp song when they got together. He was a loyal brother and supported my Dad during his illness. I miss him already!
Posted by Josh Nerenberg on 24th June 2013
I have such a good collection of memories: How everywhere we went everyone seemed to know Uncle Hy, and we had to stop and chat with EVERYONE. How he was always in denial of Shipwrecks weight problem. He obsession with Lafs store, and gear from UCLA. His love of fishing and workout routines... love you - you were always like another grandpa to me.
Posted by Jeff Nerenberg on 24th June 2013
My Uncle was always there for me and my family. I will never forget when he came to visit in Minneapolis and taught us how to 'rock and roll' dance in 1971. We had great times together playing tennis, swimming, fishing in Cabo and just hanging out. We always felt welcomed in his home. He loved to bring my kids gifts, stuffed animals ( &jokes to boot.) He loved his family and his life.
Posted by Patti Nernberg on 23rd June 2013
My father is my inspiration of who I am today! The love of Skiing, Cabo, Fishing, boating and the outdoors. Work hard, play hard, give to the less fortunate & know the value of a dollar. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!
Posted by Heidi Glass on 23rd June 2013
We met Dan on the day of Joe and Tina's wedding. What little time we spent that day shed light on who he was as a person. It was apparent that Dan was a giving, kind and amazing father. The love that his children have for their father was also evident. We are thankful that we had the opportunity to meet Dan and express our deepest condolences.
Posted by Miles/Pat Braverman on 23rd June 2013
more good vibes - - -Mid 60's - stories, actual and not, and jokes that brought a chuckle and brightened the occasion...didn't run out of Batman and "Rueben" humor. Leaves a fine family!
Posted by Joe Nernberg on 23rd June 2013
Dad and I were having Margaritas in Cabo San Lucas back in the '80s. Probably the last time he got "liquored-up." After 2 minutes of silence, he leans over the bar, turns his head toward me and says "you've been like a son to me." That was the subtle humor I love and remember best.

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