Let the memory of Dana be with us forever.

This memorial was created to capture your memories of Dana.  Please add your favorite stories about her, and photos of her.  I would like to provide a slideshow of these messages and photos to her family to show during her memorial service so please keep that in mind when posting.  

Posted by Emma K. Petersson on February 24, 2019
I have no words
Other than
She was one of the most awesome people I had the pleasure to have spent part of life with.
I'm in tears and full of sadness and confusion.
Emma (khachaturian) Petersson
Posted by Uncle Mike Osborne on February 14, 2019
I’m Dana’s Uncle Mike..  Dana was the first grandchild born into our family. The last time there was a baby in our family before that, it was me!!  And I have a big, gray beard! She took us by storm. She was all we talked about for a really long time. We’d get together at my mom and dad’s, spread a blanket across the living room floor, and just sit around in circle and watch her. And talk about her. And laugh. (Not necessarily at her, but sometimes, like when Marilyn would get her to taste a lemon).    It was an amazingly happy time for our family and these are some of my very favorite Osborne family memories. We are going to miss her so much. But we are already stronger, because; well, Dana has an amazing family aid we will always love her.

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