We love you Papa! We will never forget you.
  • 69 years old
  • Born on January 9, 1943 in Rockland, Maine, United States.
  • Passed away on August 18, 2012 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Danford Post, 69, born on January 9, 1943 and passed away on August 18, 2012. We will remember him forever.  Please share thoughts, stories, remembrances and photos.  Any tributes left on this site will be read at his memorial service on Sunday, September 2nd, 2012.  Thanks for all your support.  --The Post Family


Danford Lester Post (Dan), 69, passed away after a long battle with cancer on Saturday, August 18, 2012 at his home in Phoenix, Arizona.  Dan was born January 9, 1943 to Kenneth and Barbara (Bodman) Post in Rockland, Maine, the older of two children.  He graduated from Skowhegan High School in Skowhegan, Maine in 1961.

Dan served in the Navy at the Weymouth Naval Air Station in Weymouth, Massachusetts where he met his bride and the love of his life, Nancy Elaine (MacKenzie) Post.  They were married in Avon, Massachusetts on May 3rd, 1966.

In 1966 Dan and Nancy moved to Maine where he began his long career working for AT&T.  In 1972, Dan and Nancy built a house in Hudson, Maine where they raised their four children.  While living in Hudson, Dan enjoyed hunting, gardening, blacksmithing and working on his farm.  In October, 1994, Dan moved his family to Phoenix, Arizona.  In 2005 Dan retired from the telephone company and started his own custom ironwork business, which he called “Turning Point”.  He created many beautiful works of art including many custom residential gates around the valley.  He also taught himself to paint and was a very prolific painter until his death in 2012.  Dan was also known for being a devoted husband and father and for his dry sense of humor and kindness.

Dan is survived by his father Kenneth Colby Post; wife, Nancy; Son, Kenneth (Chris) Post; Kellie (Christopher) Hebert; David Post; Brian Post; grandchildren, Cameron, Gabby, Alexis, Logan, Harper; cousins, Beverly Cantara, Dickie Miller; numerous nieces and nephews  and his brother Donald Post.

A memorial service and family visitation will be held on Sunday, September 2, 2012 from 10AM-4PM with the memorial tribute at 12:05PM (the time of his death) at his home in Phoenix, Arizona.  In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to Hospice of the Valley or the American Cancer Society.  Those wishing to sign the guest book may do so online at www.danford-lester-post.forevermissed.com.


Hello and welcome.  My name is Ken and I am Dan’s eldest son.  I would like to thank each of your for attending our celebration of my dad’s life today.  We have all been incredibly grateful for all of the love and support we have received in these difficult times.  It has helped to give us the strength we have needed to take the first steps forward in a life that is now changed and transformed in a way that is still difficult for us to imagine…a life without dad.

 As my siblings and I talked about what would be an appropriate ceremony for our Dad, we decided that since he was not a formal person, an informal ceremony would be the best.  We also thought that the most appropriate venue would be here at his home surrounded by all of his artwork and ironwork that he created as a way to leave a lasting legacy for those of us left behind.

For those of you that have been to his memorial website, you may remember that the song I chose on the site is Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”.  For those of you who knew my dad that choice of song probably made a lot of sense.  My dad certainly marched to the beat of his own drummer, hippy pony tail notwithstanding.  Because it was so important for him to live life on his terms, he also was generous enough to allow each of his children to do the same.  He loved us all for who we were even though each of us was so very different.  He didn’t care.  He celebrated our differences and allowed us to live the life that we wanted, not the life that he wanted for us.  For that and more, Dad, we are here today to honor and celebrate you.

When I think back on my childhood, I think of happy times.  We grew up in the country in Maine on 16 acres of land.  16 acres of land meant a great deal of space for my brothers and sisters and I to play.  16 acres of land also meant lots of work.  When I picture my dad in those days, I think of him as constantly busy.  My dad was one of those people who was always working on a project.  Building a barn, plowing the snow, cutting firewood, planting the garden, cutting the grass, working in his blacksmith shop.  This is how I remember my father.  He was always doing SOMETHING.  Those somethings were almost always motivated by wanting to provide the best upbringing and life he could for his kids.  He saw to it that we had everything we needed AND almost everything that we wanted.  He always did as much as he could and sacrificed many times for each of us.  For example, he sold his tractor which he used to garden with and to plow snow to help pay for my tuition while I was on college.  It was always about his family.  As a result of his generosity, he taught us to give and to be generous as well.  We also all learned about having a good work ethic.  For that dad, we are here to say thank you.

Our house was the house in the neighborhood that everyone always wanted to come to.  It wasn’t only because we had lots of fun things to do.  The reason so many people wanted to come to visit was the warm, welcoming and accepting environment that our parents created for us.  Ours was the party house.  The house for not only our family but for those that were not as lucky as we were to have such a loving environment.  As a result, my parents were always “adopting” someone or giving someone a temporary home.    That unconditional love, generosity and acceptance that we all received has been a wonderful gift that continues to give for all of us.  I can truly say that it has made my life much richer and more fufilling that it might otherwise have been.  Thanks Dad for showing us that example and for teaching us how to treat others.

I have so many wonderful memories of my father, it is difficult to narrow them down but here is one of my favorites that I think represents the kind of person he was.

One time, I remember getting in a fight with my parents right before a band concert.  I don’t remember what happened but I remember that they were so angry that they told me that I was not allowed to go to the concert.  Not to be daunted, I got into my band uniform, went in to the bathroom and locked the door.  I opened the window and jumped out and ran down to the road to my friend’s house to see if I could catch a ride with him.  Oh, did I mention that it was snowing pretty hard?  I caught my friend in time and got a ride to the concert.  Later in the evening as the performance progressed, I remember looking out into the audience.  There in the audience I saw my parents watching the concert with pride, anger forgotten.  I will always remember that.  Dad was always proud of his kids and always was supportive of everything that we did that love and support instilled in us a great confidence that has allowed us to accomplish many things.  I so appreciate that support.  It helped me to learn to believe in myself.  Thank you for that, dad.

When my father retired from the phone company he decided to take a leap of symbolize the transition from working for corporate America to finally working for himself and doing what he loved full time.  I thought that he was very brave for doing so and knew that it made him very happy even though the income from it was not always a certainty.  What was a certainty is that he was finally doing something that he loved.  Later in his life, he took up painting which remained his hobby right up until the end.  He was so very driven to continue to leave a legacy, to leave something tangible behind.  As each of you can see as you look around, his mission was a success.  Even in my own home, I can’t turn a corner without seeing something that he created: a coffee table, a painting, a candlestick.  Dad, you have seen to it that even if we wanted to forget you, it would be a tall order.  You have made the imprint that you wanted and we will always remember.   

For many years, I lived away from my family.  I remember many phone conversations with my dad talking through my problems and woes.  He was always willing to listen and gave me confidence to deal with the curve balls that life throws us sometimes.  I will always remember those talks.  I will miss getting his advice.  Luckily, I moved back to Phoenix three years ago with the desire to be closer to my family.  Even though his cancer diagnosis came only two months after I returned, I am very grateful that I did because I was able to have many wonderful times with my dad that I might not otherwise have had.  Life works in mysterious ways. 

Dad, thanks for being your own person.  Thanks for providing us all with such a great example of how to treat others.  Thanks for loving us and showing us how to love.  We will never forget you or the wonderful example that you provided to us.  I love you dad.

Thanks again to each of you for coming to our celebration.  On behalf of my family, we are so grateful for the wonderful people that we have in our life and for the love and support that you have provided to us.  

Posted by Kayla Cornwell on 18th August 2017
He was only in my life for a short period of time. I remember his eye for the beauty in life. He saw the world in a different way than anyone I have ever met. And he showed love to everyone around him. He made me feel like I was home, and part of the family. I miss him very much and can not imagine how Cam and all the rest of you still feel. My heart goes out to everyone. He was a wonderful person. The world needs more people like him. Love and miss you all
Posted by Bill MacKenzie on 18th August 2016
Our prayers are always with you. Rita & Bill
Posted by Caroline Hooper on 18th August 2016
The world has less light with your passing. You always had so much love, laughter and appreciation for life and the people in it. Great memories from my childhood were spent with the 'cousins up north'. I hope you and your cousin, my Mom are hanging out together and smiling down on those of us left to complete this journey with out you. Love you!
Posted by Ken W Keeling on 18th August 2015
Hard to believe it's been 3 years. Seems like yesterday we were hanging gates. I think about you all the time. I miss you so much. Ken
Posted by Gail Little Smythe on 11th January 2015
Danny, when Nancy first introduced me to you I knew you two were perfect for each other. I was right, and you made a wonderful life for my dear friend and your children. I think of you often. The portrait you did of me as a child is one of my most treasured possesions. Love you Dan, Happy Birthday. I hope you're dancing on the moon.
Posted by Mary MacKenzie on 1st September 2014
Dan, I missed your anniversary but I was with your beloved wife and my wonderful sister Nancy trying to make her have some fun with the family. I know you would have wanted this for her. You will always be sadly missed, you are always in my thoughts and I still see that wonderful smile of yours! love always, Mary
Posted by Ken W Keeling on 18th August 2014
Hey Buddy. Just thought I would let you I took your rose in today to my new office. It got the round of oohs and aahs and admiration as it always does. I even used it again in an orientation telling hew hires that we can't teach them to make that rose but that it's OK because we don't make them at the company. I love seeing you in the different pieces I have that you put your heart and soul into. I miss you so much. Your Friend, Ken
Posted by Bill MacKenzie on 18th August 2014
Dan, Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family always. Love Rita & Bill
Posted by Mary MacKenzie on 11th January 2014
There isn't a week that goes by that I don't see your infectious smile. I always see you in front of me with your hands on your hips with a grin on your face. I am sorry I did forget your birthday, how could I! I miss not only my brother in law, but a best friend. My only regret is I never got to see you when you were ill. I so wanted my grandson Ezzie to meet you, he would have loved you too. I always tell him stories about his "great" uncle Dan! You will never be forgotten. love you so much Mary
Posted by Ken W Keeling on 9th January 2014
Birthdays are for remembering. I will never forget you and the good times we had. I miss you buddy.
Posted by Karen Ford on 7th August 2013
Garfield once said, "People don't want nice, they want consistency." Well, in "Uncle Bruth" you got both. What has never left my mind or escaped my attention is his deep commitment to his family. He proved that nothing in his control would ever come between him and every possible moment with his family. That legacy will always linger.
Posted by Pat Whitney on 17th January 2013
Dan, thank you for being such a good friend and husband to my sister, Nancy. It was evident that you loved each other deeply and unconditionally and never lost that "newlywed attitude." Thank you for teaching me to appreciate the finer things in life - love of family, art, music...and Willie Nelson. Although we feel sorrow for having lost you, we will remember you with fondness & love.
Posted by William Cable on 12th January 2013
I was one of those adopted children that Kenny mentions in his comments. The Post house was more than just the “place to be” for me – it was an opportunity to see the model family in real life. You could feel the love that Dan and Nancy had for all of their children. I have many fond memories spending time just talking to Dan about anything under the sun. He was like a father to me.
Posted by Heidi Greenwood on 14th October 2012
Uncle Danny, We love you so very much. And even though you are in a better place now you will forever be in my heart. I love you so much and you will truly be missed. You will forever be in our thoughts and prayers. Gone but never forgotten. To such a loving husband, dad,uncle, and grandfather, and just someone with a beautiful soul. Love Heidi
Posted by Andrea Greenwood on 22nd September 2012
Uncle Danny,forever loved and missed.You are with me always each time I look at the special piece you made for me and sent.We miss you dearly but remember all the laughs you gave us at family gatherings.Our Love to Aunt Nancy and family.Rest well Uncle Danny we Love You. Andrea,Mike,Dennis and Heidi
Posted by Tina Goudreau on 19th September 2012
Nancy , I am so very sorry for your loss, your son said so many wonderful thing about Dan that I feel like I knew him, such wonderful people are few and far between , God Bless you Tina Goudreau a farmtown neighbor
Posted by Mary MacKenzie on 3rd September 2012
Dan, I only regret I never got to say goodbye to you and hug you one more time. You have always been more like my brother then my brother-in-law. You will always have a special place in my heart, and I thank you for loving my sister for so many years. You were one of the most unselfisn people I have ever known. You will always be surrounded by love and will never be forgotten. love yu Mary
Posted by Lori Perry on 3rd September 2012
I am so sorry to hear of such an unfortunate loss. As Ken said his dad was such a nice man and so welcoming. I remember as a friend of "Kenny's" Dan was always full of fun and he always seem to join in on the craziness that went on in the house. I will always remember the smell of his pipe. I loved that smell. I am so sorry for the loss of the family. Will remember you always!
Posted by Edward Hebert on 1st September 2012
Dan, we are blessed to have you introduced into our lives, you were a gracious, loving, caring person. Your many talents will shine as beacon and inspiration to your family and friends. Your big heart, strength and love will always carry on in your family. Love, Ed & Lorna
Posted by Jesse Smith on 30th August 2012
To the Post family: I am so sorry to hear about your loss. You all treated me like family and I will never forget that. I will always remember Dan.
Posted by Dan Bieber on 29th August 2012
Dan, thank you for giving me a home to live in when I was younger. I am truly blessed to have known you, to have had you as a teacher, & to share your wonderful family. I remember the days when Brian, Jeff, and I would take over your whole house and play music in your living room. I was lucky to share with you, & your family, some of the most memorable times in my life. Thank you.
Posted by Nanci Fletcher on 28th August 2012
Dan and Nancy were among the first to welcome us to Maine. Michael and Dan shared love of ham radio and telephony. We had good times until both families move to other states. Although separated by time and distance, always in our hearts. May all the good memories bring peace to your family's hearts. Nanci and Michael
Posted by Sharon West on 27th August 2012
My husbandVictor worked with Dan in Test set. He would work on my test set when I was in final test. He was so friendly. We have such good memories of him. He will be missed but not forgotten. Our prayers are with the family. Victor & Sharon
Posted by Bonnie Quinn on 26th August 2012
I saw Danny only once after high school graduation....at a class reunion. I still remember how it tickled Dan that so few people recognized him....his boyish look had become distinguished and very handsome! Although words cannot take away the loss you bear, may God's help and love, family and friends, along with memories of better times keep you strong. -Bonnie MacLean Quinn, (61')
Posted by Bev Cantara on 23rd August 2012
I have so many memories I wouldn't know where to begin. I.m sure there's a big reunion in heaven, so many of his loved ones were waiting. My heart goes out to Nancy, Kenny, Kellie, David and Brian. We all loved him so much.
Posted by Dona Newman on 23rd August 2012
Reconnecting after 40 +years was so much fun. Tom & Nancy were probably bored with all our chatter. We will miss our visit & the many phone calls , but hope to stay in touch with Nancy. You will be missed. Tom & Dona
Posted by Karen Finley on 22nd August 2012
To Dan's family, So sad to learn of Dan's passing. I graduated with Dan in '61(Karen Michaud) and am honored to have known him. His legacy will be in his family and in his art.
Posted by Gregory Foster on 22nd August 2012
Dan, I feel the Lord has blessed me with such a wonderful friend during school days at good ole Skowhegan High and once again the past couple of years, he has given me the joy of catching up and chatting back and forth via email. For that I am so thankful and will have you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
Posted by Paul MacKenzie on 22nd August 2012
To the times we never were able to share I will think and reflect how quickly we pass this way but once . And reflect of all that may have been. At this time my reflection is that all you were blessed with in time spent while here with us .Rest in that wonderful place I now know you reside.
Posted by Betty Wright on 21st August 2012
Dear Post Toasties, My heart is filled with sadness at Danny's passing. He was a wonderful man, father, papa and the love of Nancy's life. I am so glad we got to talk about the "good old days" in July. You are all in my prayers. Keep looking for signs Nancy, I know he is watching over you. Listen for the sound of the hammer, it is Danny shoeing God's horses. Love Betty
Posted by Patricia Boyle on 21st August 2012
My thoughts and prayers go out to Nancy and family. Dan was a wonderful man and friend to me. We e-mailed back and forth during the last few years. He was what I call, " a true artist", wonderful father, husband ,and a true friend.
Posted by Charlotte Tripp on 21st August 2012
As Class Agent, in behalf of Dan's Skowhegan High School Class of 1961, I wish to extend sympathy to all of Dan's family and ask that God comfort each of you and bring you peace at this difficult time. His beautiful painting of the old high school (that has been torn down) hangs in the office of the new high school as a reminder of his wonderful talent and dedication to history.
Posted by Gail Maloney on 21st August 2012
Dan, Our family will miss you so very much. Our breakfasts at The Good Egg will always be remembered and that long pony tail of yours was always one of our favorites, along with your beautiful ironware creations. We will keep Nancy and you in our prayers, as well as the kids too. Bob and Gail
Posted by Bill MacKenzie on 21st August 2012
Truly, "Mr. Blue Eyes" best song ever..."I Did It My Way"...Just begins to describe Dan's tenacity for love of life,family, art, and helping others. There was so much more than even those of us who came into his life as in-laws ever realized. Nancy, you & your family are always in our prayers Bill & Rita
Posted by Bob Ruhlin on 21st August 2012
Having known Dan/Nancy since the Hudson days in the mid-70's, we hung out together, hunted together, worked at each others houses, "partyed hardy" together, AND drank more than a few rounds together. Dan was a GOOD FRIEND and it was a sad day when he headed for Phoenix. Glad we could stay in touch by e-mail and phone. My condolences
Posted by Helen Grant on 21st August 2012
I will miss you terrible Dan. Our vist not to long ago was wonderful. I am so glad we had the long talk we did. I know you are in a better place now.Nancy and I will remain friends and you will be in my prayers and thoughts forever. God Bless

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