"If you don't like the circumstance of your life, change it" Pastor Bola

Posted by Elomese Mike-Omobhude on March 29, 2021
Pastor Bola, you were one of the people that held my hands in early days in Canada. You were not only a Pastor to me , you became my Big Brother, someone I can run to. Pastor Bola, with a heart of gold, loves unconditionally, your matter becomes his matter. He will follow you through till resolution. He's never weary of doing good. You are truly a conveyor of the love and excellence of Jesus. Your love and passion for the Master is contagious.
I am one of the many lives you touched with the love of Jesus. A true soldier for Christ . I salute you Sir. We will definitely see on the resurrection morning. 
Posted by Ose Ikekhuah on March 29, 2021
This definitely hit hard. Part of me wishing it was a dream or movie, that is unreal. You had a great impact on all who you came across. Thank you for your words of wisdom, helping me realise the steps I needed to take in different areas of my life. I always loved listening to you and watching you as you ministered with God's spirit. To me it was always amazing and I desired to be used of God similarly. You are definitely missed, but I rejoice because I have chosen to believe The Word, The Word that gives assurance of believers meeting again in heaven.
Posted by Junior Queensley on March 29, 2021
Pastor Daniel Bola Jegede you are a father, best friend n best family ever, always smiling and ready to help anyone that comes in contact with you, you are a man of God with a different a wonderful man of God with a heart of gold, forever in my heart, what a great lost to my Family, I love you but God loves you more, Rest on my friend, father and best family ever . From your family .
Posted by Wilson Toba on March 29, 2021
Forever In My Heart❤.....Thanks for all that you did uncle...Love Always❤
Posted by Ezinwanne Ozor on March 29, 2021
Pastor Bola,

I didn't know you personally but each time I heard you preach, I knew you had a firm grip of the Word. Your preaching always left an impact on my life. The news of your passing is a great shock. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.
Posted by Pastor Monica Zunny-Abu on March 29, 2021
Pastor Bola Jegede, it's so hard to take this in, gallant soldier of Christ rest on. You were a force to reckon with from Christ Embassy Warri in the early 90s you were intentional about the faith.

You yearned for the spiritual in all things, you made me sing in the choir as you always made sure you gave me a word of prophecy everytime I ministered.
One day you said to me we will do a duet together, I thought to myself you believed in me.

The days you worked in Maxine Lotus in Warri were days of grandeur for us as you made sure management opened the doors for us to have Christian meetings in one of the finest Chinese restaurants in Warri then.

I saw clips of you when you dedicated baby Jayden Soyele in Canada and I was excited to let Bro. Olumide know that we were friends in Christ Embassy Warri back then.

Rest on mighty man of valour, when I read your wife's tribute-pastor Jemine, I forced a smile and thought to my self he sure ruled his house well.

We will continue the race until the trump sounds and the dead in Christ shall rise first and we that are alive and remain in the faith will be caught up in the air- oh the rapture of the church many things will be settled then...

Posted by Kalecia James on March 29, 2021
My Pastor B, mighty MOG.
There are no words that can explain the beauty of knowing and serving in the houseof God under a true leader and exceptional teacher. You are a light that caused many other lights to shine brightly. The presence of the Holy Spirit was always evident and shown in all that you did. Thank you for being an exceptional father, teacher, counselor and conveyor of the Love and Wisdom of God. You taught me many things MOG! And I will never forget the teachings and the expressions of strength, power, character and love that exuded from you Sir. All things are to be done with love and the purest intent of the heart, submitting all my ways unto God and to remember that the Grace of God to produce is always suffient no matter the circumstance. A life of prayer is the life I walk, always being in communion with the Spirit of God for it is the most important thing. I understand through you that we are not called to love as we journey through life but to become love in its full expression, because as he is so are we in this world.
Thank you it has truly been an honour to call you My Pastor, a Father in the house of the living God.

Forever grateful.
Posted by Eunice Wonegou on March 29, 2021
This tribute will never describe the impact you’ve made Sir.
Thank you for showing us so much love and care. You practiced everything you preached without fail.
We love you and will forever remember an amazing father and soldier of Christ.
Posted by Regina Snoh on March 29, 2021
My beloved Pastor Bola. You were a loving, kind, and easy to speak with Man of God. You were always smiling and interested in how we and our families were doing. I had so much things to say to you, and ask you, but I didn’t visit your branch. For this I am so sorry, even for me.
I missed you so very much. You will forever be missed! Thanks for your love towards God’s children, you were truly God’s shepherd, who led his sheep. May your soul and the souls of the faithful departed rest in eternal peace IJMN amen 
Posted by pastor zunny on March 29, 2021
My dear brother and friend of over 3 decades. Thank you for your unparalleled conviction of and commitment to the gospel. From our days in BLW fellowship in Auchi on 1993 and as classmates, to date you maintained an unwavering commitment to this gospel.
Thank you for setting many on the right path, the path of righteousness.
You may have been translated today, but you live on, your words, your examples, your results still take giant steps and announce you everywhere.
We have had cause to collaborate on helping with projects on behalf of our common friends, the speed with which you respond and always willing to help is amazing.
Back in our class forum, everybody has something positive to say though you hardly even come up to speak there.
You are a man of great impact.
I salute you PB, Jegeduz, Jeguz, GF
You have won and we are happy you have gone ahead to be with the Lord.
No one, your lovely wife, children, brethren etc has lost anything and not comfortless either.
We celebrate your life!! 
You live on great soldier, brother and friend.
Posted by Dcns Abimbola Oladeji on March 29, 2021
"For thine is the Kingdom, and the power and the Glory, forever and ever. And the people of God say, Amen!
Pastor B.
This is how you closed every meeting I attended with you.

Your reverence for God was unmistakable. Your passion for ministry truly inspiring and your love for people was so genuine.

You made everyone feel special and welcome. You had fond names for everyone. It's impossible to meet you and leave with out laughing out loud from a joke or comment that you make with so much ease.

At the same time your have an air of power and authority, we know to sit up and be on task around you.
My husband and I call you Man of Order! You don't take nonsense!

Always the first to arrive! Your punctuality is admirable.

Pastor B, we all miss you so much! and you made sure of that by the way you lived your life.

You are truly Unforgettable. 

I pray with each passing day we all embrace comfort and peace as we remember the beautiful moments we had with you Sir.

I pray especially for Pastor J and the children that they experience indescribable peace, joy and comfort as they think of you.

Thank you Sir for sharing yourself with us. ❤
Posted by Funmi Quadri on March 29, 2021
Dear Pastor B,
It took a while to write this as the pain was just too much. You are now with the master that you loved passionately.
You pursued him relentlessly and lived only for the kingdom.
You were a source of strength, a reliable, amiable and dependable MOG to many including myself and family. You have now finished your work here and resting with your Lord.
I will miss you dearly but will meet again at the rapture.

Funmi QJ (Harpenden UK)
Posted by Becky Ogbebor on March 29, 2021
My heart is saddened.
He was one of my best Patrons. I remember your kind words and respect you always accorded me. I cry because I didn't say goodbye and I can't say goodbye. You were humble and caring like a father.
You walked into Benin Cafe on May 30th 2020 and asked me if you could pray with me, because you saw me crying as my mom was dying in Nigeria and I said yes and you did. We became friends like big brother to little sister.
Pastor Daniel Jegede is gone?! Your kindness will never be forgotten. You touched the lives of many who came your way. My heart felt condolences to your wife,children and congregation. 
RIP Mr Daniel as I normally call u. Rest in Peace
Posted by Sharon Chioma Eke on March 29, 2021
Dear PeeBee

It’s with so much pain I write this tribute....
I was going to avoid it cos I was expecting to hear the news was a lie.
Pastor, this is too hard to gasp. You were too kind and good to go.
If only tears could bring you back.

I’m grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to have met you, know you and be loved by you.

Thanks for everything Pastor.
You were always there to help me when I got new assignments, taught me things about my job, you supported me, Cheered me on, played with me, teased me, Prayed with me and for me.
You were always excited about my progress in Ministry and Career.

Thanks for your impact in my life. 

I will miss you so much Pastor. So much. So much.

The Lord comfort Pst J, Tim and Isabelle and to everyone of us who came in contact with you one way or the other.
Posted by Oseremi Onesi on March 29, 2021
I am finally able to write this. I saw you 6 days before I heard the news, it was unbelievable.

The moment I heard the news, for the first time, I wondered how the disciples of Jesus felt after his crucifixion. It was a moment of hopelessness. But thank God for His word, I took courage in the scripture that says we do not sorrow like them that have no hope. (1Thess 4:13 - But I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep, lest you sorrow as others who have no hope).

I haven't lost because heaven's gain has become my resolve to do more.

Thank you for bringing out the best in me, for teaching me God's word, for making issues seem so light, and indeed as you said, so they turned out to be. Thank you for praying for me and my family. You always called and prayed for everyone on our birthdays - never for once missed.

I miss you Pastor B and I thank God for the Full and great life that you lived.

Posted by Oby Azogu on March 29, 2021
My dearest Pastor B!!! It's taken me so long to pen down words as I'm still trying to process this news! Is it true???!! I'm so glad that I know you. You are always so kind and genuinely interested in my wellbeing each time I see or speak to you. The wisdom of God that excudes from you is second to none. I always look forward to your ministrations, with rapt attention, pen and paper in toll to write down all those words of wisdom and prophesies. You have a unique way of communicating God's truths. You've impacted my life immersely and I am so grateful. Your liquid love towards God, our man of God and God's people is so tangible. Your honesty, kindness, gentle yet strong presence, intelligence, funny jokes will be missed. Your legacy, however, lives on. The expression of your love towards Pastor J, Timothy and Iszabel shines so brightly and is undeniable. You sure did fight the good fight of faith. It's not 'goodbye' but 'see you soonest'. I LOVE YOU dearest Pastor B.
Pastor J, Timothy and Iszabella, may God's Spirit strengthen and comfort you now and always. You are in my heart and I love you.
Posted by Joyce O on March 28, 2021
Dear Pastor B,

I never imagined not seeing or hearing from you again. Your exit was too sudden.

You became a father to Naa from her very first contact with you, and a great blessing to my family and I.

Sans Pareil. Selfless. A rare kind. Very loving. Always thoughtful. Caring. A source of encouragement.

You never turned anyone down; readily available and willing to help no matter how inconveniencing it was to you.

I recall coming to Toronto for Healing School in August 2017. You paid for my hotel accommodation and car rental in full without my knowledge because you wanted me to stay away from the distractions at home and remain focused in prayer to receive my healing. That act of love and kindness will remain with me forever.

Thank you for impacting Naa's life. She experienced first-hand what fatherly love was because of you. You were and still are a blessing to her. 

I celebrate you Pastor. Your exemplary life. The many lives you've touched globally and still are even now. What a unique man of God!. A definition of grace, faith and unconditional love. 

Pastor J, Timothy and Iszabel, be strengthened and comforted by the Holy Ghost

Rest well dear Pastor
Naa and I miss you dearly
Posted by Omoye Abu on March 28, 2021
Dearest Pastor Bola Sir, I celebrate your priestly ministry, I celebrate the extraordinary life you lead. I celebrate your many victories, I celebrate the many lives you touched and transformed, I celebrate the legend that you will forever be. Your selfless love for God's people remains unparalleled sir. You fought gallantly Pst. B sir and you continue to impact lives globally even now. My thoughts and prayers are with Pastor J and your lovely kids. To say that you will be greatly missed is an understatement. Rest on my Pastor.
Posted by Chinelo Nweke on March 28, 2021
My dear Pastor B, I can’t seem to bring myself to write a good night letter to you. It is a great honour to know you sir.
Thank you for the investment of the Word of God in my life.
You are a true blessing. I love you so dearly my beloved Pastor B!                        
Your Spirit lives on!
Posted by Remilekun Mabo on March 28, 2021
Bro Bola,
This is one difficult write up for me. I wish it was to serve another purpose other than this. Hmmmm. You were a rallying point for us all especially after Dad's death. You cared and supported us all. I vividly recall the wisdom that you displayed when we were all down and broken after Dad's passing. You were a blessing to your family by orientation and procreation. You certainly will be sorely missed.
Your memory is blessed sir.
Posted by angela umosen on March 28, 2021
My Pastor B, My Pastor B, where art thou? This is me asking you the same way you always say "My Angela, My Angela, where art thou? In this case, I know where you are. I know you are in a better place. I never imagined I would be writing this.  Even in my wildest dreams.

From the first day I met you which has not been so long, but feels like forever, you made me a part of your family. You called me "your own", and told me "you were not going anywhere". So this was not the plan. You loved selflessly and you were very mindful of us. Ethan calls you his best friend. I know you are still mindful of us, because you live on.

The love and care you have for the brethren is undeniable. You are peculiar, extraordinary and different. You are a light and still burn brightly. Someone told me, to see you as an Angel still with me. And I choose to see that. I miss your physical presence, but I choose to close my eyes and see you.

I am grateful to God for bringing me your way. I love you very dearly. Thank you for all you taught me, and for all you are to me. (I refuse to use past tense, because you still are).

I pray God continually strengthens Pastor J, Timothy and Iszabel. I know, you know they would be fine. We are comforted knowing your life was for the glory of God and we shall see you soon, very soon when the Lord appears. The time is short. Till then, Ethan and I would always miss you and hold you close to our hearts❤
Posted by Chinwe Olele on March 28, 2021
The news of your relocation to the other side of Heaven came to me with great shock. My only solace is that you've gone to a better place and we'll be meeting shortly at the rapture of the Church; when the dead in Christ shall rise first and we that are alive and remain shall be caught up to be with the Lord.

You were a great militant for Jesus Christ.
I can't forget the several outreaches we held back then in Warri as my PCF leader, where souls come running to the alter to give their hearts to Jesus Christ just hearing you share your salvation testimonies.
Neither will I forget how on my wedding day in 1998, some school mates of mine who attended the ceremony gave their lives to Jesus Christ just seeing you serving the Lord Jesus so passionately.

Pastor B, you were such a loving, selfless, passionate Man of God.
May God Comfort Pst Jennine, Tim, Atinuke and us with the comfort of the Spirit till we meet to part no more.

You're forever in our heart.
See you at the resurrection morning.
Posted by Frogy Nangoro on March 28, 2021
I am Frogy Wendy Nangoro all the way from Namibia On 10/04/2011 I came to Christ Embassy Toronto South. As the pastor asked all visitors to raise up to give them a warm welcome i stood and my beloved Pastor B asked me where my bible is, I told him i didn't have a bible,he asked the secretary to give me a bible which I have been using up today. During the two years i was in Canada Pastor took care of me he told me if I need anything i should tell him. He taught us the word and he had a unique way of presenting the word I had learned a lot from his teaching. He always said if you have nothing worth dying for you haven't started living...he also taught me who I am in Christ nobody has impacted my life like him those two years had made me a different person just because of his teachings and his beautiful wife Pastor J. I will observed other kids in the church but I saw Timothy and Izebella and i will be why are this kids different the had respect and the were full of love my conclusions was they really have good parents. I saw the Love of God personified and he had unwavering faith in the finish work of Jesus. He taught me the law of sowing and reaping . I was born again but i did know much about that. The day i miss service he will call me to asked me why i was not present i will sometimes tell him someone browed my bus card,He will say i should have told him so he could have sent one of the brethren. He always spoke highly of his beautiful wife Pastor J and that was amazing. I will text him occasionally to appreciate honour his love and the care him and wife has lavished upon me during two my years in Canada  and he will tell me I still love you my Daughter. The day i told him I didn't get my paperes therefore i am going back home, He didn't want me to go back but he said if thats what you want go may the Lord go and be with you always. He then gave me his personal tablets which i am still using up today. My friends always asked me why I have the tablet for so long and i will say it can never break I was given by a Pastor therefore it carries the anointing.
Inclusions I will say Pastor B was and is Still God gift to be he has impacted my life in a incredible way in a very short time.

May Our Lord Jesus Strengthens our beautiful and loving Pastor Jay and my little Sibling Timothy and Izebella. May he give you peace that excedd human understanding and the assurance of our faith in Jesus Christ is our Joy knowing he is with the Lord now.. 1 Corinthians 15:12-22

I love you what a glorious transition from glory even to glory.
Posted by Celina Omonoyan on March 28, 2021
Pastor b you were such a great man of God,you lived to empower others, We and your family down here missed you greatly, I know you are at peace and In glory.unrest for days after hearing this shocking news!!!
Posted by The Situs on March 28, 2021
Pastor B was as selfless as people come.
He was caring and loving and always went the extra mile for the people in his life.
He made countless sacrifices and even though it was inconvenient for him, he was always cheerful and happy about it.
PastorB will never be in our past but always in our hearts. 

I’ve never met anyone like Pastor B. Such a light.
He had so much love for God and that showed in how he interacted with people.
I thank God that I got to know you like I did. I thank God for the countless rides you gave me from Ottawa to Toronto and the time we got to spend together then. I thank you for treating me like a daughter and loving my family and I the way you did.
Thank you for answering all my questions, praying with and for me and being so mindful of me and so involved in my life.
I also thank God that I know where you are now and that we will all meet again one day.

I love you, OlaoluwaPastorB

❤️Omo Situ #1 Tobi Situ

To KNOW you, even just to know of you, is to LOVE you.
The more we think of your life, the more evident it is that your type is rare. What an honor! What a Privilege! What a Blessing! What impact! My God, What a Gift to the whole world! Forever Loved & Forever in our hearts you rest.
❤️ Dcn & Dcns Situ
Posted by Udoka Nwaoboli on March 28, 2021
It's so difficult to accept this, it hurts so only solace is that I know you are in a better place resting in the presence of God. Indeed, you have fought a good fight, you have finished your course and you preserved the faith. Thank you my father's son for accepting the call to serve in ministry, thank you for winning souls and depopulating the kingdom of darkness, thank you for impacting our world the way you did and thank you for loving me and my family the way you did. I love you sir and I miss you so dearly. Rest on God's general, we shall meet to part no more.....Goodnight soldier, salute.
Posted by Dcn..Eben Ezer Ufomadu on March 28, 2021
I cried, I cried, I cried again and now again with so much joy as I am reminded ….Pastor B, YOU ARE NOW HOME! 

There are men and there are MEN, You Pastor were neither. A great Spirit amongst men; You stayed Steadfast, Honest, Passionate and Zealous about the work entrusted on you. You last word to me were words of Blessing even to many. I love and greatly miss you.

Dearest Pastor Jemine and the family, Timothy and Iszabel, words cannot convey. My Gods spirit and Comfort and strengthen you.

Posted by Dcns Okoba Ajibulu on March 28, 2021
Adieu my dear esteemed man of God, mentor & friend - Pastor B!
You were such an awesome personality full of the liquid love of God, humility & yet tough for the gospel! A man after God’s heart! It is indeed a privilege to have known you; for you had always pour out yourself in ministry & served the Lord with your Spirit! We miss you on this side of heaven but we are consoled that you are at rest in the bosom of the Lord!

May Pastor J ,Timothy & Iszabel be comforted with the comfort of heaven by the Holy Ghost in Jesus name!
Posted by Sher Gill on March 27, 2021
Dear Daniel Bola,

It was shocking to know that you left us all, may almighty bless your soul; my first time of knowning you is when you were working in Ottawa at ESDC about 8 years ago, you were quite professional in your work. Once I knew you I realized how gentle soul you always were and you tried to help your clients and colleagues.
Thank you for all you have done for all of us. My deepest Condolences to the family. God bless you all and gives the courage to bear such a loss.
Posted by Naa Zoe on March 27, 2021
Dear Pastor

It’s exactly a week today.
Still looking forward to hear otherwise.
I love you and I miss you Sir.
Posted by JANE IYEN on March 27, 2021
Dear Pastor Bola,
It is so hard to believe that you are gone but God knows the best, my first time of knowning you is when you preached in Christ Embassy Ottawa 8 years ago, you were such an amazing pastor, Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and many of our Love World Nation, you will be greatly missed , but your memory is strong in our hearts... Rest in perfect peace pastor Bola. My deepest Condolences to Pastor Jemine and the family.

Posted by Tom Akhidime on March 27, 2021
So shocking to hear of the early transition of esteemed pastor Bola Jegede. When I arrived at the ministry in Warri in the early 1990s, then bro Bola Jegede was one of the young leaders that shifted my paradym of service in the house of God. With such exciting competitiveness in the cell ministry, it was easy for me to catch the passion. Pastor Bola Jegede, however stood out in his lively, friendly, cool, calm and helpful ways which only got more enriched over the years.

Great warrior and mighty soldier of God, you have impacted many and left glorious legacies. We choose to celebrate your accomplishments knowing the time of the great catching up in the air is near. Farewell soldier.
Posted by Osariemen Evelyn Ojie on March 27, 2021
My Father My Father, it been 7 days since you left to be with the Lord, I refuse to sorrow but to celebrate your life well lived. You impacted every life that came your path, since I met you in 2010, when you were transferred to pastor us at CE Toronto South before we moved to CE Norseman, I knew I have met my man of God, every word of God or prophesy spoken from you always come to pass. You stood strongly by me in my darkest days in this land, you brought light to my path and I am forever grateful and blessed to have met a man so full of Faith like you. I celebrate your life and happy you ran your race and finished your course , but you were gone too soon. My dear Pastor J, Timothy and Iszabel, the peace of God that surpasses all understanding is at at work in your heart, Pastor B left us all a great legacy that we will forever remember till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Lucky Omohe on March 27, 2021
Hm! I tried a couple of times to write something but find it difficult to start - no words to truly express my thoughts. I have known Pastor B since he came to Canada. He is a true man of God - an ardent lover of the word and a committed follower of our man God Pastor Chris. He left a legacy as a soldier of Christ - he fought a good fight and won - thank you for all that you accomplished in ministry. Pastor Bola - a consistent and dedicated minister of the world - a go getter. I will miss your peculiar smile and jokes greatly - we will meet again soon. The joy of the Lord is the strength of Pastor Jemenine, timothy and Iszabel Jegede.  
Deacon Augustine
Posted by Tunde Jegede on March 26, 2021
Bro Bola,

It is still so surreal, like a dream, we still can't believe that you are no longer here with us.

I'll never forget that year you came to visit the family in Nigeria, I had been unemployed for a year after NYSC. You took up my case and connected me to the person through whom I got my first job after service year.  You would never hear of or source out someone's predicament without seeking to actively provide a solution. I can't forget how you and your family hosted my wife and I when we moved from Montreal to Toronto, the atmosphere in your home was one of warmth, generosity, and hospitality. Your jokes and discussions - till today, we laugh everytime we catch ourselves repeating one of your signature phrases "It's a little chilly l'oni"

You were a big brother in every sense. I may not have spent a lot of time with you as a child but the few years I got to spend here in Canada with you were a privilege and blessing. The way you adored, loved and praised Aunty J, was a genuine reflection of your love for Christ. You were unashamedly in love with the Lord and all about loving people and making his name known. We still remember the word you shared "The only advantage a man has in life is the Word of God and the Spirit of God".

Uneku and I miss you sorely and can only imagine the void your presence has left. We pray that Jesus who you pursued with such passion will be as he promises to be - a husband to Aunty J and a father to Timothy and Issa.

I remember how you honored my wife when you chose to speak at the Career Webinar she organised barely 2 months ago and under short notice. You told her, "Mary, I'll do this for you, you know I don't normally do things like this, but I feel like it's only right for me to pour out into others lives what I've been blessed to receive. Even if it's just one person that's blessed by me sharing my story it will be worth it".

Bro Bola thank you for being a man yielded to the Holy Spirit, and letting him pour Christ's love out through you.

Till we meet in the Father's house. Love always.

Tunde and Uneku Jegede
Posted by Jane Asemota on March 26, 2021
Esteemed pastor Bola,you will be greatly missed,we love you, but God almighty love you more, farewell pastor Bola.
Posted by steve fullerton on March 26, 2021
Good evening I just want to say that.Im shocked by this,Pastor B has impacted my life in so may ways.Such a force of life he is,its hard to even contemplate this or even take it in.Keep reigning great king the words of your wisdom is still lifting me 
Posted by Pastor ABAYOMI ANIFOWOSHE on March 26, 2021

Esteemed Pastor Bola Jegede was a supremely gifted man. Pastor was a man of deep conviction whose passionate heartbeat was for the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am indeed saddened to learn of the passing on to glory of this great man of God. I send my deepest condolences to the family. Though, I mourn his passing but know with absolute certainty that today he heard those words from the Master “well done good and faithful servant” Thank you Esteemed Pastor Bola, I love you Sir.----- Pastor Abayomi Anifowoshe and CE Bayshore Family
Posted by zainab alasa on March 27, 2021
Still so hard to believe you're no more. We are however consoled because you lived well. You will be greatly missed in our alumni forum.
May your soul rest in peace and May the Almighty comfort your family.
Posted by Frank Giaus-Obas on March 26, 2021
My wife and myself are still in shock and trying to comprehend all of this. Rest in Peace my Pastor, Brother and Friend. Your Expose on the workings of the Holy Spirit during Foundation school in the early days of our Ministry in Canada changed my life forever. Am gonna miss you but am consoled in the fact that you led numerous soul's to Christ and that you have gone back to our Father. My condolence to your wife, kids and family. Frank and Ruth
Posted by Robert Lucci on March 26, 2021
It was always an honour to hear you speak, Pastor B.
I am so grateful to have those experiences, even though they were too few.
Your passion was inspiring and you have made a tremendous impact on those who are fortunate to know you.
Posted by Renée Crown on March 26, 2021
We have lost an incredible life, but he has left beautiful memories with multiple people. We're sure  heaven is rejoicing for another soul has finally reached it's true home. We can't Express the sadness that we feel. We can only pray that the memories he left will live forever. We love you Pastor B

Love and forever missed,
Beatra, Renée and the rest of the family
Posted by Site Admin - 2 on March 26, 2021
God has made his heart known through his Son Pastor Bola Jegede. John 14:6 – Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me"... Pastor Bola showed us the way of God's love, selflessness, compassion, conviction, power, humility, grace, service (honorable service in spirit & in truth), family values and just all things Christ. Pastor brought us in! Hallelujah!

Pastor, you were God's eyes & heart while on earth; you were His outstretched arm to the high & mighty & to the most vulnerable & lowly in our world. I choose to believe that your passing is a catalyst for the next level among those you’ve strategically prepared & embraced for such a time as this.... These ones are uncommon- supernatural children of love, humility & strong convictions. I'm honoured having experienced the essence of your character; you always brought the manifested presence of the Lord & the heart of God, as you demonstrated the character of His spirit. You're the true embodiment of an Associate of The God-kind and as a result, your passing enables a "NEXT-LEVEL" transition of your ministry in our lives.

Sir, when the fullness of the shock grasped my heart, I spoke in NEW never-before-heard tongues. Since that moment, I've been another man. Hallelujah! Thank you for your love.

.... sending my love & prayers to our Esteemed Pastor Jay, Sister Bella, Brother Timothy, your closest family/friends/colleagues/brethren & to everyone who found God in you. We're strengthened knowing that even in your passing, your life is still transforming souls, expanding God's kingdom, and inspiring the region of Canada to do even more for the Master! We will manifest all prophecies released by you during your time in Office and you'll smile at us in glory as you cheer us on from Heaven.

I love you Sir... and mommy Rose, though still in disbelief, sends her love.... you're truly loved by us =)...... What more can I say, but that I love God for loving me enough that he ensured I experienced His Character through the word at work in your spirit.

Sister Yllanda Slater
CE Brampton East
Posted by Olatunji Jegede on March 26, 2021
You were already an angel while you were with us. Thank you for all the fond memories. I love you always my big bros.
Posted by Naja Brown on March 26, 2021
Pastor B your memories, guidance, smile, laugh, lessons will always be with me. You’ve left a mark in my life and I am forever thankful for that. You were always on top; blessed and perfect. I’m happy you are at a better place. I remember the first time we met, after Sunday service and I had so many questions, you were so happy and excited to answer them all. You made me see God's word with brand new eyes. Thank you for your time, love and guidance.
Posted by Daniel Dickson on March 26, 2021
I have held back coming here to write anything. I can't put into words or text the feeling of this. But in all I trust God. The only one who can comfort Pastor J,Timothy and Isabel. A great work you did for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, a true General of God's army.
I will dearly miss you in the time we have left before our first flight. It does seem though you wanted a bit more leg room and chose a private Jet instead:)
Looking forward to that time when we all see again.
You always reminded me that they could only
be one Daniel in this ministry,it was you Sir!
Posted by Eugene Orewa on March 26, 2021
Indeed you were a friend who turned a brother. From our days in school up until a day before you entered Paradise, you constantly looked out for me. A brother ,a friend and a leader you were. The greatest joy I have is that you made it to Paradise though I miss you here on Earth . We will meet in Heaven when JESUS CHRIST comes. I love you Jegedus
Posted by Frank Prempeh on March 25, 2021
I'm most grateful to our gracious Lord for bringing Pastor Bola in my path in November 2009. Pastor Bola was my first Pastor in Canada at Christ Embassy Dufferin and Christ Embassy Norseman. Pastor Bola's passion for the gospel and the affairs of the kingdom were unparalleled. I was most honoured to be picked up from home and dropped home every service day by both Pastor Bola and Pastor Jemine. We discussed and analysed the scriptures in depth during the private rides with Pastor Bola and he always endeavoured to boost my faith in the word.
Pastor Bola also baptised me in water in 2010 into the ministry for which I am eternally grateful. I'm deeply rooted in Christ Embassy partly because of the ground work and support Pastor Bola provided to me.
There's a lot more I'd like to share but I'm positive there are thousands of others who were equally touched and edified by Pastor Bola's ministry.
Most grateful to our living God for blessing the kingdom of Zion with Pastor Bola.
Posted by Busayo AYENI on March 25, 2021
Dear Pastor B, its a privilege to have been brought your way. Its was divinely orchestrated by the Holy Spirit. You were my first Pastor in Christ Embassy. You taught me about service in the house of God. You made an usher, then the head usher of the church to lead people far older than myself. My journey of service in the Loveworld Nation ( Christ Embassy) began through You and with you.  Thank you sir for the eternal investments.  You sure raised a champion for Jesus Christ in me. While your physical presence is very sorely missed, my comfort remains in the word of the God whom you loved and served with your life till you breathe your last on this side of heaven. Psalm 116:15 "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints". You were faithful unto death and now you have exchanged your sword for the crown of life. For this reason , my joy abounds and I'm comforted.  You overcame!!!!!!!. See you at the rapture very very very soon.  Pastor Jemine, Timothy and Iszabel and your extended family, Christ Embassy family are strengthened and comforted by these same comfort wherewith I'm comforted. Glory!!!

Busayo Ayeni

Posted by Stephen Ewansiha on March 25, 2021
Pastor Daniel Bola Jegede, what a world? It’s hard to believe that the news about ur departure to be with the lord is a reality , it still seems to me like a dream, pastor I missed you more than everyone else, but for fact that the lord allowed it i can’t question God he alone knows it all, my joy is you’re resting on the Bosom of the lord, and you left a legacy in the memory of everyone who had come in contact with you, you’re a father and a good shepherd. Thanks be to God for the life well spent.
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Posted by Chinwe Olele on September 20, 2022
Pastor B, you'll always be remembered.
Keep resting in God's bosom till me meet on that great resurrection morning, at the rapture of the church.
Posted by Gift Ogbms on September 1, 2022
Happy birthday my great pastor .You always in our heart.we miss you.
Posted by Naa Zoe on September 1, 2022
Celebrating you always Pastor!
Happy Birthday 

You’re missed with fond memories ♥️
his Life

All about Pastor B

Pastor Bolarinwa Daniel Jegede was born on the 1st of September 1967 at Ososo in Akoko-Edo Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria, to Late Major Michael Adeyemo Jegede and Late Madam Comfort Abiodun Jegede. Pastor Bolarinwa is the 6th. Child and first son of the Jegede family.
Pastor Bola had his elementary education at Command Children in the Yaba area of Lagos, Nigeria and proceeded to Command Secondary School in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. He later went to Auchi Polytechnic, in Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria, where he studied Accountancy.
Pastor Bola later performed his one-year compulsory National Youth Service (NYSC) to the nation after graduation at Kaduna State in Nigeria. After his one-year compulsory youth service in Kaduna, Pastor Bola got employed with a private Accounting firm in Warri, Delta State, where he met his wife, Pastor Jemine and they got married on the 6th of June, 1998 in Warri. In 2001, their first child, Timothy Alvin Jegede was born.
Pastor Bola, a dedicated leader at Christ Embassy Warri, was later sent out to pioneer two outreach fellowships at Ekpan and DSC from 2000-2002. In 2002, he relocated with his family to Mississauga, ON, Canada where in 2008, a second beautiful child, Iszabel Atinuke Jegede, was added to the family. Shortly thereafter in 2005 Pastor Bola was formerly ordained a pastor in the Christ Embassy Canada region where he contributed immensely to the expansion of God’s kingdom until the time of his ascension to glory on March 20, 2021.
Professionally in Canada, Pastor B possessed several decades of accounting & SAP expertise. He has deep knowledge of business operations and core processes. Being a Certified SAP consultant with strong ability to successfully lead complex projects made him to be sought after by many corporations. He worked as a Finance Lead and management level SAP Consultant for several multi-national corporations with one of his key roles being the SAP & Finance Manager with Deloitte Consulting.
After leaving Deloitte, he setup his own consulting outfit (Alvin Hayes) and through this platform, he continued to consult for several fortune 500 organizations.
His last role was as a consultant with the Government of Canada before his ascension to glory.
Pastor Bola’s ministry work was exemplary. He Served loyally and dutifully under several of our CEC members and Regional pastors in the Ministry.

Ministry Work In Warri - From 1994 to 2002 as the Senior Pastor In 1992 Pastor Bola joined LoveWorld Nation and he attended LoveWorld Ministerial College (LMC) in 1995. In 1999, Pastor Bola was sent out as a missionary in the newly pioneered Christ Embassy Ekpan Satellite Church. At the time, the membership strength of the Church was just about 7. This Church eventually grew to well over 300 alongside 2 new Churches pioneered within the 3- Year period with a track record of being the highest giving church after the mother Church in those days, until Pastor B. left for Canada.
Today, majority of the Leaders Pastor Bola raised within the period in review are now Pastors and coordinators of Mega Churches across the LoveWorld Nation, including in Warri, Port Harcourt, Abuja and many cities in Nigeria and abroad.
Ministry Work In Canada Pastor Bola was truly an embodiment of the Ministry Vision, an Ardent follower of our Man of God Pastor Chris, an Excellent Mentor with the heart of a Shepherd. Pastor Bola continue the ministry vision immediately he arrived in Canada and was part of the headquarter church, then in Sheppard avenue. Like in Warri Nigeria, Pastor Bola was sent out as a missionary to pioneer a new church in Brampton (Now Brampton West) in 2003. From then, he was sent to pioneer a new church in Etobicoke (Now North York) in 2004. He then moved to take over the Mississauga church in 2005. With his vison and passion, Pastor Bola was transferred to take over another church in Etobicoke (Now Etobicoke Central – Norseman – Toronto South) after Pastor Lanre Adewoye and Pastor Seyi were transferred permanently to Ottawa to continue their mission in 2009. He was then moved to Hamilton church in 2015 to continue his missionary work by Pastoring both Norseman and Hamilton church with his lovely wife Pastor Jemine as the resident Pastor in Norseman. Pastor Bola was giving a higher portfolio to be the group Pastor of the Mississauga group of churches in 2019 till he was transcended unto glory. Pastor Bola passion was contagious, and his faith always produce results. Pastor Bola hunger for God’s work was deeper and strong and demonstrated the Character of the Spirit of God in all things. He combined faithfully his ministerial work with his secular job and excelled in both successfully. Pastor Bola truly demonstrated exceptionalism, perfectionism, and expansionism of the Love-world nation. He won several partnership and achievement awards during his time here. Pastor Bola lived a life of blessings, love, joy, and kindness. His love for people was legendary and always interested in the welfare and happiness of those around him and those that were just introduced to him. Pastor Bola checked out from here to be with the Lord on March 20th, 2021 at the age 53. Pastor Bola was and will remain a legacy unto all that he impacted and will be dearly missed by all. His family,
Recent stories

I will always remember you.

Shared by Pastor Godwin Eigbe on March 30, 2021
Thank you for all you did for me personally 

Our Beloved

Shared by Gracie Mukuria on March 29, 2021
Dear Pastor B,
We celebrate a man of great valor, love and wisdom. You were a man of action, a son of consolation, a dogged minister of the gospel whose words were always apples of gold in settings of silver. Thank you for the compassion you extended to our home and the many prophecies administered over our lives. It is hard to believe that you are not here but we look forward to the day we shall meet you in glory. You are forever in our hearts and we will honor your life by continuing in the good work you began. 

Rest easy Sir. May God comfort your family at this time.
With love,
Dr. Bola, Dcns Gracie & Annabelle Odejayi 

A True Hero

Shared by Patrick Shyintum on March 28, 2021
A great soldier, A mighty man of Valor,  A true Father. A true friend, A selfless man, A man with a heart to serve, A zealous vibrant worker in the vine yard, A kind hearted servany of God, A true messenger has been called back home to receive his crown. He accomplished his assignment.  Heavens stands in jubilation to receives the great hero. We give God all the glory.