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I will always remember you.

Shared by Pastor Godwin Eigbe on March 30, 2021
Thank you for all you did for me personally 

Our Beloved

Shared by Gracie Mukuria on March 29, 2021
Dear Pastor B,
We celebrate a man of great valor, love and wisdom. You were a man of action, a son of consolation, a dogged minister of the gospel whose words were always apples of gold in settings of silver. Thank you for the compassion you extended to our home and the many prophecies administered over our lives. It is hard to believe that you are not here but we look forward to the day we shall meet you in glory. You are forever in our hearts and we will honor your life by continuing in the good work you began. 

Rest easy Sir. May God comfort your family at this time.
With love,
Dr. Bola, Dcns Gracie & Annabelle Odejayi 

A True Hero

Shared by Patrick Shyintum on March 28, 2021
A great soldier, A mighty man of Valor,  A true Father. A true friend, A selfless man, A man with a heart to serve, A zealous vibrant worker in the vine yard, A kind hearted servany of God, A true messenger has been called back home to receive his crown. He accomplished his assignment.  Heavens stands in jubilation to receives the great hero. We give God all the glory.

It is well, it is well

Shared by Stella and Wendy Kavari on March 28, 2021

Our hearts are broken but we know your gone home.
Pastor, B  was a father to me and my sister Wendy when we arrived in Canada .  We never lacked anything,  above all Pastor B gave us the most valuable gift anyone could ever have,  he told us the word of God step by step because we were babies in Christ and  impacted our lives with the wisdom of God till today im very thankful, Pastor B was  people person, very generous  and humorous.

You will be dearly missed.
Be comforted with the love of God.


Shared by Austen AKHAGBEME on March 28, 2021
I was on a one year National Youth service when I met with Pastor Bola Jegede in his Church at CE Ekpan in Warri, South-South Nigeria. 
He was unique and mighty in scriptures and in the demonstration of God's power. Sometimes in 2002, I followed him as a delegate to LADIES AND MEN in ministry,  a ministry program held at Ibadan, Western Nigeria. Our great man of God, Pastor Chris, preached throughout the day down into the night. 
In one of those nights,  Pastor Bola called me why Pastor was still preaching and asked: " Bro Austen,  are you receiving "? I answered in the affirmative. He then added: "can you put them to work "? I never thought of it. I said I can. From that day forward,  he took a special interest in me and I began to take the word of God more seriously. 
I learnt so much of the demonstration of God's power from Pastor Bola. One day, he called me out to interpret a message that Sis Doris was giving in tongues. What a day! As I stepped out, the Holy Spirit fell on me and the gift of interpretation of tongues came into operation in me till today. 
  Christ Embassy Ekpan was a place for the miraculous. I saw for the first time, deaf ears being unstopped and several other miracles. Pastor Bola was always full of the Spirit. We met last at IPPC 2018 for just some few minutes and I had the opportunity of introducing my wife to him. He gave me a pleasant compliment. " Your suit is sharp", he said. I never knew that was to be the last compliment on this plane of existence.  But I'm so excited because I know where he is: in the bossom of the one he loved so much. Jesus Christ, that is. We shall meet very soon at the last Trump. Before then, I'm fired up to finish my course excellently just like you did. I truly miss Pastor Bola. 

Pastor Jegede rest on

Shared by AJ Wealthy on March 28, 2021
Just a shock you are gone, but I know you went home 

Selfless Love ❤️

Shared by Dcns Okoba Ajibulu on March 28, 2021
Writing a tribute to Pastor Bola was unexpected and surreal. I tried so many times to find the words to express what is in my heart and honour my esteemed man of God that impacted my life so positively and the lives of so many others as can be seen from the tributes on this site.

I came to know Pastor B about 23 years ago when I joined Christ Embassy Warri, Airport Road. Pastor B was ever so kind and gracious. Not soon after he left with Pastor Jemine and Timothy for Canada, my family and I left for Lagos.

When we (my family of 5) landed in Toronto in 2009; we were so glad to know Pastor B was in the same city. When we needed to look at rental properties; Pastor B took out time from his busy schedule to act as a chauffeur & a guide and took us around Mississauga looking at different properties until we found the right one. His passion to see my family settled in and succeed in our new environment endeared him to us.

Pastor B later on became our Pastor in Toronto South and then CE Norseman. He was patient, supportive and loved the brethren. He ministered God’s word with passion and gusto; and looks forward to the fellowship with the brethren. Even when he had a project in Windsor, ON he would drive the three hours every Wednesday to join us for the mid-week service in church. His zeal for the work of the master was quite inspiring and admirable.

Our first taste of the Mandarin restaurant in Mississauga as a family of 5 was with Pastor B and he foot the bill without the blink of an eye. He calls me “my very own Deaconess or Ooooooooh Deaconess with a smile in his voice and a grin on his face. Oh! His memories will live on in me!

As a SAP Consultant, Pastor B mentored me in SAP, advised me on my certification and prepared me for job interviews. Really, words can not express his investments in my personality and in my career.

Even when my family and I moved to Calgary in 2011; he was always checking up on us; I remembered  in 2014 when he had to flew to Calgary to minister to us due to a family challenge without our asking him to do so. He was selfless in his love. We saw and experienced the liquid love of Christ in him. He was our shepherd and friend that God placed in our lives to help us fulfill our destiny in Him. What a gift he was to my family and I; and to the whole body of Christ!

Pastor B - You were wise and turned many to righteousness; Surely as the Word says you are shining now like the brightness of the firmament just like the stars ⭐️   

I am eternally thankful to God for personally making our paths meet on this side of heaven and we shall surely meet at the last trump!

Adieu my dearest Pastor B! We love you dearly


Shared by Dcns Okoba Ajibulu on March 28, 2021
Partnership establishes you today & puts a deposit into your future!#Pastor Bola Jegede

Shared by Oseremen Osehon on March 24, 2021
Dear Uncle Bola,

I still can’t believe I am writing a tribute because of your transition to heaven. You were a pillar of support to our family.

The confidence we have is that you are in a better place. It was a huge honour to have known you during your walk on Earth.

God's general lives on. We love you, Pastor Bola. Till we meet again.

Your Nephew,

My pops!

Shared by Jephthah Igbinosa on March 24, 2021
I remember vividly the first time I saw you, the last time you saw me and the last time I saw you and at each of these moments you were ever gallant. My cool pastor and my Dad. You loved me and you did not hide it. Knowing you the way I know you gives me the assurance that “nothing spoil”. I know you are in a better place and I am happy for you “abi no be you? Na you na”. I love you very dearly now and always.

Celebrating Gods general

Shared by Mary Albert on March 23, 2021
My dearest pastor B! My father and the one that calls me special. Thank you for answering Gods call! Thank you for preaching Gods word with boldness!Thank you for spreading the word of God to the ends of the earth in your day! Your time here is done but it is the very beginning of a new fire to amplify the message you shared with us. We miss your smile and your show of love towards everyone that came in contact with you. You truly demonstrated the character of the spirit of God!We trust in God that we shall meet to path no more! See you in heaven pastor B. Mary Ikeafele 

Thank you pastor B

Shared by iyabo momoh on March 23, 2021
Thank you for loving us. Thank you for teaching us the word of God. You were more than a preacher to momoh were a father and a life coach.we miss you but  we know God needs you. Momoh family

Dance with the angels because you’re a star

Shared by Emmanuel Ikeafele on March 23, 2021
I celebrate the life you lived and the impact you made while you were here with us a moment ago. I surrendered my self to your leadership and teaching and you in turn made a man full of the Holy Spirit out of me. You didn’t only give me the word of God but you blessed me with earthly gifts that I still hold dearly . I miss you so much pastor B. But I am comforted with the fact that you ran your race to the finish line and have inherited the crown of glory that befits you. I remember whenever the Holy Spirit took over you! You’d dance from side to side. Keep doing that dance with the angels pastor. You were a gift to this world! Celebrate your self in heaven because your legacy lives on. The work our blessed lord committed to you will not die.we will expand it till the day of Jesus christ.I love you today and till we meet again I’ll still love you.

Even when Transitioned to Glory,you are still a Force!

Shared by Obilor Onyenaucheya on March 23, 2021
Pastor B,
I asked my self, how can some one impact so much without even meeting them like,  one on one. Your spiritual children ( Jeff and Mary)introduced me to you and all I can say is your life well spent has resharpened my goals.

A Good man, an Honest Man  with a Good name, with a Good heart, willing to help everyone who came to you even by proxy.. your good name paved ways , all I had to say was I am pastor B's member ( even if I belonged to another branch) or I contact Bro. Jeph, "please  talk to pastor B on my behalf, and it was done". 
Thank you for showing me how and what "Christ-like" is all about.

"I'ld come see Pastor B, to thank him for helping me"  was what I said until you transitioned. 

Well, we still see when we are raptured with Jesus Christ.

Thank you Pastor J, your Husband was a father to many ... I believe Father Abraham and Pastor B are talking about having many children right now.

It is comforting to know this ,You are with our Savior.
 Rest in Peace, Rest in Honour.


Shared by Ehi Ade-Mabo on March 23, 2021
Pastor B!!!!!

Ade and i are devastated!!

You were the coolest mentor/pastor we always had a joke when we saw prayed with us several times, there for us like a big brother...this news came like a huge shock to us. We appreciate all that you did for us, and all that you were. 

Rest on in God's bossom.

Rest in perfect peace Pastor Bola

Shared by Charmaine-Juliet Llewelly... on March 23, 2021
  • I am blessed to have had Pastor Bola's and his First Lady's warm christian welcome to Christ Embassy Brampton West. Thank you Pastor Bola for your sincere smile, your kindness and your Christian influence you instilled to me. I will miss your humble, dignified spirit. Farewell Pastor Daniel Bola Jegede. 
Shared by Isoken Ogbebor on March 22, 2021
My pastor my brother your death came as Shock to me what else can I say then to pray to God to comfort your love ones. Adios Pastor Bola
Shared by Mike OTHEPA on March 22, 2021
It was with deep sadness that I heard the sad news. I pray to the Lord that his soul may rest in peace in Heaven, but also in our memories. We will keep a warm and tender memory deep in our hearts.

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