Daniel eric Vaca
  • 33 years old
  • Date of birth: Feb 18, 1980
  • Place of birth:
    Riverside, California, United States
  • Date of passing: Apr 3, 2013
  • Place of passing:
    moreno valley, California, United States
Let the memory of Daniel be with us forever and ever.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Daniel Vaca, 33, born on February 18, 1980 and passed away on April 3, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Anthony Santos on 1st January 2018

"Happy New Years poppy it’s Anthony (tony) I miss you uncle and I love you so much"

This tribute was added by Erica Vaca on 1st January 2018


This tribute was added by Erica Vaca on 18th February 2017

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPPY!!  I can't help but remember all those years our birthdays were just days apart all these years. I hate that ur gone I miss you too much and want to hug you and hear your laugh and voice.its been 4 yrs.now  I get anxious to see you more and more.i can't wait to see you again and I am trying my best to be good and nice to all these evil people hear on earth.its just so hard.but for you it always seem so easy for you to be nice to people.your heart was pure.i love u n miss you baby.til we meet again"

This tribute was added by Erica Vaca on 3rd February 2017


This tribute was added by Sobeida Marquez on 4th January 2017

"Forever missed RIP poppy"

This tribute was added by Erica Vaca on 3rd January 2017

"This is a tribute to your life papa and all the lives you touched when you were here.so much ulgynes has happen since you left us .One thing after another non stop.missing you everyday the pain never goes away.my heart will truly be empty forever without you.i don't know why it had to be this way.i want you here with me and the kids you were so much like me. Everything about you from loving music to singing to your funny outgoing personality and even how you like to sleep I remember going to moms and you would be laying on the floor in front of the.v rolled up in a blanket like a burrito and you would watch videos all day long and be so peaceful.oh how I miss your smile and your laugh and when would tell out my name.most of all ur big brown eyes.so dreamy and always looking in the clouds like a daydreamer.luv you my heart is still breaking everyday Moe and more."

This tribute was added by Erica Vaca on 17th July 2016

"Hey Mijo it's been a while I love you n miss you you sooo much! Dee's home now! I know you know and were happy too! Things aren't looking so good on my end .it is what it is!! Just so tired of the struggling gand suffering so drained from it all.if it ain't one thing it's another.some things never change.i was hoping that you could please say a prayer for us all down here we really could use it.i k ow you got pool up there u were such a kind loving gentle soul who loved everyone.thats just who u were though I wish I could of been like you more."

This tribute was added by Erica Vaca on 20th April 2016

"Poppy please please mijo I know you miss mom so much but we need her here Annie needs her.Not yet its not time please its too soon.pray mom is okay and her surgery goes well. Pray for all of us.Dee don't even know what's going on.she can't leave him that way he will flip out.just ask for a little more time for her please.I love you !"

This tribute was added by Erica Vaca on 7th March 2016

"Poppy , it's so empty so much void , in everyone's hearts and lives.you truly were the life of the party .your smile alone could make a person's day.I miss you so much sorry I haven't written so much going on you don't even want to know.I got a pc 211 on my record now .you would of been so upset with me. They gave me a strike.everything is all messed up.and now Dee is in prison  n drew lives in Reno.Dee is taking to long to come home.I wish I could be there with you like in my dream. I already have my prom dress to wear it's put away it's pretty in pink..don't worry the way the world is now it won't be much longer.but I have alot of work to do here to make sure I make it to you.alot of big changes Dee too.and guess what Amber is keeping her promise to you that you told her the day before you left us.I  had a voicemail of you calling drew i play it when iam missing you too much it helps it feels like your still here. I pray for you all the time but it looks like iam the one people should be praying for.I know you know iam here at dads in your room is that you that comes to visit and mess ing with the lights in the kitchen and taps on your room window I look there never anyone there.you always did like to mess with me I'd do anything to have you back.Everyone lately has been saying how much we look alike I say what u think that was my twin! Lol   I love you mijo your life and memories will live on thru me n my kids your life and stories will  be told and all our special memories and times spent together will never be forgotten by anyone I promise you I will talk about you n your life til  I have not a breathe of air left in me.I love you little brother.always"

This tribute was added by Erica Vaca on 10th April 2015

"Hi papa, spent the day with you mom ,dad, n kids at your beautiful garden Annie says. I know you know we were there cause when I was laying down next to your grave playing the music from your memorial I made for you my phone kept acting up doing weird things every time I placed it on your headstone.I know u know now I much it hurts me  n how much I love you n miss you n will never ever forget your big eyes n beautiful smile.it will stay in my head forever brother. Did u like your cross n bunnies n light up egg tree I left you.mom n dad wanted a cross for you so bad.and the weirdest thing happen after they left.it was just me n kids there n I was crying historically for you when a young man who lost his mother  who was buried near you came over n ask if he could have my permission to give you this easter cross n put it above your headstone. I started crying more n said yes please my mom wanted one for him so bad n you brought him one. At that moment I knew you hear n see everything n I know you are still here with us.cause you n mom had this gift  where u just knew things or would say things n they would happen. I thought to myself my papa still spoiled look he got his easter cross.you n mom must of really wanted that cross for a man to come out of the blue and bring you one. I love you n know u see my heart n how sorry I am for always fighting with you n not spending more time with you like always wanted.I can finally start to forgive myself cause I know u know what I am going through.you are n always will bein my heart forever"

This tribute was added by Erica Vaca on 4th April 2015

"Today was the day you left us 2 yes. Ago to be with our heavenly Father. 2 yrs. Ago my life changed forever on this day it was the worst day of my whole life.losing you was devastating for us all. The emptyness inside still remains..it left the biggest hole in my heart.l love you always my precious handsome little brother.we will see each other. Again.I know we will.just .be patient .sleep peacefully baby .miss u always xoxoxo from us all.hope u liked the bunnies n easter egg tree me n kids left at your beautiful garden where u rest. Happy easter mijo!"

This tribute was added by Erica Vaca on 28th March 2015

"Hey mijo, I know you know I took Annie to see you today. We all miss you so much.still trying to grasp the fact that your gone.I don't think I'll ever really believe its true. I still hear your voice calling my name everyday like before.Annie says she misses you n loves you and that you have a beautiful garden where we laid you to rest. Sleep peacefully little brother I love you to heaven and back.did you see the heart sticker Annie left over your heart today.she said that's so you know she loves you always. The day you passed is coming soon. Gosh! Why does it have to hurt so much it leaves a empty hole in your heart and a lump in your throat.I hate it.just remember I love you more than anything always little brother.never forgotten and forever missed. Hugs and kisses from all the kids and me.see you in the sunset soon."

This tribute was added by Erica Vaca on 20th March 2015

"Sitting here wishing away another day.wishing you were here.missing yours eyes n beautiful smile looking at me.Cant wait to see you again.I had a dream that we were together again.we were in a field so bright with sunshine n golden illuminating around it n we spotted each other from so far n began running to each like little kids again.running as fast as we could to each other.and when we reached each other you picked me up n spun me in circles.we were so happy to finally see each other again.then there was peace in my heart.I can't wait for this day to come I know it will be just like in my dream. I love you you mijo. I'll see you in the sunset soon."

This tribute was added by Erica Vaca on 13th March 2015

"To my little brother and his beautiful smile and big brown eyes. This is a tribute to your life and the beauty to brought to so many others.god truly created a dream when he made you.you were perfect since birth. I'd never seen such a beautifulier baby in my whole life so perfect in every way possible.now I know when god made you he knew what he was doing cause he created you a angel. Far too special for this world. I know now why you had to go angels are not meant for this world they belong next to god  at his thrown cause they are the chosen ones that god picks so carefully to be at his side.my heart don't understand yet but I am trying to .god called you home to be at his side in heaven where you will always be young  n free of all sickness n pain and forever loved For you were gods chosen one so perfect like the day u were born.now you can watch over us.mom,dad,dee,lulu,and me and the Kim,Melissa,Brittany, Eddie ,and Annie,drew Chris cook,peanut,juju,Lauren,Adrian,and Ethan,pub by,rayray,ari  everyone else u carried in heart. This is too your life loved by so many n never ever ever forgotten we love you n will forever miss your smile,ur eyes, n your laugh and your sense of humor.thank you god for letting us have him for the short time we did. See you in the sunset little brother.I love you always."

This tribute was added by Erica Vaca on 4th January 2015

"Merry Christmas mijo! I know you see how  everyone is still trying to pick up the pieces and trying so hard to accept your gone. It still doesn't seem real.its like a dream.I am still waiting for you to walk through  the door and  see that smile you  use to give me.That look you give me like you were always so happy to see me.I would give my last breath to see you again.I will never stop missing you brother never.I will hold u n my heart always and forever poppy.I luv u mijo."

This tribute was added by Erica Vaca on 27th November 2014

"Happy thanksgiving mijo! Wish more than anything you could be here. But God had bigger plans for you because he knew you had a heart of gold.a true compassion for others and were so caring and giving.you learned what we are suppose to learn here on earth.what takes some of us a lifetime.god is love and you truly were of gods love baby ! I will forever miss you and I know you will be waiting for me.if only I could get things right here on earth.the whole love things and others my heart still has a lot to learn.I know I need to forgive people but its so hard.you are my hero my inspiration my hope cause you are what I want to be like. I look up to you. Your heart, courage, compassion,love,and your love for god,bravery you are my hero I love you to heaven n back until its my time."

This tribute was added by Erica Vaca on 24th November 2014

"God knew you were special poppy, since the day you were born. You were different than other people and you always saw the good in  people. You had so much love and compassion in your heart for others and appreciated life more than anyone i know. You always gave to the needy. You have a heart of gold, always seeing people for the beauty they had inside there heart not there physical appearance. people like that are too good for this awful world.and god seen that and took you with him where you will  live forever in paradise with him and and be forever young and loved."

This tribute was added by Erica Vaca on 9th November 2014

"Poppy you will be never forgotten and forever missed brother.your beautiful smile and big brown eyes who always loved me more than anyone else and the one person who always believed in me. I love you forever.and thank you this memorial is from me,andrew,amber,Chris,Anthony,and pretty girl Annmarie.we love you always"

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