Remembering an amazing life ...
  • Born on November 5, 1951 .
  • Passed away on December 5, 2018 .

Dan peacefully passed away around 2 am on December 5th. As most of you know he endured a long battle with health issues and was a warrior to the very end -- and we were in it together as always making the most of the time we had left.

Not only is he survived by me, Nancy, his wife, best friend, and soul-mate of 43 years ... but also an older brother, John, who was the U.S. Marine Sergeant of the family. Semper fi. Dan is also survived by his nephew, Eric, and great-nephew, Zack.

Those of you who knew Dan best will verify that he would not want this to be a time of mourning. So instead I have published this memorial site to give us all a place to reflect and remember the phenomenon that was Dan. He was truly a one-of-a-kind endearing individual with a big heart  -- with his own brand of humor, charm, drama, antics, philosophies, and stories that left us either laughing or screaming or both. I already miss him like crazy!

I'll be the first to write a tribute ...  and look forward to reading and sharing in your memories. You can add your own tribute below and/or go to the STORIES tab to share additional memories (which also will let you upload one photo of your own).

Love, Nancy

Posted by Tricia Bennett on 16th January 2019
What a wonderful memorial for Dan! I am sure he is very pleased with all the special photos and comments as he watches from his heavenly truck stop! I have always admired you and Dan as a couple who really had it "together". And you break the mold. There is not anything you cannot do! My very biggest hugs flying in your direction. Tricia
Posted by THOMAS DUNCAN on 3rd January 2019
Nancy I will miss him and his stories. I really feel privileged to have met Dan and had some of the deep conversations we had some times for over an hour at a time.I always tried to encourage him in that we are the lucky ones to live long enough for grey hairs.Best of everything to you...stay busy....He was a humble decent guy with a good life experience...God bless
Posted by Pepper Rodda on 22nd December 2018
Nancy Wow was so shocked and sadden to hear about Dan passing. I was a yacht broker at Summerfields and was always happy when you guys pulled in. You even delievered my boat from Texas. You were a one of a kind team you him and the puppy. He was always so proud of you. If you never need help please let me know. I am there for you always. Pepper and Chloe Rodda
Posted by Isis Bosley on 22nd December 2018
My Dear Nancy, I’m very sorry to hear about Daniel, but He is now looking after you, and I do believe he will wait for you in the gates of Heaven, All my love, Isis
Posted by Amy Regester on 22nd December 2018
Hi Nancy, Amy and Ryan from Summerfield days. We only just heard about Dan today and we send all our love. I doubt in a million years I would ever meet a couple like the two of you again. It really was special when you showed up at the boatyard. So many memories of Patrick's point, presidente, and the men giving each other hell. Some of the best days ever.
Posted by Dennis Rhodes on 21st December 2018
Nancy, What a beautiful tribute you have written! You guys were always a bright spot when you showed up in Lighthouse Point to pick up or launch a boat. After we closed... I would always recommend you guys as the most careful conscientious transporters in the none. On the personal side I enjoyed the conversations about “the real stuff” once the job was complete. Dan will be missed for sure! I’m glad you two shared this magnificent Journey together! God Bless you Nancy! May you find Peace in Him! Dennis
Posted by Leslie D on 20th December 2018
Please accept my sincere condolences and know that your loved one is in God's memory with a hope of a resurrection. John 5:28,29
Posted by Donna Savage on 20th December 2018
Nancy you did a beautiful tribute to Dan. It was obviously done with much love and devotion. I’ll always remember how quickly his charm and intelligence sucked me in. I loved working with Dan and Nan because I knew I was selling their service as the best in the business. I will always cherish our long discussions and his complete acceptance of our differences. A true gentleman and a gentle man. Hopefully we will meet again....
Posted by Chris Bosley on 19th December 2018
Hi Nancy, This is Chris Bosley, Burton’s oldest daughter. Dan & Nan are legend and Dan’s wartmth, kindness, and humor l will always remember.
Posted by Holly Wroe on 18th December 2018
Hi Nancy, this is Burton’s daughter, Holly. Thank you for making this memorial page, it is heartwarming to see the photos and hear some stories of Dan. My memories of Dan are of a open hearted, kind and funny man. We were always happy when Dan and Nan showed up at Summerfields, you brightened the place with your smiles, friendship and stories. I was always struck by your relationship, working, living and traveling together like that and to still be best friends...very inspiring. I think it’s rare to find a love like that. Sending big hugs and love across the ocean to you.
Posted by Burton Bosley on 18th December 2018
Dear God I will miss his phone calls - I will write more - once I process his going on to full time fishing. This guy is going to be missed. In this family, he was loved. He had a gift of appreciating the "moveable feast" of life. A rare one, a good one.
Posted by Nancy Gooding on 14th December 2018
Dan was my husband, best friend and soul-mate for over forty years -- and during the past thirty of them we were practically 'joined at the hip'. We worked together, played together and even socialized with the same circle of friends. It is safe to conclude that I knew him best -- and want to share with you examples of those redeeming and amazing qualities that I treasured most ... Friendly and outgoing: Dan was a people-person. He would approach complete strangers in parking lots and start a conversation that sometimes would last over an hour. My most notable recollection came while we were eating in a restaurant and he engaged the next table in a dialogue -- and before we knew it he had practically the entire restaurant in a discussion exchanging ideas and thoughts! Try this the next time you go to a Denny's. Great Communicator: Dan loved to talk as well as to listen -- he thrived on the exercise of exchanging ideas. He always kept in touch with his friends and family -- calling everyone from time to time just to reach out and chat. Whenever we could arrange it during our travels he would MAKE the time to stop and visit for holidays, special events, or just a few hours of face time. Generous: Dan was that guy who would stop the car at the street corner and give the sign-holder money. If he was approached in a parking lot he would hand over the extra money in his pocket or any left-over food we had handy. We spent many hours at the Western Union shipping $$ to family members in need -- even during our lean times when we would have to sell something to come up with the cash. Compassionate: He was also generous with his time. I heard him spend hours on the phone listening, consoling, offering helpful advice to people in need -- friends, family, and even business competitors too! He genuinely wanted to help others via his own life experiences. His heart was always in the right place -- which brings me to the next topic. BIG HEART: As tough as he may have seemed on the outside, Dan basically was a 'heart on 2 legs'. He was very sensitive to other's feelings and quite intuitive. He also loved sharing his happiness. I remember our 2003 month-long fishing trip in Hawaii that he negotiated in exchange for his transport services. After we arrived and assessed that the condo we were offered would comfortably accommodate more people he immediately invited his 2 fishing buddies from Florida to share in the experience. Passionate: Dan loved life -- and lived it with a vengeance! He did the things he wanted to do and usually in dramatic fashion. During his school years he was a true 'motor-head' spending most of his classroom time redesigning engines so he could win his next street racing challenge. His yearbook was filled with so many messages of thanks for the rides he gave them to school in his cool car! Then later in life when he determined that fishing was to be his hobby ... it was on! Not only did he pursue many deep-sea fishing adventures via friends and/or charters but we must have travelled to several dozen rivers across the country so he could master his fly-fishing techniques. Spontaneous & flair for adventure: You are all familiar with our gypsy lifestyle ... but what you may not know is that this started back when we were dating. While living in New Jersey at the time Dan suggested that we take a drive up to Canada for dinner that night -- next thing you know we were eating Coq Au Vin in Montreal surrounded by everyone speaking French - Ooh la la! Then soon after we were first married Dan suggested that we 'pack-it-up', leave the east coast, and travel the country to search for a better place to plant our roots. We then embarked on our first cross-country journey all the way to California -- with all our worldly possessions packed in a van towing his classic 68 convertible Camaro. What an adventure we had! Mischievous: Dan always had a talent to keep life interesting and loved to make people laugh. HE TOLD MANY STORIES about when he was a youth attending Catholic school and the trouble he would get into with the nuns. The funniest was the time he got hold of a clicker and used it during a practice church session. When the nuns would press their own clicker ONCE for everyone to kneel and TWICE for everyone to stand -- Dan would interrupt with his own clicks and got the whole church in a tizzy! Too bad for Dan that the nuns didn't have a similar sense of humor when his clicker was discovered. Business-savvy: The qualities I've discussed so far are what led me to falling in love with Dan. But his instinctive ability to succeed in business impressed me the most. He started with the basics -- first and foremost do a good job. He was insistent on quality. From marketing to promotional ideas his techniques were always on target -- as was his focus on closing a deal -- the best success is when everybody wins. He also had an innate ability to read people -- especially to cut through the b.s. and see into a person's true soul. Integrity: Dan always believed in doing the right thing. This was part of his DNA code. I recall one time a potential client contacted us with a good job explaining he was looking for the husband-and-wife team he had been consulting with but had lost the phone number -- and hoping it was us. I knew it didn't sound familiar but double-checked my notes just in case. When I presented this to Dan he determined that this client for looking for our friends (the other husband-and-wife team) who were also our competitors. Dan could have easily taken the job but instead swiftly bowed out of the deal and reconnected all parties. Craftsmanship: Dan was a hands-on guy. As early as I can remember he was using his welding skills to manufacture a utility trailer or build wood-burning stoves ... to the most recent years when he would customize rigging for boats or build a boat hauling rig. At one point he even took an old Peterbilt from a wrecking yard and rebuilt it with parts to produce an awesome over-the-road truck which we used for many years. Finally I want to share my memories of Dan's honesty ... the ability to speak-his-mind or tell-it-like-it-is. He did not come equipped with a filter but he tried his best to be diplomatic. We used to enjoy watching movies together and then pick out our favorite lines to use for future reference. For example while we were dating he took me to see JAWS in the theater -- after which we agreed that our favorite line was "we're gonna need a bigger boat" -- and we used this line jokingly for certain situations in the years to come. In the later years we watched the movie JERRY MAGUIRE and discussed the line "you complete me". This was so profound. While I was the rock in Dan's life that gave him a grounding force ... he was the rock in my life that gave me strength to soar beyond my wildest dreams! We completed each other. Although he agreed Dan said his favorite line was "show me the money"... so we went with both ... and that's why I'll miss him and love him forever. Thank you for any amazing life! See you on the other side my love. Nancy

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