Let the memory of Daniel Powell be with us forever
  • 67 years old
  • Born on October 30, 1950 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.
  • Passed away on July 14, 2018 in St. Paul, Minnesota, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Daniel Powell.  The man, the myth, the legend.A 45 year friend of Bill W., a kind hearted and enlightened individual that truly lived by his motto to always give more than you take.Whether through his famous storytelling, or his great zest for life, Dan always embodied compassion, tender heartedness, and a giving soul that touched all those he met.Dan passed away with his family by his side on Saturday, July 14 in St. Paul, MN. Survived by his “bride” of 29 years, Judy and five of the “best children on the planet”, Zachary Powell, Danielle (Patrick) Fogerty, Sara (Christopher) Griffin, Brooklyn (Jacob) Randall, & Heidi (Michael) Hieserich. Proclaimed “best grandpa in the world” by his eight grandchildren: Eva, Jackson, Anna, Mckenzie, Olive, Paxton, Charlotte, and Amelia. Greatly missed by his brother David Powell, sister Diane Williams and several nieces Susan, Sara, Becky, Emily, Brooke, Chris, Kristen, Kimberly; Nephews Michael Jr., Adam, Michael and Dan,  Sister in-law Lynne (Rick)  Portz, Dorothy Locke (Butch), brother-in-law Randy (Lori) Gosch, and many treasured friends. Preceded in death by his parents Gordon & Marian Powell, sister Elizabeth Powell, and his in laws Warren & Charlotte Marteness. Celebration of life will be held Sunday August 5th at The Cremation Society of MN, 1979 Old Hudson Road, St. Paul 55119.Visitation 1:30-2:30, followed by service at 2:30, tributes and friendship until 5:30.In lieu of flowers contributions can be made to a fund for the family of Dan Powell.

Or if you prefer to send a card the address is 22258 Lilac Way Forest Lake, MN 55025

Fund for Dan Powell Family

Posted by Judy Powell on 18th December 2018
I am missing you so much. There is big hole inside and I'm afraid it will be there forever. It doesn't get easier. I just miss being loved, being loved by you. Nothing can replace that. I feel angry that you are gone, however, do find comfort in the fact you are with your parents and are experiencing the love of heaven. Miss my husband forever and always. Your Bride Judy
Posted by Judy Powell on 3rd December 2018
Married 27 years on November 30th. Together 29 years. Miss him so much. There are not words to desribe that vast emptiness in our lives without him here. I know he is with us in spirit because he sends signs but it isn't the same. So grateful he was my husband and soulmate. Love you Daniel Powell.
Posted by Judy Powell on 6th September 2018
Yesterday was Dan's 45 years sober. What an amazing accomplishment. He really lived the 12 Step principles in his life and practiced gratitude on a daily basis. I don't think he ever really knew how much he was loved because he was so humble. We miss him so much. Tonight I plan on going to his home meeting to honor his sobriety. Love you Daniel Powell.
Posted by Jefferson Blakeslee on 22nd August 2018
When I moved from South Florida to Minneapolis in 1975 , Dan became quickly a close friend - We both cherished sobriety , and knew that our lives depended on keeping the First Step sacred ..From there , Dan and I shared many great times , and some tough ones . We saw a close friend lost to drug abuse within the first 10 years of our friendship . We were part of a group of friends , all sober , all loving and laughing . Although Dan was a fishing fanatic , he was also a music fanatic . We shared a special bond in our love of jazz, and music in general . Dan was the kind of friend who shared openly , always expressing gratitude to me for our friendship - I often felt undeserving , but still I was/am Thankful in the long run . The Grace of God brought us together, and kept us friends for over 4 decades . His family was a blessing , and a great delight to see them all at his memorial . Love love love the "Danny Boy" !
Posted by Judy Powell on 17th August 2018
UPDATE FROM Gofundme page by Heidi Flaws-Hieserich It has been awhile since I posted. We were so touched by all of the friends and family that turned up for Dan’s service. We also appreciate all of those that wrote, called, or reached out in someway to connect with us over the past month. Your memories and love for Dan have been a light for us during this difficult time in our lives. I speak for the entire family when I say how grateful we are for all of your generosity and support. Your kindness has helped to lift some of the heavy burdens and harsh realities of life right now for my mom. It will take some time for her to adjust to a life without him by her side. Their love for one another was so deep and truly unconditional. She’s been so strong in facing this new and very different reality. Of course she’s grateful for the years they shared, but none of us (Dan included) were ready for this. Love you all! Take care and hug your loved ones often! p.s. Hope you love the window decal as much as I do! Also hope you’ve had a chance to slow your pace a bit and enjoy the little things in life in Dan’s honor, like exchanging a smile and maybe some small talk with a stranger.
Posted by Judy Powell on 12th August 2018
Added some posts in the story tab. Missing him a lot but feeling blessed he was in my life as along as he was. I was cherished for 29 years by the love of my life and it doesn't get better than that.
Posted by Judy Powell on 8th August 2018
Missing Dan so much. It is lonely at a deep level. When you lose your soulmate and best friend it does leave a big hole. I get that life goes on but for me right now, it is slow. I keep hoping it is a bad dream but it's not.
Posted by Judy Powell on 6th August 2018
Well, today we had Dan's Celebration of life and what a day it was. So many wonderful stories about Dan. He truly was an amazing person and I am a better person because he came into my life. I just want to thank everyone for all the love, support and prayers/healing energy. I'm exhausted, wondering how do I go on, knowing that I have to but just feeling lost. I'm so grateful for friends, and family, my sister Lynne Portz and the most amazing nieces and nephews. Michael Marteness Jr. you saved me and I'm so grateful for your calming presence. So many of Dan's friends shared wonderful memories. Kim TaylorI love you. Britta Marrinan your words comfort. I specifically want to say thanks to the many friends of our children who showed up in their lives today. I know that Dan is pleased and feels free knowing his kids are loved.-Thank you everyone. Please share memories at
Posted by Anne Nels on 30th July 2018
He is quiet now, he is at peace. I feel so grateful to have had Dan as a part of my life. We worked together and became friends the first time we met. He made me feel at ease and was very kind, with a dose of humor. Always the humor, the smile and a positive outlook. Over the last 40 years I had the honor of getting to know Dan, his loving wife Judy and his wonderful children. The last few months we talked quite a bit. I miss you being there. There is a hole in my heart with you gone. I will treasure all my time with you, Dan. These are the memories I cling to, to help me through the day. There have been so many beautiful descriptions of Dan and they are all true. One thing I know is that Dan was truly one of a kind. I always said he is so pure in his giving, so self-less that he would literally ‘give you the shirt off his back’. I know I will never be saying that again about anyone else, only Dan would do such a thing. Rest now, Danno. I love you
Posted by Stevei Nelson on 29th July 2018
Dan was one of my closest and dearest friends for over 40 years. I have never met a kinder and more generous man than Dan. His love and friendship were truly unconditional. Every time I talked to Dan he would always tell me how much he loved Judy, all his kids and grandchildren. Who could have ever had a better husband, father and grandpa than Dan. I have a thousand Dan stories which I will cherish forever and I know Dan will chuckle every time I tell one because he loved the stories as much as anyone. He was one of a kind!!!!!!! Dan's passing has been very sad for me but I know his soul is now resting in peace. I will honor his memory by trying to be a better man. Dan, I miss you.
Posted by Judy Powell on 28th July 2018
POSTED ON 7/14/2018 by SARA POWELL-GRIFFIN The world lost a great light today....my dad was the type of person who always tried to see the best, loved his family fiercely, and was always willing to lend an ear... I am heartbroken that my life will never be the same, but I am at peace that he is finally at rest.
Posted by Judy Powell on 28th July 2018
POSTED on FB BY DANIELLE POWELL FOGERTY on 7/15/18 Although my dad isn't here in physical form I know he is breathing easy in up in heaven. I want to thank everyone who has donated to my help my family but mostly for all of the out pour of love and prayers that have been sent our way! If I could ask everyone to continue to share his GoFundMe. It would be so much appreciated! Thank you!​
Posted by Judy Powell on 27th July 2018
This something ZACHARY POWELL posted the day his Dad died July 14, 2018. I wanted to share it here. My dad passed away tonight around 6. I can't believe he is gone, he has been my best friend, my mentor, my moral compass, and the guy I could bounce completely bizarre ideas off of. I believe I will pull through this, though I know it will be one of the hardest things I have ever done. To everyone that has reached out to provide support, both financially and emotionally, it has meant so much to me and my family".
Posted by Judy Powell on 27th July 2018
POSTED BY ZACHARY POWELL ON FACEBOOK: Sometimes, I forget you are gone and go to talk to you. I feel lost without you there. No one really got me like you did. I just hope that wherever your next life takes you, that you are happy and can breathe full and free! Love you and miss you like crazy dad.
Posted by Judy Powell on 27th July 2018
POSTED BY BROOKLYN FLAWS-RANDALL on 7/14/2018: "You are my superior officer. You are also my friend. I have been and always shall be yours." "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" I just had to say it to him. From one Trekkie to another.
Posted by Judy Powell on 27th July 2018
POSTED TO FACEBOOK BY Jason Gallagher on 7/14/2018: RIP Daniel Powell , thank you for sharing your life with me and other friends of your daughter Brooklyn Flaws Randall . Most parents get to know their kid's friend but you did so much more. You encouraged us to be ourselves. You listened to our issues, you shared your wisdom through stories of your past and what you have learned in your life. I remember one thing you told me about our group of friends. You said that we have something special because we created an unbreakable bond with each other that will never go away. And, 20 something years later, he is still right.
Posted by Britta Marrinan on 25th July 2018
I remember when Judy and Dan got married and the joy they shared at finding one another, true soulmates. I remember meeting Dan and instantly feeling that Judy and her girls had found a man who was graced with depth of soul as well as a kindness and compassion that was powerfully evident. You felt GOOD being around Dan. He had the ability to connect powerfully, in a focused manner that made you feel special...heard. He was attentive and loving with a delightful sense of humor. Judy loves to laugh and I saw her laugh more with him than ever before in her life. Dan was a man whose boundaries were 'love'. Family to him embraced all that he loved with no artifice given to whether they were 'bonus' children or biological. He just LOVED. I was always very impressed by his passionate responses to life as well as his deep spiritual connection to both his divine masculine and feminine sides. I know that his family is bereft by his passing and my prayers are that they FEEL Dan's presence with them, guiding and advising and loving up on them as they navigate these grief filled waters. Sharing a poem that my husband and I hold close to our hearts in our own losses. May it bring some comfort. THE SHIP What is dying I am standing on the seashore, a ship sails in the morning breeze and starts for the ocean. She is an object of beauty and I stand watching her till at last she fades on the horizon and someone at my side says: "She is gone." Gone! Where Gone from my sight that is all. She is just as large in the masts, hull and spars as she was when I saw her, and just as able to bear her load of living freight to its destination. The diminished size and total loss of sight is in me, not in her, and just at the moment when someone at my side says, "She is gone" there are others who are watching her coming, and other voices take up a glad shout: "There she comes!" and that is dying. Bishop Brent
Posted by Judy Powell on 25th July 2018
Just watched a movie with our Son Zachary. That is something the three of us would do. Really missed him. Learning to live without him is really difficult.
Posted by Judy Powell on 24th July 2018
The family has decided to make a memorial bench in honor of Dan. We just aren't sure where it will be but will keep everyone updated when the decision is made.
Posted by Heidi Flaws Hieserich on 22nd July 2018
Forever in our hearts. Your light will shine on through all of those you impacted with your kindness and generosity. We will never stop missing you.

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