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Shared by Thomas Hornberger on November 11, 2020
I remember your father as a wonderful colleague when he was close to your age. As a result I've always thought of him as young, certainly way too young for this terrible fate. He had such a wonderful, good spirit -- I recall his joy in learning to use the company SLR camera, what must have been his first chance to work with high-end photographic equipment. He helped establish an audiobook library for our traveling team, long before audiobooks were widely popular. I still have the Bob Marley cassette he copied for me to keep me entertained while I drove from New Jersey to our new home in Kansas City.

- Larry Tabak

The music

Shared by Jawn Pogs on November 10, 2020
I met Dan in 1981 at Temple University.  We were living on the 5th floor of Hardwick Hall. He was one of the first to welcome me to Temple and took me under his wing - I was a freshman and he was a sophmore.  We got along really well and shared a great appreciation for wacky humor.  We would always chuckle.  One day I walked into Dan's room and he was listening to Todd Rundgren.  I was born and raised in Philly and (sadly) had not heard of Todd until Dan introduced me to the music of the Upper Darby native. I was immediately hooked.  Dan and I went to see Todd later that year at the Tower Theater on South Street.  Dan and I remained friends during college but lost touch after graduation.  Dan was a guy who had a larger than life personality and left a lasting impression on people.  My prayers are with the Hornberger family. 

John Pogas
Souderton, PA
Shared by Peg Pellegrini on November 10, 2020
Dan was a great guy, always willing to lend a hand and with his greatsmile when he did. He was my ‘go to guy’ so smart and happy to share his knowledge.  Dennis and I will miss his wit and humor. Our love and support to you all

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