Posted by Peter Fey on November 12, 2020
I met Dan at Temple University where we shared film and art history classes. We thrived in the former and dozed a bit in the latter, but always had a good time regardless of where we were. A four-decade friendship followed and he was among the handful of guys I considered a brother-from-another-mother. He was realistic yet optimistic, and had a great laugh. Great taste in music, and I treasure the memories of the shows we saw. I had the honor to be his best man and later, even though he didn't know it, I would crib his notes on fatherhood. He excelled at and loved that role. Dan was highly creative and always encouraged others in artistic pursuits. He had written a good movie script called Raiding, based on his childhood experiences, and it inspired me to write a song. But it was many years before I had the courage to share it with him. When I did, he was appreciative and encouraging. He said it brought him to tears. So, let me leave you with the chorus because it's how I'm always going to feel about Dan: And when I raid my memories / Yours is the treasure I plunder / We were first mates in a lightning flash / And a sense of wonder.
Posted by Kai Fawn on November 12, 2020
I left Berks County right after high school and stayed gone for quite some time. When I came back, my older daughter started kindergarten. She came home one day in her first month and told me that her teacher wanted her to participate in a video project about her favorite book, and there was a really tall guy in charge who told her he knew her mom and thought she was a great writer. I reached out to her teacher and asked who it was. It was Mr. H.

Over the next few years I saw him routinely running errands, filming a video with my brother, stopping into school, and at one point I told him that I credited him with who and what I became as an adult. He told me that was ridiculous and that I was always going to be who I was supposed to be... but I know there are hundreds of kids just like me who were nudged firmly but positively in the right direction by him. He was the first person who told me not only that I was good at writing, but I was a GOOD writer... now shut the hell up asking if your writing is good and just WRITE, Miller. He nailed a tennis ball directly at me (with my dad laughing just 50 feet away) when I swore one too many times on the court because I should have more respect for the sport, for my opponent, and for myself. He helped me develop a love of film, particularly character development, and showed me the beauty in the simplicity of children's lit.

Thank you, Mr. Hornberger. RIP.
Posted by Don Stoltzfus on November 11, 2020
Ginny, Jim Yost told me about your loss and I remember all of your support when I was at Muhlenberg. I also remember what a great family you and Dan raised. God bless all of you as you deal with grief.
Posted by Matt Feightner on November 11, 2020
"...Abandoned too soon
Set down with due care
Don't walk away in silence
Don't walk away..."
Posted by Jean Kennedy on November 11, 2020
My heart is breaking for his wife and family. I knew Dan from the dog park and from just those brief meetings he seemed like a sweet, caring individual! We will miss you!
With our deepest sympathy, Jeanne,Archie, and the late Riley.
Posted by Kelley Lesniak on November 10, 2020
Our junior year of high school, we lost a classmate. That summer Mr. H invited a bunch of students over to his house to brain storm on how to make our senior year the best. I learned in that moment just how much he cared and wanted us to heal. Mr. H and I butted heads a lot in the classroom. I always thought it’s because, I didn’t share his love of “Lord of the Flies.” Ultimately, I know he was pushing me to be better than what I thought I was. Over the years, I worked along side his sister, Diane, and got to learn of Dan...The brother, son, father, husband and friend.
Posted by Thomas Hornberger on November 10, 2020
Rip Mr H thank you for being one of the very few teachers to actually care about what was going on in my life & never punishing me for a panic attack or just needing a minute to breathe. You always made home room fun
my condolences to all of you

- Starr Alexis Neidlinger
Posted by Thomas Hornberger on November 10, 2020
Condolences. I'm very sorry for your lost. I only met Dan, whenever he would kindly say hi to me at the Jim Dietrich's dog park. Although I didn't know the man too much, he always had the most heart warming smile. It was very comforting having his presence. God bless his soul and may he rest in peace

- Luis Pineda
Posted by Thomas Hornberger on November 10, 2020
Definitely a shock to the SV community...I recall 7th grade, his first year teaching there. He told us stories of his friend, Happy. He made me laugh so uncontrollably that he had to stop teaching to tell me to stop laughing. He was one of a small handful of people who made me laugh that hard. And I know I’m not the only one with such fond memories. RIP Mr. Hornberger... you’ll be missed by many

- Jenny Intelisano Maurer
Posted by Thomas Hornberger on November 10, 2020
I am so very sorry. He will always be my favorite teacher, and hold a special place in my heart from school and tennis. Thinking of all of you.

--Katy Everson, Class of '97
Posted by Thomas Hornberger on November 10, 2020
This breaks my heart. Mr. Hornberger was my teacher my senior year and at that time, my dad was dying from cancer, and I missed school often. It was because of his help I was able to graduate on time. I will never forget that. Very sorry for your loss

- Lauren Isabel
Posted by Thomas Hornberger on November 10, 2020
So so sorry for your loss. Dan was a great guy. If it wasnt for dan, I wouldn’t have received the best rescue pup ever!!! Alex and dan used to be best buddies from what I hear!!! He will always look down on you and your family as the shining light at the end of every tunnel

- Tyler Byrnes
Posted by Thomas Hornberger on November 10, 2020
Wow. I am so sorry to hear about Dan. I met him at the dog park (Jim Dietrich) with Frankie. I will truly miss seeing him there. His company was always so pleasant! Praying for your family ❤️

- Chelsealynn Coffin
Posted by Thomas Hornberger on November 10, 2020
I am so sorry for the loss. I was just out playing a round. On Hole 1 when Michael Dunkle messaged me about Dan. I wanted to stop playing. I wanted to cry. But Dan would have wanted me to keep going and that is what I did.
We are going to miss you Horn Berger. You were a unique soul. You brought out the best in people when you were around them. Your podcast was a testament to the love you had for the game, and it showed your brilliance in communicating with the community.
I give my sincerest codolences to the Hornberger family. I wish I could go on and on, but the words are getting harder to type. RIP Dan

- Mike Snyder
Posted by Thomas Hornberger on November 10, 2020
I'm so sorry for your loss, this breaks my heart to hear. I only got to know Dan in the past year or two, but his passion for disc golf and the community was evident right away. He was kind and thoughtful during every interaction I had and he will be sorely missed. Please know your family are in my prayers during this time of grieving and great loss.

- Travis Dombach
Posted by Thomas Hornberger on November 10, 2020
I am so terribly sorry for your loss! Dan was a great human all around. I have fond memories of working with him on my first disc golf video project, and enjoyed being on his podcast as well! This is terrible news and my best wishes to all family in this tough time. You are in my thoughts!

- Derek Scull
Posted by Thomas Hornberger on November 10, 2020
I’m so sorry for your loss. He was a wonderful man and I remember him interviewing my husband and I for his breaking chains podcast. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. ❤️ May his discs fly in the sky into heaven
- Becky Harris
Posted by Thomas Hornberger on November 10, 2020
Just got to meet him the other month. Was a pleasure speaking with him. I heard wonderful things about him from all over. Wish I could have gotten to know him more.

- Dan Brooks-Wells
Posted by Thomas Hornberger on November 10, 2020
It is with a heavy heart that I report to you that Dan Hornberger, host of the Breaking Chains podcast has passed away after a battle on a ventilator, fighting Covid.

We had the pleasure of being interviewed by Dan a few months ago. He was a kind soul that loved the sport and he will be missed by many.

To his family and friends, we are so sorry for your loss and hope you know that his time playing Disc Golf has made the Disc Golf community that much more positive.

- Disc Golf Examiner
Posted by Thomas Hornberger on November 10, 2020
the first week i had Hornberger for a class, i told him how much i loved disney. i came in the next day, and he had a DVD of “beauty & the beast” sitting on my desk. the movie was filmed in black & white in 1946, in french, and told a twisted/dark version of the story i used to know. i came into class the next day, and he was so excited to see if i watched the movie, and i did. i still have the DVD and i will treasure it forever. Hornberger pushed me every day of my senior year to be a writer, and he believed in me more than any other teacher in my life. he never called me lydia, only “squidia” & “squid.” his class was the only one i felt like a “teachers pet” in, but only because i was really fascinated by every single lesson he taught me. i will never forget him.

- Lydia Wagner
Posted by Thomas Hornberger on November 10, 2020
For those who listen to Breaking Chains, and loved it. It has lost the host of the show. Its a sad day in the disc golf community. Please pray for Dan's family in this sad time. You were a great person to chat with on the course. Fly high my friend. - ‎David Alan‎
Posted by Thomas Hornberger on November 10, 2020
Mr. H was one of my favorite teachers. He actually brought me up and told me what I was doing right to encourage me to want to learn what I was doing wrong unlike most teachers. He taught us life lessons vs just actual school. He was one of my favorite teachers throughout my 12 years at sv. You will be missed by many, thank you for everything you taught us, Rest In Peace
- Justina Stubblebine
Posted by Thomas Hornberger on November 10, 2020
I was honored to be a guest on Breaking Chains Podcast. Horn Berger you will be missed beyond measure. I will miss seeing you at tournaments & and hearing you cheering for me when we would cross paths. Everyone be sure to mask up and do what’s needed to prevent the spread of Covid. It’s unfortunately very real. - Kyra Lynne
Posted by Thomas Hornberger on November 10, 2020
RIP Dan,
I met Dan back in the 80's playing street hockey at Western Berks. Many a fierce battles were fought on that rink surface back then. Dan did an awesome film about the Western Berks Hockey Rink, called Rink Rats.
A few years ago , I was at a disc golf event and ran into Dan. His passion for the game was through the roof. He only wished he would have known about it sooner.
Dan started a pod cast called Breaking Chains. He was passionate about it and did a great job. At first, when he asked me to do it, I was hesitant. Hell, I never did a pod cast before! But after listening to the first few, I thought why not.
When he showed up at my house, I told him I was nervous. He said" Dunkle, this has to be easier then playing in one of our street hockey games" That was all it took to break the ice. He did a great job, and I am glad I did it.
I am glad I got to reconnect with Dan after all those years at the rink. He was an ambassador for Disc golf and accomplished a lot in the few years he was playing. It was always fun to play a round with him and his absence will be felt by many. - ‎Michael Dunkle
Posted by Laura Kilpatrick on November 10, 2020
We will greatly miss Dan, our friend and neighbor. He was always available when we needed help. Bill and I send our love and our heartfelt condolences to Ginny, Thomas, Jean Louise, and Elizabeth. May God hold you close and be your comfort and help during these difficult times.
Posted by A Murphy on November 9, 2020
For an assignment Hornberger had us decipher one of Shakespeare's sonnets of our choosing.  Years, and I mean something like over a decade later, while cleaning out old boxes, I came across the work from his class. The first thing I saw when I opened the folder, right on top of the pile of work, was this exercise. I read the sonnet I picked, and then I read my translation. Whoa...I completely bonked it. Not even in the same ball park as to what Shakespeare was talking about. He gave me a 'B'. It took me forever to unwrap it, but it was a gift all the same. Thank you Dan.
Posted by Drew McBride on November 9, 2020
Heartfelt condolences and prayers for the family. I was their pest control technician for years. The entire family were a joy to work with. I even shared a very special tip vacation spot in NC with them. That they went to the following year and throughly enjoyed it.  Rest in peace Dan. And may God comfort the family now and always

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