lunch with Dan 2015
Daniel Jay Everly
  • 60 years old
  • Date of birth: Nov 15, 1955
  • Place of birth:
    Coshocton, Ohio, United States
  • Date of passing: Jan 11, 2016
  • Place of passing:
    Collingswood, New Jersey, United States
Lead me not into temptation, I know the way.

This loving memorial website was created in memory of Daniel Jay Everly, 60, born on November 15, 1955 and passed away of a heart attack on January 11, 2016. Daniel was preceded in death by his wife Jan, daughters Rebekka and McKenna, and son Noah, both his parents, Ralph "Tom" and Peggy and brother, Mark.  

Daniel held a PhD in Psychology and licenses in Chemical Dependency and Social Work.  He worked for Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction and was passionate about providing drug rehabilitation for the prison population.  He was also a hostage negoitator and during a training session was accidentally shot by a fellow officer suffering multiple spinal injuries.  After serving as the Warden of Orient Correctional Institute, he was appointed Ohio State Chief Drug and Hostage Negoitator and worked for ODADAS, Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addition Services until taking an early retirement due to his spinal injuries.   

Prior to his work in Ohio, Daniel was a proud veteren serving in U.S. Army bewteen 1982 - 1988. He was a behavioral science specialist assigned to the Peace Keeping Multinational Force and Observers, Sinai, Egypt earning the Army Achievement Medal. He was later assigned to the U.S. Army 98th General Hospital in Nurnberg, Germany.  He was honorably discharged with the rank of sergeant.

Daniel or Chugger, a nickname bestowed upon him by his father, or Fa by whom he was called by his brothers, loved his family and friends, his dog, Stella, rock 'n roll, his bike and had a wicked sense of humor. He always had a dollar to spare for someone in need and was always looking out for underdog. He found strength attending Compassionate Friends and AL-ANON family meetings where ever he lived.  His many kindnesses will be remembered and he will be missed. He was a poet warrior and Papa to his beloved children.

Daniel was cremated and services private.  Please make a clothing donation to the GoodWill and think of him.  

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Sue Schmitt on 12th January 2018

"Into God's hands we commend your Spirit -- may you understand his purpose for everything and rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Gene Caligari on 16th November 2017

"Dr. Dan, we became good friends through the grief support group.  We enjoyed each others company, had lunch often over a five year period in the Tempe, Arizona area.  I ha e no doubt you are with your children, in God light, looking over us all. God bless you- miss you good man.

Gene- Brendan's Dad"

This tribute was added by Sue Schmitt on 15th November 2017

"Miss you Dr. Dan.  Praying you are at peace."

This tribute was added by Frank Herrera on 12th January 2017

"Dear Daniel,
It has now been a year since your passing.  You are thought of every day and missed.  Miss Stella is doing beautifully, but there are times she looks so sad - I think she is thinking of you.  Until we meet again....."

This tribute was added by Denise Dean on 16th November 2016

"Happy Birthday in Heaven my Friend!  You are surly missed!! Taking comfort in the fact that your soul is at peace xoxoxo Hugs, Denise TCF"

This tribute was added by Sue Schmitt on 16th November 2016

"It's not the same without you, Dr. Dan.  I miss you.  A pleasure to have known you.  You had more friends than you realized."

This tribute was added by Frank Herrera on 15th November 2016

"Dear Daniel,
Happy Birthday.  Thinking of you today more than usual.  You are deeply missed.  Until we meet again......"

This tribute was added by Gene Caligari on 15th November 2016

"Dear My Good Friend Dan,  We became good friends through the grief support group- Compassionate Freinds.  I grew to love Dan as a wonderful, kind person, whom I miss dearly.  I have a voice mail from Dan whihc Ive kept on my phone.  Rest in peace my friend. Hugs-
Gene Caligari- Sedona, Arizona"

This tribute was added by Frank Herrera Jr on 30th May 2016

"Memorial Day is a day to remember our fallen brothers and sisters. Its not a day for picnics its a day for mourning. I light a candle in your name. Rest in peace. Love Frank"

This tribute was added by Sue Schmitt on 13th February 2016

"Doctor Dan, I will miss you so much.  You helped me understand.  Perhaps now God will ask you to forgive Him for your pain and your losses. For now there is neither sorrow or sighing.
Have mercy on your servant in peace, O God; grant him rest.
Thank you for letting me know you."

This tribute was added by Frank Herrera on 7th February 2016

"Military Funeral Honors Service is set at Jacksonville  National Cemetery . The Florida Army National Guard on the 16 February 2016 at 1.30 PM , Salute and Taps,,, Final resting place . True Solders never die We just fade away. In the hands of the Lord ... !!! Amen ...

This tribute was added by Frank Herrera on 3rd February 2016

"Scheduling Memorial and Military Honors at Jacksonville National Cemetery, Florida . Will keep you all updated ..."

This tribute was added by Frank Herrera on 3rd February 2016

"To My best Friend Dan ...! When  I heard you were gone all I could do was cry.Lord , You took my best friend Dan and I wish I knew why. Wards can't express the emptiness in my heart for you my Brother in Christ, Best life long friend .I thought wed never  part.We served together through many attacks. Dan you always looked out always out for the Underdogs,  and always had my back. I can never replace the man you ware with whom so much .We shared and now that you're gone.I'm all alone , In my heart you.ll always be there so . ...Dedicated to Dr , Sgt, Daniel Jay Everly"

This tribute was added by Annette Walker on 29th January 2016

"Daniel J. Everly is truly a remarkable person.
I had the privilege of meeting and then working with Daniel starting in July 1985 in Nurnberg Germany.  He was co-counselor with our other dear and mutual co-worker/friend Frank Herrera at the drug and alcohol Residential Treatment Facility -- 6 week inpatient intensive rehab--where I was newly stationed.  Although I was their supervisor, they were the leaders and heart of their treatment/patient care therapy group.  
I learned SO VERY MUCH from Dan and Frank -- truly a dynamic duo and excellent team. Both men are unique, and together  Dan and Frank brought their experience, strength, hope, passion, skills, and considerable humor to the patients, and the staff.  
(And, as a fellow veteran and Army Medical Service person, I also want to point out that Daniel's earning the Expert Field Medical Badge was no small accomplishment!! )

Daniel experienced so many losses in this life, and he carried deep, deep pain.  Trauma truly impacts us at a cellular level.  He fiercely and beautifully loved his children (Papa's Posse) and my heart was broken for him for having outlived them--I believe that is one of the hardest things a person could have to face.  

"I am grateful, Dan, that you are no longer in physical and emotional pain.  I hope and trust that you can now see and know how you are deeply loved and respected.  
I can't think of Frank without thinking of you, and vice versa.  We miss you, and look forward to seeing you later.
Love outlasts death.  Memory Eternal, my friend.  
With love,  Annette.""

This tribute was added by Gene Caligari on 27th January 2016

"My dear friend Dan,  We became good friends as fellow bereaved parents in Mesa, Arizona attending grief support meetings together.  It was a total privilege knowing Dan, knowing of the losses he endured boggled my  mind.  Such a good person.  I was very happy to first meet Anne, knowing that such a good person was part of his life.  I am comforted to know that Dan now rests with his children. God Bless Dan.
Your good friend,  Gene"

This tribute was added by Frank Herrera on 24th January 2016

"Thanks so much for sending us this information.
The tribute that you have posted is so wonderful.
We spoke of him at our last meeting on Friday evening. Although shocked, warm regards were expressed by all who knew him and had a chance to speak with him since he joined our group.
He will be missed and we will never forget him.

I have passed the information over to our Newsletter editor to be put into our February newsletter.
Thank you again for letting us know.
Our sincere condolences,
Vivian & Tom Gano"

This tribute was added by Roger Gorres on 21st January 2016

"My sincere condolences to Daniel's family and friends. I knew Daniel, when he rented a house from us in Mesa, Arizona, for several years; starting in 2008. His last few years in the house was shared with his son, Noah. He was quiet and did not say much about his life, other than the military and Department of Corrections career. He was an excellent renter and kind and easy to talk to. I was sad to see him go."

This tribute was added by Joanne Delli Paoli on 20th January 2016

"Dear Dan,
I know we have only been friends for a few years since you moved to Collingswood,NJ.  You moved here almost 3 years ago and you were one of the few wonderful residents and friend that I have made here and I have been here 15 years.  You never complained about anything and was always a pleasure in anything that was going on.  We had a common love, a shitzu, both the same age but Lola was all black and Stella was black and white.  They became great friends as Dan called me on Monday morning and Stella was in his apartment.  I went and picked her up and brought her to my apartment so she had plenty of love.  She reminded me of Dan, always pleasant, and loving,  There was never anything that came out of his mouth that wasn't warm  and despite his unbelievable tragedies in his life he always had an attitude of love towards all people. I was his property manager where we lived and we laughed and joked about some of our misfits that live here,  I I knew he was a wonderful, compassionate, loving man as every time I talked to him I felt better and calmer.  The world and all his neighbors and friends here that he made will miss him and Stella very much.  The world will be missing another wonderful man but I'm sure he will be in great company until we all meet again,your friend Joanne"

This tribute was added by Jeff Rappa on 20th January 2016

"Frank, Jeff, Denise, Drew, Ann, Tim I would like to begin by saying how sorry I am for your collective loss. I met Doc when he moved here to Pewter Village where he spent the last few years with Stella and his new found neighborhood of misfits whom I call Family. From the day we met I always knew we would enjoy a laugh or a conversation about each of our days gone by. I made sure that he was aware that I would be there if he ever needed me, as to this day I reflect on bits of wisdom and just being a genuine compassionate friend and brother. Thank you as always for your service to our beautiful country and until we meet again, Love Laugh Live just like you told me before. Doc."

This tribute was added by Frank Herrera on 20th January 2016

"My dear best life long friend, .Dan I thank God and glad that he had put you in my life...I was proud of you from the beginning. A accomplish Combat Medic Veteran from Beirut Lebanon . We both were assigned to the Army Residential Treatment Facility ( RTF ) at Nuremberg West Germany During the Cold War. You became my hero  for your courageous stupendous and  compassion . Standing up for me as I was treated the underdog ...We  became best of friends, You were my Partner and my Teacher. As we both facilitated Group Therapy to our assigned  Patients.. Dan its had been 30 years this coming August since ,we both lift active duty . I thank you for 30 years of you being there for me . During good , bad and sad times. We shared together . You were my strength in a lots of ways...I know also , I was there for you when you needed me..Now Dan you with the Lord God . Yes !!!! Your Higher Power ... Remember this my brother , We will see each other again. Dan Old Soldiers never die, We just fade away ...Until then my brother best friend Rest In Peace ....Amen You will live in my heart and mind ....."

This tribute was added by Frank Herrera on 19th January 2016

"Thank you very much for the info on Dan.  How very, very sad.  He is what my wife Miki and I call “a good old soul.”  He had enough tragedy and heartbreak in his life that it is quite amazing that he lived as long as he did.  His stubbornness about the stress test is not surprising to any of us, but that general attitude surely helped him endure all the suffering he had over the years.  The world is losing a very fine man, one who made untold contributions, and who asked for nothing and received very little in return.


This tribute was added by Denise Dean on 18th January 2016

"Dan and I met several years ago at a Compassionate Friends meeting.  We have a saying in that group "I wish I never met you, considering our circumstance...... but sure glad I did"!  I can't say enough how true that statement is especially with Dan - I will truly miss you!!!  Dan was known and admired by so many in our group for his courage and his strength. I was fortunate enough to get to know Dan pretty good during the time we attended together and watched his broken heart begin to gently heal from the many unfair losses he endured in his life. And then I watched that heart completely break again when he lost his beloved son, Noah.  I know "they say" God only gives you as much as you can bear - but really....... Dan suffered an immeasurable amount of loss and pain.  I do take comfort in knowing he rests peacefully with all of his precious children now and forever.  He was a Champion - so glad I got a chance to meet you in this life and walk the journey with you for a while! Until I see you in Heaven........  xo"

This tribute was added by Frank Herrera on 18th January 2016

"Dear Chugger,

I suppose all people have those who hold a special place in their hearts.  Not only are you my cousin but for the longest time my closest friend.   We go way back to the time of my birth and share not only a lot of common genetics but more importantly a tight family with so many common life events, the good and the sad.  

However, do be warned, in the next level at some unexpected time, I definitely plan on pounding you through one complete rendition of Johnny Cash's Susie Q.  Perhaps we could finally find together and chat with Mary Stockum live and in the flesh (instead of in some hide away cememtery in the sticks of Coshocton!).  

There was a time in my life, when you were my best friend and we shared so many good and sad times together, that have only been surpassed by my life with Sabina.  I know times got tough for you and the years wore you down perhaps, but nevertheless you have something special about you that I will miss dearly.

How ironic that my last email to you contained the song I had recently written called, "Hard to say goodbye".  Little did I know then that the song was about you.

I will see you sometime down along the line.

Your cousn and friend,


This tribute was added by Frank Herrera on 17th January 2016

"Dearest baby brother,
I know you are with your children, our parents and grandparents and our brother.  You and I discussed that one of us eventually would be the only remaining Everly and that it would probably be me because I was the eldest  and in poorer health.  Just like you to go and prove me wrong. Well, I'll be joining you all soon enough. Have a fat one waiting for me.

This tribute was added by Drew Palmiter on 17th January 2016

"Dan and I were great friends from the day we met. What a wonderful guy! The first time I ever met Dan he was a taken aback when I said "so you got shot huh"? That buckshot in his face and arm couldn't have been anything else. He was forever more concerned about the person who accidentally shot him than his own injuries. We all have ghosts of loved ones we carry around with us, and Dan will be another one of my ghosts now, until we meet again in the great here after."

This tribute was added by Frank Herrera on 17th January 2016

"Dear Daniel,
Knowing you are with your children makes this bearable.  Stella will be loved and cared for but she misses you so much.  Until we meet again....."

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