Let the memory of Daniel be with us forever... Rest in peace Deezy..
  • 27 years old
  • Born on August 4, 1988 in Fresno, California, United States.
  • Passed away on April 26, 2016 in Fresno, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Daniel (Deezy)Telles, 27, born on August 4, 1988 and passed away on April 26, 2016. Daniel was one of the best people you would ever meet ,   everyone that knew him loved him very much,He was a great father,A wonderful husband and a very respected and loyal friend... Rest in peace deezy I'll keep ur memory alive tell I take my last breath and see you again... Always & forever...

Posted by Lovei'Zevol Daniel'Deezy-... on 2nd February 2017
Eye keep finding em everywhere too, the one right now is a '88 one and under there it has the letter D, eye know you're leaving me signs and showing me that you're still around.. eye just hurt Nd ache for you my love.. RiP Pennies From Heaven I found a penny today Just laying on the ground. But it's not just a penny This little coin I've found. Found pennies come from heaven that's what my Grandpa told me. He said Angels tossed them down Oh, how I loved that story! He said when an Angel misses you They toss a penny down, sometimes just to cheer you up To make a smile out of your frown. So don't pass by that penny When you're feeling blue. It may be a penny from heaven That an Angel's tossed to you.
Posted by April Telles on 14th January 2017
I loved u then I love u still Always have Always will Eye promise
Posted by Kayla Love Mike on 27th August 2016
You were my brother.. The one that I looked up to The most. Your forever missed
Posted by Melina Payne on 15th August 2016
When tomorrow starts without me, and I'm not there to comfort you, please know that I still love you, cause I know you love me too. When tomorrow starts without me, and you feel lost and blue, I hope these words I've written will help to see you through. Someday your pain will ease, sadness replaced by fond memories Come tomorrow you will hear I love you whispered on the breeze. When tomorrow starts without me cause God has called me home I turn, blowing a kiss for thee Sad that you may feel alone. I will miss you tomorrow as I take one last glimpse a tear falls from my cheek I'll be going home. And tomorrow will start without me....
Posted by Melina Payne on 15th August 2016
NEVER FORGOTTEN You'll never be forgotten That simply cannot be. As long as I am living I'll carry you with me. Safely tucked within my heart Your light will always shine. A glowing ember never stilled Through out the end of time. No matter what the future brings, Or what may lie ahead. I know that you will walk with me Along the path I tread. So rest my angel, be at peace And let your soul fly free. One day I'll join your glorious flight For all eternity.
Posted by Melina Payne on 15th August 2016
For Deana I held him safe within my womb And kissed him in the birthing room I held his hand in sickness too And now I don't know what to do My son, my child, my flesh and bone Has died and left me all alone And in the night when no one sees I cry and end up on my knees I cry to God and ask Him why My precious son he had to die And when the morning light appears That's one more night I've spent in tears And as the years they slip away I learn to live just day by day I turn to God who was so far I look to where the answers are I put my hand into His hand He pulls me up and now I stand I hear my Father say to me 'My Son He died upon a tree I know the pain that mothers feel When life turns black and robs and steals And takes a portion of your heart And tears your very soul apart' Oh Lord I pray, please make me whole Replace the joy that life has stole This pain, this loss, is part of me But still I'm longing to be free I choose to walk out through the door And melancholy reigns no more I leave behind the shades of grey To walk in light, to kneel and pray ' Come to me child, I've heard your cry I saw your tears when your child died Rest in me and find your peace Replace your pain and find release' Despite the fact we had to part You still live on within my heart There'll never be a day go by A tear wont fall from your mother's eye
Posted by Melina Payne on 14th August 2016
If Roses grow in Heaven LORD Pleas Pick a bunch for me, Place them in my loved ones arms, And tell them they're from me. Tell them I love and miss them and When they turn to Smile Place a Kiss upon thier cheeks And Hold them for a While, Because Remembering them is Easy, I Do it Every Day, But there's an ache within my Heart That Will Never Go Away
Posted by Jennifer Marquez on 13th August 2016
I often wonder,are u in heaven or are u still walking around wondering... I feel u here with me and I know that it was u that saved my sister that day..I love you Daniel.. I stay broken deep down cuz I always feel u with me...I miss you I will see u when it's my time... Love u stupid boy.... Xoxo gossip girl... Lol remember that..lol rest in peace my loved one
Posted by Lovei'Zevol Daniel'Deezy-... on 27th June 2016
Posted by Lovei'Zevol Daniel'Deezy-... on 26th June 2016
Two months ago today I lost the love of my life.... Not only was i your last girlfriend n fiancee but also your spiritual wife I know one day we will be one again because we made a spirital commitment. It hurts to go each day without you and i cant wait to be home.. You said so yourself you dont mind waiting on a woman so when i see you again babe ill havee alot to say... Im sorry i couldnt save you babe but ill be home soon... Xoxo RiP my love 8'4'88-4'26'16 (8'16'15)&(11'11'15) [BestDaysOfMyLife]
Posted by Lovei'Zevol Daniel'Deezy-... on 26th June 2016
WE are Paramour! No words can express the pain eye feel eye miss you so much it feels unreal.. Why did u have to go so soon.. Eye can sometimes see you up there on the moon.. You smile and say its all okay. Because you n eye both know we'll be togother again someday.. Eye cant help but to cry each day n night knowing that youre not here to hold me tight.. Eye do love you babe with all of my heart. No matter how far we are apart Eye love u babe RIP
Posted by Lovei'Zevol Daniel'Deezy-... on 26th June 2016
Eye loved you then. Eye love you still. Always have. Always will... You will FOREVER be MY ALWAYS Eye Promise.... Eye love and miss you kitten
Posted by Jennifer Marquez on 10th May 2016
Missing you... Can't get u out of my mind... *tips hat* ( IM A LITTLE MORE COUNTRY THEN THAT.... )
Posted by Heather Marquez on 8th May 2016
U where loved by many and will be missed a whole lot. Rest in peace DANIEL (DEEZY) TELLES

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