He breathed his last breath at 8:07am (PST) in Port Angeles, Washington on
May 22, 2021.


Dan married Cecile Trahan (Ceal) on June 20, 1980 (on a Friday evening) in Burlington, Vermont.

Born the youngest child of Burlington natives, HB Moran & the late Florence (Laramee) on July 9, 1958 in Burlington, Vermont.

Memorial Service / Remebrance; at the Essex Ready Mountain View Chapel, on Thursday June 17, 2021 to take place from 11:00am to 1:00pm.  Burial Immediately following service at Lakeview Cemetery on North Ave (near the beach), in Burlington Vermont.

Since this site will be an ongoing memorial for his friends and family to view for a   ~~~~~ lifetime, as opposed to sharing on Facebook or private messages,
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Posted by Sharon Clow on July 9, 2021
Daniel O’ would just refer to me as…. Kid

Well, to my youngest brother in law -   Daniel O
I’d like to wish you a very happy birthday to you in heaven !!!! I’m chomping on expensive yummy coated pecans in your memory Dans way nothing but the best!
Posted by Tom Carpenter on July 9, 2021
Happy Birthday Dano
Posted by Jean Koch on June 24, 2021
Ceal and family ~ I can only imagine the void you must have in your lives now. I've read many of the tributes and Dan really was a man to be loved and respected. My memories go all the way back to Rice and the fun things we learn as we develop our own personalities. I knew back then that Ceal and Dan had a love for the ages. It was so apparent. Always comfortable in each other's company. I've thought of you often throughout the years, Ceal. I hope you find joy and happiness in your millions of memories. Rest in Peace, Dan.
Jean (Barr) Koch
Posted by Vandana Sakamuri on June 15, 2021
I got to work with Dan during our time in GE for a very short period of time but the time that I really got to know Dan was when he came back to work for Athenahealth. His passion for work always inspired me but what is more inspiring now is how he carried himself forward so positively. It was refreshing working with him because there was no guessing on what he was thinking. I am thankful to have known Dan even if it is for a short period. Current Group Management team will work hard to keep his legacy(Group Management) going and hope we keep it up to his standards.
We will miss you Dan!
Posted by Michael Yantachka on June 15, 2021
Dan and Ceal were wonderful neighbors and friends for more than 20 years in Charlotte, VT. Dan was quiet and reserved with an inner strength and outward resilience that belied his decade-long struggle with cancer. We will miss him. - Mike & Janet Yantachka
Posted by Dina Neiman on June 14, 2021
I definitely count myself among the IDXers and former IDXers who have wonderful memories of Dan. From the incredible friendship, help, and support to smiles and laughter at his comments and actions, he was an entertaining and amazing member of the GPMS team. Like he did for many, he always took the time to answer my questions and get me on the right track when I needed help.

Dan, Ceal, and I also shared a connection because of our love of dogs. More than once I visited their homes in Vermont to see their dogs and introduce them to mine.

Unfortunately I lost track of Dan and Ceal after my retirement and wasn't aware of their move to Washington. Reading all the tributes and seeing the photos posted has brought back a lot of memories of good times and friendships during those years of working on GPMS. I remember TAB, hot balls, and the blue car!

To Ceal and all of Dan's family, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Rest in Peace, Dan. I will remember you always. I know you are now with all your dogs who beat you Home.

Posted by Mary Ann Novak on June 11, 2021
I met Daniel when I first visited Vermont and the Moran family in 1991as his brother, Sean, and I are close friends.  Dan was the quiet sibling with a wry sense of humor, thoughtful and caring. Once you got to know him, you found a man with a big heart who dearly loved Ceal, his dogs, his family and nature. And did I mention handsome?  What he did for those he cared about was done quietly without thought of recognition. Over the years my time with Dan and Ceal was very special. Each time I visited they showed me the beauty and history of Vermont and I hold those times so dear with vivid memories.  Dan was a man of true inner strength, who dealt with cancer for 14 years but didn’t let it rule his life. I so admired that. My heart goes out to Ceal, who he dearly loved, his father, Chub, who I believe gave him his love of nature, and his siblings, Sean, Karen, and Tim.  Hold your memories close. As long as you have them, he is never gone.  With love, Mary Annual
Posted by Jeffrey Collins on June 8, 2021
Dan was one of my most treasured and respected co-workers. The team I started on straight out of school was a tangent to the development team Dan Moran was one of the two demi-gods of, (GPMS development). Early on in my exposure to Dan I expressed my respect for him; not by saying so, but through an obvious unspoken admiration and appreciation for his abilities and accomplishments. This was all he needed to count me as worthy of his respect, guidance, career support, and friendship. Although I rarely if ever asked for anything from Dan, I am confident he would have done anything for me that he could have. He was one of the most generous and caring people you'd never suspect he might be without getting to know him. Having been isolated from the family side of Dan, it has been nice, (and not surprising), to read through the stories of how he was with his siblings, and their children. What a great uncle he must have been! --in addition to husband, brother, son, and friend. I miss Dan.
Posted by Doug Rooney on June 7, 2021
When the division "Burlington Systems" was created from BDP I was the 3rd programmer to be hired after Dan and Joe McDonald.

Although Joe was my primary contact, I always considered Dan to be my mentor... he not only taught me about Medical Billing he taught me how to talk to clients... a true talent that is rare these days. If I was really lost on an issue, Dan would always say "Why don't you get them on the phone and we'll talk to them and figure it out..."  He had the reputation as being rough around the edges, but you didn't have to look too hard to see what an amazing person he was and as we all know, you knew where you stood with Dan. The two of us went on a site visit to a local client one time... this particular client had a knack for always trying to get something for free and while we were there kept mentioning they were looking at different vendors besides us... Dan just chuckled (with his legendary pen in his mouth) and politely said "Go ahead.. you'll be back"... clammed her up tight for the rest of the visit...she had met her match... (side note, they never did leave us until they were bought out by another company).

Dan was one of a kind ... a good friend and mentor... I will miss him very much... my thoughts are with Ceal and the rest of his family...

Doug Rooney
Posted by Jeffrey Seward on June 7, 2021
So sad to hear of Dan's passing. Dan had this rough exterior, but a heart of gold. I joined Burlington Systems (which ultimately became IDX) in April of 1983 (as a remote salesperson) and Dan and his counterpart Joe (Mac) Mc'Donald had already cemented their legacy in the growth of our business. Dan was not only fun for me to work with (and a tremendous resource) because he would do anything to help us make a sale. I remember one time I was in Scottsdale, AZ about to have a meeting/demo with a bunch of healthcare consultants that would ultimately spread the word about how good GPMS was as a solution for their physician customers. I was getting ready for the meeting and my computer would not work. I tried and tried to get it to fire up - but no luck. I immediately called Dan, or Danno as I called him. He tried diagnosing what could possibly be my problem - w/o any luck. He then asked me, "are you alone?", and after saying "yes" - he said "pick it up a few inches and drop it." I did as instructed. No luck. He then said "pick it up 6-8 inches and drop it". Again, I did as instructed. This time it worked. He then said - "that'll be $200". I loved this guy. Rest in peace Danno. I will never forget you. 
Posted by Tim Trahan on June 6, 2021
Dan meant very Much to me. I mean this with total sincerity. I looked up to Dan and admired him. He was always there for a quick remark and a smirk of a smile. I will miss that dearly. The times we had at deer camp will be remembered forever. My favorite thing I enjoyed about Dan besides his warm nature was his love of music and the musical taste he passed onto me that I will cherish forever. Lets just say he turned me on to some of my favorite music. Can you say Roy Buchanan? or Robin Trower? Anyway, He left me his CD collection and I'll think of him every time I put one on. Peace my friend and rock on! You will not be forgotten Magoo!! Tim
Posted by Sharon Clow on June 6, 2021
Dan was always happy to see you and i would always hear .... how are you doing Kid?
Dan was always so giving and patient going back to even when I was in high school he let me borrow their black Monte Carlo sports car to show off to all my friends... He would make me feel so welcomed when I wanted to sleep over at their ferriburgh home, Shelburne home or in Panton Addison, or Charlotte. He even smiled while I would ask him to help me figure out how to put together the kids toys when they were oh so young ... He loved his family, friends, dogs and most of all CEAL. We will forever miss you.
Posted by Sp Trahan on June 5, 2021
My Uncle Dan introduced my parents to one another, so I guess you could say I owe my life to him... As a kid, a visit to Uncle Dan and Aunt Ceal's meant a visit with Darwin and Shadow, his cuddly and big (to me) Boston Terriors. As I got older, he always made sure to come visit the nieces and nephews at family reunions and ask how things were *really* going. He wanted to know what kind of trouble we had gotten into (usually I disappointed). He genuinely wanted to know what was going on in our lives... Now that he's left, I can still remember him every I listen to one of the vinyl albums that he and my Dad used to listen to when they were younger. xoxo
Posted by Diana Clark on June 2, 2021
I appreciate the interest Dan showed in my career and general well-being. One of a handful of things I saved, when I left IDX/GE, was code review feedback Dan had given a couple years in, where he said I had “good potential to do development work” and, of course, a few other things (just look for the “DOM” comments…) I looked up to Dan and appreciated his encouragement over the years.  In more recent times, I am thankful for Dan’s friendship inside and outside of work. He was smart and generous and always seemed to look after everyone. I will miss him.  My sympathies to Ceal and his family.
Posted by Sue Clark on May 31, 2021
It's taken me a bit to try and get some thoughts together, but here goes. I met Dan in 1985 when I first started with IDX (please don't do the math!). It was a few years before I joined the GPMS development group, and was able to get to know him a lot better. His dedication to the clients, the product, and his work were unmatched. He taught me so much about how to do the right thing. As others have mentioned, there was a gruff side hiding the teddy bear underneath. I remember bringing him designs to see what he thought and getting the "NFW" response. Then, he would think about it some more, and within a couple of hours, he was back at my desk giving me what I wanted, with just a better way to code it underneath. I always said, as long as the outcome is the same, and a minimum of additional keystrokes, I didn't care how he got there.

During the GE years, and beyond, we both moved to different places, but kept in touch. Occasional lunches, drinks, and always the emails every couple of months to see how things were going. He was very stoic about how he was feeling, but pretty upfront about the treatments, surgeries, and all he was going through to keep things at bay as best he could. All the while still working full time, and caring for his parents. 

I was so happy when, after a visit to see Mark and Seri, he and Ceal decided to pack up the pups, move to Washington and build a new house. A new adventure, and some time just for them.

I really don't have the words to express how much I'm going to miss those catch up emails, or how in awe I am that he fought so hard to stick around for so long. But most of all, I'm grateful for all the time I had, and that his pain is finally gone.

Posted by Janice Garen on May 30, 2021
It is good to read the tributes to Dan, all well deserved. I remember when Dan joined BDP, a great addition to our then rather small work family. He definitely was a "tell it like it is" man. How lucky we were to have such a hard working, straight forward man in our midst. We all learned from him and will always remember him.
Posted by Monica Farrington on May 30, 2021
Sean, Ceal, and family, my heartfelt sympathy goes out to all of you. I didn't know Daniel, but Sean and I have been friends since 1970 when we met while participating at St. Michael's Playhouse. I know the family was close-knit and loving, so I can only imagine the sadness Daniel's passing has brought upon you.

Ceal, I believe I met you at the Breast Cancer Conference in Burlington three or four years ago and we struck up a conversation. I remember you gave me a sample container of a product - was it a lotion or cream? 

You are all in my thoughts and prayers. I'm so sorry you've lost Daniel. God bless you all and may good memories sustain you.
Posted by Dawn Patnode on May 29, 2021
Dear Karen, Timmy and family  So sorry to read of Dans passing-he is now with your mom and dad. My thoughts and prayers our with you all xoxo.
Posted by Sue Clark on May 29, 2021
Taken from “The product life cycle and times of GPMS” (done for the 2000 Users Conference).

1981 – GPMS overhauled to increase functionality and efficiency (still on a Series/1 platform). The two programmers in charge of the effort were Joe McDonald and Dan Moran. During this period, IDX Systems was operating as a separate company with it’s own president, Scott Willard. Around this same (infamous) time, Scott hired a salesman with whom he had worked at IBM. None other than Jim Crook.
--Side Note: Over the years, through many extensive studies, IDX determined that there IS direct correlation between these three elements: Dan Moran, Jim Crook, and # systems sold greater than 3.

1982 – GPMS released on a slower-than-death little box from IBM called the System/23; written in Basic. The programmer who coded this system was Dan Moran (when you have Dan, you only need one!).

1984 – GPMS ported to a funny little single-user system called PC, using an operating system known as PC-DOS. The application was written for an IBM/XT. The IBM/XT had a 10MB disk! Dan Moran coded the system with help from Rick Bonnet. This was the first system IDX coded in the “C” programming language.

1985 – The decision was made to move GPMS to a “Unix” paradigm (one server and several dumb terminals) rather than moving to a LAN-based/DOS/network system. We ported GPMS to the Xenix operating system running an on IBM/AT PC (this machine had a whopping 30MB disk!). Xenix was a small version of UNIX sold by the Santa Cruz Corporation. The system was written in “C” by Dan Moran and Rick Bonnet. During this time there was pressure (we’re not saying from whom) to port GPMS to the IBM System/36 utilizing RPG.

The System/36 project began and then abandoned after a few months of work. Ok, bad idea. However, there was a silver lining in this fiasco. IDX acquired the programming talent of Mark Newbold. Mark quickly learned how to program in “C” and began working on GPMS.

The story continues until 2000 listing all of the various enhancements, modules, etc., that were added to the product. GPMS is definitely the little engine that could of products, still viable and being sold today. Not many software products can say they have been around and still selling since 1981!
Posted by Ceal Moran on May 28, 2021
:  Mrs.  Daniel  Moran  here.      W E L C O M E  . . .    1 & all
Posted by Jill McGann on May 28, 2021
I learned so much from my friend Dan Because ofCorticobasal Syndrome severly impactingb my brain I struggle to collect my thoughts and type with numerous errors so I am not sharing this with all for that reason

Dan and I argued as friends do but always worked hard together make the best products possible.I brought little to the table compared to Dan.
My thoughts are with you Ceal You were obviously then love of his life
As I am in NYC I will miss

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Posted by Sharon Clow on July 9, 2021
Daniel O’ would just refer to me as…. Kid

Well, to my youngest brother in law -   Daniel O
I’d like to wish you a very happy birthday to you in heaven !!!! I’m chomping on expensive yummy coated pecans in your memory Dans way nothing but the best!
Posted by Tom Carpenter on July 9, 2021
Happy Birthday Dano
Posted by Jean Koch on June 24, 2021
Ceal and family ~ I can only imagine the void you must have in your lives now. I've read many of the tributes and Dan really was a man to be loved and respected. My memories go all the way back to Rice and the fun things we learn as we develop our own personalities. I knew back then that Ceal and Dan had a love for the ages. It was so apparent. Always comfortable in each other's company. I've thought of you often throughout the years, Ceal. I hope you find joy and happiness in your millions of memories. Rest in Peace, Dan.
Jean (Barr) Koch
his Life

Dan began his career in 1980 at Burlington Data Processing (BDP),
which later became IDX Systems Corporation
and was a founding Architect and Engineer of Group Practice Management System (GPMS).

His dedication, persistence and high standards brought GPMS to a robust product that stands the test of time, was a mainstay of the IDX portfolio and continues today within the athenahealth brand.

Providing tremendous functionality, GPMS has had several names throughout its robust and storied history.  Its rich functionality and stability have allowed countless medical practices, hospitals, and billing service organizations throughout the United States to grow and succeed over the last 40 years.

Colleagues and friends remember Dan fondly … sharing that they owe their careers to the product that he designed.  An early riser, he gave countless hours to the development and support of the product.  Teammates recall his car always being the first in the IDX parking lot in the same spot with his  “MORAN”  license plate.  On the surface, Dan was a wonderful curmudgeon whose gruff exterior was usurped by his passion to resolve the problem and deliver a thoughtful solution.  His directness was appreciated by all …  you always knew where you stood with Dan.  His actions spoke louder than his words and was always eager to help, guide and mentor teammates.

His career started with GPMS and in the fall of 2020 he returned to his roots  ---  further developing the product he created.  Dan’s legacy continues.
Recent stories
Shared by Rebecca Weaver on June 17, 2021
Like many others my first experience with Dan was when I had only been with IDX about 6 months. The project I had been assigned was much more complex than anticipated and was under an aggressive timeline. Unlike others, I did not have to call him at 2 in morning. Instead, I found him standing at my desk asking where my code was located so that he could help me get things back on track. Nothing like an impromptu code review by the guy who wrote the product and who was known for speaking his mind. For the next 5 days Dan not only helped troubleshoot the client’s issues but pointed out the fasted and easiest way to address things.He did not take over the project or point out what I had done wrong but just systematically helped move the project forward and get the client live. I learned a lot from him those 5 days and the years to come. Dan’s passion for his work and how he carried himself forward with all the challenges he faced is inspirational.I will greatly miss his guidance, witty comments and most importantly his friendship.
Shared by todd powell on June 11, 2021
I am sad to hear the news of Dan's passing.

i was hired at IDX in 1997 in GPMS tech support. I have held on to this memory of Dan, as it meant a lot to me ....

one night when i was on-call, i received an issue from perhaps our largest customer.  i can't recall the timing, but it was rather early in my career.  for the life of me, i could not get the app started.  after fighting with it for a while, i knew something was "wrong".  i made a phone call, and they said (paraphrased):
Them:  I dunno.  You're gonna have to call the Dev resource on call.
Me:      great (it was about 2am).  who's that?
Them:  Dan Moran
Me:      [gulp]  (i knew who Dan was and was familiar with his no-nonsense reputation.)

so, i had to call Dan in the middle of the night never having met him.  after i explained a bit of what i was seeing, we decided to go into the office.  as it turns out, we discovered the large file enablement issue with AIX/GPMS.  in short, the customer's data files were too large for the operating system.  we worked until morning reconfiguring the operating system while he refactored the app to support it.

it was a long time ago, and i don't recall all the details.  but, i do remember how Dan treated me.  I was a 20-something-year-old kid fresh(ish) to the company, but Dan was gracious and quickly put me at ease (he knew i was stressed about having to call him and get him into the office).  He couldn't have been more kind and professional in those moments, and i quickly realized two things:
1) the old adage of "don't judge a book by its cover" was definitely true
2) this was a guy i wanted on my (proverbial) team

i respected the heck out of him.

now, i am gonna have to go see if i can find some Tab cola (remember?), so that i can have one in remembrance of Dan.

my condolences to family and friends.


CT trip with Ceal & Dan

Shared by Sharon Clow on June 9, 2021
This is a great memory from David Clow entered by Sharon Clow.

My brother in lawDan spent countless hours helping us at our apartment on Main Street Essex and house on Browns River fixing our computer issues.

Especially remember the very memorable and interesting trip we took with Ceal and Dan to see the submarine museum in CT.