Not 'til you eat the peanuts...
  • 38 years old
  • Born on July 28, 1974 in Denver, Colorado, United States.
  • Passed away on July 14, 2013 in Englewood, Colorado, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of Daniel Travis Diaz, 38, born on July 28, 1974 and passed away on July 14, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Services for Travis were held Friday, July 19th at 2:00 pm at Trinity Lutheran Church (4225 W. Yale Ave) in Denver.

Posted by Kristen Ackerman on 28th July 2018
Happy birthday you magnificent animal! I'm having a drink for you right now! Miss you and love you!
Posted by Anita Sanchez on 28th July 2017
Posted by Anita Sanchez on 14th July 2017
My dear, peace and happiness to you in Heaven. Though you are no longer here, I often think of you. Your smile..your laughter..and the many great memories I have make me smile today. You are no longer in pain but are with your Mom and other loved ones. Every time it rains..and a rainbow shows in the sky..I think of you my friend. RIP on your 4th you Dahling...Anita
Posted by Anita Sanchez on 15th July 2016
My dearest friend Travis! I am thinking about you on the third anniversary of your passing. Three years ago you were at my condo watching t.v. after a fun day at the festival in Larkspur, Colorado. Between 1:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. you quietly passed at my home. I love you..I pray for you. Every time I see a rainbow. I think of u...Miss you. Anita
Posted by Anita Sanchez on 17th July 2015
Dear Travis, I have been thinking about you this week, especially on the 2nd year of your passing. I think about you often, your smile, your stories, our good times at JD's Bait Shop and others. :) I have seen many rainbows in the sky and know you are in Heaven with your loved ones. I see you and your Mother painting the rainbows in the sky....God bless you my friend.
Posted by Anita Sanchez on 21st October 2014
Today I heard Sublime's "Santeria" song and it brought memories of Travis belting that song in my car. As I sang the words at my desk, I also cried for my friend :( I miss Travis' texts, calls, voice. We would be planning trips to Mexico City or Brewery Bar. We loved to eat and drink :) Travis and I went to Blue Bonnet a few days before he passed, that was a great memory also.... I miss you my friend, every day... :(
Posted by Kristen Ackerman on 29th July 2014
Ken and I were reminiscing on some memories of Travis. We're both so grateful that he was an influence and a great friend. I'm still so sad that he's gone. There won't be a day that he's not missed, and not one has gone by that he wasn't.
Posted by Anita Sanchez on 20th September 2013
I miss u so much Travis! You are in my heart...I think about you everyday....I said to myself that every time I saw a rainbow in the sky, I would think of you my friend. I have seen quite a few... Today I saw a double one! I cried when I saw it...God bless u.....
Posted by Anita Sanchez on 28th August 2013
I am missing you Travis, everyday....I pray that you are laughing in Heaven with all of your loved ones. You made me smile, I enjoyed our friendship, you were an awesome roommate and best friend :) I cherish all of the times we had, especially your last day on earth. You had a good day...............I will keep you close, always...........
Posted by Anita Sanchez on 16th August 2013
Travis, I think of you always and pray... I miss you so much! I went to JDS tonight and thought about you. RJ remembers you. He and I cried...we were remembering all the songs we played while drinking our rum n diet cokes.. the good times my friend! God be with you, I miss you soooo much!
Posted by Anita Sanchez on 5th August 2013
Thinking about you today and how you would text me 'Hello Dahling" and we would make plans to go eat at Brewery Bar. Always ordered some Margarita's, the half pitcher, and you loved the Guac n chips to start. I miss you so much and pray and think about you every day my friend, you are in my heart. May God Bless you.....
Posted by Anita Sanchez on 28th July 2013
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRAVIS! Thinking about you on your 39th birthday. Enjoy a bottle of SoCo and some Rum and Coke :) I miss you....
Posted by Angelique Diaz on 26th July 2013
Thank you to everyone that attended Travis's funeral and thank you for your continued prayers and shared memories. Travis was loved by many and will always be remembered fondly. As we cope with the heartache and the hole that is left in our lives, remember that he is at peace and no doubt enjoying himself in heaven with those that went before him.
Posted by Heather Morrow on 26th July 2013
Trav, I miss you so much. I look at your pictures and my heart aches. I love you so much and to know I cannot see your smiling face hurts. I take comfort in the fact I know you are happy and at peace, but I can't help to be so very heartbroken. I love you brother..........forever your big sis!
Posted by Anita Sanchez on 25th July 2013
I am thinking of you today Travee and praying for you! You left us too soon. Every time I look at your pictures, my heart goes back into sadness thinking I won't ever get a text, a call, a visit. I miss you my friend. I know you are with those you love up in Heaven and having a good time :) That makes my heart happy again.......
Posted by Laura Stehle on 24th July 2013
Jesus, raise his soul and heal the hurt....
Posted by George Gutierrez on 18th July 2013
I have been friends with Dan a long time. 25 years or so. He has been in my life for all my major events. My marriage, the birth of both my children, my 21st and holidays and everything in between. We had too many misadventures to list here just suffice it to say I will miss him for the rest of my life. He was my sidekick, my brother and my best friend. I love you Dan.
Posted by Jessica Hoots on 18th July 2013
Trav- Every meeting with you was always something to remember. You were always so well with your words that you always made my head big, even though it wasn't intentional. Thank you for showing me good times, and taking me out for my birthday a few years back. I will never forget. <3
Posted by Jessica Hoots on 18th July 2013
I will never forget you Trav. You left such an imprint on my life without me even realizing it, and you will be sorely missed.
Posted by Susan Padilla on 18th July 2013
I will always remember Travis as my sister's good friend and former roommate. Anita is her name. My sister never had a bad word to say about Travis, rather 'he's my good good friend and will always be'. I know she enjoyed him and his company. They had a lot of good times. Travis truly left a footprint in her heart. Thank you Travis for being good to my sister. May you rest in peace.
Posted by Kristina Rasmussen Craft on 17th July 2013
Words can not describe the sadness........ I met Travis on a cruise years ago and had one of the best times of my life with him! He was a great man and will be truly missed. God bless all his family and friends.
Posted by Heidi Merrill on 17th July 2013
Trav, you will always have a place in my heart. You were not only a best friend to me, but to many others. You always made me laugh. Whenever you came over I knew it was going to be a fun yet crazy time mixed with a "little" SoCo and some nakedness. I will miss you forever.
Posted by Danalee Diaz on 17th July 2013
I Love you so much T-BONE Never in a million years would I have thought i would put you at rest. No one knows more than me the heart ache you carried on an everyday basis. You are finally at PEACE. Mama came for you in your sleep and you welcomed her with open arms I WILL FOREVER LOVE YOU & THINK OF YOU... You are and forever will be my BIG BROTHER. Please know I am sorry & LOVE YOU ALWAYS
Posted by Tony Aguilar on 17th July 2013
Trav your a great friend and if i needed a laugh or a drink you always hanu a brother up. ill always remember the moab trip and the camping trips and all the other fun times. Well bro soco n lime 3 rocks and splash a coke and one of your famous jokes. ill miss you bro and may we share another drink when we meet again
Posted by Anita Sanchez on 16th July 2013
I can't even begin to put into words how sad my heart is right now. Travis was my "best friend" like he was to many. Not only was he the comedian in my life, he was real and true. He would do anything for his family and friends. If it had the word "fun" in it, Trav was there :) Our friend word for eachother, was Dahling. My dahling Trav, I love and will miss u. You will ALWAYS be with me
Posted by Angelique Diaz on 16th July 2013
Services for Travis, my brother, will be held Friday, July 19th at 2:00 pm at Trinity Lutheran Church (4225 W. Yale Ave) in Denver.
Posted by Ronald Baalmann on 15th July 2013
Travis was a true friend and was if you were having a down day he knew how to make you smile by cracking a joke or just being Travis. All I know, it has been the best 9 years or so that I have know him and meeting some of his great friends family along way. Travis you will always be in my heart and memory. Travis you will be forever missed!!!
Posted by Jamie Keel on 15th July 2013
Diaz, this is what my family called him. He was a great friend and spent many family gatherings at my house. He was closest to my sister Randi, but the entire family got to know him and he will be forever missed.....I am just shocked and looking at these pictures makes me laugh and cry at the sametime. Miss You already....
Posted by Kristen Ackerman on 14th July 2013
I can't even put into words how I feel at this point. The loss of Travis is soaking though everything I am. Completely devastated. He was more than a "best friend". He was one of only two people that I know that would unfailingly be there to save me from any injustice or accident rain or shine. There's a reason that we all feel this so acutely. There is no one like him.

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